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246276246276B003INN4H2A38Q2BTW4BQ7NEGotu11 "AH"0041340236800WHAT CAN I SAY?As always this coffee is one of the best instants out there and has been for many years.
Buying this on Amazon is a great savings and i will be buying it again!
246277246277B002AUBIRCA2S6ONQJ7KERR9Carol I.0051350000000Great TastingThese little nut squares are delicious! There is just enough sweetness to make you feel like you have had a real treat but not so much that you get a sugar high with a crash. Nuts have protein so these snacks stay with you and give you a needed boost in the middle of the day or anytime.
246278246278B002AUBIRCA163ARDU05F7QES. Skidd0031326153600Almond Crunch...or is it cashew???I'm not sure how they (Mareblu Naturals) managed to list cashews as the first ingredient on this almond crunch...perhaps that's how it ended up being sold by Amazon. At any rate, it IS actually almonds, not cashews in the package. However, having consumed a LOT of Mareblu Naturals Almond Crunch in the last couple of years, I will say that they have changed it for the worse. The pieces of almond are much smaller than they were, meaning there is more of the "candy" part (the sugar/rice malt which hold the almonds together, much like peanut brittle) than there used to be. Previously it was large pieces and even some whole almonds. Now it is more like chopped almonds and even crumbs. Obviously, I preferred the former. It is still OK but not nearly as great as it was. I considered ordering the Mrs. Mays version instead, but noticed that it says something about ingredients coming from China for that brand, so I will stick with Mareblu if I am going to have almond crunch at all, I just wish they would change it back to the original version, and perhaps they could correct the ingredient list on the package...
246279246279B002AUBIRCA2II3YO1V7933Lvn dd0041324944000Would have gotten five stars if ........The list of ingredients on the back of the bag did not mention almonds; instead, the first ingredient says "Cashews". In spite of the labeling, the product IS Almond Crunch and IS delicious!
246280246280B005LM9TR2A1SUSKUTQO9VHFKatdsstt0041350518400Hubby lovesMuch lower in sodium and easy to pack in a lunch. My husband loves these. I cannot say I am a fan but perhaps I just love salt too much. He loves the convenience and has tried a couple of the different seasons.
246281246281B005LM9TR2AY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker0111350691200SO GROSSI was really looking forward to having a way to toss a few pouches of brine-less olives in my purse for a non sugary snack on the go.

I am SOOO disappointed in the texture and flavor of these olives; mushy and gummy in the mouth and like gasoline on the tongue -- yuck. I was very happy with amazon customer service, they gave me a refund.

Maybe olives are stored in brine for a reason.
246282246282B0002XAGBIA8PHDY04Q6CNUC. Pineau "schnauzer mom"0051300406400My Girls Love These Treats!I have two miniature schnauzers that love these chicken liver treats. They love them whole or crumbled up in their kibble. Either way they scarf them right up. Also like ordering from Amazon because I get them within a few days. I've ordered them from Care-A-Lot and other places it takes forever.
246283246283B001H8U37OA3MRF3ZUUDTBQRcookiecolor0051332201600Choir FoodWe keep our voices clear with mints and other lozenges. These were a special request and are disappearing quickly. So great to find stuff on Amazon and not have to drive (gas!) all over town.
246271246271B000AEO7NWA256I4UIQ6XCXLEdubya in Texas7951137024000An excellent teaI wonder if the first reviewer oversteeped his tea, as the second reviewer implied. After switching from coffee to tea as my primary hot morning beverage, I found there is a certain art to making the perfect cup of tea (using loose tea leaves), and part of the art is proper steeping. The recommendation is three to five minutes, and even as a fan of strong things in general (coffee, beer, hot sauce, :)), I lean toward three minutes for a good cup of Earl Grey. It's easy to be overzealous, especially if you're accustomed to drinking bagged teas.

In any case, I haven't found a Twinings tea where the flavors were not deep and distinctive. And by the way, as the previous reviewer noted, Twinings really is an old British company, unlike some outfits that attach "of London" to their names.
246284246284B004TEXCFIA2EVWMAY57OYK4Joan M. Rood "Tubers"0041319673600Made a great soup......despite discovering the baby clams were much smaller than I expected. However, the quantity in each of the cans was ample--making a delicious sausage and clam tomato based soup. I've ordered a case of chopped clams to compare size for the next seafood soup we make.
246285246285B001HTFZSKA2C8OBEVYMKI5L10th Legion "10th Legion"2241337990400No Artificial Sweetners - Good Soft Drink AlternativeI started drinking Crystal Geyser sparkling mineral water, both lime and lemon flavored, about a month ago. I wanted to get away from diet soft drinks/sodas that I have been drinking most of my life, but still wanted a carbonated beverage. On the advice of one of my co-workers, I bought some Crystal Geyser brand and have found it to be a viable alternative. The limon/lime taste is mild, so if you are looking for a strong or predominant lime/lemonade taste, this isn't the drink for you. I do note for those seeking to avoid artificial sweetners, that none are listed on the packaging of this brand. Most other flavored waters, either carbonated or non-carbonated, use aspartame or some other artificial sweetner. Crystal Geyser is the only brand of carbonated water that is available at the grocery stores in my area of Central Texas that does not. Crystal Geyser Mineral Water Lime, 42.27-Ounce (Pack of 12)
246286246286B001HTFZSKA7821UWSQ2OUPSylvie C.1111324857600Where's the lemon??Several bottles bought in California recently have no lemon flavor whatsoever. Nothing but plain fizzy water. I called Crystal Geyser's unfriendly main office to report the situation. They said it would be reported to Corporate and coupons for a couple of replacement bottles would be sent to me. Haven't received them yet. Tried another bottle today. Still no lemon flavor. Forget Crystal Geyser. I'm going back to Arrowhead brand. It's a bit more expensive, but its lemon sparkling water is reliably good.
246287246287B0073MM7S6A1RZQ4WF53R6Z1Johnny S.1151340928000Would buy this again if I wasn't afraid of diabetesI initially ordered these vanilla tootsie rolls simply because I was tired of buying the variety tootsie roll pack only to find that only about 2% of its contents consisted of vanilla tootsie rolls. I finally gave in and placed one order for what was advertised as 2x 12 oz packs. Much to my surprise, I instead received 3x 8.6 oz bags which, was more of a plus than anything else. They taste fresh, and they came much faster than expected. I highly recommend this product and this merchant!
246288246288B0025UOKW2A19WUTLUSLGX8GC. A. Clark Jr.0051332201600Good price good serviceLike this taco seasoning and friend in restaurant business recomends it and the price is better than stores if you can find it.
246289246289B0025UOKW2A2EFYWDKPCNOYYJason0051313539200Best Taco MixIt's feels weird ordering taco mix online, but many supermarkets don't carry the Old El Paso brand. I've tried many different kinds of taco mix and this one is simply the best. I mix in two packets (twice the recommended) for extra flavoring.
246272246272B000AEO7NWA250AXLRBVYKB4Nathan Beauchamp "ConsumerAdvocate"1151234742400Best Earl Grey Tea: Heaven in a CupI enjoy a good cup of tea and my absolute favorite is Earl Grey. Twinings Early Grey is among the best on the market, alongside Rishi loose leaf. A traditional English tea, Earl Grey is a black tea whose principle flavor is from the rind of bergamot oranges. Although there are various accounts of its origin, it is most likely was an Indian recipe (China is also a commonly attributed with creating the recipe) which made its way to England in the early 1800s. Named after Lord Grey, the tea is a flavorful black tea that is best served nearly boiling hot with or without lemon. It is NOT served with cream.

Twinings is one of the oldest conveyors of Earl Grey and still use the same recipe as they have for well over a hundred years (soon to be two-hundred). Their tea is also endorsed by the 6th Earl Grey and his signature appears on their packaging. Not that this means the tea is superior because of any endorsement; in this case the tea speaks for itself.

I prefer loose leaf teas to tea bags. There is something in the process of measuring tea into a cozy and letting it steep that makes the resulting cup of tea that much nicer. There is a reason they have tea ceremonies in most of the world (and although less rigorous, so do the British in their own way). Twinings is the quintessential British Earl Grey, and if you've never tried it, you owe it to yourself to do so. Enjoy!
246273246273B000AEO7NWA3NBXRAEOCB0X6R. McClintick "Rhapsodie"1121224979200I love Earl Grey but not TwiningsMy experience with teas grows with time. I really love a good cup of Earl Grey. I bought Twinings Earl Grey and was disappointed. The bergamot is very acidic, the flavor was not enjoyable even with added sweet and milk. The tea was too weak for the flavor of the bergamot to be enjoyed properly. I love the Twinings tea tins and the ability to create my own cup of tea, but with this tea I have to add other tea to give the cup a good flavor.
246274246274B000AEO7NWAG112WVOJXPOLLaura Hansen0051266019200This tea is delicious.Earl Grey is my favorite, and I think the Twinings brand was exceptional. Whenever I make it I usually end up making two cups because I'm so sad when the first is gone. It's not overly bitter at all and perfect with just a little sugar. Not only that, but it's relatively cheap and comes with a nice tin.
246275246275B000AEO7NWA1VHGOI3W5JQ7OFletcher "Mercenary Audio"1251189987200Great tea in a great packageMy girlfriend is an Earl Grey fanatic... I usually buy tins of loose Earl Grey for her in London but haven't been able to get over there for a while... this product was fresh, neatly packaged and she enjoys it as much as the package I bring back from the UK.
246290246290B002FW4WFKA2T3I3KKTOHQNFmarys0021338681600Bites on the TongueI really like the Walden Farms Ranch salad dressing so I thought I would like this dip. I used it with a rice chip and the first taste was OK. However, after about 5 seconds, there was a strong pepper bite on the back of my tongue. Since I am not overly fond of pepper, I found this to be a huge drawback. Also, the dip had an oily consistency. I wound up throwing this product out. I would only recommend it to someone who likes a pepper burn. From now on, I'll stick to the Walden Farm salad dressing and make my own low cal dip.
246291246291B001FB6AOIA392XPUTJDHSDJT. Chang0051350345600Gives sushi rice that extra zingI am too busy to make it to the Asian grocery store. Buying through amazon is more expensive but that's to be expected for a heavy item. As for the vinegar itself I add a dash to my sushi rice to give it that tangy flavor and make it a bit stickier. I've never had any problems with the packaging.
246292246292B001FB6AOIA2EYQXB9N8ZWRWVirginia Davenport "Mountain Granny"0041342483200Ordered by mistake, not bad!I ordered this by mistake. I wanted the seasoned rice vinegar not the one for sushi. It isn't too bad, rather salty but that is probably what you need for a vinegar for sushi.
246293246293B0009F3SB4A23C3X5UGN7KMNS. Hawkins202051190505600Great tea! Good value too for six boxes.I felt the effects from this tea the first day I started. I noticed I had more energy, I felt more productive and I wasn't as hungry. I didn't even think at the time about the fact I had had a cup of this tea in the morning. It wasn't until about 2 days later when I realized that all the energy and less hunger that it was probably the results this tea.

Also...I have horrible kidney problems and since drinking this I've noticed a Huge change. I drink a lot of tea and this is the first time I've ever noticed a difference.

Seriously..this is a great well as their Peach Detox tea. I highly recommend it :)
246294246294B0009F3SB4A1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"222451189468800Healthy Tea Supports Weight Control*****
This Fasting Tea from Yogi Tea for Weight Loss Support is "designed to promote healthy functioning of the stomach and intestines, and to help you feel more energetic while you lose weight." Fasting Tea is based on an Ayurvedic formula---Ayurveda is an Indian form of health care now also becoming popular in the United States.

It's suggested that you drink Fasting Tea 15 minutes before eating. I have done this, and it does really seem to help, although I'm not quite sure if the effect is physiological or psychological. Oh, well, I don't care, since it helps me to be in control of my eating. It has a sweet and pleasing taste, and is quite enjoyable to sip on while others are filling up on bread, appetizers, and high-calorie drinks and alcohol.

I am impressed with this tea and with Yogi Teas in general. Fasting Tea comes with an expiration date (a good thing, because it's not full of preservatives, plus you can tell if it is fresh). Yogi Tea seems to be another company (like Numi, Aspen, Traditional Medicinals) that values sustainable and healthy practices. Their web site has a helpful glossary of tea ingredients and is beautifully designed, with info about each tea they make.

Yogi Tea writes this on the box about the tea's benefits: "Fasting is made with organic Red Clover and Garcinia Fruit designed to help support a healthy weight loss program, as it aids digestive functions, supports the metabolism and encourages internal cleansing. The tea includes hydroxy-citric acid that is found in the Garcinia Fruit, native to Southeast Asia. This naturally occurring substance has been shown to simultaneously suppress the appetite, help reduce fats and cholesterol in the liver and disrupt the process by which the body stores excess calories as fat. We have also included the warming herbs Fennel Seed, Cinnamon Bark and Black Pepper to help promote circulation, as well as Red Clover, which works as a tonic and a blood purifier. The recipe is complimented with Alfalfa Leaf, Indian Bacopa Leaf (Gotu Kola), and English Hawthorn Berry, all of which can aid the body in the elimination of wastes that are known to slow the metabolism. Finally, we've included Burdock, Dandelion and Yellow Dock Roots, all used by European herbalists for centuries to support the liver in eliminating toxins." Other ingredients in this tea are Licorice Root, Alfalfa Leaf, Cardamom Seed, Ginger Root, Clove Bud, Barley Malt, Date Powder, Natural Plum Flavor, and Natural Passion Fruit Flavor. Almost every ingredient in this tea is also organic.

There are no cautions or warnings on the box except the standard disclaimer that the tea is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Fasting Tea contains no caffeine whatsoever. It steeps for 5-10 minutes, a nice long time, but I find that I only need one tea bag instead of two for a wonderful flavor.

I really like this tea, and it is very health-promoting.

Highly Recommended.
246295246295B0009F3SB4A2QOLPG6D8Z7VLMom of Two111151168300800Excellent tea!I use this tea not for fasting, but because it also gives you extra energy. It is very soothing, I love the fennel in it. One of the best Yogi teas!
246296246296B0009F3SB4A2QW9AO7O6BI41Amazon user9951174262400Fasting yogi teaI love this tea, very pleasant and delicate flavor. We drink it between meals, after meals, and sometime at night before bed. Originally I ordered it for myself to support my dieting. But now my husband, who cannot drink caffeine due to issues with his stomack, fall in love with this tea also.

Amazon has great price on it if buy in 6 pack box.
246297246297B0009F3SB4A2LSJP15Y26UBVLila R.5541294617600Hold your nose and chug!! But, definitely worth a shot :-)I first bought this tea from Whole Foods when I was beginning a fast. When I looked at the ingredients, I knew that I would barely be able to stand the taste (just the sight of the word 'licorice' made me want to gag), but I've always loved Yogi teas and if it did what it read on the description of he box, I was willing to give it a go. Sure enough, when I just cracked open the box, the scent was unbelievably overwhelming, unpleasant and I knew it would taste just as awful. It did.

However, it does do exactly what it reads on the box and then some! It really does the job when it comes to quelling my appetite and it feels like I just got a shot of B-12 (maybe it's just because I actually do chug it lol). In one review, the reviewer said that they drink it bedtime. Although it's caffeine-free, I personally get so, so much natural energy from it, I would suggest drinking it during the daytime and see how it effects you.

I've kept drinking it after the fast, because of it's health benefits, it's appetite AND craving suppression and the natural energy boost that it provides. I totally recommend it, but cant give it all five stars simply because of the flavor. Definitely worth a try!!
246298246298B0009F3SB4A17GKBAPQB3UOXMsJB105551290988800It's more than I expectedI was looking for green tea supplements that offered appetite surpressing and detox. I always read the reviews of AMAZON and find them very helpful. There were a few people who rated this product below a three, but more than not it was rated 4 or 5. I understand why! The fasting herbal supplement has a good flavor and a little sweet taste at the end. I am drinking it every day and find that I am eating less. I do have more energy and I am moving away from coffee to drinking more tea daily. I love it and I don't believe that alone I will lose weight, but as part of an overall better eating plan it will help me pass up some of the sweet stuff over the holiday season and beyond. Good product.
246299246299B0009F3SB4A3SCIP098VYA23Robert Scofield "wmassbob"4451310860800One of my favsI love this tea - for the flavor not necessarily for fasting. In the winter I make it hot and in the summer as an iced tea. My Mom evens likes it and she mostly drinks English breakfast!
246300246300B0009F3SB4A2820BVPQONJE8vicki5004451301702400I love fennelFair enough, many people dislike this tea because the dominant taste is fennel, but I'm not one of them. I love this tea and am delighted that I found it for such a great price here on Amazon. The appealing taste actually makes me look forward to fasting days. It also really works (suppressing appetite). It's like my fasting-day treat. Delicious.

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