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245881245881B001O023FKA2BCDZO1XQLDHR. Lanthier1251252022400Excellent green teaSuperb green tea. Organic and decaf. These bags are really filled up, so you get a lot of bang for the bag! With they came in larger boxes...
245882245882B001O023FKA1535XDPVEQH3IBill Martin0131333324800not that decaffeinatedI was hoping to find a green tea with very little caffeine; no "decaffeinated" tea has no caffeine. This one, however, still made me jittery; I could feel the effects immediately.
245884245884B001O023FKA1JEALZIK2FEWALaurie0111300492800MIGHT AS WELL BREW UP DRIED LAWN CLIPPINGS!I decided to buy the Stash ORGANIC chamomile tea this time and since I drink a lot of it, I decided to use the "Subscribe and Save" feature to save 15% and receive it regularly. IT IS TASTELESS! Hope Amazon will give me a refund. If not, I am stuck with 6 boxes that will end up in the green waste bin. Cancelled the "Subscribe and Save" feature. Calling Amazon for a refund right now.
245885245885B001O023FKA3BU6A9P0FD6QLSeattle Lee0131275436800SeattleLeeLoved the distinct flavor of Stash Organic Chai Black and Green Tea and, when I could not find it, finally purchased the Earl Grey Black and Green. Found it okay, but nothing unusual or extremely tasty. Will not repurchase and will continue to locally watch for the Organic Chai Black and Green Tea.
245886245886B001O023FKA3NNOTZUB56O04Edward Miller0141260921600Quantity of tea includedI notice from the labels that the net weight of this is actually lower than the net weight for their organic white tea. This implies somewhat less tea proper per bag, since the mint is also part of the weight. If drinking white tea for the health benefits, this may be important. It would be nice if it was easy to determine the exact amount of tea being bought.
245887245887B001O023FKA2E3WMF9RWW2X2K. Duvall0151257552000Good tasting tea, great value.I am drinking two cups of this a day. Tastes good. It would be nice if it came without the string and stapple. I like the automatic shipment then I do not run out unexpectedly. My only point of note, would do not over brew it. I have forgotten about my cup waiting for me and the taste gets a little off when it has sat for an hour! My bad really, not the teas problem.
245888245888B001O023FKA1HGIBUOYSL3I5B. Klein0131235088000no lemon. not much green teaIf you're looking for a combination of the three flavors mentioned in the title of this tea, it's probably not a good idea for you to purchase this (especially 6 boxes of it). The tea's flavor is dominated by ginger, and some lemongrass, with barely any green tea taste. That's right, not lemon, but lemongrass. Not exactly what one might expect from a product titled "lemon ginger green tea." It doesn't necessarily have a bad taste, just an unexpected one. If I want my tea to have more of a green tea flavor, i prepare this with another plain green tea bag.
245889245889B001O023FKA1EQYE90GIKA57Robert J. Rossi "rrossi74"2531231200000Where are the flowers?The product is fine but it didn't quite meet my expectations. I was expecting Stash tea bags to contain the same beautiful chamomile flowers Stash sells as its loos Chamomile tea. Instead it looks they took a bunch chamomile leaves, chopped them up finally finely, and stuck them in a bag.
245890245890B001O023FKA3VGB141KEL3CCb.t. moose0311210982400Wrong shipmentsI've ordered the Black Tea twice and received Green Tea both times - I'll try once more.
245891245891B001O023FKAQF2SMXB950D9Aurora Dawn121251289433600Great Green Tea and Great Company!This is a great decaf green tea. I decided to start drinking green tea due to its purported benefits of prevention of breast cancer, which runs rampant in my family. I have to drink a decaf product, which is unfortunate as some of the beneficial properties of green tea are removed with the caffeine. After some research, I found out that there are several "natural" methods of decaffeination and that one involves actually using "natural" but not necessarily safe chemicals. Probably the safest method is a process which involves using carbon dioxide. I emailed Stash about this product and within an hour received a very informative, personalized email describing the process they use, which is the CO2 process and the best as not only does it not use chemicals, but the antioxidant properties of green tea are diminished less with this process than others. Since I am drinking green tea solely for the health benefits and not the taste, that is important to me. I think it tastes great for a decaff tea. It is not strong and has a mild slightly bitter taste. I add a little peppermint tea and honey to it and it is super tasty. I am impressed with this tea and company and will continue to order from them.
245892245892B001O023FKA6WME11TGFMEWE. Willingham "The Tea Lady"101051293148800So glad Stash now has Lavender TeaFor years I have been getting "Miss Rona's" Lavender tea.
However that company closed.
I've tried a couple of others that didn't come close.
This Stash Lavender tea is outstanding and relaxing.
245893245893B001O023FKA1DBC47OWOILTQCarole Chesser9951154217600Yum!This is one of my favourite teas. My mom had picked up some a couple summers ago so that I'd have some tea to drink while visiting her. I've had a horrible time finding it locally. I've been drinking Stash's black chai spice instead, which also makes a nice cuppa, but the black and green blend has a nice, gentle flavour that is just marvelous.
245894245894B001O023FKA33AMRSCWG7E1ETea Sister "TS"6651163462400Tea TimeI was looking for a organic black tea to replace the Tetley tea I usually drink. This Stash tea was it. I wish it was less expensive, but feel it is worth it.
245895245895B001O023FKA12B6C5NWBU32Stacey J Driscoll5551292025600Perfect for stressful momentsThis is perfect for stressful moments to just take a break and enjoy some Tulsi goodness. It helps me feel calm and relaxed - I really enjoy it and it's well worth a try.
245896245896B001O023FKA7RSK5VUN9BH8A. Smothers "All who wander are not lost..."5551232755200Excellent Green Tea from a real Tea drinker!I have had the pleasure of exploring and experimenting with Green tea for the last five years. During that time, I believe that I have sampled the gamut of options on the market today. From rare, true Gyokuro tea from Kyoto, Japan at a friend's home which cost over $500USD/lb to cheap generic Sencha. I have had the pleasure to seek out various types of green tea from Lung Chung, Putuo Fo Cha and many others. I am always searching, tasting and learning about tea and its amazing health benefits.

However, I was looking for something both readily available, cost effective and of excellent quality. Not an easy combination of traits at all considering my experience. I settled on the Stash brands of Teas and this version being the organic version was just pennies more than the non-organic green tea version from Stash. After researching, I discovered that this tea is grown and processed not in Japan but Brazil, yet from my personal experience, it rivals the Japanese tea leaf for leaf.

The warm, rich tea that is produced after a moderate boiling temperature is very refreshing. Personally, I steep for about 3 minutes today and then allow it to rest up to a mild warm temperature where you can truly start tasting the mild notes of organic flavor. There is no taste of excessive tannins, bitterness, nor rough processing that comes through in its flavor. It is quite purely, an excellent tasting, fresh & mild form of green tea. Very enjoyable and surprising! :)

Color is medium green to very slight brown in cup. Expected since this tea is not produced in the traditional "Gyokuro" shade growing and yielding techniques, but it is actually very flavorful and easy to drink. (Even for new green tea drinkers who might be turned off by some of the most traditional blends) --- something I cannot say for some of the more expensive Green teas. They can be quite hard to get used to at first!

I can add nothing else but to note that for the price and for the fact that it is truly certified organic, I cannot recommend this tea enough.
It is a simply outstanding value for an excellent variety, flavor and production of pure green tea. For about $0.15 a cup, I cannot imagine where else you could possible buy a more flavorful organic drink that has so many tremendously wonderful health benefits.

Cheers to STASH Tea for bringing us such an amazing cup of Green Tea goodness. Even after traveling the world and back, I was pleasantly surprised to find this STASH tea....At this price, I will make it a great habit of STASHING more of this away for safe keeping.
245897245897B001O023FKA2B8GXSCB1R05TZack Davisson5551222387200Interesting blendMy two teas of choice are green tea and earl grey. Green tea goes great with meals, and early grey makes a nice morning or evening relaxing drink. When I saw a package combing them both, I had to give it a try.

And it is good. The mixing of green and black teas has a unique flavor, and the oil of the rind of a bergamot orange gives it that distinct "earl grey" taste. Overall, it tastes much more like the classic earl grey black tea, with those notes overpowering the green tea, but it does have a lighter flavor than pure earl grey.

I don't know if this will be come a regular drink for me, but it was a pleasant surprise and one that I will pull out every now and then. It would be a fantastic beverage for those seeking the health benefits of green tea but aren't particularly taken with the flavor. It is also an organic tea, which is an added bonus in flavor, health and overall quality of product.
245898245898B001O023FKA3BPAT6CWRJOY5Blue Bohemian5551155686400The Best Chai...I love this tea! Not only because it is organic, but also for the health benefits on another vital level... The information is really out there how great green tea is nutritionally, but I truly love the richness and strong flavor of black tea...So, with this Chai, which has both, I can't taste the green tea at all because the black truly dominates it completely...Also, the spice combination is really subtle, smooth and well rounded. It doesn't have that added 'bite' of black pepper that some chai teas have. It's a real winner!
245899245899B001O023FKA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"4451203897600Superb Green Tea, Organic, Excellent!*****
Stash's Organic Premium Lemon Ginger Green Tea has the pure, true flavor of ginger and lemongrass---not flavorings. I am not usually a fan of Stash's teas, but this premium tea is as good as much more expensive and higher-end teas. Please make sure you get the ORGANIC GREEN tea version, as it is a different tea (albeit with caffeine) and far superior to Stash's regular lemon ginger herbal tea, in my opinion.

Everything in this tea is organic---the organic ginger, the organic green tea, and the organic lemongrass. Although it does contain caffeine, I think it is a much milder green tea, because I tasted the ginger and lemongrass dramatically more than the green tea. This balance made the tea even more enjoyable---a sort of different kind of teasan, one balanced with a little green tea.

Stash Tea had their 35th anniversary last month, so they've been around a while, and I love the direction they are moving with their teas, towards more organic and loose teas, more true flavors instead of artificial flavorings.

I would highly recommend Stash's Organic Premium Lemon Ginger Green Tea unless you do not care for ginger or for spicier teas; otherwise you are certain to be delighted!

Highly recommended.
245900245900B001O023FKA1YGCU0QQKZC29Yvette3351220659200Great tea that is also good for you!The combination of green and black tea can be tasted in every sip. The fragrance of bergamot is intoxicating. The use of organic ingredients also adds to the overall appreciation of the tea.
245901245901B001O023FKAFV2EMFYRRKQZStar1954 "Star1954"3351289260800Excellent ProductWe were looking for an organic white mint tea and tried this based on the Amazon reviews. It is excellent... our new "favorite" tea. It has the smoothness of a white tea, a tasty mint flavor (peppermint and spearmint), and a clean finish.
245902245902B001O023FKA2Q7YCRSL8VIL7Luvs2Shop "Diane"3351238371200Great FlavorThis is my all-time favorite. I love that it's organic and the mint flavor is very good. Also, white tea does not stain your teeth the way that some teas do.
245903245903B001O023FKA3AOKQCH0YBZDSL. A. Vitale2241329696000I love just about anything with lavender in it!I've finished drinking 2 of the 6 boxes of Lavender Tulsi Herbal tea. I like this herbal tea as I enjoy the taste of lavender and am glad that the lavender is mixed with another herb as straight lavender can taste quite strong. I'm not sure I like the flavor of tulsi, but I guess it isn't so bad mixed in with the lavender.
245904245904B001O023FKACTZIVK4HR2ZGMoxiegirl2221328313600a bit disappointed...I have purchased and enjoyed the Stash brand of teas for years...though never this mix of green and black chai. I was surprisingly disappointed with this blend. Can definitely taste the green tea more than I can taste the chai. For me, it's a weak blend of spices compared to what I usually enjoy in a chai. I felt confident (obviously) when placing this order of so many boxes, and wish I could exchange or return them. Been trying to doctor it up with added spices I have in the kitchen cupboard which helped a little, though decided to just give it away to friends and family who might enjoy.
245905245905B001O023FKA149YNJYQJKHXYW. J. Hornby2251295308800YUM!Your nostrils will flare at the aroma of this tea from the opening of its envelope to the last drop of tea from your cup. Amazingly fresh-tasting (and smelling) mint tea. This mint tea tastes like it was grown and dried within the week. I prepare the tea with new water each time (I don't re-boil the water). I also make my tea using spring water vs tap water which contains chlorine. The tea is sweet tasting and I find I use less honey than with other mint teas. In addition to the high quality organic mint tea, I will comment on the subscription service I use to obtain this mint tea. I have subscribed to automated replenishment to make certain I am never out of this wonderful tea. The Amazon automatic replenishment service is very reliable and easy to adjust quantities and delivery frequencies. ENJOY!
245906245906B001O023FKA1VAPL52LK8ACMFrenchy2251264809600Great Green Tea!I drink a ton of green tea and recently purchased this from Amazon. I like to try new green teas every once and a while, but I think I found my new "everyday" green tea. I was looking for an organic green tea without all the caffeine (since I drink it so much) and believe this is probably the best green tea I have ever consumed. FYI: I only drink this green tea cold and use 5 or 6 bags to make a gallon. Buy this green tea with confidence if you like to make a pitcher and drink it over a couple days.
245907245907B001O023FKA39NYKVPNKAMU3Straycity2251259971200Organic White Tea with MintThis is one of my favorites and I have ordered it many times. I enjoy the mint flavor and appreciate the fact that it is organic. Highly recommend.
245908245908B001O023FKA3DIN3TCSZTISMKris R.2251257206400I love this relaxing tea!This is one of my favorite teas. A nice, relaxing change to my other favorite...Lady Grey. I can only find this at my local Safeway, so was thrilled to see it on Amazon in a large quantity.
245909245909B001O023FKA28CP4HAD8KLJTB. Le "UglySmiles"2241253836800Very stongThe tea is good. Not that great. Has a spicy flavor to it. Not recommended for any one who is weak to caffeine because this tea is very strong.
245910245910B001O023FKA1MR7CY64WENCIBJ2251242950400Great tea Great price!Stash Organic Breakfast Blend tea tastes great, and the free shipping and subscriber discount help make it more affordable. Recommend!

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