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245521245521B004PVAJ7OA626VAR7BFLZ1Lynn0031330300800teaI only gave this tea a three-star rating because there is not a really nice strong flavor to the tea. It tasted a bit vague to us. Therefore, I recommend not using as much water to make a "pot" of tea or using two of the blooms in a large pot to obtain a better overall tea flavor.
245522245522B004PVAJ7OA1SMO7HMAVJCP0Katherine A. Webster0211325548800Tea is flavorless with small bloomI purchased a glass teapot for my mother at Christmas and decided to buy this package of blooming teas for her as well. I had previously purchased a single blooming tea at my upscale grocer and when I tried it I found it to be delicious and aromatic and the blossom was large and beautiful. I saved two of the packets of this Grosche tea to be served after Christmas dinner with dessert and split the other package between my Mother and Mother in law because it was sold out at Amazon. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! The tea was flavorless and the blossom like a pitiable piece of seaweed! Not at all like the one I purchased at my Grocer in Buffalo NY or the fine ones I tried when I was in Paris last spring. I was a bit embarrassed at this lacklustre showing and I would not purchase from this Grosche company again. I think the concept of these blooming teas is fabulous, I would certainly buy it in a minute from my large upscale grocer in Buffalo NY or in Paris at one of those fantastic tea shops. However I don't recommend the tea from these people.
245523245523B001EO5YQGA22WHZDCT6IB57California Son161851257206400ZERO Trans Fat!!!Despite what the above reviewer (competitor?) writes, this product has zero transfat.
It is also very easy to make. My wife and I bought at least 25 different mixes over a two year period. This was by far the best. Easy to prepare. Cooks perfect every time. Outstanding flavor. Perfect texture. We used to buy from the manufacturer in Wisconsin and they'd mail it to us in California. But they kinda consistently made mistakes on our order. They make some other flavors but they aren't great to us.
We also tried several waffle makes including a professional model from Wells like you see in restaurants. The best we found was a $300 Kitchen Aid from William Sonoma. It makes two huge round waffles at once!
With a lot of mixes (especially pancakes) I like to doctor them up a bit by changing ingredients. But this is perfect.
245524245524B001EO5YQGAEUV975YGVL2R. Karnes7751304899200Better than homemade!!!I typically don't like much that comes from a box. I would prefer to make everything from scratch if I could. But I have to admit that this waffle mix is better than any that I've ever made from scratch. They come out light and cripy, just like a Belgian waffle should. I just can't seem to get the same crispness from my homemade waffles. And I've tried several different recipes. So until I perfect them from scratch, I'm going to continue to buy this mix.
245525245525B001EO5YQGA29HWR5929Y29SGail from Northbrook, IL8951303516800Best box waffle mix available!I just checked my package of waffle mix and it has ZERO trans fat! The other reviewer is mistaken. We have tried all the varieties of mixes and find this brand to be the easiest and tastiest mix available. All that you add is water and a little melted butter to prepare the batter. Sometimes we will add a mashed banana and/or pecans to the batter for variety. We might also sprinkle a few chocolate chips over the waffle after it comes out steaming hot from the waffle iron (they melt and add a delicious chocolate surprise to the waffle). We have delicious Belgian waffles every Sunday. The box comes with two individual pouches and each pouch makes approximately 3 Belgian waffles. We use the Waring brand Double Belgian Waffle Iron (makes 2 waffles at one time)and have had great success.
245526245526B001EO5YQGA3SO67A18R7PBMMgt2251324771200Delicious!We just bought our first Belgian waffle maker and based on other reviewers bought this mix. It is delicious. The waffles cooked up crisp on the ouside with a light, fluffly texture on the inside. Great flavor & everyone raved about them. I am not a cook that typically takes the easy road and prefer homemade recipes and avoid box mixes. But I'm sold on this and am hard pressed to think I'm going to take the time to make them from scratch. Just be forewarned that based on the amount of batter your individual iron requires per waffle you may not get as many waffles as the box states you'll get. Two pouches are supposed to make about 10 waffles and we got about half that.
245527245527B001EO5YQGA3V58DYMKOF27VKeoki2251321315200Yummy!Well worth the price and wait by mail! Tastes like a waffle and not a pancake (I hate waffle batters that are just pancake batters). Nice smell, texture and have no complaints. G. Will
245528245528B001EO5YQGA2IXKA3LZ0GSHVP. L. Krohn1151325030400Yummy Belgian Waffles!I've used the Classique Belgian Waffle mix for many years. My son lives in TX and I live in OH. Unfortunately, we were not able to get together for Christmas. It was a rough holiday without him, and not being able to make some of his favorite childhood meals was sad. So, the first thing I thought of was Belgian Waffles, and this mix was his and our families favorite. Luckily for me I found the Classique Belgian Waffle mix in a 6 pack along with a waffle maker on He was thrilled, it was like giving him a hug from miles away. These waffles are tasty, the texture is sublime... just the best. Try the Classique Belgian Waffle Mix for yourself, and you won't be disappointed...who knows, maybe, you can start your own family tradition. Classique Belgian Waffle Mix, 16-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)
245529245529B001EO5YQGAF13YA4SSMPHRW. C. Beaton1151320796800Classisque Belgian Waffle MixI have used this product for years and find it to be easy to use and makes some of the best Belgian waffles.
245530245530B001EO5YQGA3V85BAZGLWUCDice-bird1151313798400Great mix!I've tried Bisquick mix and one of the recipes from my manual book (I have Cuisinart belgian waffle maker) and they are not even close to this mix. It tastes like the best waffles you can buy in the grocery. For me it's the best so far.Going to try some recipes with yeast.
245531245531B001EO5YQGA2Z3XJUQXA5TVGLisa A Vice0051344211200Family reunion hitI bought this waffle mix to make waffles for three breakfasts at a family reunion and the waffles were delicious!!! (and I only added water). The waffles only lasted two days because they were yummy! Everyone wanted one.
245532245532B001EO5YQGA62ED2VCMW1I3Trackbike0041340582400Belguim wafflesAs advertised and priced right but went back to my old brand. The mix was a little too doughy for my taste, good flavor
245533245533B001EO5YQGA1V3U1IQ5F89LDThomas Vaughan0051334102400Best mix I've tried!I've tried a variety of mixes for my waffle makers (yes, I have a number--what can I say).

This is by far my favorite. Produces very tasty but also very light waffles. These are on the sweeter side, but not crazy sweet.

This is particularly good for Belgian waffles, since they are a bit larger than average waffles. With other mixes many people don't finish the whole waffle since it is too heavy. These always disappear. Many positive comments from several tasters/waffle consumers.
245534245534B001EO5YQGA1FADUIFO0DARPa different light0051332201600Waffle snobThis mix is easy to use and totally delicious. If you err in making a batch, let it be adding just a touch of extra butter. If you skimp on the butter, the waffle may stick a tad to your maker, but it will still be delicious! My kids always looked forward to traveling to make the waffles on the breakfast buffet, but this time we made waffles and didn't eat them-this mix has spoiled the kids and made us all waffle snobs! :P Try it, I am sure you and your family will love it. We have added nuts and also chocolate chips so far for variety and both were yummy. Fresh blueberries are coming soon...can't wait! :D
245535245535B001EO5YQGA1UKEBCT741T06Rockofinder0051329868800Delicious and easyI ordered this mix when I bought a new waffle maker for my daughter. At first I thought it pricey but decided to get the item anyway. To everyone's amazement, 6 boxes came! Each box had 2 envelops. We had a grand time making the waffles. They were so easy and delicious. Extra batter could be saved in the refrigerator for use even the next day. Expiration for use of the dry mix posed no problem. Now this is a daily staple for the household.
245536245536B001EO5YQGA166KM8A5H1Z2OC. Page "c.p."0051325980800No more frozen wafflesThis is our first time using a waffle mix, The waffle mix was very tasty. Never buying frozen waffles again.
245537245537B001EO5YQGAQGX3JU17NLM9Warren Holland0051325548800Just Outstanding!!!To mirror all the other reviews, I am not one who cooks from mixes but this is too good and easy to pass up. I have tried other mixes this season, hoping to find a good one to give with the Kitchen Aid double waffle iron I gave out to several folks on my Christmas list. This was by far the best! Other mixes like Golden Malted are good but make a regular waffle. This mix makes a really good Belgian Waffle! While not quite yeast risen quality, I have to say I just don't care because the waffles this mix makes are so good and only take a matter of minutes to make rather than hours. The fact that all you need is the mix and some butter and water is great because you can keep the mix on hand for emergency breakfast cravings when you find yourself low on eggs and don't feel like going out. I guess my only complaint would be that the whole box of mix only makes four waffles in my big round double waffle machine but that is minor. I don't plan on looking any further for other mixes, this one is it for me.
245538245538B001EO5YQGASD86XNEFFS2TBESue0051316995200Love these wafflesWe used this Classique Fare waffle mix for years and then it disappeared from the stores. I looked everywhere and was happy to find it here. We are again enjoying these delicious waffles. Other brands don't come close to the lightly sweet taste and perfect consistency of these waffles.
245539245539B001EO5YQGAHU72SC31OVVARobert W. Knowles "coasthome"0051315612800Great waffles for your familyI live in a small town. Years ago one store carried Classique Belgian Waffle Mix and my family loved the Belgian waffles we made from this mix. It was definitely better than other popular brands on the shelf. When our neighborhood store stopped carrying this product, I tried a few other mixes and than decided to order it online. Several cases later, I still do.
245540245540B001EO5YQGA2Q0EDI6M5LOJWS. haynes0051314835200FantasticThis is the best Waffle Mix around. Can't find in the store but glad that I was able to find them online for such a reasonable price.......
245541245541B001EO5YQGA2H5N8YQ50U3CJLynn Hughes1231329868800for dessert only -- WARNING!This made a really nice, crisp waffle -- nothing to add but water and a bit of melted butter. However, I planned to serve it as a platform for a savory, creamed entree. It didn't work -- it's loaded with sugar and vanilla. I'll use it up for desserts and for breakfast, but I'll go back to making waffles from scratch for dinner. Because it's not versatile enough (and because I bought 6 BOXES), I'm giving it only 3 stars. In truth, it should have 5 for sweet toppings and 1 (or 0) for savory.
245542245542B001EO5YQGA3E34D5LF7L4QJF. Hicinbothem61531167955200Good flavor, bad ingredientsThere's not much to say about this stuff. On the one hand, it makes a nice tasty waffle. On the other hand, it's loaded with trans fat. (I do wish Amazon would start including ingredient information for their grocery products. This is the second item I've bought in the last six months that's been absolutely loaded with trans fat. I wouldn't have bought it if I'd known that. Oh well, my local food bank appreciates it.)
245543245543B000NMCJPEA3HPCRD9RX351SSpudman3351260489600My Favorite Chewy Fruit SnackI've been enjoying this delicious snack for years and never grow tired of them. My two favorite snacks might be concord grape and mixed fruit; I don't have a least favorite. In my last bag of mixed fruit I observed mostly red pieces with a few orange and only one concord grape piece. The different flavored snacks are colored and shaped differently, many with pebbly texture on top to simulate berries. They are soft and chewy, but not overly so. Their sweetness is satisfyingly pleasing but not as intense as one might experience with a piece of candy. The tastes vary with the flavors, but in the bag of mixed fruit one doesn't distinguish distinctive flavors.

I've always thought of the Welch's Fruit Snacks as a guilt free treat, like eating a piece of fruit. Well, that's not quite true. The first ingredient, you'll notice, is fruit juice, not real fruit, followed by corn syrup and sugar. The fruit part, actually a fruit puree, follows the sweeteners and the modified corn starch. Also in these fruit snacks are artificial colorings like red #40, yellow #5, and blue #1. Some of these colors can trigger hyperactivity in children. Yellow 5 used to set my daughter off like an overload of caffeine.

The Welch's Fruit Snacks are not sticky to the touch like some other fruit based snacks. At work I sometimes share a bag or two with students who universally enjoy them as much as I do.

Overall this is a tasty, nutritious snack, maybe a bit heavy handed with the sweeteners. It's a good snack to eat with one hand while turning pages or grading papers with the other. It can be eaten all by yourself or shared with others.
I like the ingredient list than that of other similar snacks such as Fruit Roll-ups. For what it's worth, Fruit Roll-ups have 373 calories per 100 grams of snack. Welch's Fruit Snacks have 325 calories per 100 grams.
245544245544B000155KT0A3BWNUKBI0Y3MMarzana B. Zalik00513451616002 Little dogsI have 2 Chihuahus. Both of them love this treat and it's healthy for them.
It's made in the USA!!!
245545245545B004W7KWW8A1R8M8HMWS7PQ8PankoDX0051333065600Worth the money.This is a great tea to keep with you and re-steep during the day. The taste is fresh and fine, and it has a hint of taro flavor. (This may be due to the other teas it was shipped with.) The leaves are of a pretty good quality too.
245546245546B000HZTBG2A1QHC9KE3J8U6Dmary2241293667200sweetdelicious but very sweet. If you are just looking for a suttle flavor of maple this is not it. Altough the tea in itself is strong, which counters the sweetness, I would still say that it's very sweet.
245547245547B0081S5YS6A24O2JRL0IMLD2AFabbs0051336953600The perfect gift for Northern friendsI send this gift every Christmas to my family in the Midwest. They love sampling the Southern products and have incorporated some of these items into their weekly meal plans. My Dad loves the hot sauce! You don't have to be a Southerner to love Glory Foods.
245548245548B0081S5YS6A3HRDRSXP3CL34R. LeSchatz0041336953600Success!I bought my mother this gift basket for Mother's Day and she loved it! The Vidalia Hot Sauce, especially, is a hit in our house.
245549245549B0029KKUDQA1XA99QFHFMUGNAnnamaybell0051322179200No longer at CostcoFor years I have bought this item at Costco - low calorie and great tasting. All of a sudden its no longer available at Costco! So, of course, Amazon does carry it and at a reasonable price.
245550245550B001SBAQXQA2T6Z8K24K50A2fletch1141330473600love them bean sproutsi have been buying these bean sprouts because of the excellent price and the excellent quality.great buy if you get with free shipping.i can kill a case in two weeks as i love bean sprout salads.

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