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245671245671B004OAZ36IA27U14HDBQDNOUCBrady202211323907200Very do not get what you think you are gettingVery disappointed in this vendor. I ordered what I thought would be flavored gourmet coffees......what I received was mostly UNFLAVORED coffee and a few pumpkin spike and gingerbread flavor. AND, I received UNFLAVORED FOLGERS COFFEE! I thought I was ordering all flavored coffees, and what I received what not even close. I can buy Folgers K-cups at the grocery store. Probably 2/3 of my order was unflavored coffee. Will never order from them again. It's definitely overpriced for what you receive. And, they just throw 24 K-cups in a shipping box and they are loose in the box and with no packing materials to keep them from banging around. Just disgusted.......
245672245672B004OAZ36IABRHK3QEFCFPADeborah Andrews "livysmother"121211325203200Don't bother ordering thisThis is a joke!! I have never been so mad as I am right now writing this. Not only is the coffee a big joke the way they shipped it is as well. The assortment in this is ridiculous. The majority of the coffee is french vanilla. And hopefully we will like spicy eggnog and kahlua because those make up pretty much the rest of the coffee. This looks like somebody threw in the coffee they didn't like into a box and sent it to the sucker who was stupid enough to buy it. I am not usually this brutall with reviews but this angers me. The coffee was in a brown paper bag and thrown in a box to ship. If I could return this I would but this is not a purchase that can be returned. How sad this is.
245673245673B004OAZ36IAHUI76Y9SHCVRR. Lamb121351317427200Great Variety!!I really liked the idea of not knowing what flavors I would be getting almost like a treasure hunt. I was happy with all the flavors I received. Many of which I have never tried but always wanted to. Service was excellent. Will buy from again. None of the coffees were expired.
245674245674B004OAZ36IAU4H7OG5UFDWOS. Gould "gouldpjaks"8811327104000TERRIBLE!!!!!!WARNING!! DO NOT PURCHASE!! This is a mixture of any flavors that cannot be sold. It comes in a flimsy, torn paper bag that is stapled at the top. Mine were mostly eggnog, a flavor I hate, and that was never even mentioned in the list of possible flavors. There were no coffee house K-cups and no Van Houten, two brands that I wanted to try. There's no way this was random either. I got six hazelnut which I buy in bulk every month, six blueberry, eight egg nog and then an assortment, one each, of four "random" flavors. The K-cups are flat and ragged looking, which means they are probably old or damaged. This is simply a way to get rid of damaged merchandise--open boxes or undesirable flavors. I expect better of Amazon!
245675245675B004OAZ36IA2EOTM2BMG6I7USteven V. Potter0021335139200Not as good as the first timeThe first time I purchased one of these packs, I got a really nice variety of coffees. The second time, I got virtually no "regular" coffee...just a ton of flavored coffee and unusual flavors at that.
245676245676B004OAZ36IA1AMQHS8QKN0JUShiznorak0021335052800Not as DescribedBecause of the picture and description, I expected 34 different coffees, perhaps with a few duplicates. What I didn't expect to get was 6 Green Mountain French Vanilla, 6 Green Mountain Hazelnut Noisette, 6 Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream, and 4 Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry. I also received 2 each of 5 other flavored, and 1 each of 2 other flavors. This is not my opinion of 34 different flavors.
245677245677B004OAZ36IA37LMXIKIRSP8VKacey0051334880000nice assortment!Just recieved this box and was very pleased. In this box of 24 k-cups there were 11 different flavors, of not more than 3 of any one (most 2). I like flavored iced coffee in the summer and this is a great way to have some variety!

K-Cup Coffee for Keurig Brewers, Flavored Coffee Sampler Pack
245678245678B004OAZ36IA2ZRMY2919WAJIKelly Nold0031334793600Not too bad...Was a bit unhappy with the shipment..6 of them were butter toffee. I felt like that was a kind that they were trying to get rid of. I read the reviews and decided to take a chance...what I got was just ok. Would not reorder.
245679245679B004OAZ36IAZB6D24179OD2Kat0051334707200Always great from this sellerI have ordered from this seller before and it's always a good experience. The product is exactly as advertised and it's always a pleasure getting so many different flavors in one buy. I will continue to buy from this great seller.
245680245680B004OAZ36IA35RO61X0HCRLJMarie0041334620800I Love my Keurig and flavored samples.. But a variety !!!!well it happened to me.. twice !! I ordered the first time and it was from Amazon and I got a Great variety.. even an Iced Coffee and 2 Decaffs .. next time I ordered the 34 (from a different vendor)and got like 9 of one flavor.. I have so many French Vanilla it's cumming out my ears !! Well.. I ordered once again, I thought the one from the original (the 24 pack) .. well now I just got like 4 of one flavor and 2 or 3 of just a few to make up the 24.. Not happy at all.. but then again I sit at my computer for like 4 minutes in the morning before work hit submit and in two days there behind my door !! sooooo hummm if you weigh them.. I love my k-cups !! LOL enjoy
245681245681B004OAZ36IA4706HFZEWPVLJennifer Jorritsma0011334534400Would not recommend!!!What we were hoping for:

Something a little more like the picture. We were especially excited to try Chocolate Glazed Donut and Pumpkin Spice.

What we got:

6 - Hazelnut Noisette
6 - Caramel Vanilla Creme
6 - French Vanilla
4 - Wild Mountain Blueberry
4 - Cinammon Roll
3 - Southern Pecan
2 - Butter Toffee
2 - Mocha Nut Fudge
1 - Mudslide
1 - French Vanilla Supreme

Sadly, we already have entire boxes of Wild Mountain Blueberry and Caramel Vanilla Creme, and the ones we were most interested in from this bunch we only got one or two of. My mistake for not reading the reviews, but I disagree with the guy who said that the description covers the sellers behind when it comes to variety. The description says that a buyer will get a "wide variety" and I hardly think 3 flavors comprising more than half of the package qualifies as "wide variety". I am EXTREMELY disappointed with this purchase. If I would have bought these flavors on the Keurig website, I would have paid less per K-cup than I paid for this package... and I paid the higher price specifically for the variety. I do not feel I got what I paid for and I think Amazon should not allow this seller to continue falsely advertising.

Final note: The K-cups came in a paper bag ... with no visible expiration dates. One of them was punctured on top. Considering some of the other reviews, I am worried about whether or not these K-cups are even good anymore. Some of the other reviews suggest that at least some people received theirs in a box with expiration dates included.
245682245682B004OAZ36IA39HRNKH5FIOE2Mark Milliorn0011334534400Rip Off9 of 24 were the same thing: Caramel Vanilla Cream. And yes, it tastes horrible. Actually, over half the items were French something, and the rest of the items you got only one of each. Nor did they come in a box, I got a brown paper bag that someone had thrown whatever hadn't sold well into. This wasn't an assortment, it was leavings.

Both Gloria Jean and Amazon could have done this much better.
245683245683B004OAZ36IA241XUF4T0NU46Scott Sutton0051333670400Great way to find new flavorsI received these and added them to the collection. The variety of flavors was great. It allows me to find those that I really like prior to buying a full box. I recommend these if your just starting out with your coffee maker or if you just want to add some variety to your stash.
245684245684B004OAZ36IA2WBNQ9O9FN2ECDan0011333670400Not a Variety95% percent of this "variety" pack are Green Mountain, and most of the Green Mountain are french vanilla. I wish I would have read the reviews prior to buying. The whole purpose for buying this "variety" pack was to see which of the flavored coffees I would enjoy. Very disappointing.
245685245685B004OAZ36IA3JOXNZGWCHMDFalwayslast0021331683200Change is not always goodI have been ordering this for a few months and it started out GREAT. But the last one we received is probably the last one I will order.
When we started getting this the selection was a nice variety and was just what we were looking for. But then they began to have bunches of the same flavors and little variety.
But the final straw is the package we got today. They usually come it their own box, but this bunch came in a plain brown paper stapled closed bag that was sealed in a plastic bag. This offered little protection to the K-cups, since several of them were slightly damaged. Plus, all but one of the K-cups was Green Mountain flavors and there were many of the same flavors.
Basically, I believe I would of been better off just ordering the Green Mountain flavors we like, it would of been cheaper in the long run.
245686245686B004OAZ36IA2YBCX65HGP69WHeart19700051331510400Great price and coffeeWhat a great deal to have the K cups delivered for free! Since the price was $26, there was no charge for delivery! All the flavors were great tasting! Would buy the K cups here again, since it was cheaper than buying they at the store.
245687245687B004OAZ36IAXUVGJ9KVPKWOTexas Magic Man0011331164800Not Many Flavors-LOTS of Duplicates!If you are wanting to try alot of different flavors (as I was) this is not a good choice. (See the disclaimer at end of expl. saying SOME flavors may be substituted.) We received: Chocolate Glazed Donut, Cinnamon Roll, Hazelnut, Hazelnut Decaf, French Vanilla, Mocha Nut Fudge, Wild Mountain Blueberry, Kahlua, Creme Caramel, Caramel Cappuccino.
Did not get: Butter Toffee, French Vanilla Supreme, Mudslide, Hazelnut, Caramel Vanilla Cream, French Vanilla Decaf, Southern Pecan, Creme Caramel, Hawaiian Hazelnut, Jamaica Me Crazy, Vanilla Francaise, French Vanilla Iced Coffee, Hazelnut Cappuccino, French Vanilla Cappuccino.
Some flavors we got one of, two we got 5 of the same! I could see switching one or two, but this many is crazy.
245688245688B004OAZ36IA3LL0U6E3QK34AK. Biddle0031330992000how fun!with so many choices, we were on a caffeine high after choosing one of this.. one of that.. now try this one.. but, i wish there would have been even more variety. some of the flavors only had one k-cup while the hazelnut and french vanilla had 7 or 8 each.
245689245689B004OAZ36IA2TIZSYX3KTWPSLKat0051330646400A great sampler!Before buying this product, I was worried that there wouldn't be enough variety. When I received the package which contained the K cups packed into a brown paper lunchbag [they did indicate that this is the way they are shipped], I was very excited to see what flavors were inside! It felt like Christmas morning. I was pleased to find that all of the K cups were intact and there were a wide variety of flavors, including seasonal and special edition flavors. Yes, there are a few flavors that are in particular abundance, but they are the most commonly enjoyed flavors so I think it is reasonable. There are a lot of Green Mountain flavors which I have no problem with because Green Mountain coffee is excellent. I was happy when I saw 2 Timothy's Kahlua K cups because that's a flavor I've really been wanting to try! Here's the tally:
Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla 6
Green Mountain Coffee Golden French Toast 1
Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice 2
Green Mountain Coffee Hazelnut Noisette 6
Timothy's Kahlua 2
Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee 2
Green Mountain Coffee Wild Mountain Blueberry 4
Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread 2
Gloria Jean's Mudslide 2
Green Mountain Coffee Caramel Vanilla Cream 6
Green Mountain Coffee Southern Pecan 1
Green Mountain Coffee Mocha Nut Fudge 1
Total 35
That's right... I ordered the 34 count and they sent me 35. The 35 count is $2.12 more than the 34 count on Amazon, so this decision definitely paid off! That was generous, or perhaps clumsy of the sellers. Either way, I will take this in a positive light. Overall it was a good purchase!
245690245690B004OAZ36IA4EQST4SAXSCYCarrie Sabatino0031330560000Disappointing assortmentAlthough I expected an occasional flavor to be switched out due to availability, I did not expect 7 or more of the pictured flavors to not be present at all in our order. And they were all replaced with extra vanilla flavored and hazelnut flavored coffees. From a 35 sampler, we received approximately 15 different flavors, most of which were the more common flavors that we had already tried. Disappointing because we were looking forward to trying new flavors!
245691245691B004OAZ36IA2KQEB0P6TZ6K1Sheryl L Stamm0011330473600dissapointing at bestI shop thru Amazon A LOT and I am totally surprised that they would deal with a vendor like this. Variety?????what variety??? I received this today and just could not believe the lack of variety. Mostly Green Mountain cups....and 4 or 5 of the same flavor. None of the flavors that I was looking forward to trying. I will NOT be ordering k-cups from this vendor EVER again!
245692245692B004OAZ36IAU1DXXUEESBZCgorogo0011330473600Not a very good assortmentI was hoping it would have a good sampling of different coffees, I read the previous reviews and thought I would take a chance and maybe I would be lucky to get an assortment. 23 out of 24 were the Green Mountain brand. There were 6 french vanilla and 6 caramel vanilla creme. There were 5 blueberry and 4 hazelnut. There was one pumpkin spice, one gingerbread, and one kahlua. I was hoping for a few different brands besides Green Mountain since this is the brand we have at work. They arrived in a paper bag. I will not be buying from this company again. Disappointed!
245693245693B004OAZ36IA2FH7YEHVES5Q8cindy1230011330387200Not as advertisedWas dissappointed with what was sent in a paper bag, not a box. The flavors were NOT what was pictured, not even close. No expiration dates given but I can tell they are expired by the flavors sent to me in Feburary. Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread are not fresh flavors. Too bad I opened the paper bag or this would have been the first thing I ever sent back. Would not recommend.
245694245694B004OAZ36IA14L4MJZ4H6AKXAmateur reader0041330214400Great sampler coffeeThe coffees samples are good, although not all of my likings. Kahlua is great, Donut House is also good. Timothy's is rather bland. The flavored Green Mountain coffees caffeine level is rather low unfortunately.
245695245695B004OAZ36IA1T168D2VET54OAlilambo0041330128000Great way to sampleThis variety oack is a great way to sample several of the flavors green mountain has to offer. I would have preferred to receive more than one of the cinnamon roll and fewer of some of the other flavors. I don't know if this is random, or planned.
245696245696B004OAZ36IA2IPQMKWDVBC5URayna "Most Hated"0051330128000Awesome!!The variety of coffee that I received was Great. The price was outstanding as well. I would definitely purchase the variety pack again!
245697245697B004OAZ36IA2WV9NFXB68UPTAngi K "Angi K"0041329782400Looking for VarietyVariety wasn't as good as other variety packs I've purchased from other sellers. But not bad. Right amount of cups, good cost per unit.
245698245698B004OAZ36IA1W9K1G6SJ9YEGRN0041329782400As seenPurchased this so that I could get a combination pack and had a good variety. Kind of a sampler pack.
245699245699B004OAZ36IA2LRFWQDUOB7JCRTD0051329782400Nice ChoicesEnjoyed the opportunity to taste many flavors and as part of the process to know which I will order in the future and those others - well perhaps someone else might enjoy. Thank you
245700245700B004OAZ36IA1J0YK8MOSG4MNunhappy customer0011329004800poor samplingReceived 5 of 1 flavor 4 of another 3 of another 2 of 3 others and only 1 of the other 6. I ordered 2 bags of 24 so i got 10 of the one i did not like. 9 of them went in the trash. You should send 2 of each so there is an equal sampling. It seems like i was sent what you had the most of and needed to get rid of.

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