Amazon Fine Food Reviews

246601246601B007TPPWOSANEYAM9NN6BS5Tess Graham "Roger'smom"0031347408000I only liked the red licorice onesI would buy these again if I could get only the red licorice ones. They were yummy. I didn't like the rest of the flavors. The texture was a little harder than I prefer, too.
246602246602B007TPPWOSA3035Z5JOZA7B6dieburnbot "dbb"0051345075200Great taffy, but don't buy hereThis is delicious taffy with all natural favors, but the price on here is insane. You can get that same bag at trader joes for a dollar ninety nine.
246603246603B004HXTF70AMHXMMSLVUZRVjeff0031337040000delitethe last package I got came with too much dirt making it impossible to eat.I had to get rid of 3 packages.
246604246604B000LQJ6DKA2VN73WHJAYUG0Rita in Portland "Rita in Portland"181851249862400Very fragrantVery good aroma and no bitterness. Use it sparingly in desserts. Keep the bottle closed tight and place it in a dark cupboard, it will last a long time.
246605246605B000LQJ6DKA29QO458BXIVFCChristine Thompson "Spyhopper"171751231718400Orange Blossom GoodnessThe Orange Blossom Water/essence is an excellent product. I use it for it teas and waters to add an extra aroma. Orange Blossom Water is from the Orange Blossom and the smell is very addicting!
246606246606B000LQJ6DKA3IXC749UVCXWFSabrina M. Messenger141551287792000Delightful!When I went to purchase the rosewater, a salesperson suggested I try the orange blossom water, too. Said it was very good for digestive issues. One day I did have a tummy ache so I tried it in tea, and it did work wonders for me! Mind you, a little bit goes a very long way. Orange blossom water also works well in orange juice and I like to put a little bit in my bathwater or in a spray bottle to use as perfume.
246607246607B000LQJ6DKA18SK17MTA3KNGTrishatur8851302048000Used to Make Lebanese "White Coffee"I've been using this product for months in what the Lebanese call "white coffee" or "cafe blanc". One teaspoon in a cup of boiled water with some sugar makes an extremely pleasant and calming after-dinner beverage that helps digestion. Excellent and delicate aroma and taste. Strongly recommended.
246608246608B000LQJ6DKA3OJ5KF55RUZVKnoquarter008951295308800works greatThe package arrived on time and the orange blossom water was secured well. I have had things like this arrive broken and leaking all over the inside of the box. It has a very strong floral aroma with a little bitter kick. And just to clarify this doesn't contain any sugar, it is more of an extract. It went well in my Ramos Gin fizz cocktails which, I made all week for Christmas and new years entertaining family and friends. Only had to use a few drops or else you would be smelling orange blossom all night. I havn't baked anything with it yet, athough I think it would work well in many different pastries. There are may European recipies that call for it. Store in a dark cupboard away from other food beacuse it will start to flavor everything. Overall a very good product and it is what it claims to be, orange blossom water.
246609246609B000LQJ6DKA2WDATJUT3RD6UShoelover1151338940800The aroma of home...I loved this product. Shipped in a timely fashion, very well wrapped, and smells divine. The only thing that beats it is the orange blossom water of the city of Shiraz back home. But that's a luxury I don't have any more...
246610246610B000LQJ6DKA1HPPYO919W3VMDerek Haas "Derek"1141299801600fragrantThis adds a nice fragrance to cocktails....I think you can use it in cooking too. A little goes a long way
246611246611B000LQJ6DKA147Z0N82EI5BIBCCM "HR Professional"0031349654400Just fineI cannot give a review as to how it worked for any particular dish since I used it for other reasons. Will say it was very nicely packaged and came very quickly. I would certainly purchase from this merchant again.
246612246612B000LQJ6DKA283PSW8L9QJZVannm0051349481600Cortas Orange Blossum WaterI had several Mediterranean recipes I was dieing to try but did not have the ingredients. This was my first time doing them and the orange blossom water was hard to find. So I was delighted to finally locate some. The Greek dessert I made with a syrup made with this and the rose water was awesome.
246613246613B000LQJ6DKA2A1B4PUP2CG8LLulu0051338508800Great Wonderful WaterThis orange blossom water has an amazing smell. The taste that it gave to my middle eastern desserts improved the flavor.
246614246614B000LQJ6DKA3QDGKE0NAS0WOsunclov0721334016000ehTried using this as a facial toner. Did nothing, smelled alright. Kind of a foodie smell to it. I prefer orange bloosom oil as a perfume, much better. I guess this is better used in food recipes, Ill use the rest for that
246615246615B000BQSI1GA1WHHR3O9FXERQJulia K6621195776000Turd Uk'nTried the Turducken this year. I was very disappointed. The bird doesn't stay together like the photos you see. After it's cooked, you don't know to slice or scoop out the bird. There was very little turkey meat on the outside and the inside had more rice than duck or sausage. Plus, it was dry. There were no juices when I cooked it. Luckily, we also cooked a traditional turkey which fed everyone. After all said and done, after $110, the Turducken was stuffing. I will never buy again.
246616246616B000BQSI1GAPZJ80OSPL103Foodie1111322870400Worst Tur-duc-ken everLast year I had another Tur-duc-ken and it was great. This year our market brought these in and I will never buy one again. The instructions state to cook 3 hours and 40 minutes frozen. It took over 2 hours more than that (which I could have lived with) and when we took it out it was so dry on the outside and still raw in the middle. Trust me my market has heard several complaints this year.
T from PA
246617246617B000BQSI1GA2U84GIWQYTY77BigBurl0031331510400Not exactly as advertised.The Tur-Duc-Hen I ordered was advertized having corn bread stuffing and sausage. The one I received was stuffed with only rice. The bird itself was good and delivery was fast. If it was not for the mix up between rice and corn bread stuffing I would have given this Item a 4 out of 5.
246618246618B000BQSI1GA34K69CS4WI50MNeil Foster "Plane Guy"0011324771200Our Dog Loved ItI bought this for our Christmas dinner. BIG mistake. What we received was a very small, and extremely overpriced turkey stuffed with little pieces of what may have been duck and/or chicken... and a lot of nasty-tasting stuffing. The proportions were NOTHING like what is pictured.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product (frozen, stuffed) and the time it is traditionally served (Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner) you don't find out it is crap until it comes out of the oven... and by then you are stuck with it, because most of the stores are already closed.

Despite the small amount of meat, it easily fed seven people, with ample left-overs... mainly because nobody finished what was on their plates, let alone went back for seconds.

On a positive note, our dog loved the stuff and happily ate what everyone scooped into her bowl.
246619246619B000BQSI1GA1ZF2MSBDUM5SFsally smith "Mustang-Sally"81541136332800Tasty! It's Different, at least!what is it? I'm so confused!

My sweet, adventuremonger husband, Norman, thought this was a hoot, so he bought it and cooked it up for me, for our 15 and a half year anniversary candlelight dinner.

MMMmm, yummy. After a few dee-lish bites, I, of course, asked him, "Sweetums, what IS this?"

"Why, Snugglepuss, it's Turducken, of course!" he answered, with a wicked grin. I kept eating, trying the different colors, white and dark meat, that sliced in a lovely way.

"Huh?" I managed, with a mouthful of white meat.

"Tur - duck - hen," he pronounced patiently, slowly. as if speaking to a very slow thinker. Like, oh, now I get it! Not.

Then, he kindly showed me the packaging, which he fished out of the trash. Ohh, but of course, a part Turkey, part Duck, and part Hen. why didn't I see it!? The hen, I assume is the part that's chicken.

Well, I give the inventors a gold star for inventiveness! Who'd of thunk??

Being as I love it when my man cooks for me (and shops) I didn't complain. It was lovely. tender, moist, and certainly unusual. Pricy, perhaps. But, how often do you see a turducken?

my Norman is a hunter, and he's never brought home anything like this!

Tasty, unusual, a conversation starter for your next party! buy a few! yummmmm.....
246620246620B001BCSU08A1SGKYDW0D30UJCraig Loring "Craig"2241234828800Good stuff. Hard to findI used this product in the southern United States years ago but here in the northeast, no one carries it. This is a great marinade for grilled steaks. I am happy to find a source with
246621246621B001BCSU08A1REHYFSWAG1PJAaron Fitzsimmons1151243209600YumUse it as a secret ingredient in a certain recipe of mine. Good stuff.
246622246622B001BCSU08A19X3CI505YO5AChicagodogs0051339027200Uummm, Uummm, goooood!A friend from Mississippi introduced me to this steak sauce. Lost track of it for years, they don't sell it here in Illinois. I had a barbeque last weekend, and had a lot of inquiries on what I put on the steak to make it taste so good!
246623246623B001BCSU08A3D4GXGIIH7HZSC. Burris0051326758400Best off the shelf steak marinade available.Make sure to start with a good cut of meat please. I like to marinade my meat for a couple of hours on all sides. Grill the meat to perfection and enjoy. If you want more of the Dale's flavor mix a few tsp with a cup of sour cream to use as a dipping sauce.
246624246624B001BCSU08A1ZSW64N503VYFRobert L. Nicholson0051322179200Dales Steak SeasoningMan this is good stuff. Great on Steak and chicken.To bad I have to order it can't find it where I live in NJ. So I will be order more very soon.
246625246625B001BCSU08A2FG38M2JC3M72William Baird "bairdwc"0131288483200Nothing specialI bought this on the recomendation of a friend from Atlanta. It must be a southern thing because I didn't find it anything special. I gave the bottle to him after one use.
246626246626B001BCSU08A82G34PJ0HIXLMarilyn Mercury0131259971200Won't buy againGot this because of the amazing reviews on the net. It' just average, nothing spectacular. It doesn't make the steak taste bad or awesome. As some people have said it does really have a lot of salt/sodium. I'll return to seasoning with black pepper e.t.c.
246627246627B003DNL9TCA1X1CEGHTHMBL1jjceo1151340409600A refreshing and light raspberry flavored tea!We love Crystal Light drinks and we drink them all the time. In the summer we drink a lot of iced tea but we also watch our caffeine intake. This Crystal Light flavor is ideal for us as it is almost caffeine free and the light raspberry flavor just makes the drink better without overwhelming the taste of the tea. This is one of our favorite flavors of Crystal Light and we think that you will like it also! It is best when served cold for the ideal taste.

* Low Sodium.
* 99% caffeine free with only 10 mg of caffeine per serving.
* Non-carbonated and easier on your stomach.
* One packet makes 8 servings and there are 5 packets per container so you get 40 servings per container and this item features a pack of four.
* Only 5 calories per serving with 5 mg of sodium and less than 1 g of carbohydrates.
* Each serving provides 10% of your daily requirements of vitamin E, vitamin A and vitamin C.
* Less expensive than carbonated beverages.
246628246628B003DNL9TCAS3YWTW4Y6JX3Tammy Crowder1141330387200Totally YUMMY!I typically don't like ANY instant tea drinks but this stuff is YUMMY and not nearly as sweet as some of the crystal light flavors. I'm not a fan of overly sweet drinks. This has a subtle fruit flavor that doesn't over whelm the green tea. But beware! These are NOT individual servings. Each packet makes a 2 Quart pitcher. Like it so much, I have it as a subscribe & save item! Just wish they had the individual packs on S&S.
246629246629B003DNL9TCA4PWWQRMF799TT. Phillips "The Village Lady"0051349827200One of my 2 favoritesRaspberry Green Tea Crystal Light and Ruby Red Crystal Light are my two favorite drinks. I have been drinking them since they were introduced. They are very hard to find and I was thrilled when I could get them at Amazon, only to be told that it was no longer going to be possible. My only hope is that they will change their mind.
246630246630B003DNL9TCA2XODXOHBHXSASMouse0051348531200good try itOne of the women where I worked before I retired served this at my retirement party. I thought it was fruit tea but turns out it is Crystal Light. I loved it and now it is all I drink. Thanks Jill

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