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246583246583B002D4DY8GA2M1MNG7G40V85Surface to Air Missle0051261008000Delicious niche coffeeI am not a gourmet coffee drinker although I am a regular drinker. I like higher quality coffees but I do take them with a bit of cream and sugar unlike most coffee connoisseurs.

Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle Ground Coffee is very tasty if you are looking for what I would describe as a cross between coffee and hot chocolate. The coffee has more then just chocolate undertones but doesn't pour or taste like pure hot chocolate. It does have a decent caffeine kick to it but less so then regular coffee. I also find myself putting in less sugar and creme with this product. It requires a bit more grounds then most coffee to avoid a watery taste so be aware of that before you buy.

Overall I would recommend this and it makes an excellent after dinner desert coffee.
246584246584B002D4DY8GA2JXCOUGYS5Y4Janonymous0031261008000good coffee but don't expect chocolatey flavorthe coffee itself is pretty decent and goes down smoothly. but my biggest problem with this product is how its described as 'chocolate truffle' because it's not chocolatey. if you want a combo of coffee and chocolate, this is NOT for you - make yourself a genuine mocha instead because you'll be disappointed. get this coffee if you want a decent brew, but don't get it if you expect a yummy chocolate flavor. labeling it as 'chocolate truffle' is grossly misleading because one expects amazing full-bodied chocolate flavor. you just can't get the creamy, sugary dimension of chocolate from ground coffee alone, so the product should be renamed.
246585246585B002D4DY8GA3OXM4NUGQKIQ0Kula0041260921600mmmmgevalia coffee is always really good, and this one is no exception. it smelled more like chocolate than it tasted like it, but it was still pretty good. one star off because its not peets ;)
246586246586B002D4DY8GA3G007LQX6KGODSevereWX0041260921600Good to a pointThe Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle coffee is fairly decent tasting coffee if you load it with sweetener, giving it a mild, smooth flavor. However, if you prefer drinking black coffee without sweeteners or creamers, this is one flavored coffee you'll want to avoid, as it takes on slightly bitter flavoring that otherwise spoils the pleasant aroma. I found this coffee to be much more pleasant overall when brewed in a percolator style cofee maker, instead of the more common drip style coffee machine. Overall a decent quality coffee, if somewhat overpriced.
246587246587B002D4DY8GA37D2TGTIXRV2Nplyopowerd "Arrow Dynamic Mom"0041260921600Good if you prefer a very mild, subtle flavorRating coffee is so subjective; one person's "perfect" is another person's "battery acid" or "cloudy water". I used to work on a construction site so I got used to coffee you could start a car with, boiled in a hot pot and drunk straight-up. So for me, this was a little too mild-flavored, more chocolate-scented than infused (much like the chocolate tea I reviewed). It's improved with a little cream and sugar, but I don't normally add cream and sugar to coffee.
246588246588B002D4DY8GA8UM78SMPSHC0Hervian Rose0051260921600As always with Gevalia a top-notch productI got this for work because I don't have a grinder there. I like some nice coffee when I finish seeing patients and as I tackle the records, phone calls, review reports that have arrived that day- several hours of work after the front door is locked.
This is as described, very special, and I have found that Gevalia coffee is reliable.
A small cup of fresh hot special coffee and a few almonds makes it much easier to face that part of the day.
246589246589B002D4DY8GA1DC1O4VX6AHPPE. A. Jones "movie buff"0051260835200best chocolate Gevalia yetThis stuff is delicious! Easily the best flavored coffee I've had from Gevalia or anywhere. The chocolate flavoring pairs so well with the coffee, it doesn't taste like coffee + artificial flavor, it tastes like coffee that has a natural cocoa flavor in it. The flavor doesn't fade when you add cream and sugar. It pairs wonderfully with some fruits and desserts that aren't too sweet. If you drink alcohol, my husband recommends a half shot of butterscotch schnapps in the coffee.

I'm a big Gevalia fan, having had their coffess for years, subscribing to their mailed versions off and on over the last 12 years or so. While I adore a lot of their whole bean and ground darker roasts, I have tried a few of the Gevalia flavors but was just never that impressed with them. Further, I've tried flavored coffees in several store and gourmet brands and just never cared for them. So many coffees add flavor that doesn't blend well with the natural coffee flavor, making a weird, artificial taste. When I saw this new Dark Chocolate Truffle flavor, though, I decided to try a box, and I'm so glad I did.

I will buy this again, no question. My only caveat: If you can't drink caffeine, you may want to avoid this specific kind. I notice the caffeine hits me a lot harder with the Dark Chocolate Truffle coffee than with any other caffeinated I've had, which makes sense, but is kind of surprising if you're not expecting it.
246590246590B002D4DY8GAHQRU3MRORIWQEMTP EJ "EJ"0041260748800Tasty!This product is the usual Gevalia finely ground coffee.

Full-strength it did not seem be all that great. I enjoyed it much better when I blended the product with 'regular' coffee. Maybe it is just the way I brew coffee that is wrong, or I have the wrong kind of brewer (basket instead of cone, like the Gevalia-brand brewers). I am not a big fan of flavored coffee, of any brand, because I think they processor can mask poor-grade product with fancy additives.

It has very good dark-chocolate flavor. I am not sure how good a value it will as I do not have access to that info at this point.
246591246591B002D4DY8GA3FBM0RMCMAABVPenguin Chick0051260662400Delicious!You can really taste the chocolate in this delicious coffee. Gevalia is a quality brand so I was expecting a really tasty cup of coffee and I wasn't disappointed. I made it using a french press, which is what I prefer. The coffee was smooth, with no bitter taste and had a really delicious dark chocolate taste. It's a great dessert coffee, but I find myself drinking it for breakfast too!
246592246592B002D4DY8GA2W0XCWOK3MW6FKaren Woodworth Roman "Happy Librarian"0041260662400bittersweetWhile not a huge fan of flavored coffee, Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle Ground Coffee isn't bad. It isn't exactly bitter or sweet, but it is a little like bittersweet chocolate in the coffee. It has a pleasant aroma and tastes nice with milk. I don't use sugar, but I think that would improve the flavor. I am a coffee snob, but I do like my coffee ground, so that was a plus. If you like mocha coffee, that still tastes like coffee, you will probably like this. I probably will try a different Gevalia coffee next time.
246593246593B002D4DY8GA3QS4WWC1LCA6HEric C. Sedensky "late-to-jazz musician"0041260576000Aromatic and tastyGevalia is a well known name among coffee lovers, but as a casual coffee drinker, I had never had it before. I have to say, it was tasty enough as coffee goes, but it really made the house smell chocolaty, which I consider a good thing. The rich coffee and chocolate flavor was well balanced and blended, and I can honestly say that I really enjoyed it whenever I drank it. I'm not sure I like it enough to buy on a regular basis, but if you are a big-time flavored coffee drinker, I think this would fit well in your cupboard and provide a good change of pace on occasion.
246594246594B002D4DY8GA14638TGYH7GD9Rebecca Haden0051260576000Possibly the perfect after-dinner coffeeThis coffee uses chocolate to give a rich, complex flavor. It's not sweet, and it tastes great black. Add cream and sugar to bring out the truffle, or just enjoy it as it is.

The smell of this stuff brewing is really delightful. It's packaged nicely enough for a gift, but makes a good addition to your basic coffee collection as well.
246595246595B002D4DY8GA3I9MCGO36KZ7VShawn Kovacich "Author and Creator of numerou...0031260576000Not Really To My Taste, But You May Enjoy ItI generally like mocha lattes and thought that this coffee would be great to try. The coffee had a good smell and came in a well-sealed, airtight package. It is ground really fine though and this is where I found it to be a problem. At first I thought it was an instant coffee, so I had to read the box to make sure I knew how to brew it. From there, the grind is so fine that you have to let it sit and drip for a while to get all the water through the filter. It is also a little challenging to determine how strong you want the coffee.

I noticed that if I use the same amount as a normal brew coffee, it is a stronger coffee. I cannot taste the chocolate. I taste a strong coffee with a strange after taste that might be considered the chocolate part. The first time I tried it I thought I tasted espresso with a dirt after taste.

Some people might consider this a good coffee, but for my taste, I don't think I can finish the bag. This is definitely something that depends on the individuals taste.

Shawn Kovacich
Author of the Achieving Kicking Excellence series.
246596246596B001IZJYNKA810PNCBZXIYJT. Robinson7721264550400Wasted moneyI didn't give this 1-star because the preserves were ok. They are presented as gift items, but as jams go, they weren't noticably better than a grocery store product at 1/100th the price per ounce. As a gift recipient, there is no more sense that you've gotten a sampler of what is presumably a larger product. As the gift giver, you're paying an exorbitant amount for the treats toward no end.
246597246597B001IZJYNKA3O9Z0EQ61OE46loki1111322870400Don't waste your moneyThese are so tiny I would be embarrassed to give them as a gift. Maybe 2 tablespoons jam per jar. They wouldn't even sell at the flea market for a dollar for the 4 pack. I had hoped to get some of my money back. One star is too much.
246598246598B002GJY2CUA3H78NCT3DJMY2Barnaby Dorfman2251260403200Magic Coffee!!Do you love coffee? Addicted to chocolate? This combo is fantastic!! Rich and flavorful with soul you can taste. These two companies buy raw product directly from farmers and lovingly create products that taste great with a direct connection to the land.
246599246599B002GJY2CUA1BAV77TU9YW2SChelleTuile0051333324800Amazing!The coffee was SO good! Cafe Vita is my favorite coffee roaster. All the items were shipped the next day too, which is a plus since I can't survive for long in college without coffee.
246600246600B007TPPWOSAX1Z7ANK5I5W2way2go0021347580800OVER PRICED!!!Trader Joe's Salt Water Taffy is great...but if you buy it from the store it is $1.99. So is it really worth $10..No! Save your money!
246571246571B002D4DY8GA1BXVZSQOJE6UECtwink0031262044800Pleasant - Nothing GreatThe Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle Coffee is a smooth, non-acidic brand of coffee with a hint of dark chocolate. My wife, the coffee drinker, enjoyed it. The chocolate taste is not overpowering, but is also not quite as prevalent as you would like for a more expensive brand. However this coffee is nothing to write home about. It's not spectacular - not 4- or 5-star - and it's not really something that I would pay extra for. For the price of the coffee, we expected something absolutely divine. The low acidity is nice though. It's not your $5 store-brand, but I feel it's not worth the cost.
246572246572B002D4DY8GA36MS27KAA5S26Katherine Berry "of "Housewife How To's""0041261785600It tastes sinful but it's not!Although I love coffee, I've never been a flavored-coffee drinker. I am, however, a chocolate fan and figured that the combination of the two flavors was worth checking out. As it happens, this coffee arrived just in time to take to my mother-in-law's house where there were plenty of other coffee- and chocolate-lovers around to help try it out.

My first reaction when opening the bag was, simply put, to drool. This is yummy-smelling stuff here! But, of course, the proof is in the taste. So, using my MIL's coffee maker -- an extremely slow-dripping thing that takes around 15 minutes to make an 8-cup pot -- I followed the package direction on measurement and waited. It wasn't long before everyone in the family was gathered around the coffee maker, cups in hand. This stuff smells THAT good.

Before I get to the taste, let me point out that this is an extremely finely ground coffee. As a result the water went through it even more slowly than usual AND almost overflowed the filter. Keep that in mind if you're thinking about making a full pot with this stuff; it's probably best to do a half-pot at a time unless you're really fond of cleaning up coffee basket overflow.

That said, once the coffee was ready it was well worth the wait. My sister-in-law, who likes hers with cream and sugar, said this tasted almost like a coffee-flavored candy bar. Personally, I like my coffee black, and yet I was really surprised at how smooth yet flavorful this coffee was. It didn't taste like a candy bar to me, but it did have a nice note of chocolate with each swallow; not overpowering but, if anything, very complimentary to the depth of the coffee flavor. We all agreed it was a winner, particularly those of us on a diet (that's me) who felt like they were actually getting a treat with their morning coffee when, in fact, there was no diet-busting involved.

Good stuff.
246573246573B002D4DY8GA1KSDKIZ4XN3GGLeslie Fitzgerald0031261440000TastyI've never liked flavored coffee, so I am pleasantly surprised to report that this one is pretty good. The chocolate flavor is perhaps too intense, so it's not balanced with the coffee flavor like an ordinary mocha, but maybe that's a good thing. Even though we usually grind our own at home for extra freshness, this package arrive fresh and, being pre-ground, was more convenient for a quick cup.
246574246574B002D4DY8GA1L20MX19ZMNW5paisleymonsoon0031261440000Weak But Not Overly Sicky SweetI was not overly impressed with this coffee. It was ground finely which is nice if you want to use it for espresso. And it wasn't overly sicky sweet like some flavored coffees. In fact, there was very little taste of flavoring to it. However, no matter how much coffee I added to the pot, it seemed kind of weak and bleh. Perhaps I like a coffee that is roasted more strongly. So I suppose that if you like a lightly flavored, weakly roasted coffee, this would be the coffee for you. It's just not my cuppa joe.
246575246575B002D4DY8GA1AKU188I6NRF0StevenJM "stevenjm"0051261440000Great, Smooth FlavorGevalia makes great coffee and this dark chocolate truffle blend is excellent. Very smooth and flavorful. The chocolate adds a nice zing to the coffee yet doesn't overwhelm. Great as a desert type coffee rather than one served with a meal.
246576246576B002D4DY8GA1ROYTFVKXZUY5E. Smith0041261008000Mmmmmm delicious!I'm not a huge coffee drinker but I loved this Gevalia coffee! It's rich but not too rich, i.e. some coffee brands can be overpowering, this was not. It was chocolatey and smooth and very tasty. I would buy it again! This would also be great for a gift basket. :)
246577246577B002D4DY8GAT9U5ZE5OO84CM. Kooiman "nerdette"0051261008000Delicious coffee once again from GevaliaI found this coffee from Gevalia to be both aromatic and delicious. The aroma is that of chocolate and is slightly sweet. I brewed a cup in my Keurig coffee machine (using the My K Cup) on a smaller cup setting so I could get the full flavor of the coffee. It didn't disappoint me at all. After adding a little cream and splenda, I tasted light chocolaty flavor in a very smooth coffee. This is not a flavor for those of you who prefer the bolder coffees. I sampled a cup made on a larger cup setting and it was a little too weak but this is the fault of the machine and not the coffee. If making it in a drip coffee maker, go for stronger to taste the flavors.
246578246578B002D4DY8GA3I2XRSKNKDVWAD. Otero0041261008000Delicious!My husband is the coffee drinker so I asked him what he thought....

He definitely liked it :-)

One thing he noticed - this coffee is not as good if you try to use it in the DIY Keurig coffee pod gadget. So long as you stick with a regular drip coffee maker, it is great :-)
246579246579B002D4DY8GA2H8W05KTHYG8OEric Draven0031261008000Very GoodI liked it a lot. But then I like flavored coffee. If you like good coffee, and good chocolate, then it would be safe to say that you might enjoy this.
246580246580B002D4DY8GA1484U2Y4YFX2RScott Richardson0031261008000Good, but not greatI usually find "flavored" coffee to be cheap, terrible-tasting coffee that's overly-perfumed so you don't suspect how bad it is until you taste it. Gevalia's Dark Chocolate Truffle didn't fall into this trap--it's a decent, but not great coffee on its own. It has a little bit too much of a mocha flavor for me, but your mileage may vary.

One thing I've found that works great is that I use the Gevalia for 1/3 of my normal grounds allocation, and my normal coffee for the other 2/3. This yields a cup of coffee that has a nice chocolate taste, but not overwhelmingly so. (To clarify--if I'm using 3 scoops of coffee, I'll use 1 of Gevalia and 2 of my normal coffee). Of course, I'm also the kind of guy who puts three different types of cereal into the same bowl at once, which I realize isn't for everyone. This coffee certainly isn't one I'd drink every day (and I drink a number of cups of coffee each day), but it is nice on occasion.

In short, if you're looking for a chocolate-flavored coffee, you could do worse than this one.
246581246581B002D4DY8GA316RLHHO9Y24Tmyoho guy0031261008000Surprisingly OKWe never buy pre-ground coffee, let alone flavored varieties. We do like chocolate so I figured this might be interesting.

We brewed it in a drip coffeemaker using the recommended quantities of water and coffee, and the result was pretty surprising. We liked the pairing of the two flavors and how smooth the brew was (was not very acid at all).

The one negative thing that we noticed was there was a "flavored coffee aftertaste" that seems to be the same no matter what flavor coffee it is.

This is artificially flavored coffee (no chocolate) and the chemicals that they use to concoct the different flavors probably share the same base component(s), and that's what you taste afterwards. However, overall we expected something much worse but it was pretty OK. I would rate it 3 and a half stars.
246582246582B002D4DY8GA1S7YQQGJPPFLGCarolyn Lee "Navy Wife"0051261008000Wonderful taste!I love hot mochas and wanted something I could make at home.I decided to try the Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle Ground coffee to see if it would make a good substitute. While the chocolate taste is not as strong as a mocha, I could definitely taste it. It would be a good way to save some calories - alternate days of Mochas and Gevalia.

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