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246421246421B001US9VL0A31CGUXM76EBGNnature nut0031332115200half good, half not-soWell, the mixed fruit is fine - but the peaches are too soft (mushy) for my taste. I've purchased Dole and
was more satisfied with that brand.
246422246422B001US9VL0A34O1BWP1LFVSSJust a Grandma0451308268800FRUIT IS A GREAT SNACKMy 2 grandkids are "I think" are different when it comes to snack foods. Of course they like candy but they also like the individual fruit cups along with fresh fruit just a well for a snack. They eat cereal for a snack, also. Of course, they like brussel sprouts and broccolli for supper so what can I say...they are good kids.....
246423246423B004H61HOQA1Y4FYP0NYTUZFKenneth LeRoy1141336089600Chinese 5 spiceA plastic jar wood be more convenient. A small plastic bag is more difficult to control. I like the spice it's very tasty.
246424246424B004H61HOQAKMWA6GDCRIR6Happy Shopper In Carlsbad CA0051348185600Great Flavor - Chinese Five Spice Via AmazonI recently read about this spice in a novel and decided to give it a try. I really like what it does to chicken and vegetable. The service was terrific. My shipment actually arrived early.
246425246425B004TPWSB6A1RKJK78QWVI9RBilliam of York0051350950400No gluten? No shit?You could have fooled me, this cooks and tastes just like "real" pasta. Well done Sam Mills, well done indeed!
246426246426B004TPWSB6A3IJEC8V9TCAAAKilidonia de Acero "KS"0051340755200As good as any packaged pasta I've hadLove this product. It has become my #1 pasta because it's completely wheat free, and corn has a better glycemic index than wheat. Also love the fact that it's made with non-GMO corn. This is also one of the few pastas whose package directions give accurate cooking time - most pastas tell you to cook for way too long, but this is not overdone at all when you took according to directions - I usually have to cook it a minute longer, and I like my pasta almost hard. I find it more robust and wholesome than semolina or durham pasta and better texture than brown rice pasta, which often falls apart. This keeps its shape and has that nice springy al dente feel to it. It's great with a good bottled spaghetti sauce, fresh grated reggiano on top and some garlicky sauteed spinach mixed in - fast & easy & yummy when I don't want to cook a more complex meal. Love this brand much better than DeBoles. Great price, too. Everyone I've ever served it to likes it just as much as any store-bought pasta and some folks like it even more, as I do. Sam Mills also has spaghetti, lasagne, shells, fusilli, & other shapes of corn pasta but so far I like the rigatoni best. Really a great product. Oh, p.s. - when you're cooking you do have to stir once in a while to prevent it from getting sticky.
246427246427B00169YHGCAJZUMS12TYXCHDouglas19640051331596800Really great seasoningThere are several different versions of Mojo on the market. This one was particularly good with great flavors. I used it on a turkey, and it was wonderful!
246428246428B002D4DY8GA2L35P0VQE7LBNnowann0031260576000Tastes like burnt coffeeI love coffee and dark chocolate. The combination here doesn't taste like dark chocolate and coffee, it simply tastes like burnt coffee. Don't get me wrong, I like dark roasts, but this isn't a dark roast, it tastes burnt. I believe that burnt taste is what is supposed to be the dark chocolate, but it didn't play out well in my mouth. After drinking several cups, you start to adjust and it tastes a little better, but I would not purchase more. Cream helps lessen the burnt taste.
246438246438B002D4DY8GA1RG4WKNMPYS4Xairfirehorse0041259971200About a 3.5To give some background into my personal coffee taste (for comparison), I'm not a huge fan of most flavored coffes. The only flavor I ever tend to like is hazelnut. As for coffee houses, I'm not a Starbucks fan, but I love Dunkin' Donuts for some reason. So if you despise Dunkin' Donuts and love Starbucks, this coffee might be a 5 to you.

It does have a chocolate flavor, which I don't really like. At least it's not bitter, though. It is rather smooth. I take my coffee with cream and sugar so I have not tasted it plain. Maybe it's meant for people who don't add anything to it anyway? Either way, I really prefer a more coffee flavor and this tastes something like hot chocolate and coffee in some strange mixture. I rounded it up to a 4, but I honestly would give it a 3.5 out of 5.
246429246429B002D4DY8GA1BTG38XSGYLW3Aderyn0031260489600Drinkable, but not outstandingI've tried quite a few of the Gevalia coffees in the past, even joining their infamous "get a coffeepot free" club on occasion. In general, their coffee is quite good, albeit quite high-priced (over-priced is more accurate; I suppose they have to pay for the freebies somehow). This flavor really didn't appeal to me, though. The pairing of coffee and chocolate is a classic one, but I didn't find it came together well in this product. It smelled wonderful, but it tasted somewhat burnt. I suspect this is an attempt to impart a dark chocolate flavor, but I like dark chocolate, and it didn't taste like that to me. I usually drink my coffee black, but the second time around with this one I added cream. It smoothed it out considerably, of course, but the burnt note was still predominant.

I like dark coffees, and this one did have a full, rich body (unlike many flavored coffees that often seem to be an attempt to compensate for a weak blend). As a dark-coffee and dark-chocolate fan, I'm not put off by some bitter notes in the flavor. However, this brew really was too bitter for my taste; again, probably an attempt to create a dark chocolate taste. I also expected more sweetness in a flavor called "truffle," but no.

It's not terrible coffee, and I won't have any trouble finishing the bag, but I won't seek it out again when its time to restock.
246430246430B002D4DY8GA1QCUMGX7UHFL5Adam0041260489600Nice change of pace from standard coffeeI usually drink plain 'ol Folgers regular, no cream or sugar, just black. I gave this a shot for something different. I was pleasantly surprised. Pure arabica beans, from what I've been told, are the way to go, and apparently this coffee is 100%. The chocolatey flavor really spices things up, and when you're brewing this stuff you can't help but try to mentally speed the process up so you can get your hands on a cup. The taste is not bitter at all, and I like my coffee strong, so that's saying something. I usually use a 3:1 ratio of water to measuring cup of coffee when I brew in my automatic drip coffee maker. Seems to be a great balance for my taste. I think the measuring cup is 2 tablespoons, but I'm not sure as I never measured how much it holds (it came with my coffee maker I believe.) Just wanted to point out how I brew it so others can reproduce my results if desired. The only negative I can give it is the packaging. You can't reseal it, and the foil package tends to tear easily.

I'd recommend this as a very welcome break from your standard-off-the shelf coffees. The chocolate taste isn't overwhelming nor chemical-tasting, as I've experienced with other cheaper brands of flavored coffee.
246431246431B002D4DY8GA3DZFEICHK5LF2Just Trying to Help "Product Guru"0041260403200Maybe not the ULTIMATE indulgenceI'm a bit of a coffee nut. I buy coffee from a local company that roasts it, and I grind it at home using a burr grinder just before I brew up a fresh pot.

This Gevalia stuff is very very good *freeze dried* coffee. It doesn't have the depth of flavor that my freshly roasted beans provide, but its very good. Some details:

1) the chocolate flavor is consistent throughout every sip. Don't expect a Starbucks mocha! I expected it to be "very chocolately" and its not. In fact, only a coffee drinker would really call this chocolate flavored coffee, because its really a secondary flavor. If I were to give this to someone who never drank coffee, I think the subtle flavor of the chocolate would be lost on them.
2) the grind is very very fine, as is common with freeze dried coffee.
3) there is a hint of "liquorice" flavor, similar to other premium coffees (like Illy).

Overall, I would say its a very good coffee. There isn't too much in an 8 ounce container - 2 to 6 pots of coffee, depending on how much you are making at a time.

Its a good gift item, if you want to give someone a little something special. But, I will stick to my freshly roasted beans :)
246432246432B002D4DY8GAYNAH993VDECTbsg20040041260403200Ideal use: compliment other coffees (for mix masters)If you like to mix and match your coffee sources (all apologies to the coffee-purists out there), then this coffee's ideal use is to add flavor to your regular coffee. For example, if you are making unflavored coffee and want to give it some "flavor", adding a little bit (or more than a little bit depending on your preference) of this can add a different dimension to your otherwise regular coffee. With a smaller amount, this is more subtle, and not as over-powering for people who like some flavor, but not fully-flavored coffee. Similarly, you can add a little bit of this to decaf.

As with all experiments, some mixes may turn out better than others...
246433246433B002D4DY8GA3O8Z6IZ0VU3BBLaura M. Burgess "Kindle Fan"0041260403200Good, but strong chocolate flavorThis coffee is a fine ground, really more of an expresso grind than drip coffee. I have a drip coffee maker. It makes a coffee with a strong chocolate flavor that tastes and smells like real chocolate. I used it alone for a few pots,then tried it blended 50% with regular dark roast and medium grind. I find I like it better blended. This coffee is not acidetic and I had no problems with digestion, which sometimes occurs with to me if coffee has to much acid. I liked this coffee and will look into if I can get it with a coarse grind instead of fine because of the pot I have. Overall a good tasting product.
246434246434B002D4DY8GA34W7QA4J5UTORK. Hill0041260230400Chocolate TruffleThe smell and appearance of this coffee are very attractive when first opened. The bag is vacuum sealed. The coffee is very finely ground and has the soft texture of clay. The aroma is rich and delicious.
Opinions will differ on taste. While I liked it, my husband wasn't so keen on the flavor. I guess it depends on your feelings about chocolate.
Still . . . Folgers Gourmet Selections makes a decently priced chocolate coffee that smells just as good and tastes slightly better.
246435246435B002D4DY8GA1UQBFCERIP7VJMargaret Picky0031260144000Average cup of coffee, with chocolatey-flavorSurprisingly, the brewed coffee has a strong chocolate-like flavor, not just a chocolate aroma, as is so often the case, but it hits a false note and leaves an odd aftertaste. The coffee itself is not bitter and is of average quality for vacuum-packed but it does not seem especially fresh. So you get a very average cup of coffee with a pronounced chocolate-like flavor that is much improved with milk and sugar.

I say chocolate-like because the the flavor is closer to real chocolate than, say, a Tootsie Roll, but it is definitely not real chocolate. The label indicates that it has both natural and artificial flavors, although they are not specified.

All-in-all, I do not think that this product meets the expectations for a carriage-trade coffee set by the packaging and marketing and is merely average.
246439246439B002D4DY8GA3HRDRQ5VAFPQSP. Falcioni "Ducatisti"0041259884800Extremely rich and flavorfulOur family isn't a big fan of flavored coffee beans. I feel they usually have a very artificial taste, and sometimes leave a strange bitter after-effect.

Needless to say, our first morning trying this Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle coffee we weren't expecting anything special, but we were pleasantly surprised. The chocolate flavor is full and rich, in fact a almost too rich! Making a full cup of coffee seem a bit too much. This is a flavor to savor, not chug on the way to work.

Since then, we've been adding about a tablespoon of the Gevalia to our regular blend in the mornings, and it's amazing this tiny amount adds such richness and flavor to our morning cuppa.

Not cheap if used alone, but if you stretch it out by making a blend with cheaper coffee as the base, you'll be thrilled at the wonderful rich flavor. A great way to pamper yourself without breaking the bank!
246440246440B002D4DY8GA2FEM4XI55SY0WCharlyn Gee0041259884800smooth mild coffeeThis coffee tastes smooth and mild. The ground coffee smells wonderful when you open the package. However, the "dark chocolate truffle" flavor is not very prominent, though there is a slight chocolatey aftertaste. No need to add much sugar; the coffee itself tastes a little sweet. Adding milk adds some richness to the taste. The grind of the coffee is finer than most other ground coffees I've tried.
246436246436B002D4DY8GA2QBSZYDSDTZXSarah Vigil Swiger "Author of The Divine Plan"0051260144000Smooth Chocolate FlavorGevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle Coffee brews with a smooth chocolate flavor. I've tried other chocolate truffle coffees, Folgers for one, and the chocolate flavor was overpowering and bitter and needed lots of sugar and cream to enjoy. Gevalia is different, I drink it black and it's lovely.
246441246441B002D4DY8GA13H2ZRENPV9EProf. Crayzee0051259884800yum!The taste is the way I like "mocha" strong coffee and strong chocolate flavors reminiscent of a fusion of dark chocolate, milk chocolate (because of cream I added).

There is a slight yet not totally unpleasant, bitter aftertaste on the back right side of my tongue - but not enough to prevent me from making this my morning go to coffee.

Coffee and chocolate... yum!
246437246437B002D4DY8GAUAX1QWUCYKSXAshley S0041260144000Smooth and ChocolateyEveryone that tried this coffee really enjoyed it. It has a great smooth taste, and you can clearly taste the chocolate. I usually don't have more than one cup of coffee at a time, but I couldn't help having more of this. Even people that weren't big fans of chocolate liked it.

It's flavored naturally and artificially, which is the only reason it lost points for me. I don't like when products use artificial flavoring.
246442246442B002D4DY8GAYMYSI7ZL1XGSRandy Rathbun "total nerd"0031259884800Not that great, but then again, I don't like flavored coffeeOne thing I found was that the coffee was ground way too fine. I use one of those filters that you can wash out. Ended up with a sludge in the bottom of the pot from grounds making their way through the filter. So, best to use a paper filter on this stuff.

It does taste chocolate truffley. But, I am not a fan of the taste. Maybe someone else will like it, but I really do not care for it.
246443246443B002D4DY8GA1B70ZEWQ6UH1AJust Me0051259798400mmmmmmmm, best chocolate coffeeAs a lover of chocolate and coffee, I have tried many, many chocolate coffees. All have disappointed, until now. Usually, they smell great, but fail to deliver on that promise. Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle Coffee both smells and tastes great. It has the true taste of chocolate. A real treat. I especially enjoy it after dinner. Perfect to share with friends, who will be delighted with your find.
246444246444B002D4DY8GA1YCWZWOXLUAY5Mom of Four Sons0041259798400Chocolate Coffee Lovers Unite!I decided to serve this coffee with our Thanksgiving desserts. My family really didn't have a lot to say about it. I thought it was good enough. It wasn't spectacular or taste that much different than your normal batch of coffee, especially when you add sugar and creamer.
Chocolate coffee? I feel like chocolate coffee is a luxury. Based on the price, it's more of a gift-type of coffee and not one to ingest on a regular basis. Could you drink it regularly? Absolutely! It's not too strong or heavy, and it has a good taste. If you are considering it for a gift, it will be appreciated and enjoyed.
246445246445B002D4DY8GA2W4014S06NAITFathom "Fathom"0041259712000Nice and smooth but caffeine didn't really pack a punchI usually grind my own beans and prefer a stronger brew.

This coffee was an interesting blend. With an initial sip, it tasted a little odd so I ended up using a hazlenut cream in it. After the addition, the taste was much smoother. However, I really couldn't get much of the chocolate taste.

In addition, the coffee felt much weaker then most caffeine. After 3 months of not having drunken any coffee, I drank 2 cups of this on Thanksgiving night right before I slept and didn't feel it prevented me from sleeping at all.

Overall, when I served this coffee to my guests on Thanksgiving, most said it was just ok. They thought it smelt good but also thought it was some what weak.

I can't quite recommend this, and I am by no means a coffee snob.
246446246446B002D4DY8GA58F10T4OE58CS. Montgomery "green dad"0051259712000Dark Chocolate Lovers Coffee!This Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle coffee has a very rich chocolate taste that doesn't overpower the coffee flavor (like many flavored coffees do). I prefer half and half in my coffee but this bold flavor tastes great with out the cream too. This would be a great after dinner coffee to serve guests as a dessert with some assorted chocolates.
246447246447B002D4DY8GA1HRYC60VTMYC0Ace0041259712000A little on the weak side3.5 stars is more like it. 3 stars would not be fair, ergo I give this 4 stars.

I have always enjoyed and associated Gevalia with a full-flavored, rich cup of coffee and I am a little disappointed with this new offering.

Although Gevalia recommends a rounded tablespoon for a more intense flavor, I find that a rounded tablespoon delivers a "just-about-flavorful" cup. Adding a bit more per cup THEN delivers the flavor. After that, the chocolate truffle part of the flavor DOES come through very nicely.

Taken black, with or without sugar, the flavor is very pleasant. When I added cream or soy, the flavor seems to fade into the background and all I had was a very nice cup of coffee.

Ramp up the Chocolate taste, Gevalia and you will have a VERY nice dessert coffee, or something to make cramming for exams a little more pleasant.
246448246448B002D4DY8GA3ALLLC2FXZ134Halicon50031259712000A good flavored coffee. Not my daily favorite but a nice indulgence.The Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle coffee comes pre-ground in a vacuum sealed brick. The first thing that I noticed is that the dry aroma is excellent and the grounds smelled very fresh. The scent of dark chocolate is strong and noticeable. Once brewed, the aroma seems a bit weaker but is still quite nice. I tried drinking this coffee three different ways:

- Straight black: When drank this way, I can really only rate the flavor as so-so. The chocolate flavor that teases my nose is over-powered by the bitterness of the coffee. I prefer most non-flavored coffees black over the Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle.

- With milk: Adding milk to this coffee definitely brings out the chocolate flavors and gives the coffee an overall richer and fuller flavor. I would compare the flavor to a no-sweetener mocha latte. This is definitely my preferred way to drink this coffee.

- With milk and sugar: I typically avoid sugar, but for the purposes of this review I tried some of the coffee with milk and sugar as well. This was quite delicious and the coffee almost tasted like light chocolate milk. The flavor was richer and the sugar helps the chocolate flavors pop out a little more so than with milk alone.

Overall, this is a decent flavored coffee. I wish that it tasted better straight black, but that is not the case. Adding milk does wonders for this coffee and definitely makes it into a pleasant treat. Black coffee drinkers probably won't like this one as much as those who prefer their java with milk or cream. I wouldn't drink this coffee daily, but definitely see myself returning to it as a weekend or evening indulgence.
246449246449B002D4DY8GASFP250F22MDZBut I'm feeling much better now...0051259712000Great Coffee at a reasonable price.Just a overall great tasting coffee. No trace of bitterness at all. The chocolate flavor is an added bonus. I wouldn't drink this every day. but it's great for a little self indulgence. For what you're getting it's not really overpriced, falling into a per ounce price that's not far off of the 'leading national brand.'
246450246450B002D4DY8GAVYVPMAO26YDVS. Robertson0031259625600Wonderful aroma fair taste

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