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246472246472B002D4DY8GAAPPWNP9FWVWSKathlyn Storey "Kathlyn A Storey"0051259193600As good as it getsTruth to tell, if I could only drink one coffee, this would be it. The dark chocolate flavor, mixed superbly with an already fine coffee, never disappoints, whether it's in the bag, brewing, in your cup, or in you. The only real problem I've had is with the price and the fact that if you buy this coffee directly from Gevalia you have to accept periodic shipments, including shipping cost. Amazon is currently selling Gevalia without these detractions, plus it's on sale. The Amazon price is $14.40 a pound, but currently it's being sold for 25 percent off that price, or $10.80, making it fairly affordable. You have no idea how good this coffee is until you try it; what a wonderful way it was to start my Thanksgiving day, or any other one, for that matter.
246473246473B002D4DY8GA1BJOHHLG0D965M.D. Edwards "Avid Aesthete"0051259193600Tastes like the perfect blend of coffee and smooth chocolate!If you're looking for a delicious, smooth, medium roast coffee blended with a good dose of chocolate flavor, this Gevalia coffee might be right up your alley! It brews up delicious, smelling strongly of chocolate, and tasting satisfyingly of it, too. There's no need to add anything to this flavored coffee, if you're looking for a taste that enhances the flavor of the coffee without overpowering it and making it taste like something else.

If you're a chocolate-loving coffee drinker that enjoys a hot mug of joe in the morning, this might just be the perfect coffee for you - chocolatey flavor that wakes you up, AND gives you your jump start! What could be better? Enjoy!
246474246474B002D4DY8GA2GY5WCU9PKTMIjennahw0041259193600very yummy!I'm not normally a fan of flavored coffee, but I do love dark chocolate (even up to the 99% cocoa stuff), so I figured I'd give this a try. I was very pleasantly surprised!

It comes freeze-dried, so you have to cut the package open and then it expends to let air in. The coffee is very finely ground, but it still worked fine in my french press. I drink mine with about 1/3 milk, no sugar, and it was very good like that. You can taste the chocolatiness, but it's not overpowering. I'll definitely finish this.

Minus one start because the packaging does mean that you'll have to store it in some other sort of container after initially opening it. There is no good way to reseal the inner package, so I put that package inside a plastic bag and stuck it in the freezer (I don't drink coffee at home all that much so I keep it in there).

I am by no means a coffee connoisseur, but I did enjoy this and would consider getting it again as a flavored dessert-type coffee.
246475246475B002D4DY8GA2WPO2NR9FIWR2ScrabbleMaven0041259193600Very CloseI try flavoured coffees all the time; and what I am really looking for (I've recently been able to articulate) is a full-blooded cup of coffee that has a taste of whatever is my particular flavour of the month. I have not found that in many of the brands I've tried. They've either been too flavour-oriented (which meant the 'coffee' was weak and bland) or basically coffee (with a bad artificial tasting 'flavour').

This one comes the closest to what I want. I was pleasantly surprised. I agree with another reviewer who says that sugar and cream bring out the best in this coffee. So for the "give me mine black" crowd, this might not be the choice for you. But let's be honest, that crowd probably wouldn't sully their palates with a "flavoured brew" (insert appropriate amount of disdain) anyway :-).

Note that there is artificial flavour in the mix, but it still tastes really pretty good.
246476246476B002D4DY8GA1IA0O3OYQO9LVUnity Dienes0041259193600From someone who drinks unflavored coffees: Not BadI usually drink unflavored, bold premium coffees, and at first sip this coffee struck me as metallic and artificial. I was about to come write a review panning it.

But on my second cup now, I'm finding that the flavor undertones to which I was objecting are no longer noticeable, and that I'm enjoying this cup. The chocolate flavor is very strong, but it does feel somewhat like I'm having dessert while drinking coffee.

So, from someone who is NOT a general fan of flavored coffees, I give it a mild approval.
246477246477B002D4DY8GA3436BWMMFP4VYRobert M. Bratcher Jr.0041259107200Good coffeeSmelled nice upun first opening the package. The entire pack crushed well inside the pack without spilling out. Brewed a pot then drank a cup black with 2 spoons of sugur which the way I like to drink coffee. Found it to be medium bodied with a normal coffee aftertaste. The chocolate flavor is a nice addition without being overpowering. Not one of the better coffees out there but still worth drinking in my opinion.
246478246478B002D4DY8GA2SZLNSI5KOQJTCarrie, "Formerly "Sister Carrie""0031259107200Medium Bodied. Distinct Dark Chocolate Flavor, But MAJOR Bitter AftertasteIf it weren't for the significant bitter aftertaste, I would have rated this coffee 4 stars.

I generally drink a medium bodied coffee & this coffee was right on the mark on this aspect. It has a pleasant brew smell & comes out a nice, rich dark color in a coffee cup. I'm a "regular coffee" coffee drinker in the morning & then switch to flavored coffee or tea in the afternoon. To me, this is an afternoon coffee or a holiday "after meal" coffee.

Without the addition of cream/milk & sugar, the coffee does taste dark chocolatey and, initially, not too bitter & not too sweet. Taken with cream/milk & sugar, the taste improves immensely, and is a satisfying, pleasant flavor. The drawback comes at the finish, however, because either way, black or with cream/sugar, there is a major, bitter aftertaste. That was very disappointing to what I would have rated a decent coffee (not a fabulous coffee).

I'm sure Gevalia makes a better tasting coffee (this was my first taste of anything Gevalia). I'd recommend you go searching for that better tasting coffee.
246479246479B002D4DY8GA3FBMSWBJ202SFamazon's fan0051259107200Full flavor and fragrantChocolate always compliments coffee. It's the same case here. The dark chocolate taste is obvious but not overpowering. The coffee smells and tastes very smooth. So, it truly is a good combination for what it is.
246451246451B002D4DY8GA2TO2BN3P4C00LMusic Fan Jeff0041259625600good -- if you like mellow, flavored coffeeThis review pertains to the Dark Chocolate Truffle flavor of Gevalia's ground coffee.

Having subscribed to Gevalia's service at one point in the past, I wasn't expecting to like this coffee very much since I previously found Gevalia's coffee to be much less rich than I like. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoy the flavor of this coffee quite a lot, however, precisely because of its mix of mellowness on top of the chocolate flavor. I'm not normally a big fan of flavored coffees and generally prefer an extremely strong cup of brew (for drip coffees, typically a French or Italian roast), but this was a nice change of pace.

My only real complaint involves the packaging. Gevalia still seals its packages into little bricks that leave no way to close them once they've been opened. Since the foil is so tight, opening the bag requires cutting it. Once the bag is cut, you either need to leave the top of the bag open until you've finished the coffee inside or transfer the coffee into a different container. Why Gevalia does not use bags that can be folded bag down and semi-sealed after each use (like every other premium coffee brand) is a mystery to me.
246452246452B002D4DY8GA31RULW0KNYJ5HLA0041259539200Good additive for coffeeI drink coffee every day. I grind my own beans and use a Columbian coffee I get at Costco.

This coffee has been a pleasant addition to our morning brew. I use it sparingly because a whole pot of it would be overpowering. However, I've found that by adding just one spoonful makes for a really interesting pot.

I would buy this product again.
246453246453B002D4DY8GA1H7Y5XKPGT0OSRama Rao "Rama"0051259539200Coffee that hits the spotThis is a ground coffee with dark chocolate blend which has a rich aroma and taste ready for a fine brew. This product is a gourmet coffee, which we made after Thanksgiving meal. My family enjoyed this exceptionally satisfying coffee. It had a great flavor, smooth and satisfying, with a full-bodied rich chocolate/coffee taste.

Dark chocolate also has many health benefits; there are scientific reports of high blood pressure decreasing ability of dark chocolate. It also has potent antioxidant properties that destroy reactive oxygen free radicals formed in the body. For an ideal cup measure one heaping teaspoon full of coffee per cup of hot water. You could change the quantity depending on the strength of the coffee you desire. The coffee is sold in beautiful package, and it is highly recommended.

1. Lavazza 3302A inBlu Preground Coffee, 8.8 oz
2. Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans by Caffe' Sant' Eustachio in Rome
3. Red Buffalo Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Coffee, Whole Bean, 1 pound
4. Aloha Island Kona Hawaiian Organic Coffee, Chocolate Flavored, 8 Oz Whole Bean
246454246454B002D4DY8GA3VYKXHQDICC6philo_vance0031259539200Not badI'm generally not a big fan of flavored coffees. I like coffee without other tastes added to it. Adding things to coffee to improve its taste has always seemed like "gilding the lily," to me.

That said, this is not a bad cup. But more like hot chocolate than coffee. If this came in a Swiss Miss box that said, "Coffee Flavor," I'd give it 5 stars.

I found that my Cusinart Coffee machine needed more grounds than the directions on the Gevalia box called for, but I often find that to be the case with pre-ground coffees.

I most enjoyed the last batch that I made because I didn't have enough left for a full pot and had to make up the difference with some of my regular brand. This toned down the chocolate flavor to the point where I felt it was coffee with chocolate and not the other way round.
246480246480B002D4DY8GAB0Y33G717HOUnsv0041259107200Good with half and half and a touch of sugarI've always thought that since taste is a matter of... well, taste, it helps to know a little about the reviewer to understand their review. I like a medium or dark roast coffee or espresso. I prefer unflavored, unsweetened coffee, and generally don't like artificial flavors. Basically, I like everything this coffee isn't. And my experiences with Gevalia have been pretty poor.

Imagine my surprise when I tasted this coffee and actually liked it.

It's an artificially flavored light roasted Arabica coffee. I brewed it according to the instructions: one slightly rounded tablespoon and six ounces of water in a three-cup coffee press to make one mug of coffee. It was was too finely ground for a coffee press, so I'd recommend using a drip coffeemaker. I tasted it black, and found it to be a smooth coffee with very little acidity and no bitterness. The chocolate flavor was there, but flat and unremarkable. I added half and half, which made the coffee a bit more rich and helped fill out the chocolate flavor. A quarter teaspoon of sugar was not enough to make the coffee sweet, but it did help open up the chocolate flavor quite a bit.

The aroma of the coffee when I first opened the foil vacuum pack was wonderful, a chocolate scent that was almost sweet, but after it was brewed the aroma faded away.

This will become a dessert coffee when we'll be serving chocolate or perhaps fruits that go well with chocolate. It's not going to be a regular daily brew.
246455246455B002D4DY8GA11EXFO14WEJM1Sudarshan Karkada0041259539200Good coffee - if you are into flavored coffeeWe always brew Starbucks coffee at home and we rarely consume flavored coffee. We tried this coffee and liked it.

If you enjoy flavored coffee, then you are likely to enjoy this coffee.

I wish it brewed a little stronger (bold) coffee.
246456246456B002D4DY8GA1T61QP7QHYBRQan honest reviewer0051259539200A DelightI'm not a coffee drinker, but most people I know are so I thought I'd try it.
It has a nice, rich taste. Really smooth and chocolatey. It is very satisfying and the aroma is warm, sweet and pleasant.
I don't think I will drink it too much as I don't like caffeine, but if I did, this would be the one I'd pick.
If you love chocolate, you'll like this very much.
246457246457B002D4DY8GA2QKCOX5ACRHC5Sreeram Ramakrishnan0031259539200An artificial dark truffleMy expectations for the coffee were probably framed by my frequent use of Gevalia's Breakfast Blend coffee. The dark truffle flatters to deceive. There is "truth in advertising" in that the packaging clearly states "Artificially flavored ground coffee", but nevertheless, the lack of chocolate as an ingredient really doesn't do any justice for the brand name or the premium pricing for the product. For the price, one wished that the flavor was at least slightly better than a sense of a cheaper cocoa-powdered drink. That said, the coffee is mildly aromatic and pleasant tasting. Despite my love for chocolate and coffee, I actually prefer Gevalia's Vanilla Nut coffee to this one.
246458246458B002D4DY8GA2L6QS8SVHT9RGrandomartco "period film aficionado"0041259539200Quite tasty, but needs cream and name is not really accurate!I'm a big fan of flavored coffees: I generally make them up at home in my French press, which I've found is an excellent way to brew up a quick 'pot' of coffee. I was really pleased to be given the opportunity to review a Gevalia coffee called 'Dark Chocolate Truffle'!

I found this coffee to be a bit confused: it is a medium brew, medium strength coffee: the ground coffee was a much lighter brown than I expected based on the name...I was truly expecting a DARK, espresso-like, dark-chocolate like (meaning more 'bitter' than sweet) color: it only somewhat lived up to the name. The flavor itself is a bit artificial for me: the coffee is on the astringent side, and absolutely NEEDS cream and benefits from the addition of some sugar (I used RAW); what's left after you drink the cup is a bit of 'melted' chocolate-type residue on the bottom of the cup, exactly what you might find when finishing a thick hot chocolate that wasn't quite stirred fully. I enjoyed the two cups that I had of this, and will drink the rest of this box, but I doubt that I'm inspired enough to purchase this again: I can think of other coffees I favor more, especially at the higher, indulgent Gevalia price.

I wouldn't have named this 'Dark Chocolate Truffle', but I did enjoy the flavor, even with the resulting aftertaste ~ would recommend, just keep the things I said's good, not great, mis-named, but TASTY and I did like it, just likely not enough to make me a repeat customer, although some will absolutely ADORE this!
246459246459B002D4DY8GA3H7AOFQDPU0JVTimothy Capehart "Review-a-holic"0041259539200Perfect for Chocolate & Coffee LoversTired of paying an arm and a leg for flavored coffee drinks that are just making you fat? Brew up a pot of THIS at home!

We buy a pouch of "flavored" coffee every week or so. Dunkin Donuts or Eight O'clock or folger's gourmet. They are ok with varying degrees of coffee quality and "flavor." We've tried Seattle's Best & Seattle can keep it. This is definitely one of the best.

When I opened the pouch, I ws afraid it wouldn't have much in the way of chocolate flavor, but once it brewed...the aroma was fantastic. It's a very nice mixture of chocolate and coffee flavors without the sweet (you can add that if you must). At 7$ a pouch, it is comprable to what we get in the grocery...and quite yummy!
246460246460B002D4DY8GA28WXDXJA1P0MCT. Casto0051259452800Better than most I've had.I usually buy Millstone, but recently tried Dunkin' Donuts, Folgers, Gevalia, generic grocery store brands and Starbucks. Gevalia is actually my favorite of the bunch. It's really good. And no I'm not saying that because I got a free sample, but because it is a good, drinkable coffee. Even with flavored creamer I could still taste the chocolate flavoring of the coffee. It wasn't bitter or weak, but was full flavored. It is finely ground, which I like. I don't know if this will be available in stores in my area, but if I come across it I would absolutely buy it again and it would replace my normal brand, Millstone.
246461246461B002D4DY8GAT28RL25Q2OLKJ. Dassaro "Dassaro Imaging Photography"0021259452800OKWhile not a true coffee connoisseur like others, I found this coffee just OK. Not bitter by any means but also not as strong as I would have liked. There is a definite artificial taste to the coffee and the manufacturer clearly indicates on the box that the product is artificially flavored. In comparison, I prefer even Folgers to this product.
246462246462B002D4DY8GA3FKGKUCI3DG9UPaul Moskowitz0011259452800CornThe Gevalia "Dark Chocolate Truffle" coffee comes in a cute cardboard package citing its 1853 origins. The coffee is contained in a nice gold-colored foil bag, which you have to cut to open. The finely ground coffee looks quite dark. After opening the package, I brewed the coffee using the same method that I use for my regular ground coffee, pouring water over a heaping tablespoon in a paper filter. The liquid was also quite dark. The taste was a mixture of coffee and chocolate flavors in about equal intensity. The coffee flavor was not very strong considering how dark it was. The chocolate flavor was pleasant. I would rate the combination of tastes interesting, but not exciting. However, the chocolate flavor left a slightly bitter aftertaste that seemed to last for a long time.

Ingredients listed on the package are few: arabica coffee, artificial and natural flavor. I like to know what I am putting into my body, so I called the 800 number listed on the package. The phone menu that I encountered had no option for information on the coffee itself, so I made a random choice. The call-center person who answered was pleasant enough, but had no immediate information on the ingredients. She looked up what appeared to be a script for answering ingredient questions.

I asked what the ingredients were. She replied, "Coffee with a small amount of corn derived ingredients." I asked if the corn ingredients included high-fructose corn syrup. She could not say. This time she said that the corn-derived ingredients were "an insignificant amount of corn-derived ingredients." I tried something different next. Tell me about the chocolate, I said. The answer was a surprise. "It does not contain chocolate." Then she repeated the mantra, "It has a small amount of corn-derived ingredients." I thanked her and hung up. Apparently, you can make anything out of corn,

My conclusion is that you cannot trust this product. It is intellectually dishonest to pretend that this is small boutique-type product when in fact it contains uncertain quantities of unknown chemical additives. It is totally irresponsible not to reveal the nature of the ingredients when asked. People do have allergies and other dietary requirements that make it necessary for them to know what they are consuming.
246463246463B002D4DY8GA8WRN6S6XGAG9Brockeim "Playful Literary Adventurer"0041259452800Chocolate Truffle Coffee Brightens a Tired Sunday MorningAfter a late Saturday evening filled with considerable conversation, I awoke leery of the day. Weary and unready for daylight, I thought four cups would be enough to realize the world was still good, and they were. My home filled the sweet aroma as the coffee trickled from my machine, and the joy of caffeinated consciousness arrived in full force within moments of sipping. Sunday morning's mercy opened to the freshly ground kindness of Gevalia Kaffe: Dark Chocolate Truffle.

The beans were finely ground, and so fewer spoons of it were needed than for my usual preparation for drip coffee. It should be a suitable grind for espresso.

Darker than an unflavored coffee, the Gevalia presented a strong, completely chocolate coffee taste. Truly as advertised, it reminded me of chocolate truffles I buy at a shop in a train station. On its own, I found the coffee more intense than I prefer, though modest amounts of sugar and cream mitigated it into pleasure.

May your mornings be lifted by the alert fragrance and flavor of chocolate truffle coffee by Gevalia.

246464246464B002D4DY8GAMLXY5B95T869J.C.0031259452800"Chocolate" flavor is too much like chocolate extractAs one who really likes Gevalia cofee, I had visions of creamy chocolate truffles melting in my mouth when I read the box. The reality was a rather rude awakening.

If you have ever had chocolate extract, it does not taste quite like chocolate. It is said to contain the "top notes" that are lost in heating and processing of cocoa. The top notes do not taste like the chocolate we know and love because we aren't use them. Some people like it, some find it artificial tasting. This Gevalia chocolate truffle coffee tastes like cheap Folgers with a splash of chocolate extract. I think the chocolate flavoring ruined the wonderful taste of the Gevalia coffee. I tried different things: adding cream, sugar and even vanilla extract. Although I could get it to taste quite good, the coffee by itself was a disappointment and was not very good without a lot of doctoring.
246465246465B002D4DY8GA1FWFCJU2G7TRAKDMask0051259366400Smooth and YummyI was lucky enough to serve this coffee after a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. Cheers all around! Gevalia is smooth with little bitterness. Wonderful aroma and taste. The chocolate truffle flavor was very good but not overwhelming. Some had it plain, others added milk which made the flavor a bit more creamy. Gevalia can be put in the freezer for storage. Great coffee for yourself, guests or a gift!
246466246466B002D4DY8GA13MKSASQ6YWL7Brad Willis0021259366400I was disappointed.The dark chocolate truffle flavor overpowers the coffee flavor. Not the best combination of chocolate and coffee. The flavors compete against each other, don't blend well, and leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

Dark chocolate and dark coffee are two of my favorite things, however Gevalia did not capture the potential of this blend very well. I wouldn't buy this coffee. It sounds wonderful, but the actual experience was a letdown.
246467246467B002D4DY8GALDV8DDZWWPYEMiss Darcy0051259366400Mild chocolate flavor excellent coffee for dessert or a treat
246468246468B002D4DY8GA18GJ9MYYO6GCQJust ask me! "bronxgal"0041259280000Chocolate and coffee are two major food groupsIf you're trying to avoid sweets over the holidays, but drink coffee and like chocolate, this may be just the thing. As promised, it is strong and satisfying--so much so that this reviewer, who drinks Starbucks regularly, will be using less that the prescribed amount in the future. A small cup will have you convinced that you had some imported dark chocolate. Of course, the coffee does have caffeine, so this can't be a go-to beverage too often during the day. It appears that a decaf version is available, and that's the one I would keep on hand so as to avoid the fattening snacks which are a constant temptation during the holiday season.
$14. a pound is a lot for coffee, so I would consider this a luxury to purchase occasionally or as a gift, or to put on your wish list so you get it as a gift. There is a "subscribe and save" option which brings the price down somewhat.
246469246469B002D4DY8GA1QK0XCAPHIW1LFlush Barrett-Browning0051259280000Excellent, if pricy....Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle Artificially Flavored Ground Coffee delivers an excellent, if pricey, cup of coffee.

Gevalia makes several assertions about their product: "8 ounces of flavored ground coffee in a vacuum packaged foil bag, which ensures complete freshness." Gevalia coffees, as most higher end coffees, are vacuum packaged. This does increase their freshness, but it's generally agreed that ground coffees are not as fresh as those immediately ground from beans.

"Rich, chocolaty" The flavor is rich, and it is a pleasant chocolate, not too chocolate to compete with the coffee flavor. But keep in mind that this is 'artificially flavored' coffee.

"Light roast" This is a light, mellow, middle of the road coffee.

"Low acidity, medium intensity, and medium body" The coffee itself is first rate, pleasant but not intense.

"Origin: Central America, South America" The Arabica beans used provide a smooth, flavorful brew.

In conclusion, Gevalia Dark Chocolate Coffee provides an excellent cup of mild, flavorful coffee that retains its integrity - it's not mocha, it's a lightly chocolate coffee, not a coffee drink.

And if you happen to be making a chocolate dessert that calls for coffee, try this one. It's an excellent addition to chocolate muffins or Chocolat Grand'Mere.
246470246470B002D4DY8GA1VTOFY4N47RGFMarilyn T. Schoberg0051259280000Oh, yum, this is good!This smells wonderful and that's just the beginning. Very smooth flavor with the overtones of chocolate. Add a little peppermint creamer..............delish!!!
246471246471B002D4DY8GAUJEF31CXWTCQS William Shaw0051259193600Good TasteAs far as coffee goes, I am pretty much a straight black coffee type of guy. I wasn't expecting much with this product. In fact, I imagined there was a good chance I wouldn't like it, if it had any flavor at all. I was pleasantly surprised.

The taste was subtle, yet flavorful. It had enough of that black coffee smell and taste to keep me satisfied. I would purchase this again.

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