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246181246181B0009F3SBYA85V7EAHDOMA4RightReviewNow0051345852800Very Nice Tasting Tea, Great For Ice TeaOur first go at Yogi Green Tea Kombucha, and the wife and I love the taste. Didn't really buy it for the Kombucha effect, as we take probiotics and other supplements. But, the flavor is very tasty and we have already placed our second order for this tea. This will be one of our mainstay teas. Wife has used it primarily to make ice tea. Very good.
246182246182B0009F3SBYAZZV61COVM8CAlucretia0051344816000Tea- riffic!The most fabulous new flavor ever! spearmint, grn tea,passion fruit& plum. I've become totally addicted to this on ice during this (too) hot summer. Highly recommended!
246183246183B0009F3SBYA3NRYCO70CBUGVDesert Mama0051343606400Our favorite green tea so farIf you're wondering what this tea tastes like, it has a mild green tea base with passionfruit and even mint on top. It tastes sweet, unlike pure green tea that tastes grassy and flat. Works well as a hot tea or mixed with black tea leaves to make iced tea. We will keep purchasing this one until our next new favorite comes along.
246184246184B0009F3SBYA2FR9REHZVWNQ0J D0051340409600Excellent Delivery, Good PriceI'm very pleased with my Yogi Tea order - it arrived at my door perfectly packaged 3 days after my order. Using the subscription service, I saved over $15 from what it would cost at my Whole Foods. This is my favorite tea - it wakes me up without causing jitters and clears out digestion. I love having the benefits of green tea and kombucha with a mild, sweet, very tasty flavor - Having a cup in the AM immediately makes me feel better. Thank you Yogi & Amazon!
246185246185B0009F3SBYA1GY9WQGOVQ0JLLisa Wells0051336521600My favorite tea ever.I'm not a huge fan of flavored tea. This tea has just the right amount of subtle, delicious flavor. It also gives me a health buzz and makes me feel great! I drink about 3 cups a day. I'm a huge fan, its by far my favorite tea that's in a bag.
246186246186B0009F3SBYAFGBQKMWYCH81Evelyn M. Fenner-Dorrity0051336003200Tasty teaI am usually not the biggest fan of green teas, but this is really, really good. It has a third of the caffeine as an 8 ounce coffee with lemongrass, spearmint, passion fruit, and plum flavors. I was an instant fan, and the fact that it is healthy for your immune and digestive system are added bonuses.
246187246187B0009F3SBYA1EXJPZQB1WYWMAmazonWonders0051334188800Delicious fruity & healthy!I am really enjoying this tea. It has a delicious fruity taste and I am able to drink it without added sugar or sweetener.
I read that to enjoy the full health benefits of Kombucha the tea should not be heated and the bag should be left simmering in cold water. I have done that and I enjoy it. Although I really like my tea hot too so once in a while I will just make a traditional tea with this bag and hot water. Green tea is supposed to have a huge number of beneficial properties and this one tastes great. Japanese have a long established tradition about Kombucha but I am not Japanese, I just enjoy the taste and the benefits. Enjoy!
246188246188B0009F3SBYA2F36FBQYUGJJ8Margaret Amada "Momotidae"0051333670400My favorite teaI had never heard of Kombucha, but our local discount store which sold great products would occasionally have Yogi teas. I bought this one and loved it: regular green tea nauseates me, and whatever additives are put in this Yogi blend counteract that effect. I don't use sweetener/sugar with green tea, and the flavor is excellent without sweetening. Now here's the most interesting thing to me about this tea: the green tea portion has a mild stimulant effect, just enough to perk me up but not give me a jangly buzz. And whatever else they put in this blend (I'm assuming it's the Kombucha?) has a very relaxing effect on me similar to drinking a glass of wine. Non-addictive relaxation aid? Almost all other supposed relaxation-inducing herbal blends have the opposite effect on me, making me very restless, especially if I use them more than once. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced the calming effects of this blend ?
246189246189B0009F3SBYA3SZWS0PVMLEZ9Maria E. Walker0051332633600Love this teaThis tea has a really pleasant and refreshing flavor. I love it and drink it daily. Also, I appreciated the promt shipment.
246190246190B0009F3SBYAGL70G3MU6IQEShirley L. Loveday0051332633600Yogi Green Kombucha Herbal TeaI have a few problems with being constipated, to be blunt. This tea is magic. It tastes quite good and I drink it very hot after my evening meal. I sleep very good and have a good BM in the morning. I never want to be without it. I get it through the mail and I love to click it.
246191246191B0009F3SBYA2G2MR3ER065NKdietzster0051330992000Great tea.I've been buying the Yogi Green Tea Kombucha at the health food store until I found this at Amazon. I ordered the box of 6 and saved a lot of money over the cost of the individual box from my local store.

I make this tea contra to the package directions. I use one tea bag and a quart jar filled with almost boiling water to make this into an iced tea. I sweeten with Agave Light. This is a very refreshing and yummy drink to me.

I also drink this unsweetened as a hot tea or iced tea too.

Will definitely order again.
246192246192B0009F3SBYA2FF11D59D7MSSAndrea L. Belter "go hawks"0051327190400Great productI have a lot of digestive issues and this tea is just great! Whenever I eat something that upsets my stomach (which can be often) or the general issues I have day to day, this tea really helps to get that under control and often fixes discomfort that I'm experiencing. It also has a very nice flavor which I haven't experienced with some other brands. I would highly recommend this product.
246193246193B0009F3SBYA2P28C3C0L7BZ3parram0041322438400Great ValueExcellent value, great taste. I usually buy this at the grocery store, but the price from Amazon is much better. Will definately purchase this item again.
246194246194B0009F3SBYAIL6FPESUJ6KGjana L0051303084800Love the flavor!After I read the reviews I was sceptical and curious. When it arrived I tore open the box and put on some boiling water to try. I thought it to smell odd. Then I tasted it! What a pleasant surprize!!!! I LOVE this stuff! I really do believe that this is the best that Yogi has. I am sharing it with my family so that they can benifit from this amazing tea. I have put this one on my subcription. I have to drink this everyday, it makes me feel good all over and on the inside, since I have gastric problems.I don't even need to take my Nexium anymore! Thanks Amazon and Yogi for offering this wonderful brew!
246195246195B0009F3SBYA4QSBN1I8OSJPJ. Yoo0051302652800WOWWow, I was very surprised by its great reviews, it made me curious. I loved Yogi Tea's Blueberry slim, so I thought I would give this a try, and I LOVE IT! It smells so great; it has that refreshing and relaxing scent to it, and the taste is NOT bitter at all, has the clean refreshing taste to it. Thank you for the awesome reviews because I love this tea now, it will be my favorite green tea from now on.
246196246196B0009F3SBYA26OGGAXXLGOKmanorfitness0051302134400My favorite green teaI am not a big fan of green tea. My boss offered this tea for me to try, and I loved it so much. I ordered a 6 pack with auto shipments. I love the flavor of this tea as it has sort of a fruity flavor. I enjoy the tea with a small amount of stevia with a small amount of unsweetened Silk almond milk. Thank you Yogi!
246197246197B0009F3SBYA41TS0VV852T5restongirl0051301184000Green Tea KombuchaA few years ago a friend gave me a care package which included a box of this tea, and it was love at first sip. My morning would be dreary without it, and when it is missing from nearby stores I scour the planet for it.
246198246198B0009F3SBYA2AB7JQPAQV44OErika0051300147200Great Tea!I drink about 4-5 cups of this tea everyday. I suffer with bacterial infections and have read that this product helps keep everything balanced. This, along with greek yogurt & probiotics, everything is going well. I highly recommend it. I also have the Yogi tea for stress relief and energy. They all taste good.
246199246199B0009F3SBYA27CCU7040YUNEMay S0051298678400great teaI bought this based on reviews. I love the light aroma of fruit and the tea is well balanced. Great buy.
246200246200B0009F3SBYA6J9G9FRGFURGStedfast0051297382400LOVE THIS TEA!I really love this tea. I have a very large mug that I use, so I use 2 teabags, steep for 3 minutes or so. Then mix in 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, and 1 tbsp organic honey. Google benefits of drinking ACV. Drinking this gives me a great energy. I've also noticed that it curbs my appetite as well.
246201246201B0009F3SBYA2QH9QPGY8NVV1Devin Lee0051292630400SO good!This is such a good tea! I liked it so much that I brought it into the office and got everyone else drinking it.

It has a nice aroma and a great taste--even without sugar. I've repurchased this several times on amazon and keep coming back to it. The price is great, and you get enough tea to last a while. Love this stuff!
246202246202B0009F3SBYA2AT8YLQ8LDXGGKathi0051291334400Best Tea EverThis tea is best for you if you hane any problems losing wieght with your immune system,this is an all over body helper
246203246203B0009F3SBYA1D2Z5VF1XZWNLBrent F.0051288828800Really good teaI am a pretty big fan of tea. I don't have a specific kind of tea that I enjoy the most, but I must say that this tea is quite different then ones I had before. I was a large green tea with lemon fan, but this tea is difficult to put what flavors it contain. There is mint, and some kinds of fruit. What ever it is, I quite enjoy it. We will see what I think after drinking 6 boxes worth though.
246204246204B0009F3SBYA1LI5M7UMUHGRCBeth Trissel "Beth Trissel, Historical & Ligh...0051278028800Amazing TeaI feel much better energy wise after drinking this tea for several days. I also have less aches. It's wonderful and tastes great. I love it~
246205246205B0009F3SBYA1TDYW3BTR956FLodorand0051274486400Great tasting teaThis tea really grows on you. It becomes a habit to just drink it and relax at night, which is perfectly fine considering the small amount of caffeine in it (25% that of coffee), and that it's green tea so it has a good amount of anti-oxidants. Quite a good find, if you ask me.
246206246206B0009F3SBYA2ZD7W5YNDRCBQW. Cao0051266451200YummyGreen tea kombucha from yogi teas is yummy and tasty. It doesn't taste like your average green tea, but has a fruity,berry flavor as many have mentioned. I don't know about the kombucha benefits from the dry tea form, but I love this tea more every time I drink it.
246207246207B0009F3SBYA2G97JKEJ7K4J2Francis Valentin "Lecteur bilingue"0051266278400Excellent green teaI am a tea drinker but not much of a green tea drinker though and this is one of the best I have tried. I drink this at work to relax when things get too hectic. Also I feel safer drinking this tea than a homemade kombucha brew as homemade brews can be toxic if they are not properly made.
246208246208B0009F3SBYA1GSL0IJS7KRVCK. Bradley0051220227200I love KombuchaI like the smell of the herbs in this tea while it's steeping. I use it straight or as one of the ingredients for my chai. My whole system seems to agree with this particular tea
246209246209B0009F3SBYA3TOTLHBA46O49Rad4chica0051200096000Best green tea!This tea doesn't get bitter if you leave the bag in the cup 2 seconds too long or the water is 2 degrees too hot. The other herbs in this combo give it a subtle minty-fruity flavor that doesn't overpower the green tea. Very nice!
246210246210B0009F3SBYA3BWX6XDMVU4XMB. Pumper0051177027200amazing tea!I am a no coffee, drink tea ALL the time person. I have tried so many teas and am constantly interested in trying new ones. This has to be the most wonderful green tea out there!! It is wonderful!!!

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