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246631246631B003DNL9TCA2GEZJHBV92EVRHistory buff0041344384000Like this but not the artifical sweetner aspertame.I like a lot of the flavors crystal light has, but have stopped drinking it when I discovered it has aspertame as it's artifical sweetner. Wish they would make some with stevia.
246632246632B003DNL9TCA27X4C85MBOQKIRoxanne Gilbert-wells "mountain woman"0051344297600crystal lightvery good service and product, was exactly what I had intended to order at a good price. I would order again from this vendor.
246633246633B003DNL9TCA74157W1K5FD6HSS0051343520000great mixI buy gallon poland spring bottles, and pour one pack in it and have disposable ice tea jugs. green tea raspberry better than reg raspberry by far
246634246634B003DNL9TCA38RE3ZUP3X53YBill0051343520000Great drinkThe low calories is just a bonus..great tasting too. I bring a botlle of this with me to work every day.
246635246635B003DNL9TCAJEZKLK7ZPZURMonique Rodriguez0041342656000Love it!Not really a fan of sugary or overly sweet drinks. When I am not drinking water (which is a lot) I sometimes want something a little sweeter or fruitier. I bought the green tea raspberry mix on a whim and I am really happy I did. I use one packet in a gallon pitcher. The package suggests one packet for 2 qts but i really like it just a little diluted. Its refreshing and has a great taste. Its not overly herbal like most iced green teas I have tried.
Will definitely buy again.
246637246637B003DNL9TCAXCOPO31ZXUFJHEND0351334880000i looooooovvvvvvvveeeee itFirst of all i bought the same jouce from spines in qatar and it was PINK Lemon IM use it for the GYM water because IM usually drinking the water with flavor on it , i ordered a lot of flavors and i like it , this size its make a 4 times bottle of 600ML.
delishoes.ummy ummy First of all i bought the same jouce from spines in Qatar and it was PINK Limon im use it for the GYM water because IM usually drink the water with flavor on it , i ordered a lot of flavors and i like it , this size its make a 4 times bottle of 600ML.
delishoes.ummy ummy
246638246638B0040WG1Z2APG6A8H0OLV2KLisa J.1151318032000Bliss in a tea cup.Excellent cup of tea. A similar taste to Twinings Lady Grey,
yet with wonderful nuances of it's own. The leaf is long
and whole. Great quality tea. I highly recommend this
company for their tea products.
246646246646B003DNL9TWAW21YNCA4696YR. Mitchell101051273622400Back... by popular demand?I drank at least fifty gallons of Crystal Light Sunrise Tangerine Strawberry in its previous packaging, before it disappeared from Amazon (and everywhere else, including the Kraft Foods website) last winter. Now, a few months after Kraft announced its return, it is finally back at Amazon.
Or, it was, for about five minutes. I managed to get one package of it before it vanished again.

It's a wonderful drink that doesn't taste "diet" at all. It has much more flavor and body than most Crystal Light varieties. All in all, it's everything a low-calorie drink mix should be.

If only Amazon can keep sufficient quantities in stock, we'll be in heaven...
246647246647B003DNL9TWA2RMRHACT8BTWRPamela A. Mcgrath4451283212800OH HAPPY DAY!!I was able to try this ONCE, when I got it from ShopRite near me. I LOVED it!! But when I went to get more, it was gone!! To my unhappiness, I couldn't find it ANYWHERE!! That was about six months to a year ago. Imagine the happy dance I did when I saw this right here on amazon...THANK YOU, AMAZON!! :-D
246648246648B003DNL9TWA2AB0GOXYMXPFIDax3351315699200Strong, Great, Flavor!I must admit, when I first tried this flavor, I was a little put off. I guess I was just a little too used to Raspberry Lemonade, or Strawberry Kiwi. However, after drinking it for a few times, the flavor has definitely grown on me. The best part of the flavor is that it is strong, which can't often be said for other Crystal Light flavors. With this flavor, you will not get the feeling of it being watered-down, regardless of how much water you use. Great flavor and will definitely be ordering more in the future!
246649246649B003DNL9TWA2OGX9B0N8G6PLEsther Horn3351289174400Crystal LiteI was so excited to find this flavor available on Amazon. It's one of my favorite flavors and I haven't been able to find it for months where I shop! If you know you like Crystal Lite (it may be an acquired liking for some), this is one of the better flavors I think. One pack lasts me about a month so well worth the price (about equivalent to the same amount of soda).
246650246650B003DNL9TWA1790Y1AE0G5QRmitzi21141314921600deliciousthis is really one of the best flavors of Crystal Light and I have ordered it multiple times.It tastes like it is supposed to and is a good diet drink to have around.
246651246651B003DNL9TWA2KGCWL6GRL40FBabs1151313539200Crystal Light sunrise tangerineIt is so awesome to find this on Amazon... Can't find this flavor in the grocery stores anymore... Yea Amazon!!!!
246652246652B003DNL9TWA2NQ34HT9KYC3PGoofy1151303430400I Love this flavor of Crystal Light!This is, by far, the best flavor that Crystal Light offers. As a bonus, it gives you Vitamin C as well. I used to buy it in a local store; but they have stopped selling this flavor. I was so excited to find it for sale on Amazon.
246653246653B003DNL9TWA3OS5678I990X7Julieann1151298937600TwizThis has been one of my favorite Crystal Light flavors and I have not been able to find it in any stores. So I am happy to have found it on
246654246654B003DNL9TWA4NGQNQXXDX9BJAO "JAO"1151287100800Uh-OH! Have they discontinued this again?Appears it is off the market again. It is being sold on ebay for as much as 30 bucks a single canister. Why Kraft Foods? Why????
246655246655B003DNL9TWAWSWTSHI5C93Xpepper0051346976000Tangerine drinkIt arrived in good shape. I can't buy this locally so it's nice to be able to order Crystal Light on line.
246656246656B003DNL9TWA2YBM7SB34HBYWBecky West0051338336000the best flavor!This is by far the best Crystal Light flavor ever! How sad that you can no longer buy it. I'm heart broken.
246657246657B003DNL9TWA2CQ8OBFGOGPC7Jackie Rasing "thecatsdragon"0051319587200Crystal Light Sunrise Tangerine Strawberry Dring MixCame on time and as described will keep ordering it. Best price that I have found and easy to order.
246658246658B003DNL9TWA2CD2MWC2KF5XZceramic doll0041313107200TangyThis item is sweet and tangy. I didn't realize I was ordering so much and had wished this was the individual packets instead of the quart packets. But over all it is good and I plan to share with friends.
246659246659B003DNL9TWA4902TQB4NGRJtierny0141332460800Dang! that's Tang!The only bearable flavor of Crystal Light, (OK kiwi-strawberry was nice, but it's dissappeared from stores) and it's way better than the entire line. It does taste like a sunny morning. You might also notice it tastes a bit like Tang. At any rate it has more flavor than the others, and you hardly notice the aspartame aftertaste. So why can't they do this to the other flavors? (The other bad Crystal Light flavors include; lemonade, tropical punch, fruit punch and raspberry lemonade)

Kraftfoods stopped making this product earlier this year.
Capitalism: a system where beloved products are discontinued without providing any reason.
246660246660B000J2FSREA3JV071KO43Q5XJeff Pittman "Jeff"7741246060800Surprisingly good, very easy, not a belly busterI'm a single guy who likes to eat well and watch my weight at the same time, but I'm a lazy chef so I look for shortcuts like this. I sauteed some shrimp in 1 can of this (1 can = 300 calories, supposedly 10 servings - hah!). Right at the end I added a healthy dollop of cooking sherry and a goodly sprinkle of nutmet. Served it over a 90-second-microwave bag of brown & wild rice in a bowl with a microwave bag of frozen mixed veggies on the side and that made a very fine meal with minimal prep and minimal cleanup. A sprinkle of sliced green onions on top at serving is a good idea, but the reader should know that I sprinkle green onions on just about everything but breakfast cereal. If you count grits and/or oatmeal as breakfast cereal, then I use green onions on breakfast cereal too.

I got the idea about adding the sherry and nutmeg from a review on another site which pointed out that even though sherry is one of the ingredients, it cooks off immediately and was undetectable in the product. I tasted it and agreed, so added the sherry at the last minute. The same reviewer recommended the nutmeg so I added that too.

I've looked at recipes for "real" Newburg sauce and I know it's better, but I also know I'm too lazy to make up a short shelf life batch myself. I also know if I went out and ordered fill-in-the-blank Newburg at a restaurant I'd pay north of $40 for the plate. This works for me; I'll be ordering it again.
246639246639B0040WG1Z2A3MUBA2324SQJ9MB0051343779200Lovely teaI've always liked Twinings Lady Grey and tried this tea to see how it compared. I'd say this is even better. It has a wonderful taste and smell, and even looks pretty in the bag!
246640246640B003E7AKTWA37RUTELZKMQFXP. Mori0141343606400Coconut sugarI'm crazy about anything coconut..from lip gloss, to water to oil you name it. This is a bit hard to spoon from the jar. I was also hoping that it had more of a coconut flavor. But it's tasty for sure!
246642246642B00458D6YUA1R4CS9UT68LTHS. Glascow3351321920000So Good!These really are the best ones you can buy. I moved out of NOLA due to Katrina and have always missed the cultured candy New Orleans has to offer. I was surprised when I stumbled upon these on Amazon, remembering the brand when I lived there and it brought me back to the days as a child when I would to sit out on my porch with a sweet tea and praline. They tasted great and had a variety to choose from.
246643246643B000J0LSBGAG4ATIHH05Q9WBren "Bren in Houston"2241332028800Not as good as homemade, but worth a try...especially if you only need it in a recipe!I bought some of this to try and made a batch up this morning to use in a recipe for stuffed peppers. Granted, it's not as good as homemade...or even Stove Top, if you're kind of lazy like me....but it's pretty good! I tasted some when it came out of the oven and I liked the flavor, so I went ahead and added it to my stuffed pepper mixture. I will definitely be using it again because I have a lot of casserole dishes that I haven't been making as much lately now that I'm trying to cut out some of my carbohydrates. I may even make some to mix half and half with Stove Top stuffing for a little healthier side dish when we have Thanksgiving. I do that a lot with the Walden Farm sauces/gravies/ketchup/etc. I've found that mixing the low carb things with the regular items is really a good compromise so I can eat the same meals as my husband without a lot of guilt. He never notices and I don't have to make two different things!
246644246644B000J0LSBGAKQUNCS1WBERYR. henderson "cricket"2611167868800naver againthis stuff is not stuffing its not good at all save your money
246645246645B0071WJ5OMA1KVXVC2RW3XWAFocus0151344384000Great and compact.The wig I waited for a while for has finally showed up at my doorstep, it was being contained in a cup of noodles.

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