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247011247011B002ZJSS8AA2NJO6YE954DBHLawrance M. Bernabo2241156464000Now we have the Oreo transformed into a baked chocolate wafer snackWe are still six years away from the centennial for the Oreo cookie, which was first manufactured by Nabisco in 1912 as something more exciting for people to dip in their tea than the biscuits the English tend to use (it was copyrighted as the "Oreo Biscuit"). The sandwich cookie was quite similar to the Hydrox cookie produced by Sunshine, but Oreo dominated the market to such an extent that they stopped making Hydrox back in 1996. What would be considered the "modern" Oreo cookie was developed in 1952 (originally they were mound shaped, which is why some think the name comes from the Greek word for "hill"), with the two circular chocolate wafers with the sweet white filling commonly called the "cream" in between.

Of course today consumers do not have to restrict themselves to just the tradition Oreo cookie. There are Oreos with chocolate-flavored cream instead of the traditional white, as well as orange colored cream at Halloween and red at Christmas. You can get Oreos with a double portion of filling, not to mention mixing and matching two flavors of filling (carmel and chocolate, coffee and cream, peanut butter and chocolate, etc.). You want the original cookie with a coating of chocolate fudge? They have that, or with white chocolate fudge in winter, and then there is the Uh-Oh! Oreo with the flavors of the cookie reversed.

But what if you are interested in watching your weight because once you open a bag of which ever type of Oreos are your personal preference they are just sitting them beginning to be eating? After all, once they are open they could go stale, and putting them in a cookie jar just makes them more accessible even if it allays fears about freshness. Nabisco has taken a three-prong approach for weight watching Oreo lovers. You can go with the Reduced Fat Oreo, which is identical to the size of the original but has less fat per serving. Then there are the Mini Oreos, bite-sized versions packaged in snack packs rather than in really think wrapped trays. Now we can add to that short list the Oreo Thin Crisps.

These are baked chocolate six-sided wafer snacks, almost 20 to a pack, that are lightly sprinkled with white specks that are to take the place of the aforementioned cream. Now, I am someone who likes the cream more than the wafer, so I was wary because I thought scarffing down a bunch of these would be like eating the chocolate wafers without the white cream, but they are lighter in taste than that, even without having the glass of milk handy that I considered essentially when eating the more traditional Oreo cookies. Since they do have the Oreo taste I can round up on these. These come in 100 Calorie Packs, to help you draw the line at a nice round number when it comes to caloric intake. You can six 0.81 oz (23g) packs in a 4.86 oz box. Each pack contains 0 grams of trans-fat, 2 grams of fat, and 0 milligrams of cholesterol. You will also find one of 100 Healthy Living Tips on the front of the pack (e.g., #56: "Make a meal out of appetizers or side dishes instead of larger main entrees"). Of course, I was thinking of putting some of these in a bowl of vanilla ice cream, but that would really mess up the whole healthy living bit.
247012247012B002ZJSS8AA1PDUUWBQH1FHOC. Chong1131241395200not as good as the 100-calorie OreosWith any low fat or low calorie food, you're going to sacrifice taste of portion size. With this product, you sacrifice both.

It's a good idea, which was done well with the Oreos and others in this series of "100 calorie" snacks, but I think you're better off with a single cookie from the regular Chips Ahoy box than a whole bag of these.
247013247013B002ZJSS8AA3JKBW6VK2LCJ0T. Saad "T-bone"1151205798400Great Taste!!!Love this snack.
Its really tasty.
Filling for my wife, not me though..."I'll take 2 please" =)
247014247014B002ZJSS8AAUKK48F2DCLKDI <1151192406400Seemingly impossible...

When I recently tried these little wafers I recalled when I worked in an office nearly 20 years ago. Whenever the Director skipped lunch, he ran all through the department pleading with all the ladies to pull something out of their handbags or desks that might get him through till 5 O'clock. He usually ended up with a couple of packaged saltines which had long since turned stale and were mostly crumbled from being crushed at the bottom of a handbag or desk drawer. I came to realize that some of the girls kept stale crackers just for him - I guess they really admired him. These 'Nabisco Oreo Thin Crisps, Baked Chocolate Wafer Snacks' would have served his purposes much better than the saltines, but I would rather he have more of his old favorites.


Basically, this is a minimalist snack for people who have to eat something in-between meals and they don't want it to be a 600 calorie confection. That's why the biggest print on the label says, "100 calorie packs" -- 4.5 inches across!




As diet snacks go this is okay stuff to carry with you. One can avoid more calorie dense alternatives with these wafers on hand, making them a sort of antidote or vaccine against dropping energy and blood-sugar levels in the late afternoon which may lead to a large unplanned snack. For that purpose this is a great product and I know that our Director, 20 years ago, would have given anything to have these modest wafers available instead of the usual stale saltines that he subsisted on for many a long afternoon. When the Director didn't find any saltines around the office he'd head straight for McDonalds and the rest was history.
247016247016B002ZJSS8AA13E0ARAXI6KJWEd Uyeshima1141156464000Chocolate Wafers in an Identity Crisis as Oreos...But If Deception Helps Monitor Calories, Why Not?I hate to admit I miss the lard. I was the one in your 4th-grade class who unscrewed the Oreo, ate all the white middle, licked the wafers clean and then ate the hardened chocolate wafers. That's the image I have of this cookie. Even Barbra Streisand coyly named her singing trio at the beginning of "A Star Is Born" the Oreos because she had two back-up singers who were black. That's why the idea of an Oreo Thin Crisp is rather lost on me.

It is a single, nickel-sized baked chocolate wafer that more resembles a bleached Wheat Thin than the original Oreo. It does have some dusting of a white fructose sprinkle as perhaps a nostalgic tribute. Don't get me wrong, as the Oreo Thin Crisps are perfectly fine as low-calorie chocolate wafer alternatives go. They simply lack the lip-smacking satisfaction of a disassembled Oreo digested in pieces. The whole point of the 0.81-ounce bag of wafers is to tout that they are "100 Calorie Packs", a fine idea for Weight Watchers advocates and the rest of us who should be watching our weight. It's just that I don't feel very satisfied after finishing just one pack.
247017247017B002ZJSS8AA3RM5FW3BOEDOGAnne American0051349827200Oreo CrispsNabisco knew if they didnt put little things that give this much pleasure in little baglets, we would keep dipping our hand in the bag and in a couple years would all weigh 400 lbs, die an early death and no longer be able to give Nabisco money.

Kidding aside, these are loveable. The texture is perfection. If you feel like chewing them quickly or take it slowly and let the light wafer melt in your mouth.
247018247018B002ZJSS8AA2X8URSBQ7D4IJSnowycat0021320105600Not The Best Cookies I've Ever Had!I was sorely disappointed in these cookies.. They are pretty tasteless and damn hard too.. I wouldn't buy them again and I've certainly tasted much better low-cal cookies.. I definitely recommend saving your money, folks..
247019247019B002ZJSS8AA1BZZWKT8B5643LadyDi0051308355200YummyWhen you have a craving for a sweet but you don't won't too much, this bar is just perfect. It's yummy.
247020247020B002ZJSS8AA2DEB8DJ3MYSN2ashleygranger0051295568000very yummyI don't usually like really crispy cookies, but the taste of these changed my mind. I like that you get quite a few for only 100 calories. I often go for "quantity" over "quality" so I would rather have a few thin crisp cookies than one regular cookie.
246991246991B0002HDM06A3N90P1UE7KX83Woodpecker440051334707200This tastes just like the stuff Mom and Grandma use to makeI am so glad to finally have found the real deal in Baklava again. It's definitely worth the money and I will buy again.

On my third order now. So good I can't go long without it anymore.
246992246992B0002HDM06A37E9G5G1C9PE2Thomas Saliba "Tannus"0051330214400BaklavaBest tasting Baklawa I have had since my Mother made it at home when I was a very young.
Came perfectly packaged arrived quickly.
246993246993B0002HDM06A1Q0QXQW2B54YLMaureen H. Mcdonald "Maureen"0051294790400BaklavaI have purchased this product many times. It always arrives quickly. It is delicious and keeps well, even if you have some left over and freeze it, it is wonderful.
246994246994B0002HDM06A3ISPSRQE28759Megan "Bite me if you don't like my HONEST re...3521288915200Doesn't taste like authentic Greek BaklavaI just spent time in Greece last month, one of many places I visited along the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. I was also in the Middle East (Israel). And I can tell you, this does NOT even compare to the real stuff.

This Baklava is very, very dry and very conservative on the quantity and quality of ingredients. It lacks flavor big time! And the pieces are so small they are bite size. The nuts are minced so fine you can't even tell they are nuts. Instead it's like a dry, pasty filling with little flavor.

In Greece, the pieces are large (huge compared to what you get with this), overflowing with the moist, nutty filling, very flavorful, with lots of honey, spices, and phyllo. I had Baklava purchased at a bakery on Patmos Island, Greece that blows this Baklava out of the water by far.

I won't be buying from here again. I'll keep looking elsewhere.

I gave two stars for packaging and speed. If I only had to rate the product itself, it would've gotten zero stars.
246995246995B0002HDM06AVFJTQJG8UA4EM. Davis "MonkeyGirl80"1251226361600Make up a holiday and celebrate whenever!!Sometimes when I am feeling a little too skinny (a joke people) I will buy a box and eat it in front of my sister who is always on a diet. NAUGHTY!!!!!
246996246996B0002HDM06A2W8F0MVCE19XLC. James0331228262400Slow deliveryPaid for fast delivery; this means I ordered on a Monday morning, ships Tuesday morning, won't get to the location 1 state away until the following Monday..... what's wrong with this picture? Might as well save the extra shipping costs.
246997246997B000IXWDKEA38SC9H67KNZEKerrieNY560051336089600YUMMM!great deal for the amount of product you get! my husband is a reese's fan, and this was part of a gift for him (the gag part)... he kept them in the freezer to keep them fresh. I was somewhat worried about buying food online, that it would be past its expiration date, but it was definitley well within. very pleased!
246998246998B000IXWDKEA2LRJNTENI18MMMR0031334016000Not Too Impressed, But Worth The PriceLocal grocery and convenience stores sell Reese's peanut butter cups for about $1 for a two-pack. So when I saw that they were on sale here on Amazon for less than $1 each for packs of four, I was thrilled. However, the feeling has since eroded after noticing a couple of issues:

1) Another reviewer said that the candy comes nearly stale, and I have to agree partially. The packages are almost expired (in just 6 months), but from what I can tell, the taste still seems OK (for me).

2) There is weird condensation on each peanut butter cup. This is strange because where I am now there is super low humidity (just 26% with fire watches). So I am not sure where the condensation came from but the box does say to store in a cool DRY place.

Other than those two things, I cautiously tried a taste test and they do seem OK. If you are looking for ultra-fresh, you may be better off shopping somewhere local. But if you'll give these away or your family goes through them fast, then maybe it's worth the low price. I don't think I will buy again, though.
246999246999B000IXWDKEA1PU3GUOQ5BABWvwnut0051329609600mmmmm chocolatebought these for my wife for valentines day. (kinda a gag gift after I ate her's one night) She was thrilled!!
247000247000B000IXWDKEA242TCOCJDVK9ZJoseph S. Muniz0051327104000Reese's Peanut Butter CupsThe where very good you will like them very much you should. Buy them great item you will like it very well please buy
247001247001B000IXWDKEARUKVV4YDRLIDPirate18080111331856000Nearly staleI had ordered this product before and found it very fresh. But this shipment included bars loosely packed in a box other than the one supplied by the manufacturer, and included bars that had reached their expiration date.
247002247002B002ZJSS8AA3M8R4JD1SIS76'MaryLou Cheatham "The Collard Patch"7751214438400Yummy CookiesPlanters Peanut Butter Cookie Crisps 100 Calorie Packs, 6-Count Boxes (Pack of 6). These cookies are so tasty! I love the peanut taste and the crispness. A one-hundred calorie pack is just enough to get started having fun eating them, but then the limitation of the size of the package helps me put the brakes on. Probably the most important part of weight control is portion control.

The cookies have 3 grams fat, 0 mg Cholesterol, and 2 Weight Watchers points.
247003247003B002ZJSS8AA2HQ8RTAJYEUJONeal J. Pollock77311569824003.5* snack for a non-chocophileIt's very nice that the company put 100 calories packages out--great marketing idea. They taste okay to me. A bit subtle on the chocolate IHMO. Mostly they're lightly-flavored, chocolate, wheat crackers. They have very little nutritional value but over 39% sugar. The 100 calories is achieved by a very light product--it doesn't weigh much. So, 100 calories sounds great--but only if you eat but one package. Not easy to do if you're hungry. Still, it's a convenient snack to put in a backpack, lunch box, carry-on (now that they don't feed you much when you fly), etc. with less calories than most alternatives. Could also tide you over between meals. Still, I'd personally prefer something a bit healthier. But that's why there's chocolate & vanilla--oops, they left out the vanilla!
247004247004B002ZJSS8AA2N17DHJPYFXGIDolmer "USMC family"5551201564800Peanut Butter CookiesI enjoy them a lot and so does my son. I have to say that this kind is one of my favorites. It is full of peanut butter flavor that you forget that it is only 100 cals. As for the amount you get in the bag, it is more than I expecting so I was very happy.
247005247005B002ZJSS8AA2PSIP48R289X0K. Towles4441179360000Good buyI enjoy the Peanut Butter Cookie Crisp, but they are definitely a departure from the originals. Still my son LOVES them so for this reason I still give it four stars.
247006247006B002ZJSS8AA2R6RA8FRBS608Matthew G. Sherwin6751172361600The portable and edible OreoOne reviewer writes that these are Oreo crackers without the creme--and they are right! These thin Oreo crisp wafer type cookies by Nabisco are easy to pack for when you're on the run and just need a quick sugar infusion. They also make for snacking anytime of the day--or night--and they give you that great Oreo taste without actually using creme as an ingredient.

These crackers are cholesterol free and trans fat free--hooray! There are only 100 calories in a serving and a serving contains only two grams of fat. They are baked crackers which helps make them healthier than other snacking choices including greasy French fries. These crackers somehow manage to give you the full Oreo taste experience while omitting the creme and a fair amount of the calories, too. Excellent!

These Oreo thin crisps come in six smaller packets which will be inside the box you buy. This makes them even more portable for both children and adults. Another advantage of the cookies coming in smaller packages inside the box is that you know that each packet has been pre-measured to contain only 100 calories. This way you can't accidentally eat too many and take in more calories than you wanted to have.

I notice that these crackers are made with cocoa. Please consult your doctor if you have any concerns about caffeine. Chocolate and cocoa could contain too much caffeine for you if you are sensitive to that.

I recommend these crackers for persons on the go who want a quick snack. They should provide you with a sugar boost for quick energy. They make for a healthier alternative to other snack foods loaded with fat and/or cholesterol.

Buy some and enjoy them today! SMILES
247007247007B002ZJSS8AA2YB7DLC3FOR7WPamela V ""MS V""2251208304000Very good snack!I really like these. They are so light and airy, almost like chips instead of cookies! The flavor is that yummy OREO chocolate we all know and love!
247008247008B002ZJSS8AA3DOPYDOS49I3TConfucious2241207440000These are ok.....These are good but the flavor did not resemble an oreo. I purchased these along with the chips ahoy and those did resemble the flavor of chips ahoy. In my opinion these tasted like animal crackers. I will stick to chips ahoy 100 calorie packs.
247009247009B002ZJSS8AA213XTQ2GX3HWDNAYA2251179360000Very GoodI have been eating the 100 Calorie Chip Ahoy for sometime. I really find that it is a filling, guilt-free snack. It has a unique taste of its own - not a `diet' food-type taste either, it taste like a `real' snack.
247010247010B002ZJSS8AA2AOZQ3WTNVVOKLonnie E. Holder "The Review's the Thing"2241156636800Flavor in, Calories Down, Fat Nearly OutAs I get older and fatter, I seek opportunities to eat snacks that at least make a nominal attempt to be healthy. Oreo cookies fail to reach very high on my list of healthy foods. However, Oreo cookies are delicious beyond belief. Not only are Oreo cookies delicious, but I sometimes think I hear Oreo cookies calling my name as I walk by them. Honest. I am unable to buy Oreo cookies because if I do I know I will eat them; generally in a few days. Not a good idea.

Nabisco, realizing that many of us are making some nominal attempt at eating more healthy foods, have created a brand-identified snack eliminates all the bad fats and most of the fat, creating a yummy and crunchy chocolate wafer snack that is like a chocolate cracker. To this point no one has ever created a truly healthy snack that is like a cookie. However, this wafer snack, which Nabisco has decided not to call a cookie, perhaps because cookie sounds fattening, is reasonably yummy. I have eaten these things several times and still eat them. I actually eat them more than regular Oreos, which I count as quite a nod to health.

You may be tempted to add icing to this baked cookie. If you are going to add the fat and calories in icing, perhaps you should just skip in pretense at reducing calories and fat and go straight to regular Oreo cookies. In fact, just revel in the calories and go for the Double Stuff Oreos.

Oreos have been around since 1912, and remain the best-selling cookie brand in history. According to our friends at Kraft, which owns Nabisco, and which is owned by the Altria Group (renamed from Philip Morris, presumably for marketing reasons), more then 450 billion Oreo cookies were sold in the first 90 years of their existence. Though Oreo Thin Crisps fall quite a bit short of the real thing, they are high quality and have sufficient flavor that allows these baked chocolate wafers to have the Oreo name.

Of course, you could just stick with rabbit food and be truly healthy, but where is the fun in that? For those of us that find a constant diet of veggies to be just too healthy to be fun, and yet the thought of pigging out on a pound of Oreos smacks of chunks of fat floating through our circulatory system, Oreo Thin Crisps are a lovely alternative. Or course, you probably should avoid eating pounds of these, even with the reduced fat. Food is food and too much low fat food still is not good for you, even if it tastes good. At least Oreo Thin Crisps do not talk to me when I walk by.


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