Amazon Fine Food Reviews

246781246781B0015ZLKX0A1WJ1XH94Q7FK3B. Applegate1151214352000Dogs love this bone!I have two 70 lb. dogs. One chews on anything but the other chews on almost nothing. Both will immediately attack this bone and have a ball chewing on it. The one dog usually ignores regular rawhide but I didn't have to wait and see with this, he took to it right away. The price fluctuates wildly with these kinds of bones, so watch for a sale. I paid about 3 bucks.
246782246782B0015ZLKX0A90L8ZSD1UXIZSuz0021326153600WARNING: Open package received with signs of used productJust wanted to warn any potential buyers that I received an open package buying from Amazon LLC. I think that's pretty disgusting since this is a product that's intended for consumption by your pet. Also, there were portions of the red "meat" that looked like it had been chewed on and the white bone portion was stained red all over. Basically it looked as if a dog had chewed on it for a little and then repackaged up and sold on Amazon. Buyer beware.
246783246783B0015ZLKX0A34GD68ANO5QGFLadybugg0051306972800One of his favorites!Out of all of the different bones and treats we've given our dog, these are one of his all time favorites!
246784246784B0015ZLKX0A1KXYXRO64ZQHAJohn Travis Jones0041302912000Too big for my dogI have a labrador retriever. He weighs 82 lbs. He loved the bone, but I made the mistake and allowed him to eat the bone in one sitting. It was too much of a shock to his digestive system. The next morning he developed diarrhea. I' m not sure if the bone is the reason the diarrhea lasted so long, but to be causious I will not buy the bones again. To be fare about the product, I bought three of the bones and the last one was the one associated with my dog's problem, but of course that last bone is the only one he eat in one sitting. I believe the product would be best for larger dog's than mine, or for smaller dog if the owner regulator the amount of the bone that is eaten at each sitting .
246785246785B0015ZLKX0A10BC14POM90PArgreen12540051294876800Our dog loves 'em!The Dingo mini peanut butter bones are a favorite for our 11-year old Yorkie. Be forewarned - she won't eat any other bones any more!
246786246786B0015ZLKX0AQFJCP9M5NJK3chelseam40051289433600My dog LOVES these!!My dog absolutely loves these and he is such a picky eater. I probably tried almost 6 different dog treats but I had to give them away to friends because he wouldn't touch them. These however he will chew up until they're gone. He also likes to hide them and save them for later. He doesn't however like the peanut butter ones.
246787246787B0015ZLKX0A25WX6SVPQHRHEJohn Train "The JTX"0051289088000Golden Retriever Loves This TreatOur Golden Retriever really loves these. Don't give them to him often and use them for a special treat.
246788246788B0015ZLKX0A3G6YBIMKBESCWkatrph0051287187200cheese basted Dingo bonesMy cairn terrier Daisy loves these basted bones. Having trouble
finding them in retail. I hope its not a sign that the product
is discontinued. She also likes the peanut butter basted flavor.
246789246789B0015ZLKX0A3OWC1MGMKG1YSJ. Attaway1251205193600BIG Bone for BIG dog.Ok, It lasted about 1hr. My dog ate it in 1hr so i would say he enjoyed it. I never tasted it myself but i guess it was good.
246790246790B001EO5YO8ASMZR17QAI82WAnne Stepien3351218844800Simply Wonderful!!!!!Our local stores stopped carrying World Harbor marinades for some reason. I was extremely pleased to find the Cheriyaki marinade here at This is a tasty Teriyaki sauce with hints of cherry (DUH!!!) and garlic. Use it as a marinade, glaze or dipping sauce. I have used it for stir frys and ribs, pork, chicken and beef (both burgers and steaks) cooked on the grill, as well as for hams baked in the oven. It is delicious no matter how it is used. Your imagination is your only limit. I will be trying it on some shish-kebobs soon. I haven't tried it on any kind of seafood because of some seafood allergies. TRY THIS PRODUCT---YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!
246791246791B001EO5YO8A171CP9ZEUR8B9D. Kuenzi0041351209600The taste we were looking forWe originally used this product in one particular stir-fry recipe. Just for the fun of it we tried it in several different marinates and grill basting sauces and loved the results. Experiment with it, you might be suprised.
246792246792B001EO5YO8AK9SPG7XBF4NDuke Fergey "mswales2"1211252540800Yuck!This stuff is terrible, and full of sweeteners and artificial ingredients. It leaves a sick aftertaste. Not recommended at all.
246793246793B00185RS9MA9OMQ676O6AV4Karen1151332201600Reversed my baby's pancreatitisAfter our Yorkiepoo had to be hospitalized because of pancreatitis I did some research on food. I thought I was giving him the best with Newman's Own. I was so wrong. He has been on the Verve for over two years and no longer has symptoms of pancreatitis. The garbage that the vets wanted us to feed him was awful looking and smelling and in cans which are terrible altogether. The Verve is so smells great and he loves it. We love to add fun things into it for him. We always add boiled chicken breast, but also add apples and some low calorie treats sometimes. The first few times he had Verve, his poop was dark and horrible smelling. After this detox stage, he has healthy-looking and smelling poop multiple times a day. We would do anything for our angel...he is a huge part of our family. With the Honest Kitchen, we are able to take great care of his health without having to prepare his food from scratch.
246794246794B00185RS9MAXP6OZ16KKAJZmagnus "magnus"1151328572800Honest Kitchen Is Great Dog FoodWe feed our two labs fresh meat, chicken, fruits and vegetables, but added Honest Kitchen's Verve for our female who has a chronic problem with ear infections. This is a great product and the quality is consistent from one batch to the next. It is well worth every penny.
246795246795B00185RS9MA3QI7DUU842F73my3boyz1430051347408000the bestThis brand of food is by far the best quality one can get aside from a raw food diet. I am super happy about this item and love it almost as much as my dog does!
246796246796B00185RS9MA2TPH171QFO6ZHJane0051344816000Well Loved!My dogs really enjoyed Verve. I think they preferred the turkey one (Keen?) a bit more, but they still gobbled up Verve like it was ridiculously delicious. I love the Honest Kitchen foods. They smell great, and you can immediately tell a difference in your dog's health. Our rottweiler Jammy is a slow eater for kibble - but she eats HK food so quickly you can just see her enjoyment.

When feeding these dehydrated foods, I do still give raw bones a few times weekly to help with teeth cleaning, I can't imagine the gruel-type texture being good for their teeth. Outside of the texture and the need to either supplement or brush, this is a well balanced food with great macros that my dogs absolutely love.
246797246797B00185RS9MA1RA6M2WSB7KN3Elmisti720031340409600My dog was not a fanMy dog will only eat this food if I add a more tasty substitute. Unfortunately, I bought the 10lb box. He doesn't like the grains and will do his best to leave them in the bowl or push them out onto the floor. He loves the Keen (turkey)though. I think it just depends on your dog. Regardless, I can tell he is much healthier and has lost the extra weight since I switched to Honest Kitchen.
246798246798B00185RS9MA18JUZ4SC1T95BJennifer M. Spence0051319500800HKMy dogs love this food. We camp a lot and it is so easy for travel. I love that it can be a stand alone food or mixed with raw.
246799246799B0000AH3P3A2P3ZNYNN8RBUXChad Santiago1151175040000Good Price...Excellent Product!At the suggestion of my breeder I've fed my dog Prism since she was about 9 weeks old. I've tried other dog foods but none have performed as well as Prism. Most dog foods are corn-based whereas Prism is chicken-based,providing more nutrional content and a heartier meal for your pet With the recent pet food recall,I'm glad I was buying Prism not one of the other major brands.
246800246800B002HFS2YWA3C9B3PZL9628Ffortunzfavor1141336521600Great value, great for your healthI'm not naturally drawn to any tea, but for health reasons I've been trying to pick it up for years, mostly trying green teas. I never could make a habit of it until I found a small box of this locally. In the past 5 months, I've averaged 4 cups a day and have officially developed a healthy habit. I'm still not in love with the taste, though I find white tea easier to stomach than some green teas that were grassier, but I do enjoy the experience of drinking white tea and I enjoy its effects. Rather than a caffeine buzz, teas have a balance of caffeine and l-theanine that provide mental clarity and aids focus, and the balance in white tea is just right for me.

POP white tea brews darker than a more costly white tea I was given, and I do suspect that darker color means lower quality, but the price is right. The bags also brew more cups than an equivalent bag of black tea, furthering the value. I have no trouble getting 6 large cups of tea from a single bag, and arguably, the second cup is better than the first. I'm on my second box of 100 from Amazon, and having recently discovered this listing that offers subscribe and save, I'm likely to buy much more in the future. Previously this was an $.08 per day, $.02 per cup habit, but now it could be a $.05 per day, $.01 per cup habit. How many healthy habits are this affordable?
246801246801B002HFS2YWA2MU3FLFSWW4TDRandall J. Skates0041345939200Great product...I really like this tea, but the bags are packed too tightly. The hot water doesn't get into the tea leaves in the teabag. I haven't tried yet but it will probably make a great sun tea. It's a great price for white tea and I have a subscribe and save delivery scheduled. Prince of Peace White Tea is the best.
246802246802B00016V26OA1KCCQ9PS6E7MGWenHow1151323475200Loran Oils/FlavoringsThis is the exact product I have used for several years to flavor homemade chocolates at the holidays. The local store that I have previously purchased them was no longer open. This was a perfect alternative. They were reasonably priced, the usual high quality product I was used to, and shipped directly to my home with no shipping charges. It was a no brainer and a perfect option! Highly recommended.
246803246803B00016V26OAW1YNTS17HOX4AB0051350432000Great with dark chocolate!I recently made a molded camera using Merckens dark candy coating. Once my candy had completely melted, I carefully added one drop of orange oil and mixed well. I couldn't detect any orange flavor. Then I added about half teaspoon more and that really did it. It added a whole new flavor dimension to my chocolate. It tasted exactly like the orange intense dark chocolate by Lindt. yummm! I loved this combination of dark chocolate and orange. Great stuff!
246804246804B002I7RX3KA3VGQTQ9XVBQGWGedeon0051348704000Excellent purchaseThank you for this wonderful purchase, quick shipping, good packaging, good quality, thank you for your excellent product. My mother 65 years old is using it and it helps her stay in good shape.
246805246805B003C5RLGGA2538UAYF4LZEJDiana Wonder6651289001600Thank goodness we tried thisOur American bulldog has had terrible digestion issues for months. After vet visits, meds, about a million different kibbles (including prescription food), finally we have found something he can eat. Until now the only thing that hasn't caused vomiting and diarrhea was a bland food diet that I cooked myself. This food is working wonderfully for us and is very reasonably priced compared to many premium brands. So happy to finally have found something!!

ETA: december 17, 2010 We have now had our three dogs (boxer, two american bulldogs) on this food since this initial review. They have very soft coats and look terrific, also they have great energy. I do have to say though, they poop MUCH more than they have on other 'premium' foods. It really is horrid. My sensitive dog does well on this so we will continue feeding, but if it wasn't for that we probably would try something else.
246806246806B003C5RLGGA2EUQT4XPBJNEZJ. Weber3351287878400Great Food for Allergy Prone DogsAs a Bulldog owner we have tried many many dog foods in hopes of fixing our allergy issues. We have tried many very high dollar foods and the result was always the same with either hair loss, itchy skin, hot spots, yeasty ears & paws. Natural balance was my last option before going for an allergy test $$$! I bought a small bag of the Bison formula and within 2 weeks the yeasty paws have decreased eyes are brighter and her coat looks great. The Venison formula is easier to get locally so I am excited to try it next
246807246807B003C5RLGGA95CDIPSZMBM5Elle Shopper2251319846400Excellent food for dogs with allergiesI had the good fortune of having a co-worker recommend this food to me. I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix who has allergies which cause him to be forever itchy and compulsively lick and chew his feet. It seems a little expensive, but it's a very dense food, one scoop of it is quite a bit heavier than the same scoop of less expensive brands. This 28lb bag lasts a month, for three dogs, 75, 45 and 12 lbs...really not bad at all, and well worth it for the allergy relief, beautiful coats, and less doggie smell. Amazon has the best price anywhere, I have Prime, so it's shipped quickly and delivered to my door - just can't beat it.
246808246808B003C5RLGGARNRDBA71B32YSue2251300492800The best dog food I've found!We have a 90 lb lab mix and a 40 lb lab mix. Both with there own set of issues. When we adopted the larger dog and during the first year we had him he was on anbibiotics 5 times due to skin infections, not to mention he had soft stool. We kept changing his food, Hills Science Diet, Hills special allergy formula, and finally ended up with Eagle Pack. On Eagle Pack his skin cleared right up, but he still had the soft stool. Then our other dog started having bladder infections. The vet said the food we were feeding her could be too high in protein for her. Here we go again, this time our vet recommended Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Bison or Fish. We have been alternating the two ever since and ALL of our doggie health problems went away! Plus their skin looks GREAT!! This stuff is expensive, but you get what you pay for, and for us, its worth every penny!
246809246809B003C5RLGGA10NNV2FKX8JXQBrittany Wood "Britt"2241286323200WONDERFUL for an allergic or sensitive dogMy bulldog eats natural balance sweet potato and fish and rotates with this
sweet potato and bison!
He does so well on both.
It's a wonderful food if you have a dog that has skin problems due
to other foods as well as great for digestion issues.

My only complaint is I wish it was higher in protein.
246810246810B003C5RLGGA3DS9W5OPHN4QCbananaboat1151327536000great for dogs with allergiesI have been feeding both my dogs this brand for years. I've tried many other limited ingredient diets with no success. It's hard to find a grain free product that isn't too rich in protein. I would recommend this to any dog with allergies.

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