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246721246721B0000DID5XAX4P4VGGX1EP6Cola0051289347200perfect for any spice-loverbought this as a Christmas gift - wiped out the remaining stock because my boyfriend loves the amount of spice ( a rating of 8 on the hot scale)
246722246722B0000DID5XA23LF7RYATZK0GScott Schramm0051285804800Crazy Flavor, Crazy GoodIf you like hot sauce that adds flavor to what your eating and doesn't kill your taste buds..... This is it! Pork, chicken, beef or fish I've had it on all and it is Crazy Good!
246723246723B0000DID5XAAJ58L5DAM808George E. Wade Th0051195862400Hot sauceDave's crazy caribbean sauce is one of the best sauces that I have tried. It has an astounding taste to it and i highly recommend buying this product. It isn't very hot but it still has a kick to it.
246724246724B004BRUE54ADMSGS59JQC3YMarkus Groner8811296777600Wrong picture, and too sweetAcai Mango Zinger was one of my favorite teas EVER.....until I ordered this product from amazon, based on the picture of the box I recognized well.,

The picture shows the regular Acai Mango Zinger, but what I got was Acai Mango Sweet Zinger Ice. So I thought, how bad could that be? Actually pretty bad. The stevia makes this tea too sweet (for my tastes) and covers up the nice Acai Mango flavor. What a shame. I might as well be drinking sweet tea.
The other problem is that I contacted the merchant about this error, and still ... no reply. And Amazon policy says I can't even return it.
246725246725B004BRUE54A3GAROL6C8Z373Patti Watti "Patti, yes the real Patti"1111335398400I love Celestial SeasoningsCelestial Seasonings Zinger Herbal Tea Acai Mango is much better because you get to add ur own sweetener or none at all and have that great tea flavor without the awful aftertaste that Stevia gives you.
246726246726B004BRUE54A2OU0MIPHF8BNPvolleyballer1131317686400Great Tea, but not what is pictured.I bought this tea thinking it was the normal Acai Mango flavor, especially since the picture shows it. But in fact read the title carefully, this is the Ice version of the flavor! I now have 6 boxes of the wrong flavor. I'd rate this 4 or 5 stars since it's tasty tea, but I prefer the original flavor. Minus two stars for false advertising.
246727246727B004BRUE54A1008DPSP6KC9JLee F0051305504000Love this tea, great over ice or hotThis is great tea, really good over ice or hot, the stevia gives it a nice sweet flavor with NO CALORIES!!
246728246728B004BRUE54A211STKKKFE3G1Quality Counts0051294617600Best Celestial Seasonings Tea EverI recently bought this tea from my local Publix store. I went back for some more but they're out of it. It is absolutely the best tasting Celestial Seasonings tea I've ever had and I've been drinking their teas for over 20 years. It has a slightly sweet taste even without any sugar in it and is full bodied and fruity. It works equally well as either a hot tea or an iced tea. Recently I read an article that said hibiscus (zinger) may lower your blood pressure ([...]). Another plus is that it is one of the few teas without soy lecithin in it (in case you have problems with soy products).

The Tangerine Orange Zinger, Peppermint, and Country Peach Passion are also very good.
246729246729B0000DID5ZA3Q17CKFAUCHILMichael S. Darnell0041318636800Daves Gourmet Roasted Garlic Hot sauceI bought this sauce, because I received some of his regular hot sauce in Iraq, in a care package. For anyone who loves hot sauce, daves is a good sauce, but it's a little pricey. I bought this to sample his other flavors, it's great on eggs, complements alot of meats as a dipping sauce. I would buy it again, but it's costly for a little bottle, with shipping. If you love you will buy more of it.
246730246730B0000DID5ZA1TSPCKG82FEAHMarina's Mom0151171497600My husbands favorite hot sauce!!Anything on the Dave's Gourmet line is an excellent choice, but my husband says this one is the best by far!! Not too hot, but definitely enough of a kick. Garlic gives it a great TASTE that most hot sauces don't have.
246731246731B00275OCO6A1WH998KDXZB7AH. Drum6651256428800Thai TeaThis tea had me drive 35 miles to buy a tin after I tried it a BN bookstore. It's fantastic! The company is small and family ran. They have been extremely helpful online and over the phone in helping to make suggestions and discussing different teas. This is my favorite by far. If you love lemongrass and coconut it's a no brainer!
246732246732B00275OCO6A31J176KH7ZZEYLalita Tawjareon4451308355200This is Currently my Favorite Tea!Out of the huge collection of teas I have at home, this Harney and Sons Fine Teas, Bangkok, Green Tea with Thai Flavors, is the best tasting tea I've had in a long time. For me, the #1 best tea tasting experience I've ever had in my entire life was drinking warm Chrysanthemum tea at a Thai restaurant located in a Thai resort in northern Thailand near the Golden Triangle region. That Chrysanthemum tea was so yummy, special, and extraordinary that all of my Thai relatives and friends kept on asking the Thai waitresses to bring us more Chrysanthemum tea. I never drank more tea at a restaurant than that time. That was many years ago, and now that I think about it, I should have asked them where they got their tea. I've also visited some terraced mountains in and around the Guilin region of China where they grew tea, and I tried a lot of Chinese tea in China, but those Chinese teas still didn't beat the Thai Chrysanthemum tea. This Harney and Sons Bangkok fine tea brings back memories from that tea experience in Thailand. Anyways, from the teas I've tasted and bought, ranging from Tazo, Numi, Kusmi-Kousmichoff, Yogi, Celestial Seasonings, Bigelow, Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, The Fairmont, Ahmad, Stash Tea, The Republic of Tea, etc., this Harney and Sons Bangkok Green Tea with Thai Flavors honestly, in my humble opinion, surpasses all of them. When it comes to delicious flavor, I would have to say that Republic of Tea's Strawberry Chocolate tea and Hibiscus Pineapple Lychee Superflower Tea come in second and third when it comes to flavorful taste. I'm being really honest when I say that Harney and Sons have made a very beautiful, unique, and special tea here with the Bangkok Green Tea with Thai flavors. I can totally understand the reason why the other Amazon reviewer, H. Drum, drove 35 miles to get this tea. H. Drum is telling the absolute truth that this tea is worth driving a long distance for. Heck, I would drive two hours to get this tea. Thank goodness Harney and Sons have a website where you can order their teas online besides on Amazon. To see Harney and Sons' huge array of different, unique teas just blows my mind. I'm completely impressed by this tea company. For this Bangkok Green Tea, there are coconut, vanilla, ginger, and lemongrass in the 20 tea sachets. The tea sachets smell fragrant, yummy, and beautiful with the Harney and Sons Fine Teas - Bangkok printed on the tea sachet tags. When you taste the tea, you definitely taste the coconut and vanilla. But I think the coconut, vanilla, ginger, and lemongrass combination is great! The tea box says that the caffeine content is 30 to 50 milligrams. Harney and Sons describe the Bangkok tea as "A journey through the soul of Thailand". This is definitely a smooth "transporting" tea. Harney and Sons Fine Teas' motto is that they are: "Unique and Uncommon". Well, I absolutely agree with Harney and Sons Fine Teas. They are "unique" and "uncommon". That's why they are a special tea company making special teas. This tea can is so lovely and beautiful. Everything about this tea is gorgeous and wonderful. Harney and Sons did a great job in terms of how they envisioned their products and the way they packaged their teas - all their tea cans/boxes would make great Wedding and Birthday gifts. Anybody who lives in a city where a Harney and Sons store is located - I admit it - I'm jealous! Again, I think I'm kind of in shock right now over how amazing this tea is. My vision of tea heaven now is having a small pantry stocked with every flavor/fine tea that Harney and Sons have produced. I would be set for life! So, now I know the answer to, what is currently your favorite tea company? Harney and Sons Fine Teas!
246733246733B00275OCO6AIAQQAAE5G2VRSunshine2251319500800A little sugar and it's perfect!I fell in love with Harney & Sons after trying their Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea in satchets.

I was looking for a green tea that I could drink all the time without sugar. This IS really good and lots of vanilla/coconut flavors. I could drink it without sugar, but it tastes much better with it. The gorgeous tin can states that this is a light tea, which it is. Being a green tea, you brew it at a slightly cooler temp than boiling hot black teas. And you only steep for 3 minutes. Personally, I feel like I want a little more, but I'm used to spicy, heavy black teas. Again, with sugar though, there's more than enough flavor to keep your tastebuds entertained!

The sachets, as always are the best quality with huge leaves of tea and plenty of them inside the silk bag. Very stunning to watch as you brew your tea.

I don't taste the lemongrass, but it's a very unique tea.

I wish the coconut was a little bit stronger, but not bad.
246734246734B00275OCO6A1N0Y9QE2B4XHULexsea Mom2311327881600AwfulI took a chance because I like Harney & Sons' other teas, but this one is awful. The coconut flavor is first of all artificial-tasting, and second of all incongruous with green tea. What was I thinking? Learn from my mistake.
246735246735B00275OCO6A2CMV6HUYETNX7Denise L. Cox "DeeCox"0051329609600Delicious and well worth the costI love this tea. It is so exotic yet simple. The flavors are not overpowering yet you can taste all of them. Try this will NOT be disappointed!
246736246736B00275OCO6A30CB5LCKQXOAEbombsfadeaway0051329004800Harney and Sons Thai Flavors Tea (aka Bangkok)I had this tea at a Barnes and Noble cafe years and years ago and have been looking for it ever since. Imagine how pleased I was when searching for "green tea coconut" (the only things I remember being in it) on Amazon and the little pink tin I remembered popped up!

This tea is wonderful- a gentle green tea flavor mixed with coconut, lemongrass and ginger. Add a little sugar and some milk, and it's absolute heaven! My only complaint is that the strings connecting the tag to the teabag aren't secured very well. Don't dunk your bag too powerfully, or you'll be left fishing out the teabag with a spoon!
246737246737B00275OCO6A27QWSAXIABQUPMichele Whiteaker "Minoutte"0231319068800INtersting flavorsI didn't particularly like this tea, sorry, i prefer after all my teas plain. one taste only !
But i kept the nice box for another tea.
246738246738B000G7TH24A1WHYKEDG27613MB08851249948800One of my all time favorites!!!!!If you used to eat Heartland in the 70's/80's like I did, you'll be happy to know this one tastes exactly the same! Unlike almost all otther cereals, which have been heavily cheapened to the point that the name is the only recognizable feature, the current mfg. of Heartland has decided to keep the same level of quality it always had (THANKS!). I can't get some of the other varieties mentioned on the back of the box; if the mfg. and Amazon would put together a variety pack (one box of each), I'd love to give them a try. After being unavailable for well over a decade, it's now available at most grocery store chains. Amazon has the best price, and since it goes so fast, the 6-pack is no problem! My son and I really love this stuff with fresh blueberries; AWESOME!
246739246739B000G7TH24A33JKMGA8AZ8NKG. L. Beckwith "Shrek"7751247788800GreatestI cannot get enough of this stuff. I have this stuff in my kitchen all the time. To me, it's the best Granola cereal out there.
246740246740B000G7TH24A2KGHJ8SV93WPVHelen M. Franklin7751238457600Heartland Granola Cereal,This is the best cereal. I can't find it in the grocery stores in our area, so I am very thankful to locate it on Amazon.
246741246741B000G7TH24A1H3SBUUQX9LF8Captain Kevin Carney "MovieDemocom"1131296000000slightly oilyslightly oily

Reviewing on Taste is sort of worthless since it is extremely subjective. I'll offer this. It has a slightly oily residue. There are no nuts, which is what I wanted but I wanted a dryer texture.

Boxed fine no problems on that end.
246742246742B000G7TH24AWMA4V5GI77OHCarol J. Bristow1151286150400Best granola cereal made!We have tried several granola cereals, as well as buying cereal from a superstore bin -- one can no longer get granola without nuts of some kind.
Heartland makes a wonderful granola with all the good all natural ingredients.
246743246743B000G7TH24AJMDU38ZUSQ3RMama S.1151278374400Yummy!I have been searching and searching for a plain granola. I don't like nuts and dried berries and raisins. I finally found this and it's SO good!!!! It tastes just like I think granola should taste!!!!
246744246744B000G7TH24A37WLGRWUSUB5JLifestyle in motion1151255478400You are what you eat!If Coco Puffs type cereals are what you're looking for, then Heartland Cereal is not for you. On the other hand, if you are currently searching for a breakfast cereal that will provide you with a lasting energy boost without the "sugar crash" that usually follows any cereal which lists simple carbohydrates among its primary ingredients, then you owe it to yourself to try Heartland Cereals. It is the type of "high test" fuel that your body needs in order to convert itself into high performance levels. The "simple sugar" cereals not only do not provide your body with the proper fuel, they are actually considered devitalizers that subtract from your level of energy. As the saying goes, "Garbage in - Garbage out".
246745246745B000G7TH24ACD4WM4WY3MDGJoan Leib "reader writer thinker mother"1151249603200simple and deliciousThis granola is great. My kids (ages 3 and 6) love it and so do I. Nothing fancy, no nuts, no weird fruit flavorings, just plain old yummy granola. Some might find it a little too sweet -- it's not nearly as sweet as the "sugary" cereals in the cereal aisle, but does have a nice touch of sweetness that I like. It's great on yogurt or just in a bowl by itself (with or without milk). I'm glad to see it on Amazon since it's so difficult to find in stores in my area!
246746246746B000G7TH24A3A8LRV0JPHDH1Jonathan Scott0051333152000My kids love itThis is a great product, and at a great price. My kids love this stuff and we go through 6 boxes every 8 weeks. I'm disappointed that its no longer available through subscription.
246747246747B000G7TH24A1GJ8GVQMV9A7VLove to read0041313539200Good...not greatAfter reading the reviews, I had higher expectations. This is good, but I feel like I need to add fruit, dried fruit or nuts to make this more than plain old granola.
246748246748B000G7TH24A2TXIYMIN78I1VB. Karnofsky0051305936000Just what you'd expectThis product has the typical granola ingredients, texture, and taste. What's best about it is that there are absolutely no surprises or off flavors. Minor quibbles: there will be a few large chunks and its a tad sweet. I usually mix muesli and granola 50/50 with plain yogurt. So good, it get's be out of bed in the morning just thinking about it.
246749246749B000G7TH24A3P7SHVGVACUMULynne M. Donahue0051303430400The best granola!This is the best granola I've ever had. No extra fancy stuff. Just granola pure and simple. I was so pleased when Amazon made it available in "Subscribe & Save."
246750246750B000G7TH24A1X9KW424VCXHDtbpt0051299974400Great price on a great breakfast cerealIf you are a fan of this granola like we are, Amazon has it for the best price via Subscribe and Save. You can't beat it.

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