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246817246817B003C5RLGGA1TUN02TQ35XRGThe Lazer Viking1151317427200Healthy, and it Tastes Great for Picky Eaters!I have a three month old German Shepherd puppy who is quite the picky eater. He only came into my home recently, and was on a wet food only diet at the breeder because he would flat out refuse to eat the dry kibble food his brothers and sisters had no problem with. It was becoming such a problem to try and get him to eat dry food. If I tried mixing in wet food, he would simply lick the wet food out of the bowl, leaving the kibbles behind. I tried several brands of dry dog food, from the mainstream to the holistic/organic brands, and he just wouldn't eat unless he was really hungry. It got to the point that the poor little guy would either have to be half starved in order to eat, or I would have to literally open his mouth and place kibbles in one by one.

Then along came a free sample of this stuff, courtesy of my local pet store after a donation to some fund for homeless animals. I don't remember the name of the fund, because my store always runs these kind of things, and I always donate regardless, so I can't remember which charity gave me this heaven-sent trial bag of the sweet potato and bison formula.

From the second I poured this stuff into his food bowl he was jumping all over, trying to get a peek at what's in there, which is something he has never really done before, except for treats. And he ate it all up, with no problems! I tried again at another meal, this time giving him a bowl of his most recent rejected food, Vet's Choice Health Extension holistic food. He didn't even glance at it. I emptied some out, and mixed in a half/half mixture of this new food with the old and he was back to jumping for joy until I put the bowl down!

My puppy has no allergies; he isn't on a special diet, and he doesn't have any "special needs." I simply like giving my dog a higher quality holistic and/or organic dog food. The problem was that none of the other brands really tasted all that great to my little guy. However, he LOVES this brand. I have tried other flavors / types of food from Natural Balance, but this sweet potato and bison formula seems to be his favorite! Not only is it good for your puppy or adult dog, but it tastes great too! I highly recommend it.
246818246818B003C5RLGGA23C1QA4BGHOEBHeather H. Harris1151317081600Solved a few problemsMy two English cockers were both prone to ear infections (yeast), which were annoying and expensive to deal with at the vet. This limited ingredient food, in several formulations, has somehow put an end to those infections. So although the food is a little more expensive, it saves a relative fortune at the vet's.
246819246819B003C5RLGGA3G1QOAIQMDE1WLeslie1151314921600Very High PraiseWe have two dogs, one with a sensitive stomach and another with skin allergies. I had them on another food as well as yogurt and Pepcid AC for the stomach and Zyrtec for the skin - but it was only making a minor difference. Dylan, with the stomach problems, was still vomiting several times a week and Kuma (the skin) was slamming her body against the walls, bed and anything else and dragging herself along to relieve the itching. After switching to this diet we began to notice a big difference. I was also able to stop the yogurt, Pepcid and Zyrtec. Also their fur is much more soft and shiny. To be clear, I haven't noticed Dylan getting sick since we've been well into the diet and Kuma no longer does any unusual itching. The dogs are about 50 lbs each and we go through roughly one large bag a month - not a bad price to pay for healthy, happy dogs!!
246820246820B003C5RLGGA2BWVQS7ESRRC2Gift Card Recipient1151309046400No more pumpkin!I have a 4yr old Corgi that's always often had softer bowels on Newmans on until I added canned pumpkin which helped greatly - as long as you could get it. Turns out most stores run out of canned pumpkin every summer and I had to start buying it online, expensive and a hassle. I was introduced to this with free samples and after the first few servings, no more soft bowels, in fact they're normal now. I figure I'm saving a lot of money each year not needing pumpkin.
246821246821B003C5RLGGA38M9ZVPZAYBADKaty0051334880000Best food for dog allergiesMy 1 year old pit bull was having alot of digestion issues (not to mention some serious accidents in the house) while she was on Canidae dry dog food, so after several visits to the vet we determined she was likely allergic to one or more of the ingredients in the Canidae. The vet said food allergies are common among pit bulls, so she recommended a limited ingredient diet. I purchased the bison and sweet potato blend, and my dog is loving it. I've actually never seen her so excited to eat her food. She is more lively, and her digestion problems have gone away. Even though this food costs even more than Canidae, I am more than willing to pay the money to see my dog happier and healthier.
246822246822B003C5RLGGA1AXG2VWEYHPHBV. Savage0051318291200WONDERFUL ONLY ONE THAT HAS WORKEDBelieve it or not I have a Boxer with I.B.S. It has been a nightmare trying to find something he could eat and not get sick. I believe this has probably saved his life. He has gained 15 lbs and looks great. Thank You !!!
246823246823B003C5RLGGA60I915C5M3JEEllen Dawson "seriousb"0051316822400Puppy Loves ItMy puppy has food allergies but this food does not effect him. It's all natural and he loves it just the way it is.
246824246824B003C5RLGGA26VQUFUEH6UBUAnna Biondolillo0051314662400Great valueI always wanted to buy this food for my dog, but in the pet store it was about $20 more. Great value on an awesome dog food.
246825246825B003C5RLGGA1NOEAO9V65ZAHErin O.0041313280000Excellent product.This is an excellent dog food. Very healthy & my huge growing dog loves it. Plus, it doesn't leave him with stinky gross breath. I sure wish it was cheaper, but the Amazon had a decent price. It's worth it anyway!
246826246826B003C5RLGGA27GVC4UW8FFOAbully0051291507200look no further!I have a english bulldog that has never had a solid stool in his life (1 year old) I have tried numerous foods, even home cooked - this stuff is great! He loves it and had solid stools right away! look no further! try this food - you will be glad you did (and your dog will!)
246827246827B003C5RLGGAK2CXHH9VRZ2AI. GLENN0121319241600Dried out my dogs coat, and increased itchingLove the brand, but this particular formula was not good at all for my dog. I assumed the Bison, because it is Bison, that it would be good for my dog. The first thing I noticed, after the first 24 hours, was more itching. Then after about 3 days I noticed his coat was losing it's shine, and it's natural wave. His hind quarters began to shedd hair. His belly, and paws had become red, and irritated. I knew I had to try another Formula, and I did. I went back to the first ever Formula, which initially gave him ridiculous gas. I felt after being on this brand for awhile his system should be now, accustomed to the sweet potato; and yes, we were successful.
246828246828B003C5RLGGADL9KS36CFGDSB. Watts1321333065600Formerly My Preferred Dog FoodNatural Balance Sweet Potato and Bison was formerly the food of choice that I bought for my dogs (along with their Sweet Potato and Venison food). I have a five-year-old Boxer and this was one of the only foods I could find that completely agreed with him. He has never had any allergy conditions with Natural Balance and, with the Bison and Venison formulas, his stool has always been solid. I recently added a German Shepherd puppy to the house and he has had similar results with Natural Balance.

Unfortunately, Natural Balance recently decided to jack up their prices by over ten dollars a bag and I can no longer justify buying it when I go through almost three bags a month. Quite simply, charging almost seventy dollars for twenty-eight pounds of dog food is just ridiculous, particularly when you're going through a bag every two weeks. I barely pay that much for my own groceries every two weeks.

As such, I guess it's time to move on to other brands. The first on my list is Taste of the Wild. We'll see how that goes.

Do yourself a favor and don't support a company that jacks up their prices without increasing their quality.
246829246829B003C5RLGGA9DGMYUPQTCWAJustin0211322438400Price went up and it wasnt worth the original priceNot a bad food but not worth the increased price. Time to find something different. Recommendations are welcomed. So tired of paying more for less.
246830246830B000EMEEHEA97OLWAI6NLSMD. Breen101051144886400Awesome!Ginger chews are such an amazing thing. Ginger helps nausea of all sorts (including those caused by chemo and motion sickness), heartburn and I have heard even menstrual cramps and other ailments. While fresh ginger can be very strong, these are slightly calmer, with a bit of sweetness. They are portable and come individually wrapped which are great for travelling. I love ginger chews and The Ginger People!!!
246831246831B000EMEEHEAHOTWLRJNPM7LP. H. Denson "truthymama"6651212019200Ginger chewsI must concur that these little ginger chews are addictive! I have not had any problem, thus far, with weird crumbly texture as another reviewer related; on the contrary, they are quite chewy, almost as chewy as the little red penny candies from the old days, if you are old enough to remember that! If you are a ginger fan, go for them. I buy them in 2 oz boxes at Target, for $1.09 a box..a deal!
246832246832B000EMEEHEATZL7W5K92TTSCrunchy One6651199836800OMG! I can't get enough of these things!The texture reminds me somewhat of Turkish Delight (a bit chewier), sans nuts, and obviously not at all delicate in flavor. These little evil chewy bites pack a nice, hot, gingery punch that I'm addicted to.

I'm not sure if it's the flavor, the texture or a bit of both that propelled this candy to the top of my 'favorites' list, but they're there to stay!

I will add that these are also great if you've got a bit of an upset tummy, too. I wish I had these when I was pregnant with both of my children.

At least now I can enjoy them without needing a reason to! :P

(I'd be in deep trouble if they made these things in cinnamon!)
246833246833B000EMEEHEAE4PE48Q2794ITax Accountant "Tax Accountant"3351251504000Delicious! Worth every penny!These are my favorite candies of all time! I love the spicy, chewy flavor. It's so hard to find delicious Ginger foods and candies (except online) and I'm so happy that Amazon started carrying these products by the Ginger people. I usually purchase the little tiny bags at a specialty store and it is $5.99 for a really small bag of candies.

I melt these in a cup of boiling water for a really delicious late-night tea. These are great for nausea, too.

Great for travel sickness, great for morning sickness, and just great taste when you want a really spicy candy. I love them! They actually sell these at the little executive airport in my hometown. The pilots use them.

246834246834B000EMEEHEA30DE4206YOSGFS. Gandara "sg"3351231804800YUMMMMMMcan't review this fairly - i am addicted to these.. They are SOOOO good with that spicy ginger taste!
246835246835B000EMEEHEA2HFDITB8JTJSAkdionne2251302480000ginger explosion!Great product!
The only wish I have is that there wouldn't be so much packaging.
I would like to buy these in BULK because they are so good!
It's almost time to re-order - I never want to be without them
in the car on long trips, my commute to work and at work.
246836246836B000EMEEHEA1BVQXYASTO8QRARGary1141295395200Good, but expensiveGinger came via USPS quickly. The individually wrapped pieces stay fresh and tasty.
The cost of the product is high but inline with other providers.The Ginger People Original Ginger Chews, 3-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24)
246837246837B000EMEEHEAJP7B53DREX6DS. Lee "AmazinBuyer"1141266451200I love it, but it hurts my teeth!This candy is like crack. It tastes great and it's addicting. In fact I ate so much that my teeth are hurting. I can't just have one so I have like 5 in a row and then my teeth hurt because you can't just suck on these, you have to chew them and then they get sticky and make you grind your teeth. But they are so good.

For people who are afraid of anything "spicy" let me warn you that this has a nice little punch of ginger flavor. If you are white and think Big Red gums are "spicy" then you'd think these are "spicy." I think it just tastes like ginger. I'm glad I bought 36 bags since I'm going through a bag or two each week.
246838246838B000EMEEHEA32FM1ENQ2K0MDJudith Allen1151261526400Love ginger people ginger chewsThese are the best ginger candy. I was looking for ginger for upset stomach. Glad i found these. Not too hot and so delicious. They go so fast since everyone who taste them want some more. I have ordered many times and will continue to do so whenever i run out. Have tried some other brands but love these the best
246839246839B000EMEEHEA1BZFRRLABZ1S4Ruby Red1151252281600Amazing ginger flavor!If you like ginger, spice, and sweetness, you'll love these. Since my first time trying them in an airport years ago, the Ginger People's Ginger Chews have been one of my favorite candies. The chews give a rush of spicy ginger heat that lingers and lingers in your mouth. I travel by air quite a bit, and the ginger chews keep me from feeling nauseous and also help to fight the "popping" in my ears. By getting them on, I enjoy free shipping, too. The only problem I have with them is that I very foolishly allowed everyone in my family to have one when I came home from first trying them. The result: My cache of ginger chews from amazon never lasts as long as it's supposed so!
246840246840B000EMEEHEA279HOZ15D9KDBMox Rogers1151241395200Yum!After reading the various reviews, I picked up a pack of these at my local World Market (I searched on The Ginger People's website for local suppliers)and am quite pleased. I was looking for something natural for my morning sickness (which lasts a large portion of the day!)and am pleased with the taste and texture of these chews. They're definately spicy (which I love), and have gotten me through a couple bouts of m/s. One thing I've tried is cutting them (easily done with a pair of scissors) into 2 or 3 pieces to get them to last a little bit longer-I found that a whole chew was a little too much for me at one time.
246811246811B003C5RLGGAJ4VBCO611SUSBravo Charlie1151326067200Natural Balance is fantasticThis is some of the best dog food I've ever given any dog. Before I started giving it to my current dog, she was suffering many allergies. I switched over to the limited ingredient diet by Natural Balance and my dog has been extremely healthy since. I'm not sure if it was her previous food that caused the allergies, but the new food seems to have relieved her suffering. Her ears are also cleaner now that she is on this food.

Natural Balance offers other flavors of Limited Ingredient Diet, so it is extremely easy to switch over the flavor for my dog.

Amazon did a great job on getting this shipped in a pinch. I'm extremely pleased Amazon and Natural Balance
246812246812B003C5RLGGA285GGG1JWX53UAna1151325980800this one's juuust rightWe have a 3 yr old beagle with a sensitive stomach. She also puts on weight very quickly and any food that she is on has to be low fat. Even though we feed all of our animals organic/no filler pet foods, she was still vomiting several times a week. We tried several different high end brands, but she was still vomiting at least once a week. The last food we tried was Eukanuba which is uber expensive, she vomited on it once a week, AND gained 3 lbs (who knew it had more fat than puppy food!) So we are very glad to have found Natural Balance. In the last two months, she's only vomited once. Also, she now makes huge soft brown poops (always an indication of a healthy pup).
246813246813B003C5RLGGAVQX43RZ7HQYZeripley1151325894400Best for Shar PeiMy SharPei was having major skin issues and several runs to the vet. His groomer recommended I try it. She has two Peis and said it was the best thing for them. She was right! My dog's issues cleared up quickly and he's had no further problems. His coat looks like silk velvet! Very happy with it. I was adding a bit of the canned food but he seems to prefer the dry kibble. Can't recommend it any higher.
246814246814B003C5RLGGAWJTERL81K14WShannon R.1151321833600Awesome!I ordered the dog treats and they were here within a couple of days! Packaging was great so they wouldn't get damaged. Very happy with everything on this order!
246815246815B003C5RLGGA1P9L7CP7HBWLJM. Taylor "MTA9"1151320019200Simply the best!As soon as we adopted our black labrador retriever, we switched him away from the cheap-o dog food the breeder was using to another natural dog food brand. His stools were unpredictable, he wouldn't finish the cup or so of food in his bowl at each meal... and then we acquired some sample bags of Natural Balance. WOW, is all I can say. Our dog LOST HIS MIND after trying it. Refused to eat what we were giving him before. He had the good stuff and wouldn't turn back. We switched him over to Natural Balance completely and he's such a healthy, strong, muscular, happy pup! We get so many compliments from other people at the dog park about his shiny coat, appearance and demeanor and we know it has to be the food. Good, whole foods make my husband and I feel great - so why would it be any different with our dog? Yes, it's more expensive than other brands of dog food, but you get what you pay for. We want our dog to live a long, healthy, happy life. We are Natural Balance customers for life! (The food rolls are excellent, too! Our dog goes crazy for them!)
246816246816B003C5RLGGA40H3K4IEYAR7mom1151318032000Cured skin issues for BulldogI was feeding my Bulldog California Natural, but he had started having skin issues on that. I then learned they had changed the formula slightly when bought by Proctor & Gamble. After reading other reviews, I decided to try this food. He responded amazingly! His fur is not falling out in clumps. He is not licking his paws constantly. He is so much healthier. His stools are also more solid and don't leave a mess, so we don't have to worry about wiping him anymore. This food is great for an allergy prone dog!

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