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245431245431B003A2AZNMAQUBJYKC3X2K3Nathan2211323648000Way over priced at 22.00.This is way over priced at 22.00. You can buy the same product locally for 11.00 if you can find it in stock.
245432245432B003A2AZNMA3EYSG73FF2TZXLilaC04144511322006400Not A DealEverything on amazon so far has been a deal but this is way over priced I found the same exact thing at walmart. It was two half pound reese cups which was a pound and was only $10. Some of you got ripped off.
245433245433B003A2AZNMA52ACXFJMQM1RW. L. Hodge "Cluck Buster"4551294704000Didn't take the kids as long to eat as I'd hoped it would!Bought one each of my sons for Christmas. They loved them. A 1/2 pound peanut butter cup should have taken them a little longer to eat, but it's not like they'll have one every week. Very neat for Reese's fans.
245434245434B003A2AZNMAX1FI1KXV9ZQSslowflo21151341360000giftit was a huge hit. didnt know they made pb cups that big. would recomand for any pb lovers adult or kids.
245435245435B003A2AZNMA3LDLTCR7AKPTGdev1151331078400BIG reeses cupthis product was great and surprisingly had the SAME reeses cup taste (aloto of times a bigger version of a product does n't taste as the original). just loved it and was delivered earlier than first said it would be. anyone liking resses peanut butter cups should get this. for me it was a valintines gift for my sweetheart.
245436245436B003A2AZNMADLZLBYTQ62ZIgreeky593451294444800lovedThis product was loved by the person that received it. It was a conversation piece as well as a great gift for a reese's lover.
245437245437B003A2AZNMA27G6T9INFS2O7Quilter0011351209600Reese's and Hershey Bars$30 is way too much - this company is laughing all the way to the bank. Wait til after Christmas - last year I paid $5 for both the Reeses AND the Hershey!! Both worth the wait!!
245438245438B003A2AZNMA1SXS7HXS01U9Djh3211251294012800ReesesYou have to see this Reeses to believe it... and it really does taste good. It will start a conversation if it's left on your desk.... That is if you can resist the temptation of it! I am oredering two more for gifts.
245439245439B003A2AZNMA1MAXX1S7PO33GMelody Simpson0111322265600BUY LOCAL - DON'T PAY $20 WHEN YOU CAN PAY $10!!I just paid $9.99 at a local retail store for the same product. It's at chain pharmacy stores and chain retail stores for $9.99!!
245440245440B003A2AZNMAG4JDPC8RR0I2W. Smyth1351323216000bought mine at walmartThe ones at walmart is 2 one half pound cups, this one is 2 1 pound cups, idk why so much bad reviews when they cant read.
yes the walmart one is 10 bucks and this one is 25, but this is dubble the candy.
245441245441B003A2AZNMA1MIWA681UVQ67Erin Healy "Hello Kitty!"1351295395200HUGE-mongous!!!this thing is so big it'll blow your mind! in fact- you won't want to eat it b/c you'll be sick looking at it! use it as a foot-stool instead! OMG!
245442245442B003A2AZNMA322TRLJIBDV2Chad D. Prewett "tadpui"0211323907200Way overpriced on AmazonThese are selling for $10 per package at my local grocery store. I'm not sure why Amazon is selling them for more than twice that.

But pricing aside, you know how delicious Reese's peanut butter cups are. Just think of the bellyache-inducing serving size and the pre-diabetic sugar coma you will fall into after eating just one of these giant cups. But it's totally worth it! For $10 at least. Gotta save some money for those insulin injections.
245443245443B0040PWQ9EA1EG46F1145HQNDebbie Cat "debbie"0051290038400Goody Good Stuff is a perfect name...simply the perfect Sweet snack not quite gum, but just sweet enough to satisfy that sweet attack. They are fruity and are perfectly sweet. Gluten free is a bonus too. Just love them.
245444245444B003VD8DSOA3OXRFCJI67IMNBold Consumer2251314835200These Treats Are Winners At Our House!We have tried all sorts of treats at our house...or at least my dog tries them. I just buy them. He loves all of the assorted flavors Three Dog Bakery makes. He has his favorites, but all of them meet with his approval. We will continue to buy these.

There is one that looks like a "people" cookie. That's his favorite. They all smell good, even to me. My dog gets one of these 'cookies' every morning. We call them "Good Morning Biscuits" and he gets one right before bedtime, a "Good Night Biscuit." It's like the period on the end of the day for him. He doesn't feel ready to go to bed until he gets his "Good Night Biscuit." He gets restless and whiney until I remember that it's his bedtime. He goes outside for a minute, comes back in, gets that treat-- any one of the Three Dog Bakery treats will do -- and then he is calm and content as he climbs into his bed and goes to sleep.

These treats make my life easier with my demanding (loved/spoiled rotten) dog who gets even more treats as he shows definite signs of aging.
245445245445B003VD8DSOA3CW94YYFXEBSIC. Jones "bascelflt"1151332460800My dogs love them. They smell and look like "people" cookiesI use these treats as a special incentive for extraordinary obedience like coming immediately when I call them or immediately sitting down or when they don't bark at all while in the car I give them one of these as soon as we get in the house again. Works great! Even our old dog (14 years) can eat these easily and really likes them. This package is the right size so I order some every few weeks to keep on hand.
245446245446B003VD8DSOA27ZGQRG5W3D2HBee On Thyme "Bee"1151332374400Both dogs approved...if I had a third dog I bet he would too.One dog very particular,the other not so much. However, Sir Hearty will eat these with gusto. He turns his nose up at anything that isn't meaty. I also bought the three dog bakery "Oreo" looking ones too...he won't touch them. Miss Reddie Ready,(cuz' she's always ready)will eat any treat...even the dollar store stuff I bought before I knew better. I am trying to get them to understand the word "cookie",and to see their eyes light up when I say it I think they get it.
245447245447B003VD8DSOA1HLCZSEE3C0MDRocky1151310515200My Dog Loves These!These cookies are just the right size for a small or large dog. They break apart easily, have a wonderful aroma and my dogs love them. They have 3 different flavors in the box (Carob chip, peanut and vanilla). Good stuff!
245448245448B003VD8DSOA1QH4FEC8AY0J5Elva Beacham0051350000000Angel's new favorite 'dessert'!!3 dog bakery offers products that I'm comfortable giving my dog, assured they're made with quality and safe ingredients. I've even sampled these biscuits that look more like a small cookie-they're good and Angel loves them. She gets 3 Itty Bitty Bones first but makes it clear "treat" time is not over until she's had her dessert, after which she curls up, totally content. I'm doing much better at not giving her people food for treats and her constitution thanks me, too.
245449245449B003VD8DSOAA8EVHLG6J5N3gammyd0051342483200she loves themI buy these all the time. They are a nice size for a small dog. Three Dog Bakery treats have all good ingredients that a dog likes.
245450245450B003VD8DSOA2OGBPEJ9JW5XJChrysopoeia0051341964800My dog loves them!I randomly bought these because they were well priced and sounded like something different for my dog. She's a toy poodle weighing about 9 pounds.

Well, they are larger than I thought they would be. Being called "bitty bites", I thought they'd be pretty small. For my dog, I tear them into 4-5 pieces and only give her about half of one at a time. It's not a problem, because they tear apart very easily. But still, I would only call them "bite sized" for at least a 30 pound dog.

She really loves them though! I call them her "special cookies", and she's quickly learned what those words mean. As soon as I reach for the box, she'll whine and spin around in circles until I give her one. They're cheap, they're natural, and apparently they're good. I'll definitely be buying them again.

I noticed some reviews on these cookies complain about them containing hydrogenated oil. I thought I would mention that it's only the Carob Chips that contain this oil, not the cookies themselves. Being that there are very few of these chips in the cookies, I wouldn't let it scare you away from giving these to your dog!
245451245451B003VD8DSOAYQREFA7DN7AMJ. YANG "slk"0011339718400Has Hydrogenated oilReceived item with box smashed and bits of cookies out of box. I looked at ingredients and it list hydrogenated oil, yuk! not for my dog, in the trash it goes!
245452245452B003VD8DSOA1UAQ8W6YHF0QOPenconi0041337385600Three Dog Bakery Bitty Bites, Baked Dog Treats, Assorted Flavors, 13 ouncesI would say that these treats are average. I like how they use the term "ultra premium quality." Whatever that means! These treats are very oily and have the consistency of shortbread cookies. Very soft and crumbly. Yes the dogs love them, but I think I'll get something else next time.
245453245453B003VD8DSOA1A7CPN6C6MPNKMco0051337212800Perfect dog cookieMy dog loves these cookies. One of her favotite treats And they are the perfect size for her. 40lb dog
245454245454B004CYLVWGARAKTT5M3DDYAJustMe1151317254400Very goodS&S price currently under ten so not sure how the other reviewer paid so much. For this price or close, it's a great deal. Lots of bags, and small but decent amount in each. The strawberry ones were really good and so are the chocolate. It's a pretty chocolaty taste, similar to a lot of the chocolate cereals but better. Everyone in house likes these a lot, from 5 year old to teens to grandma.
245455245455B004CYLVWGA21W86F9U45CY7Kelsey Graham1141315526400Great for a snackAs a snack, these are a great way to fill you up at 100 calories a bag. I figured there wouldn't be much considering it's 100 calories but there's a lot for such a small bag! You can get about three-four small handfuls of mini crisps.

Unfortunately, the price has increased dramatically since I last purchased them. I purchased them when they were about $14 for a four pack; now it's $25 + shipping. Not a good deal anymore.
245456245456B004CYLVWGA2OQ8PEYBY9TFOdundeemarie0051303689600dundeemarieI found this product in Walmart and then they had a hard time getting them. The price is great here and they come quickly. The product itself is 100 calories and filling and delicious. What more could you ask for?!
245457245457B003IYUCOYA3KQDH3HOKS5HOHussein In The Membrane "Got any change?"2251341964800Results You Can See, and FAST!This may be the best product I've come across in 25 years of owning and loving American Staffordshire Terriers! I haven't been using them all that long, so I reserve the right to change my mind :-)

After just a couple or three weeks of giving two of these tabs a day to my male and female 7 month old puppies and 3 year old males and female adult AmStaffs, the results are impossible to ignore! There is definitely new muscle being added to their bodies, and let me tell you it looks good! I can't wait to see what a few months of this will do for them!

We wanted to see if it was the BullyMax for sure or maybe something else, so we discontinued for a month, and guess what happened? The muscle growth slowed back down to what you'd expect for 7 month old pups and pretty much stopped for my adult dogs! They're all back on them now, and not only are they gaining muscle again, but their coats look great, their energy levels and stamina are even better than before, their appetites have improved, and they even seem to be sharper cognitively, with greater attention spans and increased patience! They were doing well in all those areas before I started using BullyMax, but as I said, there is an improvement over their already impressive baseline for all these attributes that can't be denied.

They're a little pricey, but from what I've seen, they're worth it. I hope my review helps to inform you as you decide if these are right for your four-legged best friend(s). Peace :-)
245458245458B003IYUCOYAMMZA0DKNFVBZNatashaC2351331424000Great ProductThis product works, it's worth every penny. You will not regret buying this product as it does what it says it would do.
245459245459B003IYUCOYA3DUPDXB8R0C71Devenne9090021349654400didnt do anythingBully max Muscle buildingdog supplement, i purchased this item and did not have any results. I gave my female pitbull Snookie 2 vitamins aday and this product didnt do anything. Im not trying to bash this company i just didnt have any differences in my dog.
245460245460B003IYUCOYA98TA1062VQSQPen Name0041349222400BullymaxIt's okay only because I don't really have time to workout my dog to see the full potential of this product. Overall she is more cut in muscles. And yes I elis recommend this product.

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