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246221246221B00032CH6AA26XOLPFPUPOALPatrickHenryPDX2321282780800Unreasonably salty in my opinionToo much salt in this product. You'll regret using it if you have any other source of salt in your dish, e.g., pasta cooked in salted water, feta cheese, brined olives, etc.

I far prefer the pesto marketed under the "Buitoni" brand (Nestle foods) that is sold in the refrigerated foods section at the grocery store, as that pesto has excellent taste without going over-the-top on salt. The Classico product has almost 50% more salt in the same size serving, relative to the Buitoni pesto.

I have nothing against salt, or salty foods, but the amount of salt in this Classico pesto is unjustifiable and may well spoil your dish.
246222246222B00032CH6AAUDL11GS8BDECB L Tagson0051346716800Delish!I've tried so many other brands of pesto and this is our absolute favorite one! It's hard to find in my area (Southern NJ) so I've had to order it online- and it's well worth it!
246223246223B00032CH6AA2UE449WNSQSKXmom of 40011339027200Terrible!!!I agree with everyone else. This so-called "pesto" is terrible and tastes NOTHING like any pesto I've ever had. I just made a huge batch with pasta and I'm going to have to throw it all away. Soooooo frustrating.
246224246224B00032CH6AA2NV36Y19ZSVIRA. Nunya1211290470400If you like your pesto to taste like pickles...I was thrilled to find this in my local grocery chain, thinking it would be a great shelf-stable alternative to the refrigerated pesto sauces I usually purchase. I was wrong. It has a very strong, briney taste to it. I only recommend purchasing this product if you like your pesto to taste like pickles.
246225246225B00032CH6AA37I99GFZ1B6YONeal Vanderstelt "Neal"0151161129600Very good but must have an acquired tasteIt's really stronge but if you combine it with the right foods it taste excellent.. Don't laugh I've found it taste very good with rice..
246226246226B00078VAMWA3VQAO3ZNDO6QXMax Headroom "cooldownthepace"2251325980800This cured our dog's separation anxiety!!Our 70lb boxer suffered from extreme separation anxiety. Any time we would leave him alone, he would scratch and chew up anything in sight into shreds, including a wooden doorway. We tried everything: melatonin, scent diffusers, leaving the radio on, giving him raw beef bones. Nothing worked.

Finally, on a lark, I saw this on the shelf at the local health food store and figured, what the heck. We gave him two capsules before leaving him alone. Amazingly, it worked!! After just a couple of weeks, we weaned him off to see whether he would go back to the anxiety. He hasn't! Somehow this supplement must have flipped the switch in his brain that was making him go bonkers. And for that reason, it has been worth its weight in gold to us.
246227246227B00078VAMWA1D403Y9PWUUMUKristen B. Hancuch "CeeCee"2251290297600best thing since sliced bread!This calmed my little boston terrier down within 5 minutes. She weighs around 17 lbs. and had one capsule. She is very excitable and wild most of the time, we got this and the first time we gave it to her she was calm as a cucumber within 5 minutes. I will buy this again for all of our sanity!
246228246228B00078VAMWAJ2SPPS5NHB5DK. Segboer "Critic at Large"1151310083200This Works!My dog was never bothered by thunder and fireworks, but now that we live closer to the action, as it were, I wanted something without having to go to my vet and getting anything heavy-duty for her. This product was recommended on an online group I belong to about Corgis, and it worked great for my own 8 year old PWC. It calmed her without making her groggy, and it wore off in an hour or two. Perfect!
246229246229B00078VAMWA11NLECRVJ2JRTCynDrew "CynDrew"1151307750400calming effectOur female dogs suffer from separation anxiety when we try to leave them to go out to dinner when traveling. Because of the barking and whining that they could possibly make and fear of pissing off the tenants in the ajoining rooms we end up just eating in our room to keep them calm. They howl or bark like crazy. To aleviate the problem my husband stays with them and I go down to the restaurant to pick up the food and we just eat in our hotel room. With this product we were able to give it to them within 1 hour to going out and they remained calm and quiet. We left the hotel room and the girls just sat their on the bed. They were not groggy or sleepy just peaceful and calm. they did not even bark when someone walked passed the room window. I don't use it often but when I do, it is so nice to know we can leave them and they remain calm and don't freak out.
246230246230B00078VAMWA2EAH0LXVBWEMEhard core consumer1221327708800Not for puppies!We purchased this as a preventative measure for when we picked up a new puppy. Unfortunately, when we got it, the bottle said that it was not for puppies. This should have been in the advertisement - and now it is. Don't know if will work or not, but I wouldn't have bought it if I had this knowledge.
246231246231B002MXU1X4A3PBYMDZD5LE9CLuciano Tortorici "island sun"1151290211200EXCELLENT BUY !I am new to the use of yuzu kosho but I immediately fell in love with the taste and versatility of this product.
246232246232B0028FKR94AW5BXHWBSQC0PMelissa1151320278400Good product.These look just like the banana candy runts, however they don't taste like them. I used them more for look then taste, I used them as a cake topper and sprinkled them on top of a banana flavored sheet cake underlying a chocolate monkey cake. The looked great and they were a hit with the kids.
246233246233B0028FKR94AOBZKXO4FUVBTHoward Rothstein1121319155200Disappointing FlavorWhile the shape and mouth feel are very similar to Runts, it's utterly lacking the banana flavor that makes the Runt derivation a favorite for so many people.
246234246234B0028FKR94AJGU56YG8G1DQE. Kennedy1151313366400Yum!These taste just like banana runts (my favorite)! Great treat for tropical theme birthday parties, pinata filling, or stocking stuffers for people like me who love these banana flavored candies!
246235246235B0028FKR94AKMQRBNZF8GCLHeather0031322524800doesn't taste like a bananaI was sooo excited to buy this for my boyfriend as a stocking stuffer. He only likes the banana runts. However, it doesn't taste anything like a banana flavored candy. It's just sugary and bland. I am so disappointment. It would be cute for some zoo themed child's party but don't waste your money if you want it for the flavor.
246236246236B002ANDYASADO2DIL3MAS5WJordan "Believe The Hype"3351301788800Nutritious for my Pregnant Doggie :}I found this at a new pet store in Encino CA, after eating at Tony Roma's. I was looking for wet food that was very nutritious, made of lamb, beef or liver (I heard a lot of dogs and cats are allergic to chicken by products - but people don't really know about it.
I was looking for 'puppy' food for my pregnant dog.
I found this Lamb wet food. It said it was complete natural dog food for both puppies and adult dogs. So I tried it.

I checked the ingredients for the Lamb formula, and it has NO;
* Meat by-products (ground/rendered/cleaned parts of necks/feet/undeveloped eggs/intestines - parts that are generally less nutritious and are of lesser quality)
* Chemicals
* Fillers
* CORN/Corn-meal (all dog/cat foods seem to be made of) Who wants to feed their animal Corn, to get them full?
* Meat substitutes
* CHICKEN MEAL (consists of chicken-flesh and skin without bone, feathers, organs, etc). Would you buy a chicken and strip the skin off it to feed to your pet?
* Artificial preservatives(BHA/BHT, ethoxyquin, propyl gallate) and MANY more!
* No Artificial Preservatives, Flavors, Colors or Bleached Ingredients.

It does have Lamb Meal, which isn't something I like.
Although all around nutritious, I'm going to try 'Wellness Canned Dog Food for Puppy, 12pk of 12.5oz Cans.'
- Wellness can seems to have none of the above, and no chicken or lamb meal. It's cheaper too. A plus for me!

ALWAYS read ingredients before purchasing cat or dog food. Even if the first ingredient is 'meat by product', or 'chicken meal', doesn't mean it's actual meat and nutritious for your pet. (It's the equivalent of a human eating imitation powdered mashed potato's instead of the real thing).

Good luck!
246237246237B002SJWIAGA3AVZBGL5NGBA3L. Sherer1151267228800my favorite candyI ordered this candy for my wedding recently and I fell in love :) I used them for my out of town bags and everyone loved them! I have to say I ate whatever I didn't use. They are now my FAVORITE candy.
246238246238B003TN8JEOAZJ3J6HRAL5CCkatyliz24451299715200Awesome Apricot & Almond!These are truly delicious, full of nuts, and the Apricot adds the right amount of sweetness and moistness. I have tried several different KIND bars, and these are by far my favorite!
246239246239B003TN8JEOA11WTBQQDE4ZE2Lois4451298851200Kind barsSmall, easy to take along in my purse. Great for dip in blood sugar. Keeps well and doesn't melt in warm temps. Very good tasting.
246240246240B003TN8JEOA2P1256XHUCVZ4TKArgaret3351299369600Love the minis!I love the mini kind bars. Sometimes the full-sized bars are too much and these are just right. I hope they come out with all of the KIND bar flavors in the minis!
246211246211B0009F3SBYA1EPEA2DQXPGT0Anne Woods1251295654400Plastic free packagingI drink this tea or one of several other Yogi tea blends daily. Love it. This is the only brand I buy. As others have mentioned, this particular flavor doesn't taste much like green tea, which is great if you don't particularly like the taste of green tea (as I don't). Besides the flavor, and the cool company, what I really love about these teas is that neither the box nor the tea bags are wrapped in plastic. Thank you, Yogi Tea! Do we really need to kill the earth to have a cup of tea? I say "no, we do not!"
246212246212B0009F3SBYA3ENT44HBOUICXC. B. Nguyen2531308009600Only buy this is you like the spearmint tasteSpearmint is a very strong flavor and it overpowers the whole tea. If you take a leaf and tear one and smell it, that is the aroma and taste of this tea. I personally cannot stand spearmint but this tea is good for you. I have to drink it fast and get a "blech" feeling afterwards, its just how I react to a minty tea.
246213246213B0009F3SBYA2160V0R4WJVWRPinterPaws0251273622400DeliciousSmells like fruit loops! I drink 3 cups every day for its anti-oxident (sp?) benefits.
246214246214B0009F3SBYA2TRC1VJG2YLV8Arizona Photographer1451175558400Best Tasting Yogi Green TeaI drink hot and cold tea now instead of diet soda. After trying many different brands and types, I've centered in on Yogi teas. They have great flavors. I drink Green tea in the AM and switch to herbals once I get to the office. Of the several Green tea flavors Yogi makes, I prefer the Kombucha. Give it a try.
246215246215B0009F3SBYAJ1CD7OI9YFFZMary Frost "mrtshome"1421324598400Kombucha teaGreen tea. Kombuch is supposedly good for you but this product tastes worse than dirty socks water. I was not impressed, but at least I tried. Then I got a recipe and got the stuff and mde it from scratch, and it was a little sweet but drinkable.
246216246216B0009F3SBYA3NTBPHITWAKE0RedPanda0311338681600Mislabeled ProductWhen I first bought this product I fell in love, and when I stumbled across this great value of the kombucha tea by Yogi I thought it was a really good deal. Well, two week after I purchased the product; I opened the box, and the first thing I see is Kombucha DECAF! No wonder it was cheaper than the other prices. The original kombucha has 30 mg of caffeine, and this one has 5 mg. Okay, so it's decaf so what? I brewed one. I did not like it. It does not taste like the original kombucha. Plus I cannot return this product; therefore, this product gets one star. I am so upset and I will buy from another site.
246217246217B0009F3SBYA2RNUPVSNW1ZXXHeather Walton51641212796800Very good and so healthy!I have really been into Yogi tea and trying them all! I have all the green teas and after a month of testing them I conclude that Rejuvenation tastes the best. It has a natural peach and lemon flavor that is very natural and mild. Most say the Simply Green tastes the best but to me it was far too boring. I got used to all the special herbs and natural flavors and the Simply Green had none added. I do not like the artificial flavors at all, nor do I like the artificial sweet taste added by too much stevia leaf.

Kombucha tea is my second favorite Yogi green tea. The flavors added are natural passion fruit and plum, but I prefer the lemon flavor in my green tea. The flavors are mild and pleasant however and this tea has the added health benefits of Kombucha but so does the Rejuvenation tea, which has this same ingredient in it.

Slim Life tea is very good- Amazingly good compared to diet green tea pills! I do not ever feel the side effects of a diet pill with this tea and I drink a lot of it being I got 6 boxes from Amazon. I think it's a wonderful tea but I'd prefer it if the natural blueberry flavor was left out. It does taste natural and sweet but mixed with Green tea, I'd prefer the lemon or peach flavors myself. If you do love the flavor of berry in your tea, you will love this one and it is mild and pleasant to drink all day long.

The Super Anti-Oxidant variety of tea tastes good except for the licorice. The licorice is okay in the bedtime and calming teas, but does not taste right in green tea. Other then the licorice it does have a very good lemon flavor that is soothing and mild. The Slim Life tea is also very good but it does have a blueberry flavor in it, but it is worlds better then the Fasting tea, which tastes the worst of all the Yogi teas. I just love the Yogi tea positive messages don't you? At first I just bought these teas for the messages then I learned to love the tea as well! Rejuvenation is my favorite green tea and Peach Detox and Redbush Chai are my favorite flavored teas and make exceptionally good iced tea as well! The flavors, however, are very close and it took me quite a while to figure out which green tea I preferred the best. This one is good if you like licorice in your green tea that is.

Wise quotes from Yogi Tea by Yogi Bhajan

"The universe is the stage on which you dance, guided by your heart."

"The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment."

"Delight the world with compassion, kindness and grace."

"Laugh because that is your purpose in life."

Happiness is every human beings birthright."

"Be happy so long as breath is in you."

"Real happiness lies in that which never comes nor goes, but simply is."

"Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light."

"Your greatness is not what you have, it's what you give."

"Practice kindness, mercy and forgiveness."

"Bliss cannot be disturbed by gain or loss."

"Compassion has no limit. Kindness has no enemy."

"There is no love without compassion."

"Appreciate yourself and honor your soul." "Love your soul."

"Grace brings trust, appreciation, love and compassion."

"Be proud of who you are."

"There is nothing more precious than the self."

"Love is where compassion prevails and kindness rules."

"An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities."

"Recognize that the other is you."

"Life is a flow of love; your participation is requested."

"Where there is love there is no question."

"Your greatest strength is love."

"The best way to live is to be, simply be."

"When you know that all is light, you are enlightened."

"Your head must bow to your heart."

"Fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything."

"All that is needed is surrender and gratitude."

"To be calm is the highest achievement of the self."

"May this day bring you peace, tranquility and harmony."

"Old age needs wisdom and grace."

"Understanding is found through compassion."

"Love, compassion and kindness are anchors in life."

"Inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness."

"Gratitude is the open door to abundance."

"Let love elevate your self to excellence."

"Uplift everybody and uplift yourself."

"The art of happiness is to serve."

"The body is a temple. Take care of it."

"Truth is everlasting."

"To learn, read. To know, write. To master, teach."
246218246218B0009F3SBYA8IW8LPW286XFKristin Allen92721278720000Wish I had known more about KombuchaAfter reading that some people have issues with Kombucha tea, I Googled it and read some more. I recommend that others do the same before drinking it. I am sure that Yogi Tea produces their Kombucha in a careful environment, but it can cause health problems. It also does not appear to be appropriate for people with Candida despite some claims. It contains alcohol, sugars, fungi, yeast and molds, and a study showed that it did not improve symptoms of people with Candida. I've been drinking it almost daily and have been having unexplained stomach aches lately and will try eliminating this tea to see if it helps, now that I know more. Again, read up on Kombucha and make your own informed decision.
246219246219B00032CH6AA7QMDH677P2NClkw1111337817600Terrible!I really do like the Classico sauce collection. However, this does not taste a thing like pesto. It's very bland and tastes rather olive-y....we couldn't even finish our dinner it was so terrible. I would not recommend this to anyone!
246220246220B00032CH6AA26C905AB37FEEEssex1111317600000Doesn't taste like pesto.I have to agree with the previous review that noted the taste of pickles in this pesto. That's exactly what I thought upon tasting it. It tastes like a combination of pickles and olives, which isn't an inedible combination, but not one I expected or particularly wanted. The part that made it almost inedible was the salt, and that's coming from someone who enjoys processed foods. This was just over-the-top salty. I'm just going to throw the stuff away. Shelf-stable pesto is a nice idea, but the refrigerated variety is the way to go.

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