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245461245461B003IYUCOYA1ENEAK9NTTJMCgindaw0031348617600bully maxWell i was hyped about trying the bullymax product but to be honest it didnt meet my expectation i have a 3 month old blue nose and now his 4 months old i had him on bullymax for a month and i dont see anything but sonetimes upset stomach he seems to like the tablet but no gains i have used other supplements out there and you can see the difference the only good thing i can say is that it works like regular vitamins they good for that dont take my word try it yourself you may have different results.
245462245462B003IYUCOYA18ONEHLDUBF76Jasmine Leigh Williams1251343520000Muscle Juice for BullysMost of the ingredients are the same as active puppy supplements I've found, but I crush these up and add them to my bully's raw meat treats. My bully is pure muscle. I am not sure if its the Bully Max, but the cost is similar to other supplements so I use it. I can't compare the Bully Max to other supplements, but I will continue to feed my bully a raw meat, raw veggie, and Bully Max diet.
245463245463B004FQV5AOA2GAST5MLWVR8Beatrice Field "Beatrice F."2251313107200Decaf delicious!tried this tea in Ireland and it was very smooth with no after taste - came home and placed an order!!
245464245464B004FQV5AOA1EN5P2WZKWER8Fiat Lux0021342656000MehIt's OK. Like many decaf teas, has a somewhat fishy odor. It's certainly not as prominent as pu-erh; there's a faint floral hint but the brew is weak, not the bright vibrant tones that you would expect a Ceylon tea to have (the box says "imported" so the tea probably not indigenous to Sri Lanka). The best phrase I can use to describe it is "insipid". There are many better black teas out there.
245465245465B001HS27BOAX2KUGIPP148Ograndmalizz0011335312000unpleasant surpriseProduct was described as weighing 11.4 lbs, so I assumed that would be for a case of 12 at 13.2 oz., but I received only a single can, for $16.61.
245466245466B002KV1HAEAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson1141252540800He Likes It.Our 11-month-old boy is going through his teething stage (4 uppers and 2 lowers, so far). We're now feeding him a mixture of foods some of which we get in the store and some of which we make ourselves. Some of his foods just come off of our plates. One of the store products we use are the Gerber 2nd Foods meats. They come in chicken, beef and lamb. For some reason our boy doesn't particularly like like the chicken, so we've mostly used the beef and lamb. The lamb is harder to find.

I'm amazed at how fast the kid will go through baby food. We seem to be running to the store all the time. Well, this time, in order to simplify my life somewhat, I just got a 12-jar pack. This helps. He likes it, so there will be no problem with ending up with a bunch of stuff he won't eat. Plus we supplement it with a variety of other foods. Personally, I'd rather feed him more of the stuff we prepare ourselves, but our lives are just too complicated.

Gary Peterson
245467245467B006V79HT6A161S2UYLDCTW6GJL2251332201600RefreshingJust received my case.... 12 pack wasn't enough, I needed more b/c ive already gone through 8 bottles. It's so refreshing!!
245468245468B006V79HT6A3SDRSZJFJKJ5IJeff2251328486400Tastes goodHoneysuckle Pear is one of three flavors of Drink Chia. I personally like the Strawberry and Mango more, but this one still tastes good. Some of my friends like this one more than the others. They only have 40 calories and 4 grams of sugar, and contain lots of Omega 3 (880mg!!), Omega 6, iron, potassium, calcium, fiber, protein, magnesium...they are extremely healthy. This is all from the chia seeds you can see inside, which gives it a texture that is new and fun to drink. The seeds themselves absorb more than ten times their weight in water, so when you drink them they hold onto it, keeping you hydrated longer. Great for workouts and sports. It's all in an 8oz bottle so it's easy to carry in a bag or in your hand wherever you go.
245469245469B006V79HT6A3SDRSZJFJKJ5IJeff2251326153600Delicious and nutritiousThis is the strawberry-citrus flavor of the Drink Chia line and it tastes great. Some chia drinks are thick and almost smoothie-like, but Drink Chia is as light as tea. Filled with chia seeds, vitamin B, and only having 40 calories and 4g of sugar, this beverage is extremely healthy for you and great for on-the-go nutrition.

The seeds add a different texture than most drinks, but the seeds naturally gel and chug down very smoothly. Most of the time I don't even notice them. It's the seeds themselves that lock in their sugar and water until you ingest them, and then slowly release them for sustained endurance and hydration. They are loaded with fiber, calcium, protein, magnesium, and more. Just look up chia seeds and you'll see for yourself.

If you have a choice between those insanely sugary drinks and juices, or over-caffeinated beverages, or Drink Chia...go with this one. Your body will thank you for it.
245470245470B006V79HT6A12RAOZTNMOXUYJ. L1151341532800Would buy againThe taste is not sweet at all but more light and refreshing. During the heat wave we are having now, chilled this is a good drink. I do feel more energy all day and not hungry for a couple of hours. I have tried chia seeds before and they add no taste so drinking them in the juice was OK. I will buy again, but too expensive to become a habit.
245471245471B006V79HT6AEBK6CTXMBCFYSherry A. Merriman Budge "SamB"1111341446400ChiaUnfortunately, I am not a fan of this product. As I like both fruit tastes, I thought I would enjoy this. Not. I gave a few to friends, but after a taste, they did not want them either. Sorry! Just a difference in tastes.
245472245472B006V79HT6A2V7L95MQCOUMWJill Theisen1151334275200So goodThis drink is perfect for my afternoon snack at work. Its 40 calories and tastes great. It is filling with all of the fiber in the seeds, and with the B vitamins, I get a little pick me up. I also like to drink it before my workouts. It's refreshing and keeps me hydrated.
245473245473B006V79HT6A1FN64B2GEFEH7Jon Mendelsohn1151334275200Refreshing and fillingI like Drink Chia because it has some substance to it compared to other alternatives. It's frustrating when you buy another drink and you finish it off in about 30 seconds because you're so thirsty. It's nice to know that the chia seeds give it some substance, so it lasts longer and is more satisfying.
245474245474B006V79HT6A34R86JYQ6C6U4J. Leigh "hobbitluvbooks"1151333324800Yum!Many drinks claim to give energy but are really just caffeine and sugar loaded. This drink is not only delicious and energizing but is also a healthy alternative. I just love the texture of the chia seeds too. I've found my new afternoon 'pick-me-up' in Drink Chia!
245475245475B006V79HT6A1SHW1XX28TNDUStella B1151332720000Try out this RecipeBy itself, Drink Chia is "fab" but I ventured out to experiment and I created my first recipe:
Drink CHIA Fresh Squeeze Orange Juice
Each morning after my workout, I used to squeeze 3 California (I live in California) oranges from my tree. I decided to add the Drink Chia and does it improve the texture and GI, glycemic index of my Orange Juice and only adds 40 calories. Try it - you'll love the combination.
Professional Triathlete
Author: The Heart Rate Monitor GUIDEBOOK and BE A BETTER RUNNER
DRINK CHIA! Superfood Beverage, Strawberry Citrus, 8-Ounce (Pack of 12)DRINK CHIA! Superfood Beverage, Honeysuckle Pear, 8-Ounce (Pack of 12)DRINK CHIA! Superfood Beverage, Mango Tangerine, 8-Ounce (Pack of 12)
245476245476B006V79HT6A2QX7CFEWUUHFFTriWhit1151332288000Thumbs up from a marathoner and mother!I run marathons and have finally found a healthy and tasty drink to hydrate with. What a wonderful alternative to sugary sports drinks or plain water! As a mother, I also feel good about giving Drink Chia to my kids. It's healthy and they LOVE IT!
245477245477B006V79HT6A2QX7CFEWUUHFFTriWhit1151332288000Love Drink Chia!Drink Chia is delicious and so good for you. The only downside is having to compete with my children for the drinks! Thank you for a delicious and nutritious drink for the whole family.
245478245478B006V79HT6AR5U826KV28T6SPaul1151332288000Drink Chia! Awesome post-run drink!Drink Chia! Strawberry Citrus is my post-run drink of choice! It is refreshing, nutritious, and contains the perfect amount of sugar for recovering from a long run. And it's great to get a good dose of anti-oxidants on board too! Try it, you'll like it too!
245479245479B006V79HT6A18M762CUQ6XHURachel1151332201600Super Yummy!!!Drink Chia is super yummy. Not only do I love it, but my little nephews love it too. It is great that this drink is attractive not only to adults, but to kids as well. This drink is so good for you, and I love all three flavors that they have. I live in Orlando so I've had the Honeysuckle Pear and the Mango Tangerine which I've purchased at Chamberlins and Fresh Market. I'm glad that more people will be able to enjoy this tasty and healthy drink via Amazon. I highly recommend it.
245480245480B006V79HT6AECF9RUOG6YU5Nicole0051348963200Easy Vegan way to get Omega-3Really, really enjoyed this beverage. Such an easy way to get a vegan source of Omega-3s.
Light, yummy, really refreshing...
245481245481B006V79HT6A18M762CUQ6XHURachel0051332201600I love it!!!I love Drink Chia! Honeysuckle Pear was my favorite until I tried the Mango Tangerine. I do find this flavor unique and refreshing. This is a great drink to help with my workouts and recovery. The Drink Chia! people really make a great product, and I love that they really think about making sure it tastes great too. I highly recommend it.
245482245482B006V79HT6AA7GOYLNITHBWjmendel0051332201600Favorite Superfood Drink - love Chia seedsThis is my favorite flavor. I drink it in the morning and usually after a workout. great for hydration, love the seeds, makes me feel full, leaves me feeling more energized, and it is Fun to drink. The taste is great, i love that it is only 40 calories and low in sugar. If I am hungry it gives me a feeling of being full until I have time to get something to eat. Omega 3 is important to me to combat inflammation, so this is a great source for me. Also, there are other great benefits to this drink, high fiber content, antioxidants...i recommended it to anyone looking for a healthy tasty alternative to what is market.
245483245483B006V79HT6A18M762CUQ6XHURachel0051332201600So gooooooooooood!!!I love Drink Chia! Mango Tangerine is my absolute favorite. This is a great drink to help with my workouts and recovery. Over the holidays I was slacking on my workouts, so when I finally got back to the gym, I was concerned I wouldn't be able to keep up in spinning class. I drank a Mango Tangerine Drink Chia! 30 minutes before spin class, and I was able to keep up in class. I could feel my endurance kick in halfway through class, so I know Drink Chia! really helped me. The Drink Chia! people really make a great product, and I love that they really think about making sure it tastes great.
245484245484B006V79HT6AA7GOYLNITHBWjmendel0051332201600Great Tasting and Refreshing Anytime of Day DrinkFinally, I have found a drink that not only tastes great, but is truly good for me. High in Omega 3 and low in calories and sugar, my wish has come true. If you are looking for a fun energizing drink that is low in calories and full of things that are great for you, this is the drink for you. I drink it before a workout, and in the middle of the day. Also, it has a great Fiber content for those of you that are looking for that in a drink.
245485245485B006V79HT6ANVOBBTXZGUE1Matthew Robison0051329350400Good taste with energy boostAt first, the seeds made this drink look unappetizing. After the first couple of gulps, I got used to the consistency. I drank one during work and surprisingly didn't feel as hungry as I usually do until after my workout 6 hours later. So far, it beats out the caffeine drinks as an energy source without the crash.
245486245486B006V79HT6A3SDRSZJFJKJ5IJeff0051326153600Love the Mango!The other flavors of Drink Chia taste great but this is my favorite of the three. It only has 40 calories and 4g of sugar, contains vitamin B, and because of the chia seeds it's loaded with nutrition. It has omega 3, fiber, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, protein...the list goes on.

This is a light drink, not thick like others. The seeds naturally gel in liquid so they also go down smooth, and once ingested the gel slowly releases the sugar and water so you get sustained energy and hydration whether you're running, biking, or working out. Best of all it manages to do all this without caffeine, sodium, or preservatives. All natural. Really remarkable, you gotta try it.
245487245487B006V79HT6A364DHK3SA6HEEEllie0121332115200Chia seeds have great effect, but taste is awfulSo I will confess, I really feel better and more energized on less sleep when I drink one of these, but this particular brand tastes unbelievably bad. As if it had aspartame in it, though it does not list it in the ingredients. I've tried another Chia drink (different brand) and it was lip-smackingly delicious, so I will surely not buy any more of these. Also, the other brand (found at Whole Foods - I'll update the name when I remember) costs about the same or less for 10oz vs the 8oz of this one.
245488245488B000GLE1HQA2XJ94VITXZUJ3Cindy4411307232000Terrible, dog acted strange and poor ingredientsI had a terrible experience with this food. I had fed my large Golden Retriever Science Diet adult food for most of his life, then when he was around 6 years old, gradually transitioned him to this light kind because he was getting overweight. He was nuts while eating it! I used to feed him 3-4 cups of his old food...I was feeding him 4-5, to eventually even 6 cups, of this kind and he was constantly seeming hungry, stealing our human food aggressively, acting just agitated throughout the day, and constantly at his food bowl asking for something. He wolfed the food down, but not the way he does with fresh chicken or something he a really voracious, agitated way, like he was starved.

I started learning how to read the ingredients label and I couldn't believe what I was feeding him. I was a loyal Science Diet customer because of the vet recommendations, blah blah. Now I walk past the whole Science Diet aisle and don't trust the vet recommendations. My new, more independent vet said Science Diet funds the vet schools quite heavily and so they are constantly being "taught" how good it is by Science Diet reps. The high price you pay is for their advertising and donations to the schools, not for quality dog food.

I learned that dogs have short digestive tracts meant for digesting meat. They are not made to eat tons of grain! Read the ingredients again: Corn meal, soybean mill run, chicken by-product meal , peanut hulls, corn gluten meal, soybean meal, etc. I didn't know this before researching more, but most of this is just absolute junk- leftover products from processing human foods, products with basically no nutrients and just take up space. Freebies for Science Diet probably because they have little value anywhere else. This list also includes just about ALL the problem foods dogs get allergies to- corn, gluten, soybeans. Soybean mill run, peanut hulls, corn gluten meal, and soybean meal are basically junk dogs should not eat. They cannot digest it! So, my dog was constantly hungry and not getting the nutrients he needed.

I cannot believe I trusted Science Diet for so many years paying a premium price for this stuff! I am still mad about it! Now I skip all the fluffy, absolutely unregulated stuff companies write on the front of the bag and go right to the ingredients list.

Anyway, I feed my dog Merrick now. I definitely WOULD NOT do this light stuff from Science Diet. Check out the dog food adviser website for pretty useful rankings on dog diet was 1/5 or 2/5 stars for quality, I don't remember. They said something like "cheap stuff for a premium price."
245489245489B000GLE1HQA363K6KLPDO2WVWoodland Wildflower3351171411200recommended by my vet and my dog!My vet recommended this for my Bernese Mountain Dog and it helps keep his weight down and his joints healthy. I tried switching once to a dogfood that claimed to be healthier, but he started vomiting, which he had never done before, so I switched him back and he has been fine ever since. (I did switch him slowly over a two week timeframe; it is not recommended to suddenly switch dogfoods on your pet because it can upset their tummies.)
245490245490B0004MZC6GA15FK05YIKE53BAnna Morgan4451154390400Enjoy this delightful treatYum, yum and yum. Please prepare yourself for the world of lemon and delight. I have always enjoyed the wonderful taste and flavor of these cookies. Pamper yourself today, and eat carrots and non fat yogurt tomorrow.

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