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245911245911B001O023FKA70NFM6KHU24FTrevor Burnham2241236470400Good tea for the priceI drink loose-leaf tea while I'm at home, but bags are more convenient when I'm at work, so I drink this. It's not the best green tea I've ever tasted, but it's inexpensive (especially via Subscribe & Save) and has a good brand reputation. If you're a casual fan of green tea, this will do nicely.
245912245912B001O023FKA39RFR721VGGMDApril Bayne "Designs of April"2251234828800Great hard to find teaI love this tea and drink it most mornings. Ginger and lemon are good for digestion and thins mucus plus I get some antiocidants from the green tea.

I have trouble finding this tea at the grocery stores and was delighted to find it online.
245913245913B001O023FKA1QK0XCAPHIW1LFlush Barrett-Browning2251234051200Refreshing!Stash organic white tea with organic spearmint, organic lemongrass, and organic peppermint has a clean, clear, refreshing mint flavor. It's my current favorite tea and is a great bedtime drink.
245914245914B001O023FKA2ZV4X5FFYBOIZLeslie Pellegrini2251226188800Fabulous teaWe are major tea drinkers and this Stash Premium Organic Earl Grey tea is wonderful. Great flavor, great price and added benefit of getting antioxidants. A win/win for everyone!!! Highly recommended
245915245915B001O023FKA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"2251191801600Natural, Mild, Subtle Chamomile Tea****
Stash's Chamomile Caffeine Free Herbal Tea is one of their totally natural teas, containing only chamomile flowers--that's all! Although I do like this, it means that the tea is rather weak, but still a fine tea---just use two teabags. Many people will find this tea too subtle. I think that Stash's more natural teas seem to be a little mild and undistinguished, while their flavored teas are super-powerful, erring on the side of too powerful, overwhelming the tea drinker with all types of strong added flavorings. If I had to pick, I'd always take subtle, as you can make these teas, like this chamomile tea, stronger by doubling up on the bags, but you can't make the strongly flavored teas weaker!

Stash Tea has been around for about 37 years, and they are moving in the direction of more organic and loose teas, more true flavors instead of added flavorings. I appreciate that their chamomile is so pure, but wish it could be a little more flavorful.

Still, recommended.
245916245916B001O023FKA80FGKFCA5SULC. Price4551327017600This compares to chamomile teaI was a little skeptical at first, but that thought was soon halted. It is almost like a two for one deal. I get the relaxation of chamomile tea while smelling lavender. I was so impressed I brought some to work and had everyone try. I received mixed reviews. What I did notice was that tea drinkers that preferred milk or sweeteners in their tea did not like. While those that used honey loved it.
245917245917B001O023FKA21J6NI4JKSOK2I. Garcia4511293148800Bitter Green TeaFirst of all, the picture that Amazon has with this Organic tea is not the right picture. We are LONGTIME fans of the non-organic Stash Green Tea. In fact, we've probably tried more Green Teas than most people can even imagine. The non-organic Stash is the ONLY green tea that our family drinks.

Now, about this organic. My mistake. I saw the picture and hit "add to cart" without reading the title. When it arrived, I thought "oh, boy" and quickly filled our tea jar with the bags of one of the six boxes. We eat/drink as much organic as possible, and I thought we were going to discover something new to add to our shopping list.

What a disappointment. We've had two pots already and will discard what's left. It's much lighter in color than we're used to, which isn't normally an issue, but it does have the lack of body that comes with most light teas. It's very bitter, also. It tastes very similar to Celestial Seasonings Green Tea, in our opinion -- and that's about as poor a rating as we can give. Tastes very bitter and burnt. The "burnt" flavour stays in your mouth for a long time after drinking.

So, we recommend that you try the non-organic Stash Green Tea. You won't find better. We recommend that you pass on their organic version.

Please remember that this review is based on having used four teabags from one box. Perhaps, if we were willing to try another box, we'd change our minds . . . don't think it's going to happen . . .
245918245918B001O023FKA2MGTO0MB7BBMKDomestic Engineer1121325376000Okay, but no Tulsi flavorI really enjoy the flavor of Tulsi, and in this tea all I really taste is the lavender. So, if you like the taste of lavender, then this tea is for you. As for me, I think I will stick with pure Tulsi in the future.
245919245919B001O023FKA9V0CPLEDC2QKMichele Pearson1151323907200Great teaGreat product. Used the tea for a mother- daughter holiday tea and it was a hit. Would order this tea again
245920245920B001O023FKA27718CHXPI8CImissc11151131316736000good stuffI had my doubts about this but I bought it anyway and now I must say it's pretty tasty. I add some splenda and it's quite good. I have only used it for iced tea but I also wonder how it would do in a hot toddy this winter...
245921245921B001O023FKA1ARW6N3BNINU5Wonder Kid1151309392000Vanilla HoneybushGreat tasting tea. Mellow flavor without an aftertaste. Compared to rooibos teas, this variant honeybush with vanilla takes the edge off the aftertaste. A little more vanilla may improve the taste a little, but that comes down to personal preference. Kudos to Stash for providing a high quality organic tea. A+
245922245922B001O023FKA2X2G8ME9TS9Y0B's Mom1151305417600Wow!This is the greeen tea to drink! It doesn't have the bitter after taste that some of the other green teas have and tastes very smooth. I have been drinking 3-4 cups a day for the past couple of weeks and it tastes wonderful either hot or iced. I am now spoiled for any other green teas! The price here with subscribe and save is much less expensive than at the local store.
245923245923B001O023FKAHKPZ11JT110Famazonbuyer1111303948800This tastes like CINNAMON OIL, not a traditional chai blendWow, was I looking forward to this after the great reviews. I got it today & made a cup right away. What a huge disappointment. The cinnamon oil is overpowering in a very unpleasant way. I cannot taste or smell any other spice. The green tea does come through a bit.

I forced myself to finish the cup. I doctored it with extra fresh cardemom and fresh star anise. It was not worth the effort, it was as if I'd never put them in the cup.

If you like true chai flavored tea and do not want the cinnamon to overpower your taste buds, this is NOT for you. Stay away from this stuff.

Even from the perspective of the cinnamon flavor, this tea is not pleasant. I understand cinnamon is good for lowering blood sugar levels, so if you want to use this as a medicinal tea, I guess this would be acceptable.

I can't send this back, so I'll be using it in a pot of boiling water for a cinnamon potpourri. I wouldn't even mix it with my other chai teas as there is just too much cinnamon oil.

Stash would have been better off just using the real spices and skipping the oils. Now I am concerned about the green tea chai from Stash. I have some on order and they noted that they included clove oil. I'm hoping it won't taste like a cup of clove water.

Very, very disappointed.
245924245924B001O023FKA3LQS08K2OBI5ZJ. Lim1151298332800Tastes exactly like regular Stash Green TeaI was worried this was going to taste "less" than green coffee, or have some weird after taste or some other sort of nonsense, much like Caffeine Free soda or Diet Soda, etc., would, but this tastes basically like the regular Stash Green Tea, but decaf (We buy it for the pregnant ladies at work) and organic! This is USEFUL information for those who were afraid to jump the gun on decaf green tea - this particular brand is good!
245925245925B001O023FKA2MXOXSIY0OUXSJLM1111298073600Very strange flavorI tried this brand of green tea after drinking both Celestial Seasonings and Twinings green teas. This one had a very strong, very strange flavor. It almost tasted like a meat broth rather than a tea. I think another reviewer who described it as a "burnt" flavor may have gotten it right. I tried it once, and immediately switched back to Twinings. I recently tried a second bag, thinking maybe I overreacted the first time, but had to pour it away.
245926245926B001O023FKA1N9H3UOAXJVDAJane1151294012800Great product!I've tried other green tea brands, such as Bigelow and so far I love STASH. Its taste is wonderful and very natural. I can actually taste the actual green tea. Other reviewer must has left the tea cold, and that's where it turns bitter. So drink it while it's warm <- that's why they called it 'hot tea'.
245927245927B001O023FKA42QN9MM6LKKMLee in Kansas City1151286668800This is a staple at my houseI love this tea! I'd underestimated that, however, when I subscribed to the Stash organic sampler. Stash Premium Organic Tea Sampler, Variety Pack of Eight Flavors, Tea Bags, 18-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) I (mistakenly) figured that I'd still get enough of this to suit me, but was wrong. Yes, I do enjoy the options, but even so, was too soon out of this one. That's why I came here to subscribe to it.

Many times only this particular tea will satisfy, such as first thing in the morning, or when I want an afternoon lift. I was brought up with the old German custom of "tea time," where black tea was daily served at 4 pm., and so I've been a black tea fan for most of my life. That tea was OK (it was all I knew), but this black tea is significantly better! I'm attached to the taste, which carries the familiar acidic "bite" of black tea, but balances it with the alkaline health effects of green tea. Like some others, I'd been initially put off by the black/green combo, wondering what to expect. Now, however, I can say to anyone considering it, that if you like Earl Grey tea, then you'll love this version!

For me, the flavor is best when the tea is piping hot (and less enjoyable if allowed to cool). Consequently, I tend to brew it in an insulated stainless steel mug, which is then topped by a silicone cup lid (similar to the one at this link). [...]

Currently I'm exploring infused tea, being curious about why gourmet tea drinkers will tend to disdain bagged tea. I just may discover flavors unexperienced! Even so, I doubt this Earl Grey version will lose its high placement on my favorites list. Simply put, it hits the spot. Anyway, teabags are very convenient to use first thing in the morning!

I've been a long-time fan of Stash (even before I switched to organic tea only), and so I've welcomed Amazon's prices. With the addition of the "subscribe & save" option, this is an especially good deal.
245928245928B001O023FKA36LB0RUGRC9GStheshonen88991151274745600Delicious and RefreshingI drink this tea after every dinner and it's very refreshing. The fact that it's organic makes its so much better. It only tastes good to me when it's hot though. When its cold or lukewarm it just tastes like toothpaste water.
245929245929B001O023FKA2XCWV4UGQR0EXMarionbrodie1151273276800an excellent teaI use a lot of different flavoured herbal teas and I usually look for a stonger flavoured tea and this is a good one..
it also adds a little yest when combining with other herbals. which I enjoy doing...
245930245930B001O023FKA3M31G4GJ9066TLorraine A. Lindsey "Postie"1151270684800Great teaI've not been a big tea drinker but wanted to be because of all the health benefits. I now drink this tea everyday and it energizes me. I can't wait each morning to drink this tea. It has just the right combination of light mint flavor to make it refreshing. The white tea doesn't stain the teeth as readily as other teas and it's very high in antioxidants.
245931245931B001O023FKA2U43DVCR94IFJNancy L. Carpenter "Nancy Lee"1151253059200GOOD TEAThis is the best black tea that you will find. I can only find them on
AMAZON and really do not even look in the stores anymore as I can just
order through AMAZON.
245932245932B001O023FKA19H6L333W6IZWnawlinsmom1151228521600Tried most varieties - this is the best!This is absolutely the best chai tea I have ever brewed, and I've tried well over 20 different blends from many different tea purveyors! The spices are very rich and mixed with a nice blend of green and black tea for a wonderful robust yet clean taste. I typically prefer the bolder flavor of black tea, but have found most black chai teas too bitter to drink without some sweetener. This blend is delicious as is without any sweetener, hot or cold. My search for the perfect chai tea has ended - thanks for a wonderful product!
245933245933B001O023FKA3JERSPQZ0Z97HNewHope1151215820800Divine tea!I'd never tried this before purchasing here, I love mints so I figured why not...I am so glad I did! This is one of my favorites now!
Amazon's price was better than Stash's own site too
If you like mint tea you'll like this one.
245934245934B001O023FKA37I99GFZ1B6YONeal Vanderstelt "Neal"1151162425600Organic but don't let that fool you... It's good too..This is excellent tea.. I'm glad it's organic that way I can not only enjoy the taste but the benifits as well.. I was surprised how well this tea taste. I orginally baught for my stomach but I'm taking a liking to the taste as well. This is now my 2nd favorite Stash tea..
245935245935B001O023FKAG1I3KMOTFI3FAmy Faust "amyf"2341206403200couldn't fing the green chaiI prefer the Stash green chai but amazon did not have free shipping on it and it was pricey so I got this instead. It's good but not as good as the green.
245936245936B001O023FKA1ZUALP7JLSCB3PG0051350691200Great tea and delivery!This tea is the best ever and it is always delivered on time. I have gotten many people hooked on this tea. Please always offer this tea.

Thank you,
245937245937B001O023FKAOQ2H8TBJ7LOVK.D. "Beach Bum"0051343347200So relaxingI am a huge lavender fan, but have never tried any edible/drinkable lavender products, only those that smell good. I was a little concerned this would taste funny, because even though I know smell and taste are tightly linked, lavender seems like the kind of thing that would smell way better than it tastes. I was so glad to find that the tea mostly tastes like a stronger chamomile tea, but smells like lavender. The best of both worlds!
245938245938B001O023FKA1GOL6RSTISMN5Miss0051342742400TastyI love this tea. I keep an iced pitcher in the fridge at all times
245939245939B001O023FKA2U7IZRM920GZHC. Cleveland0041341792000It is good tea.I enjoy this tea daily with lemon. I had been drinking the stash green tea that isn't organic. I may like the non-organic a bit better but it always depends on the batch. I doubt this compares to fine, whole-leaf, carefully brewed tea but I'm no connoisseur.
I put a bag in a travel mug, pour in the hot water, add some reconstituted lemon juice, and I'm happy. If the tea, or any beverage for that matter, were too good, it would distract me from my work, which I would rather not be doing, but I have to eat and pay the bills.
245940245940B001O023FKA2LRY2ZW8MIJB3Anonymous0011338508800Would not order againI ordered this tea based on the glowing reviews, however in my opinion, the quality just is not there. I usually drink Japanese brand green teas like Yama Moto Yama and Ito En, and sometimes the Chinese-American brand Triple Leaf. This Stash organic decaf green tea is the worst green tea I have ever had. It is a very bitter green tea compared to the brands I am used to drinking. The color of the tea is not as green as the other brands I usually drink, but rather has more of a yellowish tone. I had wanted to switch to an organic brand of green tea to avoid pesticides, etc. which may be found on the tea leaves of other brands, but this tea was a major disappointment.

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