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246536246536B002D4DY8GA3UOS7EC0NN88AJonathan Strawn2311261008000Smells great, tastes...Bitter, bland and essentially bad. That's what this coffee tastes like.

It smells nice when you open it up, a chocolaty mix of coffee and cocoa, and it fills the room with a pleasant smell while you're brewing it. It almost smells like a chocolate shop where someone is running a nice pot of coffee in the back, giving the whole place the aroma of a winter's morning in Geneva or something. Gevalia is supposed to sound Swiss, right?

Too bad it's Swedish. Not Swiss. And a good thing too, since this doesn't taste so much like a chocolate coffee as it tastes like someone stuffed your coffee maker full of truffles and ran some stagnant water through the pot.

The best quality of the coffee is that the flavor is weak. You have to really overfill your pot to get a strong sense of the flavor, but I would advise only doing this if you want your mouth, coffee cup and everything you drink for the next few days to taste like an old sock that someone might have once dropped into a puddle of spilled coffee and then sprinkled with stale chocolate chips.

A normally brewed cup of this coffee has almost no flavor aside from the bitter sting of really bad generic coffee. Once you amp it up a few notches you can really feel the caffeine, so I guess that's a perk at least. If your hands are steady enough to drink a whole cup you'll enjoy the burnt flavor of the beans along with the sickly sweet chocolate flavor that is thrown in almost like an insult.

Stay away from this coffee. Even worse than the mail-order stuff Gevalia will try to scam on you for a free POS coffee maker, this stuff you have to pay extra for and you really pay the price of your stupidity if you drink it.

It isn't that bad as a room scent though, so if you have an extra coffee maker laying around you could set this up to brew while you microwave almost any instant coffee that will taste better than this. The smell will fool people into thinking that you're a real coffee expert, and it might even enhance the flavor of the instant through a synesthesia effect.

Afterwards, you can take the brewed coffee and use it for cleaning old paint brushes or degreasing an engine.
246537246537B002D4DY8GA3GTJ37QK2SPSBFanshawe2311261008000Just say "no" to this cup of joeAfter opening the fancy box and unsealing the gold bag, I was excited to brew a few cups of succulent, chocolate richness. Instead, I got a pot of synthetic-tasting sweetness that was completely unbefitting of the Gevalia name. This tastes like a cup of store-brand coffee seasoned with those artificial flavoring tablets or Coffee-Mate flavored creamer. What's more, there was none of the characteristic freshness that "bag" coffee typically has. For a much better cup of chocolaty coffee, try Millstone's Chocolate Velvet, which has an immeasurably smoother, more natural chocolate taste (and carries a much smaller price tag). One part Gevalia Kaffe Dark Chocolate mixed with three parts unflavored coffee makes a more palatable cup, but the saccharine sweetness and totally artificial taste are just way too intense when brewed "straight." Truly not a good cup of joe.
246538246538B002D4DY8GABUE0ALHKWKHCKiwi2351258934400Sinful......I'm a full fledged chocolate lover and this coffee is luscious. I don't buy this coffee regularly because it's not in my budget anymore, but I have always recognised their product as superior. I found this coffee to be smooth and indulgent. It is wonderful in the morning if you have time to lounge while you're sipping, or as a nice afternoon present to yourself.

I plan on serving it with dessert for the holiday with a rum cake and ice cream. I'd certainly recommend this to those who love coffee and love chocolate. It's truly sinful.
246539246539B002D4DY8GA189BPUDLRCQEQB. Kemper "Buzz"0051334793600Coffee. Chocolate. Questions?Even though I am loath to admit it, I do sometimes enjoy flavored coffee. I know I know....makes me effeminate, a wuss, an un-masculine mess, but even I, a rock-climbing, mountaineering, straight dude, occasionally drinks flavored coffee. So shoot me. I do love coffee and I do love chocolate, so....well....nothing more probably needs to be said. Coffee and chocolate. Yum.
246540246540B002D4DY8GA33AQPJYH7UUXRDesert Gypsy "A Brooklyn Girl Out West"0041329523200keep on hand for company.... (and me too)Having been a barista at a coffee house I tend to be a little persnickety in my coffee tastes. I prefer to use locally roasted beans but I always have a few "mainstream" choices in the house for company. I bought this flavor as a quick means to satisfy my friends that are fans of mocha coffees and was surprised to find that even I really like this particular Chocolate Truffle flavor from Gevalia.

The coffee "base" is much like their other coffees - what I'd call "restaurant coffee" - the roast a little on the light to medium side, and in this case with a bolder aroma than usual for the brand. The truffle flavor is very well balanced with the beans and hits the right note of smooth chocolate flavor.

This flavor for me stands out from Gevalia's sometimes ho-hum basics and blends. Recommended for those decaf fans who prefer lighter roasts and chocolate flavor.
246511246511B002D4DY8GACAXV4V8PBCE3Texas Rose "Roseanna"2221261267200Disappointing flavorGevalia is known as a great coffee, but I was a little disappointed with this particular blend/flavor. With a name like "dark chocolate truffle" I would expect to taste chocolate, but I didn't. There is a smell of chocolate in the air when it is being made, but not enough actually in the coffee when drinking it. I guess I am a chocolate snob because I want something that says 'chocolate' to actally taste like chocolate, but this particulalr coffee just did not do it for me.
246512246512B002D4DY8GA2R80172BBNSTAJ. Miller "multi-user"2211261008000A bit disappointingI normally like Gevalia coffees and with this flavor, the coffee portion itself is good. The chocolate portion is in itself a little bitter and the bitterness seems to get a little worse as an aftertaste. Gevalia unflavored coffees have always received a positive response from me, but i will stay away from their flavored coffees if this is any indication.
246513246513B002D4DY8GA2RX62V4E2BF5ZCeleste "Vodka, Apple Pucker & Sweet 'n' Sour"2251260662400TastyI wish Gevalia came with an option for whole beans, but as pre-ground coffee goes, this makes a great Sunday morning treat. It may be a little rich for some people as an everyday cofffee, but if you like candy-coffee, you will probably like this.
246514246514B002D4DY8GAUV3OR951650CN. Porter2221260316800Very sour tasting, no matter how much sugar you add!I was looking forward to a rich chocolate taste in my coffee, but I was NOT impressed with this one. The coffee came out sour, and no matter how much sugar I added to my cup of coffee, it still had a very sour chocolate taste. I've since added a tablespoon or so to our full pot of coffee just to use it up, and it's okay that way, but I'd soon as rather not have it included, quite frankly!
246515246515B002D4DY8GA1H6JP5UC5WVT7Edward Durney2241259020800Good blend of flavorsCoffee and chocolate do go together well. I did not think they would. And, for the most part, I prefer them that way. But this blend, in taste and smell, makes a nice combination.
246516246516B002D4DY8GAW6J9IILGOZY3Katawampas4531258934400It's ok....I opened the package, sniffed and noticed a definite artificial cocoa smell. It wasn't offensive, just not mouth-watering. I love coffee and chocolate so was disappointed. I have tried Gevalia coffee beans (whole) in the past and they have been pretty good.

I brewed using the suggestions on the box: 1 rounded tablespoon for every 6 ounces of water. I use the "pour over" method to brew coffee every day because at this time, there is really only one non-commercial drip coffeemaker that gets water to the ideal brewing temperature of 192F to 204 F. I used cold, filtered water, a Melitta natural brown filter and manual drip coffee filter. I heated the water to boiling then used my instant read thermometer to make sure I had the correct water temp. Then just pour the water over the ground beans. There was some crema (the beautiful reddish brown foam) developing - not a lot but this is pre-ground and flavored coffee, so I didn't expect a lot.

It smelled like good strong coffee but with a chemical background. The artificial odors are not appetizing. Tasted like strong coffee (which I like), only slightly bitter but again that artificial taste. Then I tasted it with cream. It was definitely better. The cream seemed to cover up some of the fake chocolate flavor.

It wasn't bad but it wasn't great. If you are a flavored coffee drinker, you might like this brew. Would I purchase it in the future? Probably not. But I will finish this package and I wouldn't say no to a cup at a friend's house. When I want chocolate coffee, I will brew a pot of unflavored coffee and add my favorite chocolate syrup and cream.
246517246517B002D4DY8GA1KEK09ZA6J9P8Colleen M. Schneider4551258848000a chocolate lover's coffee...I could smell the chocolate wafting through my house on Sunday morning as the coffee brewed and hoped that it would taste as good as it smelled. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised that it was just as delicious. Now, caution to those that are not big flavored coffee drinkers....this one may not be for you. I love coffee, flavored, not flavored, with sugar, black if I must, just caffeinate me, and make it a nice cup of good coffee.

This coffee was delicious for Sunday, but would also be a lovely dessert coffee with a bit of cream and sugar. I drank it black with sugar and it was a nice rich cup of coffee. Very smooth, and as I sit writing this I am just enjoying the scent of the dark chocolate. I do love a coffee that I gives me a full experience, good scent, good flavor and that leaves me satisfied.

I would definitely like to try more of their coffee flavors in the future.
246518246518B002D4DY8GA28RSMADFCBJDTPete Chen1141263081600Great coffee with plesantant choclate aromaGevalia coffee has been popular as coffee for subscription for years. Its quality has been quite good. I am glad to see it comes up with chocolate flavor. The chocolate flavor smells really good when brewing. You won't taste any chocolate though. That probably explains why it is "artificial flavor". I think it would go well with desserts. I still prefer my regular coffee in the morning. But I don't mind having this for special occasion to add a little bit of surprise.
246519246519B002D4DY8GA26BU3ZU0R5IPF*~ Sunshine ~*1131261353600So-soI enjoy flavored coffees. I usually prefer a vanilla flavor or nut type, but occasionally have indulged in a chocolate or mocha flavored variety. I've allowed myself to get used to corrupting (some think) my cup with sweetener and cream, so that takes the edge off a lot of the less appealing qualities. I took this to a family dinner to share. Some drank it black, some with their preferred additives. No one raved about it. No one complained, either. I didn't see many take seconds but, to be honest, we were all pretty happily stuffed by then anyway. (smile).

Personally, I thought it was a little bitter. It had a nice flavor of chocolate and coffee, but it seemed a bit acidic and bitter, more so than smooth and satisfying as I had hoped. Possibly a fresh-ground bean would have had more of these qualities, but that isn't this product, so is a moot point. Would I buy this again? Possibly, for an occasional variety, but not for regular use. I'd actually give it three and a half stars by my own tastes. I'd say it's worth a try if it sounds like something you might enjoy, and then decide for yourself.
246520246520B002D4DY8GA10AFVU66A79Y1R. Cipriani "Flo"1121260144000More bitter chocolate then truffle flavorI am a bit of a coffee snob and grind my own beans each day. I like a smooth full flavored coffee and the fresher the better. I was hoping this would be a nice chg of pace especially over the holiday season. I brewed up a pot after our Thanksgiving dinner .

The ranges of opinion were diverse.
1.One who likes lots of sugar and cream thougth it was dreamy. who likes it bare bones called it bitter with an odd after taste.
#3, 4, 5 varied from people who used a little cream and minimal sugar. The people that gave it the best rating were the ones that doctored up the brew with a lot of sugar and heavy cream..
6.Those like me who just uses a splash of cream felt it was way too bitter and not smooth at all.. In fact it had a rather harsh taste.

Sorry this won't be one of the flavors we will be using in the future. Though I do like a number the Gevalia blends this isn't one of them
246521246521B002D4DY8GA36K2N527TXXJNDr. Bojan Tunguz1151260144000Very flavorful coffeeThis is a very rich and flavorful chocolate that can add some excitement to your morning cup of joe. The dark chocolate truffle flavor is not too overpowering, just strong enough to make this a very unique-tasting coffee. Coffee is very rich and smooth, but not too strong. If you are looking for a gourmet coffee i would very strongly recommend that you try this one. I am exceptionally satisfied with it.
246522246522B002D4DY8GA3U4GW06XNSI2QB. B. "B.B."1121260144000Love Chocolate But Please Don't Taint My Coffee!I was given the chance to try out this product for a review. Being a HUGE dark chocolate lover, I initially thought that I would really enjoy this product but it is a bit too chocolaty and sweet for my palette, so much that I cannot taste even a hint of coffee in it. I am a daily one to two cup of coffee drinker and look forward to my early morning wake up to my brew but I will not be adding this product to my repertoire anytime soon. I did mix this coffee with equal parts of my regular brew and it was a bit more palatable. Hot cocoa anyone?
246523246523B002D4DY8GA3PECZX773ME74E. K. Moseley1131260057600Just OKI'm not liking flavored coffee. I thought this would be good, but it was not.
246524246524B002D4DY8GA16WPA6JV83YXTSandra Trolinger "trolsgirl"1111259798400I am a big fan of Gevalia products...but NOT this oneI was excited to try this flavored coffee and I have drank Gevalia coffees for over 12 years and love their Traditional Roast and the limited edition Royal Vinter varieties. When I opened this one I noticed the overwhelming artificial smell of the product and read on the box that the flavors were indeed artificial!
I brewed a pot of coffee and tried it with my daughter and we both disliked the smell and the taste was disgusting and a strong aftertaste followed. I could not taste chocolate and even adding pumpkin spice creamer did not disguise the awful flavor.
A few nights later I made a pot of this coffee for my husband and I to drink because I wanted his opinion. He also hated it and said to NEVER brew it again. This product was a good idea but the ingredients make it unpalatable and if you are going to add chocolate then make sure it is REAL so the flavor is right.
246525246525B002D4DY8GA3C2CPTCMB7S4NP. Lio "Dermatophile"1151259539200Delicious and not cloyingly sweetI'm a coffee fan and, heresy aside, a flavored coffee fan. Although I can tolerate cloyingly sweet coffees, I don't like them, especially when they cover up crappy coffee.

Here we have a nice, smooth, well-roasted coffee with a subtle chocolaty background that is really satisfying. I'm sipping a cup now and finding its mildness refreshing compared to some of the more "acrid" or "burnt" potent coffees that have become more standard here in the U.S.

The packaging was very nice, and the bag was vacuum sealed as expected.

Overall, I am very pleased and would certainly drink this coffee again. It's subtler and more mild than my favorite (Dunkin' Donuts), but high quality and delicious. Recommended.
246526246526B002D4DY8GA109L3WXD1SJFUCookbook Gal "Cookbook Gal"1121259539200I wanted to like it, but . . . .The spectrum of the reviews for this product proves, once again, that taste is a personal thing!
I've had Gevalia coffee in the past, and I liked it, so I was looking forward to trying the dark chocolate truffle flavor.

I served it over Thanksgiving weekend to two other coffee drinkers who thought it was "nice," but nothing special. The scent of the brewing coffee was wonderful - you could really smell the chocolate. The taste for me, however, was disappointing. Not much of a chocolate hit and a bitter aftertaste, even after I added some half-and-half (a necessity for this coffee, in my opinion).
246527246527B002D4DY8GA2KUUIJ52MWDASK. B. Fenner1141259452800Rich, dark coffee, far better than instant, but Starbucks can breathe easyI am a moderate coffee snob -- I grind my dark roast beans with a burr grinder before every pot, and only brew a mug at a time, but I'm not over-the-top---I don't roast my own, and I don't have a special long-named drink order at Starbucks. This product makes a nice rich, dark cup of coffee, with hints of chocolate. I added some sugar and milk to see if it made it more truffle-y and it would pass for a dessert on a diet. It isn't a substitute for a shot of chocolate syrup in a latte or a Frappuccino...but then again realistically, that isn't what you'd expect from a package of ground coffee. It is light years better than the instant "international" coffees, though!
246528246528B002D4DY8GA3VZH0PWLQ9BB1T. Bux1141259452800Truly wonderful chocolate flavorI'm not usually a big fan of flavored coffee. But given the reputation Gevalia has for making good coffee I'd figure I'd give it a shot.

For the coffee I used my Capresso MT500 Plus Coffee Maker (available on Amazon) with gold permanent cone filter, and 10 cups fresh cold water.

The coffee is pre-ground, and immediately after opening the vacuum sealed brick bag you are met with rich coffee sweetness and fresh ground coffee. The coffee is ground very fine so this would be best used with a drip coffee maker.

The coffee brews up with rich coffee and chocolate aromatics. The flavor is wonderful, rich and chocolate flavored. Unlike lesser flavored coffees that can taste bitter or have this strange chemical taste to it, the Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle coffee actually tastes like it is supposed to taste like. It tastes like dark chocolate. I am very impressed. I'll have to change my mind about flavored coffees after tasting this.
246529246529B002D4DY8GA11T807LX2EF00Michael1121259366400Not quite there for me....I love chocolate truffles. When I saw this coffee I thought I would be in for a treat. It was merely okay. Nothing special for me. Has a caffeine kick and is smooth, but you need to remember it's chocolate truffle and then, perhaps, you get a hint of the taste.

Not a bad brand, but I will not go out of my way to buy this. You would be better off mixing chocolate syrup with your coffee. Again, this is my personal opinion. Others may find it more than okay.

For my money, it's not worth it.
246530246530B002D4DY8GA3HPCRD9RX351SSpudman1141259193600Just a Hint of ChocolateI'm a daily coffee drinker but not a connoisseur and do like an occasional taste of flavored coffee. To me a blend of chocolate and coffee flavors is pleasing, so much so that I sometimes add a spoonful of Land O' Lakes instant chocolate to my coffee.
The Gevalia is very finely ground almost to the consistency of flour or powdered sugar. After cutting open the vacuum packed block of coffee I expected a heavenly armoma of coffee and chocolate to escape along with the hiss of air. The aroma of this coffee didn't give me that heady pleasure of even the cheaper coffees I usually drink.

My first cup of Gevalia was unimpressive with only a hint of chocolate flavor. On subsequent days I've grown to appreciate its subtle flavor, but I prefer a more pronounced chocolate flavor, not one that's lurking in the shadows or the grounds.
Taking the coffee with or without milk made little difference to me. I thought drinking the Gevalia black would reveal more of the chocolate nuance, but I was mistaken.

In short, this is a good tasting coffee, but unremarkable with a just a little acidity and bitterness. The stylish packaging and the glowing description on the box impress more than the coffee itself. For this coffee drinker, Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle with artificial flavoring falls short of being the "ultimate indulgence."
246531246531B002D4DY8GA1ZZR25X0CNOJXslim "57psalm"1151259107200Good flavor, not overwhelmingThe chocolate flavor is "pleasantly present," in that it is not overwhelming at all. I'm a self-confessed chocoholic, so I love the chocolate flavor. The chocolate flavor borders on almost being too subtle for me. Overall this coffee has a nice rich flavor with a very pleasant aroma.
246532246532B002D4DY8GAWKZAUC0D8DYLAuskan "Auskan"1151259020800Perfect cup of coffee with a rich & satisfying flavorThis coffee has a wonderful rich full-bodied flavor, neither bitter nor harsh. It is smooth and delicious, with unique fruity and brown sugar notes. This particular roast is not as dark as some coffees but the fragrance as it is dripping is wonderful. I do not drink coffee black so use it with a bit of half-n-half which gives it an even richer flavor. This is a good afternoon coffee break coffee, a pleasurable pick-me-up for sure.
246533246533B002D4DY8GA2ZJMLZ1IA2YA9d bucci1131259020800Mild cocoa flavor- astringent- plenty of caffeine.I think the character of the "Dark Chocolate Truffle" flavor in this coffee reminds me more of cocoa powder rather than the rounded fatty flavor of chocolate. It is a medium-dark roast, medium body that I found to be too winey, astringent and bitter for my taste. The dry mouth feel and bitterness lingered in the mouth and back of my throat. I found that adding a bit of whole milk helped to bring out the chocolate flavor and take the edge off the bitterness and astringency. I made the coffee as recommend on the package, one slightly rounded tablespoon per 6 oz cup in my drip coffee maker. The coffee is ground very fine, almost a powder. Ingredients: Arabica coffee, artificial and natural flavor.
Plenty of caffeine, I am used to drinking a dark roasted Sumatra and 6 cups of that does not give me the buzz that two cups of this Gevalia coffee did!
246534246534B002D4DY8GACYR6O588USK' Groovin' guy "music historian"1151259020800Tastes Just Like Chocolate MilkI usually stick to Illy espresso, though from time to time I try other brands and flavors.

This coffee has a different aroma, not heavily perfumed. It's the taste though that I'm very impressed with.

It tastes just like a mug of hot chocolate. It's different and I can see drinking this as a change, especially nice during Winter. Just the right amount of sweetness, not overly sweet.

It's something different, drinking coffee and savoring hot chocolate milk. Definitely recommended.
246535246535B002D4DY8GA35Q0RBM3YNQNFM. Hill4631259107200Adding Cream is a NecessityI brewed the Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle coffee both in a Cuisinart automatic brew coffee maker and a french press. I followed the instructions on the package - 1 rounded tablespoon for each 6 ounce cup of coffee. I found the same taste results with both methods. I like a good cup of black coffee but am not fanatical about it. I do grind fresh bold or medium body beans each morning and use filtered water to prepare the pot.

As someone who usually adds a little espresso or instant espresso powder to most chocolate recipes I know this flavor combination is a wonderful marriage. Depending on the percentage of espresso to chocolate, the result is either a deep mocha flavor with the coffee playing a major role, or a small addition will result in complex chocolate flavor with no obvious coffee component. Unfortunately, with the Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle coffee the merger of coffee and chocolate adversely affected both the coffee and the chocolate flavor.

There is a definite aftertaste from the artificial flavor, and the coffee itself is bitter and acidic. I do not know if the artificial flavor affected the coffee or the coffee is bitter and acidic on its own but, after each sip I had an involuntary puckering reaction, not my lips, but the inside of my cheeks as if I was consuming something containing acetic acid, like vinegar, not that it tasted like vinegar - it didn't. The flavor was remarkably unpleasant, and when the cup cooled off, it tasted worse. Even the aroma while brewing smelled artificial.

The other reviewers who mention how greatly improved the flavor became once cream was added is an indication of a consistent problem. I love the taste of coffee and like it unadorned - no cream or sugar. I only add cream if I am in a restaurant and the coffee doesn't taste good. I use the cream to doctor-it-up in hopes of salvaging some of the flavor and masking the poor aspects whether caused by bitterness or coffee that's been sitting in the pot too long. This coffee is no exception, the cream vastly improved the drinkability, but the action is akin to smearing butter on a day old roll. Underneath it is still a stale roll, and although the butter tastes delicious, it would not be accurate to call the combination a buttery delight.

On the positive side, flavored coffees are usually light body and the Gevalia is definitely medium body. The packaging is quite attractive and the name is clever, but in the end may work against the product because Dark Chocolate Truffle evokes a clear taste profile for most people and the coffee doesn't live up to the name. I am rating the coffee three stars instead of less because if the purchaser always uses cream in their coffee, many of the taste issues I encountered should be if not resolved, at least mitigated.

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