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247261247261B000EOXQS0A2M9D9BDHONV3YA. Bennett122811248220800As much as I LOVE this soup'll kill you!!!I truly love the flavor of this soup mix but it contains partially hydrogenated soybean oil. That means it has 'trans fats' that effectively cause hardening of the arteries and heart disease. That's not even mentioning that it has soybean products in it. Soybeans (except for the fermented forms like tempah) elevate one's estrogen levels which can increase the chance of cancer risks...especially estrogen mediated breast cancers. And it has Autolyzed Yeast Extract which is another name for the infamous neurotoxin....MSG (monosodium glutamate). I don't understand why this well known company has to use dangerous ingredients when there are so many substitutes that will not destroy our populations health. Is it purely because it's so much cheaper to use these dangerous, life threatening products that they only see their profit margins and not the health of the nation. As much as I love the flavor of this soup mix, I can not recommend it to anyone! I will not be ordering this health 'time bomb' ever again. Eat it at your own risk!!!
247262247262B000EOXQS0A2PWNYM29NJ2J4redcat72 "redcat72"131351188864000The old style!I was very excited to find this item since Lipton changed it's recipe. This product is from Canada, but is almost identical to the old Lipton Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup that used to be sold in the USA. Unlike the new version, there are no hard carrot blocks to filter out of this soup. Great taste for a quick meal, or when you aren't feeling well.
247263247263B000EOXQS0A1BSQ83BO7I1FVamerican samurai "samuraiantiqueworld"111151206921600excellent productGood taste, not to salty, great for snack, colds or flu, easy to transport and store. Fast and easy to make. Just broth noodles and dried veggies.
247264247264B000EOXQS0A2M1SO4RQNI4Q0Rita Gupta9941202428800Great priceGreat priced 12 (total 48 envelopes) pack box. Almost half of what we pay in the stores. Excellent for traveling.
247265247265B000EOXQS0A3VKHO9N0Z8W0RGary Van Ess "badgervan"5551271203200Fast and CheapI love the Lipton Cup-a-Soups. They're cheap, fast, and don't taste bad at all. I use two packs at a time, and use a little more water than they say to use. 90 seconds in the microwave, God's gift to singles.
247266247266B000EOXQS0AVSIQ3PZLBXYKAnthony J. Cardaropoli Jr.5551252627200My Cup a Soup OrderLipton still makes the best instant soup you can buy anywhere. Unfortunately a lot of local grocers including Wal Mart no longer stock this great soup in their aisles. I'm just glad I can still order this product that is currently being manufactured in Canada from Please keep listing this product as long as Unilever keeps it on the market. I've enjoyed this product for well of 20 years and hopefully for many more years to come. I usually make a double batch since I like soup so much and it is good for the human body. I also add about a dozen or so Ritz crackers to drink up the excess broth.
247267247267B000EOXQS0A2UEO5XR3598GIRich K4451293580800Excellent, Convenient Soup for the Price.If you are looking for something that is fast, hot and tasty, this just might be it. A great alternative to coffee.

This soup is made in Canada and is all natural with no preservatives . True Knorr or Maggi soup mix might be better if you want to spend 2 to 3 times more. This soup is slightly salty as are most of them, but if you add more water than directed it's not bad at all. For a soup that only takes 1 1/2 min. to make in a microwave and tastes like chicken noodle soup, its excellent. I did not need a spoon to get the noodles and chicken out of my cup, it just slid out with the liquid. And yes there are little pieces of chicken in there, so don't be naive as some of the reviewers and expect big chunks of chicken for this price.

For the sale price or even the regular price and with Subscribe & Save plus free Prime shipping it cant be beat for 48 servings. It comes out to 25 to 30 cents a serving. So 5 stars for a soup that tastes really good at a very reasonable price.

Note::: I just found this at my local Super WalMart for $1.08 a 4 pack.
247268247268B000EOXQS0AANNJXE4MKML1M. K. Nicholson "MUSIC LOVER"4451231200000INSTANT COMFORTThis is perfect for healthy vegetarians, and so hard to find except here. Clean and clear flavor too!
247269247269B000EOXQS0A2IE54LP2K73THL. Bell4451215388800Great snack- low in calories but fillingI love Lipton Cup-of-Soup! I keep tons of them in my office and snack on them. The chicken and spring vegetable versions are low in calories, but I find them satisfying and filling. The prefect snack!
247270247270B000EOXQS0ABC10T9SGLYXNDiane N. "ducky"4451213315200Great pick-me-up!I have always liked to have this product on hand. Sometimes I am not really hungry and this fills the bill, and kids like it, too. For some reason, my grocery store no longer handles it, so I am thrilled to be able to get it here.
247271247271B000EOXQS0A1Y53FIG2R1FSHLaure Searcy4451211846400Lipton Spring Vegetable SoupThis must be the most flavorable of all Cup-A-Soup products. Service was good and the soup is great.
247272247272B000EOXQS0A2DWTMP6T2PEHPChae An6741179360000Yummy soup!When we placed the order, we had a baby coming and were expecting a lot of sleepless hours. What better to recharge with than good old fashion chicken soup? Well, now baby just got here and if the first couple of nights is any indication, we will spend a lot of sleepless nights feeding and calming the baby and recharging ourselves with this delicious soup. One package isn't enough, but two packages and some rice makes a really good filling meal. And it's as easy as boiling water.
247273247273B000EOXQS0A1JLE30SBP6J3AZefran3351308182400Lipton Cup-a-Soup - Quick and easyI like all the liption Cup-A-Soups. I have a Keurig at my desk and use it to heat my water for the soup. No need to wait around on the office microwave. Can't find these in most stores and when you do it's much more expensive. I have at least one of these a day. Bought 3 cases.
247274247274B000EOXQS0A2IXAHK3WWWCN2Jean M. Griffin2251319155200lipton cup of soupI love this soup and never can find it in the store only chicken noodle cup of soup. I find it a comfort food and a low calorie addition to my supper. The perfect little gift to give especially home from the hospital jmg[[ASIN:B000EOXQRG Lipton Cup-a-Soup, Cream of Chicken, 4-Count Pouches per Box (Pack of 12)jmg
247275247275B000EOXQS0A1FI4IUXF7QBHUNatalie Barber "natalie b."2251231632000Good Enough for Lunch and Better than a SnackMy favorite "no time for lunch" lunch is one packet of spring vegetable soup mixed with one packet of tomato soup. Sprinkle a few crushed crackers on top and you are good to go. I also eat this in the afternoon when I know it's going to be a late night at the office and I want to stay away from snack foods.
247276247276B000EOXQS0A1BSQ83BO7I1FVamerican samurai "samuraiantiqueworld"2251206921600excellent productGreat to warm up with, not to salty, good when you have a cold, flu, etc. Just broth and noodles, whats not to like here? Easy to take with you and to store.
247277247277B000EOXQS0A3AWVUX8F51EWDPJ M4551322438400Warm and heartyI am so glad that I found Lipton Cup-a-Soup online. I used to search for it at grocery stores. I can't believe they don't have it -- it's so delicious! They have the noodle versions, but not the cream of chicken. Why?

It was so precious and hard to find that when I could, I rarely wasted it on the indulgence of a single cup of soup. Instead, I used it in a recipe my mother taught me growing up and then I added my own special addition, here's how to make it:

1 can of Canned white potatoes
1 can of sweet peas
1 packet of Lipton Cream of Chicken Cup-a-Soup
1/2 package of smoked sausage (That's my addition)

First, heat up the smoked sausage in a 2 quart sauce pan. I like a little brownness and to be healthier drain off the fat when it's done.
Next, add the potatoes and cook them until they turn somewhat translucent
While they are cooking, open the peas and drain the pea juice into the potato can
Add the cup-a-soup to the pea juice and mix until there are no lumps
Pour the soup into the cooking sausage and potatoes
Continue cooking until the potatoes are done to your liking
Now, add the peas to the mix and stir carefully so you don't break the peas

Let it cook a little longer until the peas are hot.
Serve and enjoy.

It's delicious and easy meal. Simple to prepare. Simple to clean up. My grandmother is a pretty traditional cook. She'd never had this dish and now, she asks for it all the time. She even asked me to look online to see if we could get the Cup-o-soup so she could have it more often!
247278247278B000EOXQS0AJOU4XX7D2PM5Mr. Kcebraz "Paul"4521278028800Salty SoupTo much salt, can't drink the broth. Most consumers are looking to get away from this old idea for creating flavor. I'll look at it again in a couple years.
247279247279B000EOXQS0AFGS46LY1M61HMichael Nakhla1141330473600I recommend this Soup espeially During winter season.I recommend this product. I received this package on time at home. The price was right. the packing is great. It is easy to store for long time.

It is easy to prepare especially childern, young adults, Adults, and older generation.

Great product to fight cold/flue season.

eEsy to order thru Amazon.
247280247280B000EOXQS0A21SBJ6QU1C4IXBonnie1151330128000Good base for making a bowl of soupI make a large bowl of this soup using two packs of this soup as the base.
Cook vegetables of your choice.
I use an immersion blender to puree the vegetables and soup.
Try lots of different vegetables. Aspargus and sweet potatoes with some onion ansd garlic is delicious .
So is pureed brocolli or kale , white potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic.
Sometimes I add pureed raw leaf lettuce.

Experiment :)
247281247281B000EOXQS0A3VBF1J95ROAYFLips & Lashes1151325808000I love this soup!I love this cream of chicken soup and I always look for this whenever I go food shopping in the hope to find it
Why did all food stores stopped selling this flavor?!?!

I'm glad I found it here in Amazon.
247282247282B000EOXQS0ASBLZT964CTIZJesse E.1151325116800Great survivalist stock item!After looking for the classic ramen flavor packets on the web along with a million other folks and finding nothing, I got the bright idea to try these Lipton soups for flavoring rice. I am here to say they are the absolute best rice flavorings there are, bar none, and that includes the $9 small bottles of flavoring all the way from Japan. They beat the heck out of ramen flavor packets! I usually cook approx 1/2 a cup of dry rice at a time for a quickie lunch or a dinner side, that makes two eight ounce servings, and one packet of Lipton Cup-A-Soup is perfect to flavor that amount of rice. You can literally have a different flavor each day of the week. If you're up to it, put a tablespoon of olive oil in a skillet and pan brown the noodles before adding to the flavored rice. Try them all! I have yet to find one that isn't terrific!
247283247283B000EOXQS0A291HTT117RVS9MadisonVeggie "Lynette in Wisconsin"1151324598400Great afternoon snack!This makes a quick, low calorie, low fat savory snack. I emailed the company and they verified it was vegetarian, which makes it one of the few options for an instant soup I have. I'm not complaining, though. The broth is very tasty and the noodles make it seem more substantial.
247284247284B000EOXQS0A222W6RSJT2ZQ2Draco Mal Trapnet "Smile, dragons prefer happ...1151297555200Handy to have - Cup o SoupBefore buying this, I had never tried this style soup before. It has proven very handy when I get a cold. I like broth soups to sip on in the mornings when I'm a little under the weather. Goes well in my travel cup for drinking on the way to work.
247285247285B000EOXQS0A2UEO5XR3598GIRich K1141297382400Not like Grandma's but Quite Good.Lipton Soup from Canada has another winner in there Veggie Soup. I originally bought the Chicken Noodle with White Meat and thought it was great for a powdered Soup and a quick alternative to coffee. Unfortunately it's unavailable on Amazon right now and I thought the Veggie soup would be a nice alternative.

Well it didn't disappoint, it was quite good for a powdered soup. Although my cup of soup did not look like the picture of there cup of soup on the package.
However it was tasty but I still prefer the Lipton Chicken Noodle with White Meat Soup over this Spring Vegetable Soup.

This soup is fairly healthy, its all natural and low in everything that is bad for you. True it's a bit salty, but if you add a little extra water it will be fine.

This soup is consistently good unlike Grandma's. Depending on the holiday or occasion Grandma's soup would not be consistent all the time. It all depended on how much she indulged as to how the soup came out. I thought it might be a good idea to keep a couple of pouches of Lipton handy just in case.
247286247286B000EOXQS0AM1H9HW5AAPW1WARezDOG1151296086400Excellent value!No complaints considering that I paid less than $0.25 a serving. Great quick snack, I keep some at the office for those busy days or when I need a snack to tide me over until dinner.
247287247287B000EOXQS0A28RSJ75ST0BGMyeems1151294531200Can't go wrong for a good snack![...]It isn't as salty as some other noodle soups, but if you are worried about that, add more water and it will fill you up more. These will be very handy at work!!! Glad I found these!
247288247288B000EOXQS0A2Y4BBTVX6N6D3Y. Tsuchida "ABearInTheWoods"1151293148800Just Add Water!I like the Cup-a-Soup line, especially this Cream of Chicken, mostly for it's convenience (portability, ease of preparation, and, yes, the taste/edification factor). I keep an array of just add water food and beverage products in a waterproof pouch for quick hot meals on the go (travel) and in a watertight box for disaster preparedness. Things like instant soup, hot and cold beverage powders, and freeze-dried fruits that are compact and store for long periods are a good back-up source of nutrition, and it makes chemically purified water more palatable. Instant Cream of Chicken Cup-a-Soup is not my only option in an emergency of course, but, when I find myself needing a simple, instant, inexpensive, comforting, hot meal in my Sierra cup while sheltering from the cold up in the mountains, it perfectly suits my needs.

For my purposes, I don't much care about the scary amounts of sodium and trans-fats, nor the evil soy (oooo!)... LOL. It's not something that I consume everyday (unlike millions of Japanese people who don't seem to be in an estrogen crisis oddly... hmmmm). In fact, I seek out soy protein products, like instant Miso paste (and Soy Joy bars), for their high nutritional value in compact form.
247289247289B000EOXQS0AZXKAH2DE6C8APatricia A. Autrey1151287792000Handy dandy soupReady in minutes. No dirty pot to wash. Just boil the water, pour in the cup, stir and enjoy. One cup to wash, but lots of spoonfulls of goodness.
247290247290B000EOXQS0A1LDOKJX7DIQS2H. Baber "LogicGuru"1151286150400Why don't supermarkets stock cup o soup?I love this soup, and have subscribed to get it delivered regularly in 3 different flavors.

It's not available in any of the supermarkets in my area and I can't fathom why. It's ideal: convenient, cheap, and low calorie. You fill up on hot water. But instead they stock various noodle variants, in styrofoam cups, full of noodles and fattening. Why?

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