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246321246321B004MXSHA6A133WGB2RLKB1TTemple Gordon1141321228800Walkers smkey bacon crispsThese are amazing chips but they just cost too much for the little amount that you get. They come from England so I suppose they have a way to travel. Hey just bring them to the states and I would be most happy!
246322246322B004MXSHA6AWFA8N9IXELVHNo Pen Name0011351123200Deceptive descriptionOn Oct 9 I ordered from a different vendor the same product 1.2 oz- 6 pack. That order was 6 packs of 1.2 oz ea. When I saw this item I decided to order it. it read the same as my first order 1.2 oz- 6 pack & the price was approximately the same. I received the order today & what is it but 1 large bag of small packs totaling 1.2 oz. I call this deceptive not curious as another reviewer put it. I think the descriptions should be more specfic. The 1 star rating I gave is because of the description not the product itself. The chips are actually very good.
246323246323B004MXSHA6AG4YGLLIE8BWPMiwintee0051351123200Makes me drool just thinking of themThe Brit's have out done us. The flavor is supreme,they satisfy my hunger for steak and onions...
Get them while you can... Their other flavors are great tooo
246324246324B004MXSHA6A379KV6EQ66ZJRCraig0051347062400Awesome Crisps!!! Arrived in just 8 days in Texas from England!!!!These crisps are my favorite. I ordered these expecting to get them in a month or two, and to my surprise they arrived in just 8 days!!!
I immediately ordered 8 more 6 packs, as my entire family wants these crisps.
Fantastic company I ordered from. I am more than pleased!!!!Walkers Worcester Sauce Crisps 6 Pack 150g
246325246325B004MXSHA6A1XPE0WCC6RYVOAnthonyT0051344988800ExcellentThese are the best flavor chips, my daughter and I love these, taste like real bacon. Also they arrived quickly especially considering they shipped from england to california usa. I just ordered more. I ordered from Olieshop UK.
246326246326B004MXSHA6A3U0YIPTZX8DZ4vee0041339977600Re-RatingOkay, I jumped the gun, because they were sending me the review information, before I received my chips, so I thought I would be honest, and indicate that I have not received them, and I wasn't happy about not receiving them. However overall, the service is not bad, and my chips are on the way.Sorry guys, they really are not bad people, I am just an impatient buyer... there, is that better?
246327246327B004MXSHA6A2TWDT92R8VPTId wilson "Visitor from a Perpendicular Universe"0051337904000Tastes just like bacon!I had a bag of these during a trip to London. I was looking for Walker's Frazzles but this was the only bacon-flavored chips I could find at the Tesco. The taste is very similar to Frazzles if not better. It tastes just like bacon! Even suitable for vegetarians.
246328246328B004MXSHA6A3M922QSBYYXRJeannie Jordahl0051335744000These were amazing!This chips kind of reminded me of bacon bits. The six small bags were the perfect size and there's no MSG. They were a little expensive, but considering they came from the UK it's understandable. Half the price was in the shipping. They are well worth the indulgence once in awhile.
246329246329B004MXSHA6A1PVBIUKEDNGVPSteve L0051333843200One Word, "YUM!"If you like salt and vinegar crisps (chips), but would prefer the vinegar to lighter, you should love these. Salty and slightly tangy and yummy!
246330246330B004MXSHA6AI1G344L7R1TNBrian M. Schissler0041332979200WOW.....This could possibly be the best tasting chip I have ever eaten. It has a nice smokey bacon flavor. I would make sure this item was always stocked in my pantry if the price was not so high for the amount you get, or if they would sell this "AMAZING" chip here in the states. I would highly recomend someone paying the price one time just to try this.
246301246301B0009F3SB4A1CMAWUJGSRIGGMelissaMadison4441287446400Love itI like a sweet tea and don't like licorice, still this tea is good for me. I'm on day 4 of my seven day fast and whenever I have the urge to eat or am feeling low on energy I take this tea and voila- instantly I feel better (less hungry and more energized). I'm going to look into more teas by this brand. There's another cute thing about the tea tags, they have nice little affirmations on the white tags: my favorite is "Self reliance conquers any difficulty." I also wanted to add that if you are new to fasting: after the second day it's been easy peasy for me! I can easily go a week for internal cleansing and to kick start a diet. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars only because there is a slight licorice taste and I am not a fan. Still I will buy it again as soon as I run out, I love the sweetness and the natural (organic) benefits to my body.
246302246302B0009F3SB4ADZE79NG54O3IM. Fisher4441231632000Delicious, soothing, fillingThis tea tastes wonderful, and is sweet enough without any extra sweetener. I drink it several times a day - hot with one bag, and find it's quite soothing and filling. Definitely recommended.
246303246303B0009F3SB4A2IPAQZ8GTU7RCSteffie5833351327708800The best tea!!!!!!!!!!I am inlove with this Yogi Healthy Fasting tea. Not only does it taste great but I really notice a difference when I am drinking it. It does have a strong fennel taste and I was a little worried about that after having read some of the other reviews. But now that I have tried it I am in love- I have this on subscribe and save because I don't ever want to run out!
246304246304B0009F3SB4A56JFSLUCHI4JChi "Who loves to find bargains and lives a g...3351327363200Yogi tea never disappoints meI've tried several Yogi tea flavors and this has to be one of my favorites. When you drink Yogi tea, you know the taste is going to be out of ordinary. For me, it took a couple tries to get used to some flavors. However, this one I enjoyed it from my very first cup. Now I drink it daily. I found that if I drink this tea first in the morning before I eat anything else, I don't crave for coffee or sweet for the day. If I choose to drink coffee first, I notice that I feel hungry sooner and want to eat more. Now I have this healthy fasting tea as my secret weapon to curb my craving, I am just thrilled to have something help me eating less. Two thumbs up! Yogi!
246305246305B0009F3SB4A1YXY2JGDLO8XGBre3351308355200Sooo good, and at a great price!This tea is fantastic, I use it usually around mid-day when I'm wanting a snack and it shuts those cravings right up. It seriously is like having a little meal; it's extremely satisfying and a very good way to manage food cravings. The taste and smell is just the best, it's mostly savory with a little bit of sweet. For me the most prominant flavors are the fennel seed (love it), licorice root, clove, ginger, pepper, and cardamom. It has the same sort of effect on me as eating a few crackers or handful of chips, it's just very satisfying. I highly recommend this to any and everyone.
246306246306B0009F3SB4AOE2C8UIR2KPLRafael Biana Lascurain3351211846400ENERGYLike drinking 3 cups of coffee but without the jitters. Taste good. Can't wait to show off my 6 pack this summer.
246307246307B0009F3SB4A2ZTJTXDWX09PYK. Elstad7941302307200So good for you but it smells and the taste needs to be acquired!In reading alot of the reviews on the Yogi Fasting Tea and the Yogi DeTox Tea and how people spit it out and yap what a horrible tea it is...I just have to say "THESE ARE MEDICINAL TEAS PEOPLE!" not lovely infused lemon peppermint cranberry strawberry etc etc or what have you. They are made from roots and dandelions and things that will make you HEALTHY! These medicinal teas are an acquired taste. I quite enjoy them hot or cold. My roommates scream whenever I brew a cup because it does have a rather stinky smell like medicine. Ha! But I feel great and I never get sick! You decide I guess.
246308246308B0009F3SB4A1Q7LNFFQSY8EKPatty Jo Shockley2251231459200I love this teaI purchased this at a specialty market and I just love it. The tea is pleasantly sweet and needs nothing added. It is good hot or cold and it does indeed help me with my appetite. Amazon has the best price I've found.
246309246309B0009F3SB4A2C23YX3D9G68CMarie Laveau1141333238400Helped when I was hungryIt didn't make me feel full or anything, but it did help take the edge off. I found it to have a black licorice taste, and I'm not particularly fond of licorice, but I drank it anyway. Note: It's not recommended for nursing mothers.
246310246310B0009F3SB4APGH10J7BM4JUJ. Lasonder "Organic Mom"3431173312000No weight lostThe taste is O.K., although I do not notice a difference in my appetite even when I use two tea bags.
246311246311B0009F3SB4A23MCI8IDJ7K3CDJ Manuel0051347753600Great tasting...Perfect alone or with other teaI love this tea by itself or combined with green tea, yerba Mate or other less flavorful teas. It's my favorite Yogi Tea! It does help curb appetite & energy boost too but I drink it for the flavor & health benefits.
246312246312B0009F3SB4A2D72VZ2YNPSFGZombunny "PDXMODCHICK"1251226275200Another tasty teaAlone all items may not be as nice to the pallet but Yogi has a way to make all of their teas taste great!
246313246313B0009F3SB4A3JL2IYUOWYGE8A. Young "adasattic"61031204934400Taste Terrible! It worksThis stuff does what its suppose to do but I Think it taste awful I can barely get it down. I hold my nose to get it down. I am shocked when other reviews say they sit around sipping all day. OMG
246314246314B0009F3SB4A2L0R0TTPSFRL3A. Harvey "Lee Lee"0141222732800good teaNot sure if it really helps with curbing your appetite. I didn't notice that but I love the taste and would probably stick with the detox tea. The peach detox doesn't really taste any different than the regular detox.
246315246315B0009F3SB4AA48AFIWU80VFTox grad3631173312000Okay tea, but a bit too sweetI love yogi teas, however I have to admit that this one tasted a little bit too sweet from the stevia. I dont mean sweet in the good way....It gave a weird after taste and i really didnt enjoy it. However this is just my taste preference. If you dont mind an overwhelming stevia sweetness than this tea would be fine.
246316246316B0009F3SB4A27E9BPOKICN4FN. Charest2511264550400Ingredients?The ingredients listed under "Ingredients" are completely different from those listed in the product description. What gives?
246317246317B0009F3SB4A2UHER692G2E9LLydia K. Ngai "snowpeech"0321295740800Tastes like fennelThis should be renamed Fennel tea. Because that's all I could taste. Yes, it is the first ingredient and I probably should have acknowledged that more, but its different than chewing on fennel seeds at the end of an Indian meal. It is Fennel. Strange and sweetened by licorice (which also has a pronounced taste).

As a fasting tea, I came to see it as: if you force yourself to drink a cup before a meal, you will lose you appetite entirely. Effective, sure. But certainly unpleasant. I'd rather have a different cup of Yogi tea, like Egyptian Licorice or Gingko Clarity to take my mind off of eating and satisfy restless tastebuds.
246318246318B0009F3SB4A2ZD7W5YNDRCBQW. Cao0311266451200Gross tasteI love Yogi teas (green tea kombucha, chais, peach detox). I was excited for Healthy fasting in concept, and the first cup wasn't TOO bad. I had another the next day and the taste really did not grow on me at all. It's sickly sweet in the worst way. It's okay when I hold my nose, but then I breath again and just want to scrub the taste from my mouth and throat. However, I guess it works since I lose my appetite.
246319246319B0009F3SB4A2RNUPVSNW1ZXXHeather Walton41211212451200The worst Yogi Tea flavorFirst I have to say that I love Yogi tea. I love the messages on the tea bags and some flavors are remarkable! This one, however, is horrible. I guess if you love licorice root you will like it, but I do not. I tolerate the licorice flavor in the CALM Yogi tea because it really calms me before bed and makes me feel like I am floating on a cloud, but it still manages to taste good whereas this one does not.

Please do buy Yogi tea and get the Green Tea Slim Life instead- terrific taste, which tastes like green tea with berries in it- a good flavor and not an artificial flavor to it. This Fasting tea has a bitter after taste, which is all licorice root. Stay clear of this flavor but do buy Yogi Tea. I feel transformed by the messages on the tea bags, as it is; so profound!

Wise quotes from Yogi Tea by Yogi Bhajan

"The universe is the stage on which you dance, guided by your heart."

"The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment."

"Delight the world with compassion, kindness and grace."

"Laugh because that is your purpose in life."

Happiness is every human beings birthright." "Be happy so long as breath is in you."

"Real happiness lies in that which never comes nor goes, but simply is."

"Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light."

"Practice kindness, mercy and forgiveness."

"Bliss cannot be disturbed by gain or loss."

"Compassion has no limit. Kindness has no enemy." "There is no love without compassion."

"Appreciate yourself and honor your soul." "Love your soul."

"Grace brings trust, appreciation, love and compassion."

"Be proud of who you are." "There is nothing more precious than the self."

"Love is where compassion prevails and kindness rules."

"An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities."

"Recognize that the other is you."

"Life is a flow of love; your participation is requested."

"Where there is love there is no question." "Your greatest strength is love."

"The best way to live is to be, simply be."

"When you know that all is light, you are enlightened."

"Your head must bow to your heart."

"Your greatness is not what you have, it's what you give."

"Fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything."

"All that is needed is surrender and gratitude."

"To be calm is the highest achievement of the self."

"May this day bring you peace, tranquility and harmony."

"Old age needs wisdom and grace."

"Understanding is found through compassion."

"Love, compassion and kindness are anchors in life."

"Inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness."
246320246320B004MXSHA6A1V93C9YW5T0LQN. Hunt "Übergeek"1131335571200Americans beware, curious labelingthe product is listed as a 150g 6-pack.
Traditionally, when US companies do a bundle-pack they list the size of the a 6 pack of canned soda would be a 12oz 6-pack, we would never see that listed as a 72oz 6-pack

I foolishly assumed I was getting a real bargain, 6 150g bags, for about $8!
Oh so wrong. It's a 6-pack of 25g bags, 150g TOTAL

So you're getting about the equivalent of one bag of chips for your money. Still, not a terrible deal for something a little exotic.

The chips themselves were good, though! I only took stars off for the somewhat deceptive descriotion and the fact it took a couple of weeks for them to arrive.

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