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245514245514B004PVAJ7OA3SM2SVI7O5D3EObserver One "The Elder"3351325289600Magical Blooming Tea Flowers Are a Delight for the SensesMy friend took me to a wonderful Thai restaurant for my birthday and the blooming tea flowers were a delightful suprise! Having no idea they even existed, they infused [pun intended] the meal with magic that was reminiscent of the beautiful blooming shell flowers of my childhood about 60 years ago.

What fun to be able to offer friends a magical triple delight of seeing the tea flowers bloom, smelling the tea, then tasting the delicious Jasmine tea. This reminded me of the tea ceremony in Japan, but with much less effort on my part. In my usual ADD way, I didn't read the instructions and placed glass teapot with chosen tea flower, which is like a loose ball, into the microwave. It still was delightful in slowly unfolding. Heating the water first and pouring it in is even better.

A delight to more than one sense. How magical! I wholeheartedly recommend this product and thank them for providing something new under the sun to this elder as an easy way to nurture and surprise guests.
245515245515B004PVAJ7OA2YXLOSH5PYLIKBook_Guru3351323129600Definitely worth trying!Great tea! I just received my package in the mail today and I immediately had to brew up some of this good stuff. The flower bloomed within a few seconds and filled the air with a strong yet subtle floral fragrance. The flavor of the tea was deep and rich with an herbal/floral undertone. Goes great with some honey! Give it a try and you won't regret it
245516245516B004PVAJ7OAAFRCVB8XENT1nqss3351322006400Great giftPurchased as a birthday present, along with the Primula Flowering Tea Set with 40-Ounce Pot with Glass Lid. My tea-loving friend said the blooms were not only beautiful, but the tea was tasty as well!
245517245517B004PVAJ7OA3257EFIH91VRRC. Casey3351320710400Teas are exactly as describedI received the 12 blooming tea variety pack to give as a gift to a dear friend who is IN LOVE with tea - all sorts of teas. I'm a novice to tea so I was hopeful that this product would make her happy. Not only did it make her happy, it was something she had wanted for some time but hadn't gotten around to ordering for herself. She promptly made a pot of tea for me - it was lovely. The package arrived on time - was as described and I will definitely order again.
245518245518B004PVAJ7OA26GXLPHTO88WTJoel A. Pallay "Iohovah"2251320624000Great EntertainmentI work at a senior center where we have a red hat ladies event and you would not believe the enjoyment from everyone watching their tea brew and turn into a flower! I know these are more common in country's outside the US, but I can't believe these are not sold in specialty tea shops or even megamarts! And not only were they very pretty but also very tasty! Well recommended!
245519245519B004PVAJ7OA302JSLPNJE6AUFaith Colleen Carr "Faith Carr, Political Act...1151313366400Excellent Price & QualityHad to buy some clear mugs (from the wally world) these were so pretty. When friends come over to help in my gardens their reward is a flowering cup of tea on the back deck whilst we appreciate our labors.

Only 4 left, have to order more.
245520245520B004PVAJ7OA3I3I5K5ZTFUEEDanny Steinel0051344902400Mellow and Sublime FlavorsThe flavors are mellow and sublime, the way a good natural green tea should be. They are not teabags after all. The blooms are also lovely to watch, sometimes they need a minute to settle down to the bottom of the pot. In my experience i like to pour the water in first, then add the blooms later, and let them bloom and sink, and slowly release the gentle flavors. These are wonderful, and the package is wonderful as well, they would make a great gift. I plan on giving out several during Christmas. Good luck!
245491245491B00015YTRYATUI6NJ67BDBPKevin L. Miller "Healthy Eater"222251168300800Barry Farms TVP-Yummy!!!!!I've looked everywhere online for the original TVP that I used to buy from ADM's country store in Decatur, IL. In these folks, I finally found it. They're courteous, very friendly and are just good people. They ship quickly and package in ways that make sense. ie: I bought 25lbs. They shipped in 5-5lb. bags instead of one 25lb. bag. I won't be buying from anyone else and I use a lot of this product as I'm primarily vegetarian. If I could give it 10 stars, I would!
245492245492B00015YTRYA31ZXLUOGOLEBQW. Parr181851192147200Just branching into TVP, SOY, protein alternativesLike my title suggests, I've just started to try different alternatives to animal protein. I really liked this product. It was easy to prepare by soaking in water for 15 minutes then frying it up with some spices, tomato, onion and garlic in a bit of olive oil. The texture is close to ground beef though not exactly the same, just a bit softer. I think I like this product the best of the various protein replacements I've tried. My only complaint and it's minor, is that it tastes slightly sweet. Perhaps more experimentation with it and I can figure out how to offset this. In any event I'll be ordering more!
245493245493B00015YTRYA1K7SN93Z4QGJJCasey W "Eagles9560"161651185753600Textured Vegetable ProteinThis product is wonderful. We've used quite a few different TVP and this one is by far the best. It's easily digested and the texture is very pleasant. We order many bags and store them in the freezer.
245494245494B00015YTRYA1DOP5WV948LA0Little Bear "booklover, cook, gardener, friend"8851195171200TVP Newbie Placing 2nd OrderI absolutely love this stuff. Like another said, there is a slightly sweet taste to it. I have gotten around that with sauteed onions and garlic! Of course, I am just beginning to learn how to use the stuff.
The first dish I made with TVP was Minestrone. It was fabulous!
The next dish was Vegan Tacos. This stuff makes the best Sloppy Joes too.
So, if you're an omnivore playing around with the idea of turning vegan, you might want to give TVP a try. Also - Barry Farms shipped my order FAST. I will continue to shop from them.
245495245495B00015YTRYA265K5GEAWOEGKLinda Spencer "Heart Matters"2251245542400Great for VegetariansThis product is just wonderful for vegetarian cooking. It stores easily, cooks very quickly and is inexpensive! When I'm ready to use it, I just throw it in to boiling water with tomato and season it - I used it with pasta, make a sour cream sauce to put over about anything to give added body and protein to a meal. It's flavor is quite unobtrusive, so you can season to your own liking.

I stumbled across this by accident and am so glad as this is the only place I have found this and have ordered repeatedly.
245496245496B00015YTRYAWIYJRD6PI7NAL S "L S"0031348444800Good productDecided to give TVP a try, product arrived in a timely matter, I made what I called this-is-not-your-mama-meatballs end product was pretty good the reason why I gave it only 3 stars is because the nutritional values a a bit of a mistery... I tried to research it on google but to this day I'm not sure the calories contents
245497245497B00015YTRYA16HXZG7WIDGB2H. Zeigler0041286236800TVP, 1 poundThis is a good product. I can't buy this locally, so it is nice to be able to try it from Barry Farms. I used it in some chili and in hamburger helper and it turned out very tasty, I can see using this in lots of different recipes. It was also good in dirty rice.
245498245498B00015YTRYA10EII7MQD4N28SunFire0051266624000Minced TVPThis is good stuff. If you are considering a move towards a more vegetarian diet, this is s good place to start. I have mixed this with ground turkey breast to make burgers
and you can't tell at all, plus it bulks up when it absorbs moisture, so you save money versus buying it wet/frozen.
It also makes very good vegetarian sloppy joes. Just cook your other ingredients separately, and add this at the last minute. Because it's minced, it will cook very quickly just
soaking in the hot sauce.
245499245499B00015YTRYA1CLNK0CUD15RMM. L. Olson "Gluten Free!"102031266883200Full of chemicalsFull of chemicals, zinc oxide, niacinamide,ferrous sulfate, copper gluconate, vitamin A, Palmirate, calcium pantothenate, and 3 other synthetic vitamins.
Are these all Fortified nutrition? if not what the reason for them.
Label DOESN'T say non GMO. Amazon web page says its non GMO. Have to go with label.
Soy based, Amazon didn't say it was Soy. Soy has been knocked down lately as having too much estrogen.
Use small amounts and infrequently.

If U don't mind soy, and don't care about GMO, It still would loose 2 stars for the chemical crud. Too bad could have been 4 stars.

This company has problems with labeling, out of 6 Items I bought 3 had labeling issues.
245500245500B005HQNB0SA2C5IQ6FLEM4QZK. Karnstein141851315353600A most delicious absinthe, and higly recommended!Kübler is a Swiss blanche absinthe, which means than when poured on a glass, you will not see the classic and sought-after green color, but just crystal clear liquid, like water or vodka. It does louche, of course, to a beautiful milky pearl color.

I drank it with one sugar cube and 4-5 parts of water. As always, the main flavor is anise, with a hint of bitterness in the after taste, but subtle and enjoyable. Although I can not taste any other flavors, I would say that it provides a refreshing experience. Depending on your taste, you may skip the sugar and enjoy it anyway.

I would recommend it for beginners better than the Lucid, although more experienced drinkers may find it lacks complexity. In any case, it will remain one of my favorites.

P.S. I refuse to discuss thujone content and other non-sense and myths in my reviews. If you are interested in thujone, go eat sage and forget absinthe altogether.
245501245501B000HDJXEEA2WLB790UZC6C3Tammy Johnson2241174867200Will do, but have had betterThis product is creamy and easy. It is pretty good if you have never had the real thing. If you can make it from scratch, but if you can't make it from this mix. Use skim milk rather than 2% or whole to lighten it up, otherwise it is too heavy.
245502245502B000HDJXEEA2GX20BQEG0SAOT. O'Neal "SilverGryphon"2241169078400Good ProductWhile this 'brulee' doesn't have much flavor (compared to other brands I've tried) is VERY creamy in taste and texture. Overall....good product for the price.
245503245503B000HDJXEEA3JBI33HRTIPQZYappie1151165708800This is simple to make and truly delicious!I love creme brulee and I'm not a great cook so I thought I'ld try this mix.Wow...I didn't expect this to taste this decadent! It tastes like it was made from scratch in a fine restaurant. It's really creamy and I added my own vanilla seeds (by scraping the seeds out of vanilla bean)which enhanced the flavor and made it seem even more like homemade.Add some fresh raspberries and impress your family and dinner guests.It even comes with the carmalizing sugar for on top!
245504245504B000HDJXEEA8KW2K2CLH427Kathleen Harradine0051349568000Creme BruleeThis product is easy to prepare, and is very tasty indeed. Maybe not as tasty as my long-winded recipe but it is a great substitue. I would opt for Oetker Creme Brulee any time!
Delivery of the item was prompt, and I have been very satisfied with my order through Amazon.
245505245505B000HDJXEEA2KSHD5A0QXA3FMrs. Nicole L. Jones "Nicki Jones"0051343433600Easy to make and excellent flavorThis product can be purchased in a supermarket by the box however buying through Amazon in quantityDr. Oetker Classic Crème Brulee Desert Mix 3.7 ozity was a considerable savings.Dr. Oetker Milk Chocolate Creme Brulee (3.9 Oz)
245506245506B001SAXPTOA2GIW12MU5L40QP. M. Summer "simul iustus et peccator"0051323734400Smokin' good salsa!This is a wonderful salsa. The smoked flavor (not flavoring) adds a depth of flavor that regular salsas can't touch. Eat at room temperature for the flavor to really be appreciated.
245507245507B001SAXPTOA21EA6QCRHEO68R. Wolfarth0051313452800mighty fine salsaProduced in a town south of Austin, this Texas native is a very fine salsa. As the name suggests, it has a distinctly smoky flavor which blends well with the peppers. Goes well with chips or on Tex-Mex dishes. The only drawback is the absurd current price tag: almost $8 per bottle! It's available in stores for less than $6.
245508245508B001SAXPTOA37VS2W52KGWVYjfink1111310688000Tastes like hotdogI really can't think of anything else to say. The only flavor I tasted when I ate this was hotdog. And not a good hotdog either. A hotdog that has something wrong with it. Absolutely disgusting.
245509245509B001RV70G8A2FOXRMJA0T9M7kupres0051285113600ChocolateAnother great example of this fine chocolate makers produce. Good service and fast delivery too.
245510245510B001RV70G8AJG6O1SPU0TCKM. L. Wilfong0051278979200Dark ChocolateOne of the best that I have tasted in dark chocolate. Smooth buttery caramel yummy taste. Loved it.
245511245511B004PVAJ7OAOC8N3C5CPE5KLinda Horns5551323388800I Love to WOW my GuestsI like to pamper my guests. I place the glass tea pot with hot water in the middle of the table and set out the tea cups. They don't know what is about to happen as I drop in a tea ball. We talk and soon their faces soon light up with delight and surprise as the bloom starts to grow. All attention turns to the tea blooming. What ever worries they have are washed away for the time. I pour them a tea and there is a second wave of delight as they sip the tea. My guest have been pampered and WOW'd.
245512245512B004PVAJ7OA3BNI003IGNRAOlorihartz5551316995200excellent flowering teasThese teas are so beautiful when they flower! I eas so impressed! They would make a great gift! I like the fact that you can Re-steep these teas up to 3 times! the second steep was almost as fragrant and flavorful as the first time and the third time I let it steep over nite and it was just as refreshing but a little weaker. I really liked these teas and they impress all my guests! I would suggest using a glass tea pot made for flowering teas to brew the balls in though cause they could get bitter using a glass tea mug. i give this product an A+++++
245513245513B004PVAJ7OA1F96CG5K9MVKVeronica Lee "Nicky"4451327536000love them!I am a big fan of these blooming teas. They are so beautiful and scent so fresh. Different from dried powdery stuff. Blooms don't smell pefumey but actually flowers. Neat package, good value.

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