Amazon Fine Food Reviews

246031246031B001G604ZIA46ZL951V0IT5M. Mulford0051273276800Best Chocolate BrowniesI chose this product because it makes the best brownies in the world! The recipe is on the back. To make even more delectable add a cup of chocolate chips to the batter. The large size (48 oz) is great to have on hand for that brownie obsession.
246032246032B001G604ZIA3VZVS3CX7L1FUB. gladden0051265414400White chocolate powderWe looked for white chocolate for a while and this is the best product for iced coffee we have found. My only suggestion would be to buy the bigger container cause it goes fast!
246033246033B001G604ZIA1MTJ5XJI29HPUKerin Seward0051260230400Yummy!Very good -- easy to make white hot chocolate. We are enjoying this can immensely (though I do think it will last a long time -- this is a lot of cocoa powder!).
246034246034B001G604ZIA2TOB8G7VJSQB2Jolly Jim0051256169600This is the product for perfect fr*ppuccinosI purchased this product because it what they use to make the coffee fr*ppuccinos at my local coffee shop. All you do is add coffee and ice in a high power blender. Warning: It's addicting!
246035246035B001G604ZIA15RLW059LRWDLT. Isom0051253923200I Got It The Next Day!I Got It The Next Day! I ordered friday got it saturday. I didn't even pay for next day delivery. I wish the can was a bit bigger for the price. Tastes really good I wonder how it would taste in cheesecake and Ice Cream.
246036246036B001G604ZIA1GPARC67SBR50Tanya Hallows "ASmallTurnip"0051253836800PerfectionI use this frappe as a base flavor for making Green Tea Frappuccinos. It's the perfect compliment to Matcha powder. Add in a shot of blueberry syrup and the flavors combine to make my favorite drink of all time.

The flavor possibilities are endless with this product.
246037246037B001G604ZIA3JF0R47E43MMKPamela Chaplin "Pam"0051242000000Just like what you get at the specialty coffee housesI was very pleased with the taste of the product which will save me some money from getting the specialty drinks at the coffee shop for my kids. My kids have almost gone through one can already.
246038246038B001G604ZIABDP0OND0FIC2B. Jordan0051241395200very good flavorIf you like white snow or white hot chocolate you will like this. We use this in our expresso machine and it tastes just like the ones you get from the expensive ones--you know the names! Also it does not require as much as the package directions calls for.
246039246039B001G604ZIA3KR59U3SQEKZAJF Kaos0051240790400Great Chocolate in Mass QuantitiesLately, Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate has been getting harder to find in my area, and when found, only available in one pound cans, selling for $6.99. I thought I might try to find bulk pricing on Amazon, since I use this stuff in my coffee on a daily basis, in mochas, in hot cocoa, etc., and there it was, well priced with free supersaver shipping.

What more could you ask for? This is the good stuff!
246040246040B001G604ZIA1R4NPD4KQAY1ZTuan1231290470400Not the same as Ghirardelli white chocolate chipsI thought the powder would contain the same ingredients as the white chocolate chips made by the same company Ghirardelli, but they don't. The powder and the chips are 2 different products.

My favorite drink at Starbucks is White Chocolate Mocha, so I always wanted to make a copycat version at home. In my opinion, the chips tastes so much closer to Starbucks' white mocha. The powder doesn't even taste like white chocolate. I wanted to buy the powder so that I can dissolve it easier, but didn't realize the powder and the chips are two different products. I'm disappointed that Ghirardelli called both the chips and the powder "white chocolate," because it's misleading.

If you want to make White Chocolate Mocha like Starbucks', you would need to get the white chocolate chips, not powder. Also, Ghirardelli's white chips are way better than Nestle's white chips.
246041246041B001G604ZIA7WFVSSENKHUSFrapps2421294617600Slow Delivery! -Still haven't Received!I ordered Ghirardelle Chocolate Frappe Classico, Double Chocolate 50oz can and Ghirardelli Chocolate Frappe Classico, Classic White, 50-Ounce on December 27, 2010. It was estimated to Deliver on 1/5/2011. It is 1/10/2011 and the last notice is that "A label for this shipment has been created, but UPS does not yet have possession of this shipment. Once we receive the shipment, the tracking status will be updated." So delivery of product is not timely.
246042246042B001G604ZIA166E4AY9BWBBXDavid Tomeo "detcpa"5911264982400What gives?Is this the same product that Ghirardelli sells on their own website for $14.95 (as of 2-01-2010)? It sure looks likes. How can Amazon charge so much?
246043246043B001G604ZIA2RWPU3VKN2XFEAllison0111325548800takes FOREVER to receive!I ordered this on December 16th and as of today (January 3rd) it still hasn't arrived and has an estimated arrival date of January 11th. Seriously? Almost a month to deliver something that was in stock when I ordered it? Not acceptable.
246044246044B001G604ZIA30PJ756Q59S14LiveMusicFan2551260489600Priced too high.Great for hot chocolate, but I can buy this for $11.99 anytime in some Los Angeles markets.
246045246045B001G604ZIAMWNNZ4F9AQODTed Althouse0411311292800Shipment Not Received Yet From Order of June 15 2011.I am greatly disturbed that I've not received my order placed on June 15 2011 as of this date. Estimate deliverly date is now after August 08 2011. This company has had my money ($35.74) since this date and no deliverly. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DO BUSINESS AND IF I DON'T RECIEVE MY ORDER WITHIN THE NEXT 5 DAYS, I WILL SUBMIT A COMPLAINT TO THE BBB AND OTHER AGENCIES WHO PROTECT THE AVERAGE CITIZEN FROM THIS TYPE OF ACTION.
246046246046B000OZT6R4A3ZKBJ1WFHAH1Lynette S. Davis "plaidplaid"1251282089600They are all gone!I wish you could still purchase these in stores, the kids go a bit crazy with a box of 24.
246047246047B000OZT6R4A3JML3Q1E653C7Jon M. Greenbaum "Jon Greenbaum"0151331337600Candy or gum?I have a vague memory of the package asking us to send in an essay saying whether Razzles was a candy or a gum (early 70's).
246048246048B004HGGNTUAGRTHVB9J9N8LKatrina "Katrina"4521332115200Waste of MoneyI ordered this - got a package of rotten garlic, so the company sent me a new one, which wasn't rotten, but I think this is poor quality garlic, I had a hard time cutting it up to use in a recipe ( because it was really hard like a rock) and didn't notice much difference between this and regular garlic, I think I'll stick to fresh garlic unless perhaps I try a better quality "black garlic".
246049246049B002PNWU8KA38QXG26T3U31ORyansmama16071151326240000Tastes and looks great!I work with fondant a lot and I use to buy just white then color it, but that takes a lot of time, is messy, and the colors always turn out different. I discovered Fondarific and I love it!! They have tons of different colors and different flavors. This is a perfect color and tastes good.
246050246050B0073Z6LMQA9XLCURMGYR5JAnne1151331251200White truffle saltThis is my first try with a specialty salt and I will definitely keep this as a basic with my spices. I loved this salt. We have used it on lots of dishes: eggs, soup, salads and meat and fish dishes. It enhances flavor without overpowering the dish. My husband cooks also, so, since it's new to us, we keep the truffle salt near the stove so we can experiment. I would love to get other cooks' recipes that make special use of this salt.
246051246051B0073Z6LMQA1GSR9RP1BABH4James Walter0051349913600Great balanceGreat balance in this truffle salt. Not under truffled, not over. Brilliant on the morning eggs, or popcorn, or even wings. I now buy it every few months.
246052246052B000EEWZG4A1E7AIEUMWTQNQPaula414251167868800Excellent canned salmon!Wild caught, no added salt, great price. Great flavor too.

Bones and skin are pretty normal in canned salmon and mix right into a salad. A source of calcium, actually. And Omega 3 oil is highly recommended.

Add some herbs and lemon juice (and maybe even a little salt), some fine chopped sweet onions, some fresh garlic ... have a feast!

I don't buy many canned or other prepared foods because of the high salt and other additives, so this is great to find! I notice this company also carries no salt added tuna - also a great price.
246053246053B000EEWZG4A35HYRLSFNSDP9Sgt. Rock "Pro-Gun Patriot"293051155686400Canned Alaskan Pink SalmonCan't beat the price. No sales tax and no shipping is awesome!

And the best part is just try finding low-sodium Salmon (or any other products) at your regular grocery store and if you can then you usually pay a premium for it.

I am on the low-sodium DASH type diet and plan on buying this product again in the near future. Oh yeah! It is very delicious especially with a splash of Tabasco, right out of the can or make a nice Salmon salad out of it!

I am getting hungry just thinking about it right now. :^)

Go Amazon! Get some more low-sodium and NO-SALT/SODIUM products and you will definitely be getting a lot more business.

There are many many people suffering from high-blood pressure that need these products and I will certainly spread the word!
246054246054B000EEWZG4A2E34R1360C87XB. Russell343751154304000Best canned salmonThis stuff is the best. It's a family-owned company and the salmon is wild-caught, not farm raised. This is the real thing.
246055246055B000EEWZG4A3A65FJ5TKX64ZB. Horvat131351240617600Good stuffI try to eat salmon because it's supposed to be healthy when it's wild caught. I like that this is salt free, so I can add my own sea salt and use less. I called the company because I was worried about BPA in canned goods, but they said it is free of BPA, so that's good too. This is so much cheaper than fresh salmon. Nowhere near as good as fresh, but one of the better canned salmons I've eaten. I add some olive oil, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, and a few spices and I've really gotten to like it.
246056246056B000EEWZG4A2I9KK1JG927IJM. Kenney121251174608000Low-Sodium Canned SalmonThis is wonderful canned salmon with very, very low sodium. Can be used in a salmon salad or in patties, casseroles - great product. Hope Amazon continues to carry it regularly.
246057246057B000EEWZG4A257ZNIC4BJDPFfair_and _honest101051198800000Finally canned salmon without the salt.This product is excellent. I have steered clear of canned salmon due to the high sodium, but not any more. the taste is very fresh and not fishy or strong at all.
246058246058B000EEWZG4AM87LJ2TF9TQ0Hayley131451181692800This is the shizzWe love this canned salmon. Delish. Low in sodium. Very fresh tasting, considering it's from a can. And of course, it cannot be compared to wild caught fresh salmon. But it's a tasty alternative to the ubiquitous tuna fish.

Even better, I can't find this brand and packaging in my local stores. So ordering this from Amazon is a major hoot.
246059246059B000EEWZG4A2TP6BAJTSR3XOJohn Lenski131451163030400SALMON YOU CAN TASTEThis salmon product was a nice surprise. Because thay did not add salt you could enjoy the flavor of the salmon that is not salted up. It is hard to find caned fish products with no or low salt added in many stores.
246060246060B000EEWZG4A5HE6A709KLHKL. Nielson121351168214400Delicious canned salmon and a pantry must-haveI have just ordered my second case. The salmon is delicious and my favorite go-to lunch staple, usually as a sandwich or tomato filling with a little mayo, celery, dill, pepper and sometimes Tabasco. The flavor is milder than canned tuna. The bones are easily incorporated, and a great source of calcium. It's difficult to find good-tasting food that is low in sodium, and this salmon is both. I'll be a steady customer. Many thanks!

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