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246961246961B000M9N1QOA36GEDLB5A5MJRevDorothyL "DorothyL"2231271376000Not that tasty alone, but with add-ins it's useful to keep aroundThere's an after-taste I can't quite recognize and don't quite like when I try to heat just a plate of this Vegetable Pulao by itself, but when I heat it up with additional vegetables (especially nice green frozen peas, since the peas in any of these ready-to-eat entrees are inevitably faded to gray by the time they're re-heated, and it's the work of a few minutes to chop up fresh carrots, bell peppers, garlic, broccoli, or whatever else you have on hand, to mix in before microwaving) and throw in a few additional cashews, it's much better. It's better still with a nice, spicy stir-fry or heat-and-eat curry served over top.

I might not re-order, but I won't have trouble using up what I have of this product.
246962246962B001ASH39WAMUX4HI5FXL0LTammy I. Smith "tucker's mommy"3441298073600coffee mate creamer pump malfunctionsi love coffeemate in the pump. i've been using it for yrs. drinking coffee is my only vice... however the last two creamers i bought, @ sam's clum, the pumps malfunctioned... they simply stopped pumping... they lost compression and were pushing out air. the 1st time i only had 1/4 of the creamer remaining and just poked a hole in the container and poured in another container; however, this morning 2/19/11 my current container, 3/4 full, totally stopped working UGH!! so my 'mac gyver' husband pulled the pump apart (he loves fixing stuff, he finds great satifaction repairing things)and was able to jerry rig it so it would compress and pump again. halleluia!! hoping it w/continue working until it's empty!!
246963246963B001ASH39WA11KO8SBKI91PZNCtransplant0011344124800where's the french vanillaCoffee-mate Coffee Creamer, French Vanilla Pump Bottle, 1.5L (Pack of 2)

One bottle lasted me over a month, and I am a coffee hound. But, I believe they forgot to put the French Vanilla flavoring in the receipe, it tastes like regular coffee creamer, I was truly disappointed.
246964246964B001ASH39WA1DMQSHL4F9BSWNetScanr0041328140800Product is Perfect But Delivery System (Pump) Needs WorkI work from home and traditional 'home' products don't work for me. They are also more expensive and wasteful.

My coffee solution is a plumed-in Bunn commercial coffee-maker, air-pot and this creamer. I've experienced eventual clogging of the pump before each bottle is empty and resorted to another container to pour it from.
Nestle should source a STAINLESS, commercial grade pump that can be disassembled for cleaning periodically and re-utilized. This will decrease product cost and also cut down on plastic waste.
Here's something that works for the pump: When installing a new pump: 1. Hold the top part of the shaft (just under the cap) in one hand while using the other to turn the pump so that it pops up. 2.DO NOT tighten the cap more than about 1 turn. This will give the pump enough stability to use, but I've found that this process prevents the pump from plugging up. It may be due to air flowing in from the cap vs. through the pump, gradually thickening & drying the product and plugging the pump up.
246965246965B001ASH39WA2TBMI42NXOQ0IJessica Rae0011327881600Pumps are DefectiveThe pumps are defective, clog, stop working, and are generally useless. The pump is also not removable once connected, so when it gets clogged you cannot take it apart to clean it.

I went through 4 of these to give them a chance because I really wanted to cut down the waste from the little cups in my office, but they all clog and stop working, often before it's even half empty.

Will not buy again.
246966246966B001ASH39WA31JUA4FFRHBTOK. Shannon0041325548800Great product, poor pumpThis is my third purchase of this product and I wouldn't buy anything else. However this particular purchase has a defective pump. It barely allows the creamer to flow on compression. A real workout. This is a first of this kind of a problem and the previous pumps worked well.
246967246967B001ASH39WA91EV5XOCZB4ZJay968170051314576000V CreamerDel. on time and in great condition, price was great. I will be using them every 2 months. saves money and gas.
I recommend this to my family.
246968246968B005J1U5Q4A2QDUFL4P8VLP5hoobs0051341014400YumLove all things Haribo. These are my favorite candy they make though because they are so big and so chewy!
246969246969B0002HDM06AS7SWC0HK8SV8Mary Louise Baker151551115510400I Highly Recommend!I was very skeptical about purchasing this Baklava, but it is the best I have ever had! I am 8 months pregnant and have been craving Baklava. It is packaged perfectly, shipping was expedient, and the product itself is scrumptious. I will certainly purchase more in the future! If you are in the mood for baklava, this is the perfect choice for you!
246970246970B0002HDM06A1RU0MN06QUF1IVivian Lee111151138752000delicious!Like most people, I was very skeptical about purchasing baklava online. From my experience, if one leaves out baklava out for a long time, it tends to get extremely hard and the honey drips all over the place. Not the case with this baklava. I received it in the mail a few days ago (I live in University housing and the mail system here takes a couple days to process) and the baklava tastes fantastic. Fresher baklava of course tastes slightly better, but I don't think it could get all that much better than this in terms of mail-order baklava. Highly recommended.
246971246971B0002HDM06A12AE9FIZ5DX7GV. Goel9951103673600The best baklavaAlthough I have never gotten it through, baklava made by Shatila Food Products in Michigan ( is the best there is! Forget the stuff you find at the local bakery or Harry & David--this stuff is in a different league altogether.
246972246972B0002HDM06A2GFR2ECEFRQ9VSunflower Patches6651164672000DeliciousI always order Baklava this time of year for the holiday season and in the past I have always ordered from Harry & David. Well from now on I have found a new supplier of Baklava. This Baklava is sweet without being overly sweet and sticky. It is also less greasy than some of the others. Yummy!
246973246973B0002HDM06AF51KJB3W1YI6Ellay "light"4451242950400Trying to save it but ...A small guilty please I got on sale. I received it about a week and a half ago. I was surprised at the size of the box and tray the thirty pieces were packaged in. Very, very generous sized pieces.

So, I'm trying to save it by eating a piece or two at a time. Savor the flavor, since it has been quite some time since I've had any baklava. And, oh my, is this ever good baklava!

My suggestion is to put the box in the refrigerator. Take it out at least 20 - 30 minutes before you indulge. That way it brings these wonderful pieces to room temperature and the flavor comes back to full richness.

So, as I said, I'm trying to save it but ... the last fifteen pieces keep calling out to me.

DO try this baklava. It is really quite special.
246974246974B0002HDM06A1K8AQTSPVQ17QPaul "gismoman"3331316736000Good, but not what I was hoping for.I have long been a fan of Baklava. Of course, everyone has their own idea of what constitues good baklava, and there are regional differences. The best baklava I've had was when I was in Athens. Athens baklava was moist (not crispy) with plenty of dripping syrup and a hint of honey; there were 3 layers of nuts which were firm but not crunchy and there were subtle overtones of cinnamon and allspice (I think) and a hint of citrus zest. Fabulous!
This Shatila Mediterranean-Mideast baklava is disappointing: the single nut layer is moist, but the philo layers are crispy and mostly dry but have a strong butter-like flavor, and a greasy consistency (a-la butter flavored crisco?) There is a single layer of nuts which lacks spice or complex flavors...mostly just nutty; it is mildly sweet, less so than most baklava; no real syrup to speak of...just tastes sweet without even a hint of honey. It tastes ok, but not what I was hoping for. Seems fresh, and delivery was quick. Just my 2 cents.
246975246975B0002HDM06A2R60LKYYCDYBMM. Eldamaty3351271548800amazing,,you have to taste itI grew up on eating these sweets,,i wasn't sure if it's a good idea to buy baklava online or no,,,but when i had it i was really impressed it's very fresh and sweet and tasty and i will order it again and i will try all their other products ,,,,,,,,
it's a great idea for gifts too specially i never met anyone who doesn't love it,,
i do recommend it ,,,do not hesitate and you won't regret
i tried all Shatila products,,the baklava is the best
246976246976B0002HDM06A5AC0LBHNIMBEangusfarmwife3351264809600Wonderful Baklawa Will purchase againThe entire family loved this at Christmas. Will order again. Ordered this on Sun. and received on Tues. Well packaged and prompt delivery. Did not refrigerate and it was soooo good. Very economical too.
246977246977B0002HDM06A2QQFXZ3W4CZ08Debby Krimsky "Lilly2bee"3351229558400A Heaven on Earth MUST HAVE!!!Over the top scrumptious mouth watering delicacy fit for the King of Kings!!! Order processed, baked, and shipped in 2 days, but shipping took 7 through FedEx, hmmm. Presentation was in very good taste also. Talent, Talent, Talent!! Will order more to share with others if I don't indulge myself first. Go Shatila, Go!!! A+++
246978246978B0002HDM06A16C8FR09IHGLPDianna Calisto3341210464000delicious baklavaThis was the perfect gift for Mother's Day. My mother has tried other Baklava but especially loved this one. She recommends it to everyone. It is a great gift and dessert for any occasion.
246979246979B0002HDM06A2JJME9O723C4NK. Sayar3351192924800Excellent Product OfferingThis company makes an outstanding Baklava at a great value. The shipping is extremely quick and the desert quite fresh. My family and coworkers absolutely loves the taste of these pastries. At last we have found a permanent source for our Baklava.
246980246980B0002HDM06A3E39QVT4HL7SWC. Lane2251259366400Received Order Quick and Tastes Great!I was a little nervous ordering after reading some slow shipping reviews here, but as I was unable to find any baklava locally, I decided to take the plunge. I'm glad I did, because I placed my order on Sunday, 11/22 and received it on Friday, 11/29. The only downside is that they don't have online order tracking. The baklava tasted great, but perhaps it was just a little light on the honey. If I get another craving for this, I will order from this place again!
246981246981B0002HDM06A2NVUP35XC8JLXJanis Stanger2251232496000Baklava as good as home madeThe city I live in has a vibrant Greek community. This baklava is as good as much of what I have tasted locally. It is better than any other "store baught" I've ever had!
246982246982B0002HDM06A20CB9EX4L5E1IKaren S D Robinson2251169510400Made a great Christmas gift.I had this delivered to my brother as a Christmas gift. He said it arrived about the time I expected it to, and he enjoyed it a lot.
246983246983B0002HDM06AHSUDVYQ9QXRSann d. benn1151305590400BaklawaI purchased this product for my husband as a birthday gift in early in December 1910 because he loves baklawa.and I don't bake. We were very pleased, it was delicious, my first purchase was the whole sheet walnut based flavor and the second was a 1/2 sheet of the walnut and 1/2 sheet of the pistachio. Both were excellent but we prefer walnuts. I have since placed three more orders and intend to continue ordering from time to time each order was of AONE quality. The price is right and the pieces are the perfect size for a little snack of sweets. The only complaint (?) I have is that it was so good it went too fast and I never had to refrigerate it.

Try it as Martha Stewart would say "It's a good thing"!
246984246984B0002HDM06A2AAB15HSP8TBDM. Odeimeh1151304467200Finally, a miditerranean sweet brand that is real!For a Mediterranean who tried almost EVERY single brand in at least 7 different countries, I can say this IS the best so far. The size of the pieces is small compared to the other brands, but it's medium compared to the original ones we have back home. The package says they last 2 weeks unrefrigerated, ours stayed perfect for 6 weeks BUT we kept them well tied inside a plastic bag. They taste delicious, we already tried the Baklawa (Baklava) and the Burma (Mabroome), both were great and I'm ordering different things to try them all. My husband surprised his students with a big box of Baklawa, they all loved it. Don't miss it and don't let the negative reviews effect on your decision, and treat yourself with a piece of Baklawa & a cup of coffee! :)
246985246985B0002HDM06A2M8YVS9DTF3YM. Bainbridge1151234656000great treat!I sent the Baklava to my mother who is 90. She and all of her friends just couldn't believe how good it was. I will order it again.
246986246986B0002HDM06A381MT950I6KRLJujubeMBA4641152230400Great service, okay baklavaThe service was terrific. Fast, efficient, and communicative. The price was reasonable. And the baklava itself was good, but not great or terrific. Unlike some baklavas that are highly spiced or 90% phyllo, this one has a nice thick layer of nuts and has a nice flavor. However, since it doesn't have honey, it misses the mark for me. I just love the gooey sweetness of honeyed baklava. So for me, it was okay, but for 170 calories per small piece, not worth it.

I am torn between 3 and 4 stars, but will give 4 for the service.
246987246987B0002HDM06A1BC22ZW6RWSE2The Mikester "sojourner"2311311724800yuch!This product is just awful. It tastes as if it was made with shortening instead butter. And, it is as dry as the Sahara and as sweet as standing water. Cardboard comes to mind. I ate a few pieces and tossed the rest. I guess I'll need to wait for the local Greek festival to get something decent.
246988246988B0002HDM06ANA1O4YX8EML1Lewis LaCook0051341878400Just what I was craving.I had an overwhelming urge for Baklava, but am a hermit, and it was the middle of the night. I didn't think mail-order Baklava would be able to retain the gooey and nutty crunchy bliss, but it does taste comparable to great fresh Baklava at our local Greek restaurant. This is something I would feel confident bringing to a holiday, shipping to someone as an unexpected treat, or putting out on a platter if I were hosting something classy. Mmmmmm! So good! And made in the USA!
246989246989B0002HDM06AUC3TX03JXPCWLaurie A. Banks0051341100800Delicious!This was the first time ordering Baklava that wasn't in a store or restaurant and I was pleasantly surprised! Not overly sweet.
Nicely packaged and holds up very well in my fridge. Yes, I would order it again. Great price! Delicious treat!
246990246990B0002HDM06A1BSBX5YCGNUOPjman0051337731200SOOO SCRUMPTOUS!!!These are by far my fav treat and the best Baklawa I have ever had the pleasure to eat. These are truley Out Of This World just order them for the 4th time and many more to come. so if you are unsure, BUY NOW you will be amazed thanks Shatila!!

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