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246391246391B004GH060CA3OENK1FZI7MBCM. Shulman "High Def Enthusiast"1151324944000Delicious and Gross all in the same box!Many people I've shared this with give me weird looks as if I was crazy for buying them. But when you sit around with a group or involve them in some sort of game (we made them a penalty for folding in a card game), they can be a lot of fun. Just last night we were at a get together with friends and family and went through a whole box just trying them out and seeing each others reactions.

Each color jelly bean can be one of two flavors. A good flavor or a bad one. Dog Food or Chocolate pudding for example. It's amazing how some of them taste. Most I've found aren't awful tasting, but there are a few that are just plain bad! The others are interesting since the dog food (for example) really smells like dog food once you starting eating it!

The one thing these are not good for is buying if you just want to sit and have some jelly beans - its much more fun with others involved!
246392246392B004GH060CAMIU9IKMI2BQVT. Powell1151210982400Great party food for 12 year oldsHonestly, they were pretty gross and disgusting but it is what we were expecting. The kids loved them and spent about an hour trying them at a birthday party. They also came on another trip with a bunch of kids and it entertained them for about 20 minutes. We our money's worth in entertainment value. Much better than a craft at that age.
246393246393B004GH060CA24CVUUJFI5ISMSteven A0051336521600Lots of Fun for a small get-togetherI was first introduced to this product Christmas day at a get together with friends. The box is filled with sweet tasting jelly beans and foul tasting ones.... but you can't tell the difference by appearance.

Four of us 'played' by taking turns picking a jelly bean and then finding out whether we got the sweet one or the foul one. Others enjoyed watching our reactions.

After having had so much fun Christmas day, I searched for and purchased Bean Boozled jelly beans locally and had a blast with my two nieces (ages 10 and 12) playing the same game.

We had more fun than a board game..... and even those not 'playing' had fun watching us. These jelly beans are a great ice-breaker for any occasion and fun for all ages and very inexpensive entertainment.

Whoever came up with this idea was brilliant.
246394246394B002FJW54IA8XN7TV1RCAFIhazema4451307145600YumThis brewers yeast is a favorite for my husband when he eats oatmeal. We both enjoy it in salads and popcorn It tastes nutty and so much better than any other I have tried.
246395246395B002FJW54IA1LGMWN3578SPJC. Thorpe2251333929600I use in my dog's foodLewis Labs Brewer's Yeast Buds 14 OzI use this product in my dog's food every evening. I found information (somewhere?) that brewer's yeast help repel fleas. I have been using this for 6-7 years and my dogs have not had one flea in all of that time. I have heard that it is a good supplement for human use as well. I should give it a try myself, I guess.
246396246396B004HGUY4KA25KIT7COLYNAESuzieloo1151330560000So Delicious!Absolutely delicious tea in a personalized little bag! I drink about 5 cups of tea daily and this is probably one of the smoothest, richest tasting chais I have in my tea collection. It smells incredible and if possible tastes even better! I can't wait for an excuse to order another tea from Tea Attic.
246397246397B0001N48S6A1TFMR7RE985MFB. Walker "Basia's Bookshelf"111151095811200Makes a terrific cup of teaI'm a huge tea fan and was thrilled to see Melitta makes tea pods to use in the new one-cup pressure coffee makers. I've got a Senseo, and these pods work just fine, so I assume you can also use it with the other similar single-cup makers.

The tea is great and the brewing process ensures that you get a nice, dark and flavorful cup. I'd love to see more flavors eventually, especially orange spice. For now, the black tea pods along with a flavored honey stick from Stash tea does the trick.

Highly recommend for tea drinkers with the one-cup brewers.
246398246398B0001N48S6A3RS20TVZMC9IAnoah'smom2251136419200Really Excellent Tea!I just recently received a box of this tea along with a box of the "shades of jade". I was incredibly impressed with both. This is a wonderfully smooth black tea without any trace of bitterness. I like mine with milk and sugar and it the tea flavor stood up well to both. Works perfectly in my Senseo. Now if only I could find coffee pods I liked this much.
246399246399B0001N48S6A27EWWLML5PHCFC. Williams "Chris"2251131840000Makes Great Iced Tea as wellIt's GREAT! We go through a box or two a week just making iced tea. Excellent flavor You have a fresh glass single time.
246400246400B0001N48S6A3PHL18RYME2UBTactic Kid "DVD junkie"1141137888000Cleared headed.I made a cup of this and soon after, I had a clear thinking head. Very good tea.
246401246401B0001N48S6A2YDBDW866CW85C. Offen0051185926400excellent tea. bursts with flavorThis tea is excellent. I've tried the zen in black, and the jade tea, and both are absolutely delicious. The pods can be used the traditional don't need the special brewer. Just get our your tea kettle and your favorite tea cup, and voila!
246402246402B0001N48S6A3320A623LHY80S. Barbee "LdyAurora"1251122940800A good breakfast teaI go throug about 2 boxes of these a least!
246403246403B001BF1PJSA3PR0N3189QWQBB. Shonka0051338163200DeliciousDelicious and easy to make. Just heat water, add, and stir. Excellent anytime, but especially if you are cold and just want that special drink.
246404246404B00028QD92A2IEF9WFIPGUELMonagay0051347494400SPIKE SEASONS ANYTHINGI read about Spike Seasoning on a food blog and couldn't wait to try some. Unfortunately, Spike Seasoning was not available in my local hometown grocery stores. Thus Amazon to the rescue! After placing my order with Amazon my order was at my front door within 3 days of placing my order. This seasoning is awesome! I started out putting it on just vegetables as the name suggest, but soon ventured on to seasoning other things. It goes on just about anything and taste great. I have actually started using Spike Seasoning as a substitute for salt. It is low in Sodium and actually better for you than salt. It is not an overwhelming seasoning; it allows you to enjoy the natural good taste of your food. So glad I found Spike Vegit Seasoning. They also make other Spike Seasonings that are equally as good. Thanks Amazon for the Spike Seasoning and until Spike products become available in my hometown, I will keep you on speed dial.
246405246405B00028QD92A196RF2V8KR4F1The Cooking Gardener0051338681600Vegit is delicious if you can't eat any saltI've used Vegit for 30 years so I've seen it be in a giant clump, too. Yours may be stale, but it may just be Vegit, which does clump up even in the freezer (I keep it in the freezer,sealed in a glass jar, between uses. The taste will tell you whether the spices themselves are stale.

As for it being too salty for the other reviewer - if it's salty *at all*, it's not Vegit, tho it may be Spike. Two different products.
246406246406B00028QD92A2VSZZWR5YQ8B6lilyput1231331596800Oldthe package came with the spice in one giant clump... we had to beat it on the couter to break it up, I think the product is old and had been shelf sitting for some time.
246407246407B00028QD92AZHJRNETB8UMGAmazon addict "Jennifer"1311318809600Too SaltyI bought several products in this line. All of them were too salty. I love salt but we couldn't tone down the strong spice flavor to enjoy what we were eating.
246408246408B007SDD57MAI19J9P1TH9UDGift Card Recipient1151337472000Just Like The Sandwhich!I live these chips they taste just like a BLT. I havent had a BLT since I quit eating meat and this really brought back memories and now I dont feel like I`m missing out on anything
246409246409B007SDD57MARABEDZ1MOIUPAnthony Lynch0031349481600Didn't stand up to the reviews =(I get it guys. It has bacon and bacon IS god. But these chips are kind of tasteless and bland. These are not the kind of chips you want if you're looking for Doritto type flavor. They're not bad chips at all! just not worth the price, I paid 2 bags for $5 and they're good.
246410246410B007SDD57MA3UQPMXRSHUBFBSharlie Cheen0051348617600Heaven on EarthI used to think that Bacon flavored anything was good. However having tasted various Bacon flavored soaps, candles, mousepads, and sodas, I'm convinced that that is not the case. The mousepads are way too spongy. Everything else is great.

And then I tried these. I saw them in the supermarket and decided to try some, just for the hell of it.

It's like a party in my mouth. It tastes like they put all the makings of a BLT into a small chip. I got a very fresh batch luckily, and was able to thoroughly enjoy the taste of Bacon, garden fresh Tomato, a hint of Lettuce, Mayonnaise, yet sadly no bread. Not that I'm complaining though. The Bacon taste slightly overpowers the rest of it, which is to be expected given Bacon's holy nature. As such, I can confidently say that this is the best potato chip I have ever put in my mouth.
246411246411B003KSS41GA1E1ZA5XSBQE6Wscbnanna1351283731200My new favorite seasoning!Great with any kind of meat, fish or poultry, and great in preparing roasted vegetables.
246412246412B00279OMRYA29M6F2WSE2ASGeeMan4441311379200I adds that little something extra!I've used it now several times and it does add that little sometime extra to my dishes, in a positive way. Recipes and big mame chefs don't mention it, but here's that one item that brings the taste of N.O., La. back to me.
246413246413B001PIH45UA5AEB5HOLL04B1011010051335657600Love these & they're corn free (I think)I like these a lot + I have sensitivity to corn & these work for me. Used to get these & the regular version at Whole Foods but they stopped carrying them; other local sources do not offer them either. (They all offer other Annie's crackers, which are more snacky, but not these.) I'm actually glad because I can order a pack of 6 at a lower price per box. They arrive fresh & unbroken.
246414246414B001PIH45UA2U17XY81MDEM5April Loveless0051328140800YummyI got a box of these to try from the grocery store, and they are delicious. My kids LOVE them. Just ordered a bunch!
246415246415B001PIH45UA12P657WGZM1GOLaurel Dugan0051321056000Great crackers, great valueThese crackers taste great, are made with good ingredients, and I don't have to schlep to Whole Foods to get them, b/c they arrive at my door. --->AWESOME.

They are great for whimsical adult parties, but of course, also a kid favorite. Five stars.
246416246416B001PIH45UAWTRRKXMLFG5GM. Boone "Homeschooling Mama"0031310169600Not as buttery as I'd hoped....These taste about 75-80% like a saltine and have about 20-25% butter rich if you're hoping for a buttery rich flavor, try a different cracker--Late July makes a good one. Otherwise, these were fresh when I bought them from my local grocery and would taste good in soup.
246417246417B001PIH45UA24UA3C02KNY0ZLori D.0051267660800Yummy!These cute little crackers have a great buttery taste. They make a light snack when you're on the go and my teenage kids love them. Also, they're organic which is another reason why I bought them.
246418246418B0014JN83WA23UXCV74BOHOFchu "chu"3351330992000this is an excellent tea if you love pu-erhi love this tea because of the taste and the health benefits, i am able to curb my soda habit whenever i drink this tea i love it, it helps cut the greasy feeling of foods when you partake with a meal, i feel it helps to keep me from gaining weight also i have been at a steady 140lb since i started drinking it, the taste is an acquired taste because its very different from green tea and black tea
246419246419B0014JN83WAR543Q79XGRXFTate2251338595200Great Earthy Flavored TeaThis is a very good tea at a great price. The earthy taste is very interesting and it brews up the same every time. Very good after a heavy lunch.
246420246420B001US9VL0ACF7LD7LMWW7RHead of the Bay "Chesapeake Kat"3451279152000Great for Charity DonationsThese easy to keep and easy to open packages are ideal for donating to local charities. These are good for the elderly and children. We have Amazon drop-ship them directly to our favorite charity. They love them!

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