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245551245551B0017P0O94AFP43ZIYYKFWZKimberly A. Gonzalez "HOOKEMEDWARD"0051348012800The Best GumI bought these for an 80s theme party that we had. They were a big hit. The gum was fresh and flavorful, just like I remember it. The 12 count was nice because their was plenty for everyone. A lot comes in each pack so there is plenty to go around and share. These are great.
245552245552B004LWINIEA1TS7LUEDD6B03M. Chalmers4451327449600I'm addicted to this nut mix!This is the absolute best nut mix ever. It's very similar to the Planters NUT-rition Wholesome Nut Mix, formerly known as the South Beach Diet mix, but this one has MORE macadamias, which I think is great. This mix is a steal when you can find it for fifty cents an ounce or less. The only negative thing I can say is, I would personally prefer fewer almonds because they're harder than the other nuts. But that doesn't stop me from gobbling up almost a pound of this mix a week sometimes!
245553245553B004LWINIEA1E1TX2SS7D6T0sunshine32151141349568000Great and convenientLarge amount of almonds, cashews and machademia nuts. It might be cheaper in your local stores but this is a convenience item. I would purchase again.
245554245554B003WI43ZUA2X688A16UW6LXM. Thompson0051327881600It worked!I bought this to grow grass in Easter baskets and I'm happy to report that it worked. It took about two weeks to grow and the grass was thick and beautiful. I confess I didn't eat it though so can't tell you how it tasted.
245555245555B00436MZ2IA2YZ83K5MHUV44Ryan McGhee0041350086400DIS BEDDY what the tiny asian man told me when I bought this sauce from the farmers market in The Grove in LA. I think the hot sauce shop's name was Light My Fire. Anyways, I love this sauce. It provides a ton of heat, but never too much. It's got a very roasty flavor. The cayenne isn't as pronounced as in other sauces that specialize in it (Frank's, Louisiana, etc.), but it's still got a nice peppery taste. The smokeyness is great, and it packs a nice punch. I use it on everything.
245556245556B00436MZ2IA1VDPAUBS71M1BDean Swiatek "fps_dean"0021337990400It's hot, but the taste is just nastyLooking at the ingredients, this looked promising, and I heard some good reviews so I decided to try it.

I first tried a little on a spoon. It has some kick to it, but it's not overpoweringly hot by my standards either. Don't get me wrong, this stuff is hot, but it's on the milder side of the extract hot sauce spectrum. I would say it's about 100k-150k on the scoville chart based on my experiences with hot sauces. It's also thin, so you can use a good amount, and spread it around.

However where they went wrong is the taste of this stuff is pretty bad. The overall consistency and flavor of this sauce is in tube with Louisiana style hot sauces, with the exception of the first and most noticeable taste which is extract. For those who don't know, extract tastes more or less like battery acid, or so people who have tried both claim (and I have no reason not to believe them). The second flavor that hit me was vinegar, even though vinegar isn't even the first ingredient. Third was salt, and fourth was cayenne. There is no noticeable habanero or ghost pepper flavor in this sauce. If they used more ghost peppers and less extract, this sauce could have a lot of potential. Also, the salt is completely unnecessary, as the taste is overwhelmingly bitter -- perhaps a small amount of sugar could have been enough of a bandaid to save this hot sauce.

In short, I ended up pouring it down the drain. If it was the only hot sauce I had, it was passable, but I have an entire shelf full of hot sauces that I look forward to using, and I simply do not have room to store a bottle that I will never use.

Do yourself a favor and skip this one. If you want a great tasting Louisiana style hot sauce, try Crazy Uncle Jester's Louisiana Firestorm. That sauce does have extract but you you taste primarily the serranos and hababeros and the flavor of the extract can be easily overlooked. Their hotter version, Spontaneous Combusion is also much better -- that has much less pepper flavor, and more extract but it ends up tasting just like Crystal Louisiana style hot sauce, only much hotter. Red Ghost might have slightly more heat, but you can simply use more Louisiana Firestorm or Spontaneous Combusion and have a lot greater flavor.
245557245557B000MO8G28A1GBCTGYTFBIOMwonderwoman0051337731200Birds Custard PowderI purchased this product along with ultra-fine sugar from Amazon to make a cake called a Rhubarb Custard Tea Cake. It called for both this custard powder and castor sugar and I had no idea what either one of them were. I found out, ordered them, and was able to finally bake this cake. It was worth the wait. By the way, the recipe originated out of England.
245558245558B000MO8G28A2Q7H2DDOBQ7ZLJOSEPH A ALFIERI0051323216000Good service, great product!The Bird's custard powder arrived in a very short time at my home. Also the custard powder was easy to use and very good tasting. I would recommend this product to almost anyone.
245559245559B000MO8G28A226B8BJTPDV46RooiValk "IRW"0031321228800A little less than expectedI was looking for custard powder which would be the equivalent of South African Moirs brand and someone suggested this. It was ok but tasted a little "powdery" compared to Moirs.
245560245560B000MO8G28AQ43NPTVMMOJBLinda Stokes0051294704000Love this stuff!I found this when I lived in Vancouver, Canada. I used it to make Nanimo Bars but soon found other things to use it for. When I moved back home to Florida I couldn't find it anywhere until I checked Amazon. Now I am a happy camper with one of the best parts of Canada here in Florida.
245561245561B000MO8G28AIW38P8SWI2OYDonna1241284768000Bird's CustardI was dissapointed to find it in World Market for half the price only a few weeks after I purchased it. Amazon said it was only available in mail order and they were wrong.
245562245562B000MO8G28A2211MMEXBUY5YJennifer Cotter52411232841600English custard Delicious !!!Glad I found this product on line. Used regularly in UK. It is delicious poured over Apple Pie or in trifles.
245563245563B00479EO9SAHYRTWABDAG1HE. Thomsen "arvig"1211317168000No massage was offered by Ms. Deen!I bought this service with the hopes that Ms. Deen herself or at least one of her employees would come out to my house and offer the service indicated in the title, a "Butt massage". No, I don't expect anything erotic or anything like that before someone makes such an accusation, I simply put have a sore tush and from time to time need someone to massage it so it's not so tender and painful. Now, did I get said service! No! I instead got two 2.77 ounce shakers of spices. Well, I decided that maybe this isn't the butt of some joke and figured maybe the idea was to "self serve" if you will, to massage my own behind with the spices. I did this, and I developed a rash the next day! I will NOT order this product again.

The spices would probably be okay on pork though. But I don't own any livestock to massage so for me that is moot.

As an aside, this is a cut and paste of my review of a different size of Ms. Deen's butt massage service, thus the reference to two 2.77 ounce shakers. Even so, given the only difference is the size of the jar my comments there should apply to here fine.
245564245564B00479EO9SA30RW0OFBO843OJ. A. Bruksch "Getting Sleep"0151303948800love the buttThis is the greatest rub. Great for pork sholders & ribs!! Anything that you want crazy flavor for!!
245565245565B004OAZ36IA1QOSXWYPRTBMOJoanie Antinetti1111326326400Not what expectedThis shipment was not as expected. Yes, there were 24 k-cups. However, only 3 were flavored! This was advertised as "24 ct flavored coffee sampler". Additionally, 5 of the k-cups were decaf although a 24 count decaf sampler was a different item order choice. Very disappointed. Will not order this again. Certainly not up to Amazon standards.
245566245566B004OAZ36IA1GHMIJP484PQOMande1111325894400DisapointedI ordered this for a christmas gift for my mother, and was so upset when I recieved the box. I can appreciate the "eco-friendly" packaging (stapled shut paper bag), but it was completly unsuitable for a present; I ABSOLUTLY would not have ordered this if I had known. I was so disapointed with the variety also- many of the same one, and gross flavors. It's like somebody picked out all the ones they liked and shipped off the rejects. I dont even want to waste any more money shipping this back. Buyer beware.
245567245567B004OAZ36IA3BDAKYE0AZ8TOC. Smith1111325203200Gift Wrap available? Really!!!"We repackage k-cups into a new bag. We use a recyclable and compostable bag that is eco-friendly." So how would they "gift wrap" the crumpled and stapled brown paper bag in which these arrived? I bought these as a gift, expecting a box or company gift bag as the eco friendly container. Mediocre collection of coffees that could have found while dumpster diving. That's what the presentation leads one to imagine. Will not be giving as a gift and probably won't use them. Go to a local market instead!
245568245568B004OAZ36IA29U88JGAXP6IGAsh1151325116800Very happyDespite all the negative reviews I took my gamble ordering this variety sampler n I'm very happy with the variety I received. All flavored coffees
245569245569B004OAZ36IA64914SITZ91Uspartapatty1121323820800Definitely not all Flavored coffees!Six were Green Mtn breakfast blend decaf(ugh,obviously not what I consider 'flavored'), 3 Green Mtn Colombian Fair trade Select (not flavored), 3 Donut house cafe blend (flavored? not specified), 3 Green Mtn Hazelnut (yay), 3 Green Mtn pumpkin spice, 3 Green Mtn Gingerbread and 3 Newman's Own extra bold Melange. I don't regret trying these, but it's very unlikely I would buy again because of the unflavored coffees they included and the fact that 6 of those unflavored were decaf. Arrived safely, loose in packing box.
245570245570B004OAZ36IA3G8UEK3MLWRCWMoreWishes1141323648000Good Variety for My Coffee Lover!I ordered this for my husband as he wanted to add a bit of variety to his morning coffee experience. We received a nice variety and although the packaging wasn't the best, it was
as described by other reviewers. Overall we were both happy and I would order it again. If you plan on giving it as a gift--just remove the cups and put it in another package. It isn't that big of a deal LOLOL
245571245571B004OAZ36IA2X6F6DIJTRSENChristy F. Eudy1151323648000Very pleased with my order!The selection I received was perfect, and I my husband was thrilled with his gift! I would definitely do business with this vendor again!
245572245572B004OAZ36IA2H8OCJHSCAYQFJ. Tirschman1151323561600sample of flavored coffeesSometimes you just want a little variety in your morning coffee!! This is an excellent way to try different flavors!! I was quite impressed with the flavors I hadn't known were available!
245573245573B004OAZ36IA3INRJF63TNAJIBetsy115132312960024 Count K-cup Flavored Coffee SamplerI am very pleased with my order. I hardly had any doubles. A very nice variety that I will purchase again.
245574245574B004OAZ36IA1HD3OOQT8C2ZKRick Guyton1151323129600So good that I had to come review this 30 seconds after getting my coffeeOk, so it is a little strange that these literally come in a brown paper bag. But, I don't care. I got an awesome assortment of coffees to try. I'm excited to try each and everyone. No "filler" flavors like I expected. I will certainly be buying again. And if you are buying a Kurig for someone for Christmas, I Highly recommend you purchase this for them as well!! Where is the 6 stars button?
245575245575B004OAZ36IA34PG9MFHZYR1Treesh1141322697600Great varietyI bought this sample pack of K-cups to go along with the coffee maker I bought my sister for Christmas. I received a great variety of flavors, a few duplicates, but overall a very nice selection. I saw some of the other reviews complained they only received a couple of different flavors. I can not say the same. There were at least a dozen different flavors in the box.

The packaging isn't so great. The cups just come loose in the brown box they are shipped in. Not a big deal if you are buying them for your own use, however I will have to find a small box to gift these in. But the price was right and they arrived in 3 days - overall I am pleased.
245576245576B004OAZ36IA31K1K7RL8S1B0Dana C1151322697600Great way to try different flavors!I am VERY pleased with the variety provided! I plan on purchasing this again just so I can see what other flavors I might get. What a great idea this is! Plus, if you have a friend or relative with a Keurig, you can trade flavors...or at least unload the ones you don't like. I received a nice vatiety and only doubles on less than half. Nothing was expired and everything has plenty of time left until expiration. I highly recommend this!!
245577245577B004OAZ36IAGOTN2RDLCHJHgb-------1151322611200Recommendable!Great asst of good quality coffees!Each one is a new experience and enjoyable in it's own right. I highly recommend and will buy again in the future
245578245578B004OAZ36IA1X11Y32UDKD9CCreative Lady1151322524800Awesome assortmentJust recieved my k cups and thrilled with the assortmet. i got mostly two of some flavors, and three of one kind, But extremely happy with what I got! i definately will be ordering again and again! I highly recommend this seller and assortment. There were so many flavors! Pumkin spice, mudslide, butter toffee, hazelnut, french vanilla, mountain blueberry, just to name a few!
245579245579B004OAZ36IA2CU4Y9P59AX57M. Hamilton1131322438400Same Price at KrogerSame Price at Kroger, but you get the benefit of receiving 10 cents off per gallon for gas. Just be sure to check around...changes all the time.
245580245580B004OAZ36IAXZ8PRNGCB52GLaura1151321488000Exactly what I asked forI ordered this Coffee Sampler as well as several other things on Amazon and the coffee was the first to arrive. Thanks!

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