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247191247191B001EQ56DAA2MZ2LIQ3D6FGAFranziska Tinner1151207699200Gluten Free cereal Great!this is a great deal, the best deal for the money, I found online under Gluten free same brand. Great deal too that you can get it sent automatically on a regular basis and not need to worry about running out and reordering nor paying for shipping. Great time saver and great to eat, not just for kids. Stays crisp even in milk. Great for s snack.
247192247192B001EQ56DAA169MHFP2M8ZBDJR's WIFE "Pene"2341190937600great product, just a biton the sweet side. We poor gluten intolerant people are used to some draw backs - so 4 stars for it.
247193247193B001EQ56DAA37AO20OXS51QARoderic Rinehart "Roderic"0051342742400Organic cocoa crispies for a childhood favoriteThese taste pretty close to the old standard - Cocoa Crispies. These actually stay crisper in milk for longer - really a long, long time. Good cocoa taste, and colors the milk just like old times. Fair price too!
247194247194B001EQ56DAA4IVB5XGTPQAPG SERRA0051317340800Wonderful GF CerealThis cereal is really delicious. One of us is very sensitive to even the smallest amount of gluten cross contamination, but eats this cereal a box at a time. It's crunchy and chocolatey, but not overly sweet. EnviroKids \ Nature's Path has lots of GF cereal products and they are all quite good, but this one is probably our favorite.
247195247195B001EQ56DAA6TOGEJT5XSCIGrace Blue Jay0041291852800Delicious Gluten Free CerealKoala Crisp is a delicious gluten free cereal. It is crispy and has a nice chocolate flavor. It's cheaper than a lot of gluten free cereals I have seen, close to almost half the price. It is a bit higher in sugar content, but sometimes we all want something sweet. And there is more in the box than some cereals. (the ones that are twice the price. Doesn't seem fair does it?) Anyway there is a fun game board for kids on the inside of the box. Highly Recommended!
247196247196B001EQ56DAAA27FNAQ8HVYGSam & Marisol "Raising Autism Awareness, one ...0051213142400A life saver!I have to admit, with a son who is an EXTREMELY picky eater, I thought these were going to go flying out the window!
But DS was taken by them and I am praising God for Koala Crisp, they are so good!

I love the fact that I can make other things with this cereal too. I've made almond crisp cookies, marshmallow crispy bars, peanut butter crispy balls ... ....

Thank you EnviroKidz! Now, if only he could have corn ... but alas, I have to be thankful in everything and I'm thankful for this cereal!!

PS ... It's also very yummy with almond milk! Yuuuuummy!!!
247197247197B001EQ56DAA3D4MFMTZRNXJ4Always on the Run "GF/CF Mommy of 3"0051206576000Great Gluten Free CeralMy boys love the EnviroKidz line of cereals! This one is my sons' favorite cereals. The price is great too! At the store this cereal runs $3.49-$3.99 and is hardly ever on sale. You can however, find the Gorilla Munch and Panda Puffs at Trader Joe's for $2.49, but not Koala Crisp. I use the auto ship feature and each box works out to right just under $3.00 a box. That is a great savings, about a dollar a box.
247198247198B001EQ56DAA2I2R3U1GQQGE4Garfield "Garfield"0051204502400Very TastyI ordered the chocolate and peanut butter cereal. I made granola bars for my husband who has celiac disease. They were very good. Even I could not help myself to this yummy treat.
247199247199B001ATFTCEA3UZ07TVCBSRT3Damon5511348272000Absolutely Terribledo not order this item it is BEYOND a rip off. Im so furious right now, especially since this item cant be returned. Save your money and go to a local candy store. The portion sizes are a joke the items look like something you'd get at the dollar this economy its about bang for the buck and i just got taken for mine. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!!!
247200247200B001ATFTCEA3HMIO1YXQB2CLREGULAR AMAZON CUSTOMER5511348012800Overpriced cookies with little worth eating in a fancy box.The cookies need a baker who knows how to bake. When you pay this kind of money, the product should be good. These taste like low priced cheap quality cookies done up in fancy wrapping.
247171247171B001EQ56DAA26X7W5UM5QFT4Grits141551166745600Excellent Product - Strong Disagreement with 1-star RatingThe title pretty much says it all. I reserve 5 stars for what I consider the best of the best. I wanted a gluten-free cereal that was different from the few I've been eating over the years. This is definitely NOT like the usual "crispy rice." It's much more substantial (not "90% air"), has a nice, though not too strong, cocoa flavor, and doesn't get soggy in the first two minutes after milk (or other drink product) is poured on it.

Another rater talked about empty calories. I'll be generous and assume that reviewer is not particularly familiar with reading (and comparing) nutrition labels. If a high quality rice is also considered "empty calories," that review would be valid. But comparing the Koala Crisp nutrition label to the nutrition label on a high quality rice reveals almost identical nutritional values - perhaps because Koala Crisp IS a high quality rice. Just as rice has never been claimed to be a fully balanced meal, neither is Koala Crisp. What it is, is a high quality product made with high quality ingredients (none of the artificial vitamins and minerals added to "grocery store" cereals to make them look better). And it's designed to be used as part of a balanced diet.

With that out of the way, It's just plain good. I buy it by the case, and eat it several times per week for breakfast, I like it that much. And no, I have no connection with the company at all - I just love their products (many of them - not just this one). Now, if they'd just add this one to their line of Eco-pak cereals (large, bulk bags), I'd be even happier.
247172247172B001EQ56DAA3CYS600RSOEHAFrancis de Wet "Amazon Junkie"91051150329600Wonderful for little onesWe absolutely love this cereal ... eat it quite frequently ;-) We have also found out the little ones absolutely go crazy for it. Best of all, no mil or wheat for those of us with such allergies.
247173247173B001EQ56DAA33YFO1CSXQST4D. McConnell4451158624000ExceptionalWith the handful of cereals that are available for celiac children, we found this cereal exceptional. It is very tasty and has a good texture.
247174247174B001EQ56DAA1RCQ6WRMXE0ZNGF Jungle3351177545600My kids love itMy kids love this cereal. It is hard to find gluten free breakfast options. We do eat fruit and yogurt, but sometimes you just need carbs and sugar to seem normal again. For the 3 celiacs in our family, feeling normal is a big thing.
247175247175B001EQ56DAA1WEK91PFEDCKFCarrie Sund2251200441600love the ceralI love the ceral. I don't need it for a special diet I just like that it isn't loaded with high fructose corn syrup and there is some fiber in it. I have been buying it at kroger for months and paying 2X the price per box.
247176247176B001EQ56DAA1AQ2W2R4SOVGNDe Profundis2251195516800One of my favoritesThis is one of the most delicious gluten-free cereals I've tried, and I have tried many. It's a really tasty, crispy treat. It doesn't go soggy in soymilk right away, and it holds up nicely if you enjoy a gluten-free version of rice krispy treats. Mmmmm.
247177247177B001EQ56DAA2E9PPPGAXW9YAMark A. Lennon2251188518400EnviroKids Koala Crisp CerealGreat gluten free cereal. My kids love this one, so buying 6 at a time is no big deal.
247178247178B001EQ56DAA1L3VUO5R7GDU0J. White2251183680000Wonderful gluten free product...Since we can't eat most store cereals, this is a great substitute for a gluten free diet.
247179247179B001EQ56DAAGBE4KA2SX3RTK. M. Koehler "MommyX3"4551160956800As Rachael Ray would say... YUM - O!!As the mother of three children, two of whom are Celiacs, I can honestly say... I love this stuff! It has a very nice taste, very nice texture, and it's SAFE for my children to eat. We don't have to worry about toxic grains with this one. It's chocolately, without being "too" chocolatey. And, it's small enough that it's not a choking hazzard for little ones.
247180247180B001EQ56DAANGSSYVPWI3H3M. Orf1141296864000Great cereal for my Celiac daughterMy daughter loves this cereal. It is a staple in our house. The sugar content is not too high. My son, who is not a celiac, often requests this as well.
247181247181B001EQ56DAA2W0KWROCR3RCINick White1151293667200Tasty and Crunchy Koalas!We never imagined that fried crispy Koalas could be this good! After being dissatisfied with the way other EnviroKidz gluten-free cereals such as Gorilla Munch and Leapin Lemurs tasted, we were a bit skeptical to try another animal product.


Whatever they fed the Koalas to produce such high quality cereal must be magical! Thank you Koala bears for providing me such a TASTY breakfast!!!

(Oh, have you tried it with CHOCOLATE MILK?!!!!)
247182247182B001EQ56DAA1GDAWDGQ4T7AYlibrarian1151277942400great snackMy son loves these and it is a great alternative to other snack bars if you have to be gluten free!
247183247183B001EQ56DAA2SNZGD9IFEYIQGluten Free Momma1151250380800"It's my favorite"My 2-year-old just said this cereal was his favorite this morning. Thanks EnviroKidz for gluten free and good-tasting cold cereal!
247184247184B001EQ56DAA20RJYQCB0UYKQGF Mom "Dawn"1151239840000Great gf cereal!My kids enjoy this gf cereal and I appreciate Amazon's price thru Subscribe & Save!
247185247185B001EQ56DAA1WYJ2M7AZHACVGluten-free Kate1151239753600Great snack/cerealThis cereal is crispy, chocolatey, and very tasty. My kids love it dry or with milk. It makes a great snack!
247186247186B001EQ56DAA1PQNAV7I454Q4J. Owenburg "GFMom"1151236729600Loves ItMy 6 year old loves this cereal. Ever since starting gluten free diet food he likes doesn't come easy so this is a God send for some mornings
247187247187B001EQ56DAAQKNRZVXVT587OrganicBeauty "SkatingBeauty"1151235174400Great, but almost too sweet.This is a very chocolaty cereal, turning the milk chocolate. My kids love it, but it is a bit sweet to have on regular basis.
247188247188B001EQ56DAAL3W26JEIN850Heather -loves healthy kids "omnivore"1151212019200Good value for your healthy kidsMy kids love this product and I love buying it for them. Huge Fan of this line of products. My son seems to have gluten processing problems and he loves this cereal.
247189247189B001EQ56DAATIAD2WL24IPSLaura B1151211328000Very tasty!We love this cereal! One of my daughters eats this every morning for breakfast. I like that it doesn't get soggy so quickly. I have even used this to make gluten free rice crispie treats! We subscribe to this and a case arrives every month- at a price you can't beat!
247190247190B001EQ56DAA336L3PQMHLPZRJonathan T. Elinsky "Member:War on Thoughtles...1141209945600Kid and Parent and Earth FriendlyMy kids love this chocolatey-rice cereal and I don't mind feeding it to them as it is not particularly unhealthy. Organic and tastey. Also, the print all over the box is informational and inspiring. It prompted my daughter to find out more about endangered species and want to adopt/donate.
The only thing I would change is to increase the size of the box - it goes quickly.

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