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245581245581B004OAZ36IA25J2HN82RV2YPMommy Mallory1151320451200Great variety sampler!!I confess I was worried I'd be getting a bunch of only a few flavors but to my surprise, I got all different ones...really good ones too! I can't wait to try out each and every one of them. I'll be back for more!
245582245582B004OAZ36IA2PJZELNVQXN4WScarletjazz "Scarletjazz"1141320019200Really Good!This variety kcup pack was pretty good. My fav out of them was the Green Mountain brand. I'm not really a chocolate coffee lover, but I tried them all. I've noticed since I got a Kuerig machine for my birthday I have been practically using it almost every day taking my coffee to work. Pump the breaks, I needed to slow down, I started getting the caffeine headaches. So now I'm down to maybe taking the coffee in twice a week and everything has been fine. I would order again and maybe next time some decaf. Good variety.
245583245583B004OAZ36IA2N4UO6DU3BEMVJanice Willis1151319846400YumMy husband and I enjoyed these very flavorful coffee's very much and would highly recommend them. We were able to determine some that we liked better than others and will order just those flavors although they were all good.
245584245584B004OAZ36IA2BERIDDCQMMSVlhsaria "college girl"1151319673600Great product!I loved this product since I like to have a variety of flavored coffees at any one time and buying individual packages can be expensive.
245585245585B004OAZ36IA3QOJJU71QQNZUjsnyde3411336608000Poor SelectionI eagerly opened my package, expecting to see a delightful assortment of flavors. I took them out of the bag one by one. Hazelnut, hazelnut, hazelnut, french vanilla, hazelnut, french vanilla... All but 2 were either hazelnut or french vanilla. I do not even really like hazelnut! This was not what I hoped for at all.
245586245586B004OAZ36IA3OJWS2B4BFMK7Ima Buyer "Amazonian"2321337731200Not what I expectedI guess I was also disappointed in the assortment. The info suggests you get 34 different coffees, so that you don't have to "buy 34 different boxes." But as others reported, I got repeats in the assortment, as many as 4 of the exact same product. Furthermore, I received two CIDER products, which are not coffee. I don't want cider, I want coffee. And thanks for the iced coffee sample, which I also don't drink. Lastly, the k-cups are packaged in a brown paper bag which is stapled shut. I'm guessing that doesn't even meet food packaging codes; there's no product info, ingredient info or nutrition info.
245587245587B004OAZ36IA2XP9IN4JOMRODCorey Trujillo "Cinemascribe"2341332720000Great Selection. Great Price.A lot of people are complaining about the fact that these come in a brown bag. They are in a brown bag, INSIDE of an amazon box. So it's not as if they are in danger of being crushed in the mail. I got a couple of teas mixed in, which is fine with me. I got some great choices. It seems a bit random, but that is ok with me because I am a new user and wanted to try lots of choices and see what I really liked.

So far I really love the Pumpkin Spice, the Cinnamon Roll and Supreme Vanilla. I would order again.
245588245588B004OAZ36IASN2IR2K9V0XEJohn "Teacher and mom of 2 kids, Lila-4 and J...2351332115200Overall Very HappyIt seems like they have tried to improve the selection of coffees since the reviews that I read. These are the coffees that I received and the quantity of each flavor.

Green Mountain - Wild Mountain Blueberry (4), Hazelnut Noisette (6), French Vanilla (6), Caramel Vanilla Cream (6), Mocha Nut Fudge (3), Gingerbread (2), Golden French Toast (2), Pumpkin Spice (1)

Donut House - Chocolate Glazed Donut (2)

Gloria Jeans - Butter Toffee (1), Hazelnut (1)

Timothy's - Kahlua (1)

I didn't get some of the flavors that I would have liked to have tried from the list but maybe I'll get them the next time I order. I will probably order again when these are gone. :)
245589245589B004OAZ36IA1P56Z6DAWXI4WSUP3RMAN2311324339200crap they couldnt sell boxes ofThis is basically an assorted box of crap they couldn't sell whole boxes of. Pumkpin spice, spicy eggnog, wild mountain blueberry... only a few real coffee flavors. I thought it would be a good way to try out new flavors of coffee. I was wrong.
245590245590B004OAZ36IA391YX65W2MR2HAmazon Frequent Customer2331323734400Came packaged in a plain, brown paper bagI bought this variety pack to go with the coffee maker I purchased as a gift. The variety I received was decent, but I was totally unimpressed when I opened the shipping box and found that the coffee assortment was packaged in an unlabeled plain, brown paper bag. I thought the assortment would at least come in a labeled box of some sort, but the samples were literally stuffed in a bag with the top bunched up like a brown bag lunch. It literally looked like someone just tossed 24 random coffees in a bag and threw it in a shipping box. Not the best for gift-giving. I thought that was pretty tacky, especially for the price.
245591245591B004OAZ36IA3TXB65PZJYJ2CAdam S. Kirby2321323648000DisappointingBy the letter of the description, the order was accurate--I got 11 "different" types of coffee. That is, if you believe that regular Donut House, Folgers Lively Columbian, regular Caribou Blend, Green Mountain Columbian Fair Trade, Newman's Own Extra Bold and Green Mountain Nantucket Blend are different types of coffee. They're not. (I also got five other cups in four actual varieties: pumpkin spice, gingberbread, french toast and eggnog.) Furthermore, they all came shipped loose in a box. Again, no special packaging was promised, but I was planning this as a gift, and it's not really gift-appropriate.

All in all, I have no grounds to stand on in asking for a refund, but this isn't what I was expecting.
245592245592B004OAZ36IA3SCTBRCXIIVZUnopen2311323388800crumpled up brown bag packagingI ordered the coffee samplers for a christmas gift. I was very excited that received the order really quick. I was expecting it to be in real packaging. Opened the box and found a crumpled up brown bag, hole on the backside with the k-cups tossed in and stapled shut. There's no way I'm going to give this as a gift. There was a good variety if you are buying for personal use, but the packaging dies not cut it. 24 Count K-cup Flavored Coffee Sampler Huge disappointment!
245593245593B004OAZ36IA27C4ZIJ830RKDLaura M. Wayne0011350259200DisappointedThis is the third time I've ordered the flavored sampler, and in the 24 K-Cups, about 10 of them are hot chocolate! When you're ordering for your office, and expect a coffee sampler but get a majority of hot chocolate, it's very disappointing! I guess there's no way to confirm what flavors they decide to throw in your box.
245594245594B004OAZ36IA6XOASUS8ODKYsherri1230011349827200Not goodI wanted to try different flavors of coffee, and 3/4 of the package was hot chocolate. I won't order this again.
245595245595B004OAZ36IA1S70ECC3YGFJXshotqueen0011349740800Very poor selection:(I have ordered this exact product in the past and have always received a wide variety of flavors and brands of k-cups. This shipment was beyond poor in its selection, of the 34 kcups 16 of them were the same flavor and all 34 were the same brand. Not impressed.
245596245596B004OAZ36IA1VFNKCCS592UPcpe30021349740800Sampler packThis product not only came damaged, but also more than half of the contents were decaf. That should have been stated in the description. Very disappointing!!!
245597245597B004OAZ36IA2HC79NRTFQHAAConnie0021349654400Not as describedFlavored coffee sampler is how this product is described. What I received were 12 flavored coffee's and then an assortment of capuccino,tea and cider. To be fair I ordered this item one more time and the exact same thing happened. I also contacted customer service and they sent me out another 24 pack and once again it was the same thing. They told me they would pull the item from the listing and get it straightened out one way or the other. I will be looking to see if it is still listed. I love the idea of trying new flavors but not at the expense of not getting all coffee.
245598245598B004OAZ36IA3OP0AMEWVJ5VGmns0031349568000K-cup Flavored Sampler PackI received the K-cup sampler and immediately sorted through the flavors upon its arrival. The selections should have been titled "Vanilla Assortment," since the majority of cups in the box were variations of that flavor. There was nothing from Celestial Seasonings, but I enjoyed the coffees I did receive. One other note - there was no packing slip with the order, so if I was not satisfied, I'm not sure how I would have filed a complaint.
245599245599B004OAZ36IA322EV45Q6Y8ZZFinkleberry0011349308800Absolutely NO varietyWhen you think of Sampler Pack you think maybe two or three of the same k-cups, right? eh, eh? You will NOT get that from this box.

Here is what I got:

3 Wild Mountain Blueberry
1 Hazlenut Decaf
6 Butter Toffee
5 Mudslide
3 Southern Pecan
1 Hazlenut Noisette
4 French Vanilla
5 French Vanilla Supreme
1 Caramel Vanilla Creme
4 Kahlua
1 Cinnamon Roll

Also, the packaging was TERRIBLE. Some of my k-cups were damaged as they were just all thrown into a box with no kind of care to the condition or to the variety.

It SUCKED. Will not be trusting this Sampler Pack again.
245600245600B004OAZ36IA3M9WOOCVSCU5AKristen Weaver "graphics kid"0011349308800less than half coffeemore than half of my "sampler" was the cappuccino mix, NOT flavored coffee. these cappuccino k-cups are full of artificial sweeteners and creamers neither of which i consume. Very disappointed, will not order from this company again
245601245601B004OAZ36IA2SS9AQLF4V4FOknigjim0021348617600Mixed Bag of WhatThese were all thrown into a brown lunch bag. They were not even all coffee. I had 6 hot chocolates and an apple cider. Mostly all one flavor not a variety. Big waste of money.
245602245602B004OAZ36IA3CM9KZTDN4CIPbeachway0011348185600AwfulThrown into a bag, some were broken, selection was terrible. Not even 50% were coffee! Would never purchase again or recommend. Shame on you!
245603245603B004OAZ36IA1L77EIQR1PLKRRobert John0011347667200It's gets worst every orderThe fist time that I bought a batch I was pleased because as a result of a review (I think) they were more careful with the selection. The later purchase was not very good but still was not bad enough to make me give them a bad review and I decided to give them another try. My las purchase was really, really bad. They sent 7 Hazelnut DECAF (7 DECAF!!!! And of the same!!) and like 8 hot cocoa, so more than half the order was not coffe that I could use for my morning caffein rush. I had never received more than 2 decaf and 2 of other (hot cocoa or tea). Do not buy, look for other seller, even if it's a little more expensive it will be a lot better purchase than this.
245604245604B004OAZ36IA3TID3JGDWITOVE0021347494400No VarietyI bought the 34 count. Maybe I caought the packaging department on an off day. I recieved 10 flavors in my package, which would be fine, but 4 of the flavors only had one sample. Several of the flavors were very common flavors and not that exciting. A majority of the box I received was Donut shop chocolate glazed (5), Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream (6), and of course Kahlua (8)... that is 19/34, so almost 2/3 of the package was 3 flavors.

This sampler was not what I was hoping for and seemed to be a compilation of the flavors you see on the discount shelves at the store all the time. I could have bought a box of 18 Kahlua at big lots for $7. I would think that any sampler should limit themselves to know more that 4 of any given flavors.
245605245605B004OAZ36IA3G3HFCMJ953J8Kathleen0021347321600Not what I was expectingI ordered this flavored coffee sampler, and expected that I would receive flavored COFFEE. However, half the k-cups were cappuchino or hot chocolate. That is not flavored coffee. I ordered this sampler once before and got lots of great coffees and only a few cappuchinos and a mocha something-or-other, which was fine. But this just wasn't what I wanted - cappuchino and coffee are very different things.
245606245606B004OAZ36IADMCX58Y5OVZTKelly J. Corl "kid's counselor"0011347321600Little coffee mainly hot cocoa!!??Very disappointed to find 6 hot cocoa kcups and 4 flavored cappuccino............I ordered flavored coffee not hot chocolate!! The coffee kcups I did get were variations of vanilla
245607245607B004OAZ36IA1EMVE0E166IKYG. Pliler0031346889600Hot Chocolate is not flavored coffeeI bought this sample pack believing I would receive 25 different flavored coffees. Instead I received 15 flavored coffees, 4 hot chocolates, and 6 cappucinos. After going back and looking at the product description, it did not state anywhere anything except flavored coffee. The variety from the 15 flavored coffees is good and as expected, but the hot chocolate and cappucino will just go to waste now.
245608245608B004OAZ36IA1KWGEFP5VXZT2Willie0031346544000Did not expect thisI thought I was buying 24 flavored flavored coffee samplers. If I drank tea, it would have been alright, but I don't.
245609245609B004OAZ36IA2YQ769BRQ74NTdizzichica0051346457600Fair selection of flavored coffeeI like to try a lot of different coffees with my Keurig and frequently buy random assortments like this one. The k-cups came in a small box, just thrown in there, but they were packed fine in my opinion. They box was the right size for the 34-count option I ordered and I even got 1 extra k-cup. The assortment was ok. I got commonly liked flavors, several were duplicates, and more than half the box was Green Mountain coffee. I also got 6 decafs which I really don't drink, but I hold on to them for guests. I generally prefer to get more of a variety of flavors and brands, but the flavors I received are ones I like, so I'm not really complaining. Here's the breakdown of what I got.

Green Mountain Coffee:
3 Caramel Vanilla Cream
2 Hazelnut Noisette
6 French Vanilla
2 Mocha Nut Fudge
2 Southern Pecan
1 Wild Mountain Blueberry Fair Trade
2 Hazelnut (Decaf)
4 French Vanilla (Decaf)

Gloria Jean's:
1 Hazelnut
1 Butter Toffee
2 French Vanilla Supreme
5 Mudslide

Donut House:
1 Chocolate Glazed Donut
1 Cinnamon Roll

2 Kahlua
245610245610B004OAZ36IA3V8GZ534SG7ELgibsonr870051346025600Extremely Satisfied!I really liked the variety that came. I get really tired of drinking the same flavors over and over and this was a really good way to try different brands and different flavors. Even if you get one that you don't like, oh well, it's only one K cup and you're not stuck with an entire box of a flavor that you don't like. I might never buy regular packs again, and just buy this variety pack. Fast shipping and good variety. I have no complaints!

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