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247311247311B000EOXQS0A3ISD36EV1YDE9MLS030011348531200Lipton CupaSoup, chicken Noodle with white meat,I was very disppointed with this soup, I have always used and enjoyed Lipton products but this soup has no taste. I would not order this product again.
247312247312B000EOXQS0A1SZC1AHAX7S3TBarb0051348272000Tasty and quickLight and easy to use when you need something quick or not feeling well. I keep a box of this at work in case I miss lunch or someone else needs one.
247313247313B000EOXQS0A1SZC1AHAX7S3TBarb0051348272000Easy to useLight and easy to use when you need something quick or not feeling well. I keep a box of this at work in case I miss lunch or someone else needs one.
247314247314B000EOXQS0A11CH52DG6EF6Pkishfish0011345766400I wish I could get my money backI echo the other 1 star review. This stuff is terrible and he is right-on in each of his observations. I can only add that the stuff should not be allowed to be sold.
247315247315B000EOXQS0A11JV719W1960JHeidi Bloom "littleredhypocrite"0051345248000good soup fastI love Lipton cup-a-soup for a late night snack. It only takes three minutes to make, and it's low in calories.
247316247316B000EOXQS0A3T2YE94IP7MH3Barbara E. Garry0051344816000Cream of ChickenThe soup arrived promptly and is very good. It is now difficult to find at grocery stores in my area so I will continue to order it as needed.
247317247317B000EOXQS0A35GAW09V7V6HSMuffie Mouse ""Muffie""0041342051200Good SoupI have been eating this soup for several years. It is very good and I like the Tomato as well.
247318247318B000EOXQS0AHUH2LWWOGR06SARA!0051340236800Lipton Cup-a-Soup, Spring VegetableLipton Spring Vegetable is a vegetarian product which fits my dietary needs. It is tasty and fulfilling on its own and can function as a soup base or addition to other dishes. It adds body and flavor to soups or stews and blends well with mixed vegetables. Very practical!
247319247319B000EOXQS0A1NWJXGM1397DMD. Anderson0021337990400Needs some workIt's not too expensive, so not too bad of an investment if you need a quick snack lunch and don't have access to a microwave or such. It does take 2 packets for a decent mug of soup, and you really do need to let it brew in boiling water for at least 5 minutes. Adding croutons does help, but overall it's not that great-there are better offerings out there. I don't think I'll get another order, sorry.
247320247320B000EOXQS0A31CGUXM76EBGNnature nut0051330300800LOVE THIS SOUPI eat this soup every day - just love it! Only wish I could get it without the "autolyzed yeast extract"!
It's almost impossible to find one, so this will be it for me.
247291247291B000EOXQS0A2XNJJ9TF70P4JAngie1141285113600Actually really good.I had really low expectations for this soup because come on, it's dry soup. But it's actually really good. I made 2 packets in 1 mug because 1 wasn't enough. Even 2 packets (plus water) didn't fill up my mug completely. It's a very light soup with a good flavor. Good tasting noodles, although small, it's great for sipping. I can imagine this being very easy to eat while ill. It's not salty like other reviews claim, it's perfect. Either way I want to eat this soup while reading a good book. I really like this as an easy snack.
247292247292B000EOXQS0A58N07M0ZCYMBValentina1151280880000Luscious Soup, Little GuiltPurchased this one about 2 months ago, and cannot stop raving about it. Great taste, I use one packet to an 8oz styrofoam cup with a plastic lid, works great. A quick pick me up in the office, right around when the air conditioning kicks in on high and your nose starts to freeze off - perfect!

I just ordered another flavor, spring veggies, to give it a try. And with 60 calories for the chicken and 45 calories for the veggies, you can't go wrong.

About nutritional facts - compare this soup to ramen noodle cups - some with 300 calories and more than 10 grams of fat - this is a great alternative.
247293247293B000EOXQS0A2V9DTXTQ5YIMKA. Hudson "papillon_lover"1151268092800The best soup ever!I cannot find this soup locally and remember eating it a few times when I was younger. I was very pleased to find it here in bulk. I am very busy and also do not spend a lot of time on meals, could be because I am single and like to make something fast. First mistake I made when making first cup was just adding mix to water and stirring it a bit and thinking the clumps would even out, not the case. It requires ¾ water so I now add the mix to my cup, get a small whisk out to smooth it, then add the water and use the whisk again, comes out with no clumps now. I usually add a ton of saltines to it and stay full for hours. I love this soup and am amazed at how much I am eating it as a `meal'. It is also very nice to have something warm when it is cold outside. You will not regret this buy. Great value!
247294247294B000EOXQS0A34J40L14GT389Katrina1151265068800Great Comfort FoodWhen I'm feeling sick and need something comforting to keep me going, I must have my Cream of Chicken Cup-a-Soup! I've loved this product for years and try to always have some on hand. I've had a more and more difficult time finding it locally and was more than THRILLED to find it on Amazon! I try to keep some at work, too, for days when I just can't get away from the desk. A satisfying meal with crackers and a fruit.
247295247295B000EOXQS0AZXKAH2DE6C8APatricia A. Autrey1151264204800Creamy and yummySo easy to make. Just add boiling water and stir. Then sit back, watch it snow and warm your insides.
247296247296B000EOXQS0A1ZTOT21JDOTTOMichael Mellone "Michael"1151263686400A good low calorie soup snack.This is a good low calorie soup. At only 45 calories I use it as a low calorie snack at night, especially during the winter months. I usually have 2 packs at a time. The 45 calorie Chicken Noodle is also very good.
247297247297B000EOXQS0A2PNG4RBUNCLDWCatherine M. Hommel1141260921600more than soupI've enjoyed this product for many years now. Not only for the ease of soup, but also put it over pasta and sprinkle with grated cheese. Also into mashed potatoes.Also great on a long car ride. A thermos of hot water and your all set. Hits the spot Don't hesitate to enjoy this Cup-a-Soup.
247298247298B000EOXQS0A33NBXGJGUIMYElazyin291151258761600hard to findI use these soup packets when I cook. I have not been able to find them in the stores anymore. What a great price too!
247299247299B000EOXQS0AN391HEORUYSJMishelle1151258502400Tasty Treat for 60 calsWhen you want a cup of something warm and tasty, this is it. Sometime I want something warm, but don't want a sweet drink like tea, coffee or cocoa this stuff hits the spot. It's only 60 calories per cup of soup. this is also filling and better than some other food choices you can make.

I like the fact that it's rich and creamy tasting. it's salty but not overly so. I used to always drink this as a kid - and by far this flavor is my favorite. Amazon is the only place that sells it for this GREAT price.
247300247300B000EOXQS0A2D1OUM1P2SK4Mjoan1141241049600Lipton Cup-a-Soup, Spring VegetableI didn't rate this product 5-stars because of its high sodium content (a drawback it shares with most convenience soups). However, I recommend this as being unusually tasty! When I use this for lunch (unaccompanied by sandwich, etc), I often mix in a few spoonfuls of spaghetti sauce in order to make it slightly more filling.
247301247301B000EOXQS0A3N9TGQNDBHFAGM.1151229212800Best of the bunch.This is my favorite flavor of the Lipton Cup-a-Soups. It has a good flavor without having too much salt.
247302247302B000EOXQS0A2BOGWVZ40AKPOJ. Burgett "Mrs.Jenn"3451319760000My favorite!This has been one of my favorite soups since I was a child. Absolutely love this quick, easy and delicious soup!
247303247303B000EOXQS0A2IK64NEJ895W2S. Coats3441265846400Lipton Cup-a-Soup, Cream of Chicken, 4-Count Pouches per BoxWe love Lipton cup-a-soup, it is convenience. We are glad that we can buy the product from, this product is hard to find in the grocery store in my area.
247304247304B000EOXQS0A1WSK7Z08GP7B0MNGrace2341318636800LunchesThese work perfect for quick lunches or a mid morning or afternoon snack. I usually use two packets at once for a lunch.
247305247305B000EOXQS0A2YYNCMNXRHSVFLauren2341297296000perfect for a winter snack at workThese are cheap, low calorie (though high sodium) snacks you can brew in your coffee mug. I keep a supply for each flavor under my desk for when I need a little something in the middle of the day. I wouldn't call them "soup" but they are hot and tasty! Also just great if you're sick (and then the salt helps a sore throat). I'm addicted to them now!
247306247306B000EOXQS0A24RHBPZWHRKVPS. Novaresi "happy customer"2351259712000FantasticLove the soup. I've been unable to buy it locally, so I was thrilled that you had it at Amazon. Keep up the great work.
247307247307B000EOXQS0A28NR6KKJGHQXHVirginia A. Mashensky "photo nut"0051350345600Lipton Cup A Soup, Spring Vegetable.4 ozThis is one of my Favorite cup of soup choices, but it is never carried in any of the stores in my area.
So glad i could order itfrom I recently moved to FL from CT and have been craving this product and now I can enjoy it to my hearts content. It has a wonderful flavor and goes so well with my cracker and cheese combo. I would recommend it to everyone. It's resonably priced and each box contains 4-4oz packages which yield a nice hot cut of soup. It travels well and can easily be made in the Microwave Oven at home, work or away on vacation.
247308247308B000EOXQS0A3MBX99LHHC98Ysouplover0011349136000My worst experience with soup ever!Okay, going through the reviews, I anticipated that the soup will be pretty good- at least somewhat decent- despite being "instant," because I've had some good instant soups before.
Well, after trying one packet, I was so disappointed! :( I should have NEVER ordered this!! What a waste of money... It tastes like Maruchan ramen noodle soup, but much worse, and it's so salty as well! I had to add like two cups of water, not 3/4 cup as told in the directions. I should have ordered instant Nong Shim noodles instead. The rest of the soup boxes will be donated to somewhere...
247309247309B000EOXQS0A14BTJRH9VNLJJKurt A. Johnson0051348704000Quick, delicious and quite satisfying!In 1865, Thomas Johnstone Lipton went to the United States and held various jobs. After five years, he returned to Britain, and opened grocery store that soon blossomed into a whole chain. Nowadays, Lipton (now owned by Unilever) is known for two products, teas and instant soups. Well, I must say that I love Lipton's Cup-a-Soups, they come in a convenient envelope, only need hot water added, and are relatively low in fat, calories and sodium. (Yes, any packaged product will be higher in sodium than homemade, but at 540 mg per 13g envelope, it's not that bad.)

I keep a box of the Chicken Noodle with White Meat Cup-a-Soups in my desk at work, and on particularly cold days, I make up a cup. Also, I must say that when I am rushed, I can make a delicious lunch out of a quick cheese sandwich and a cup of this soup! So, overall let me just say that this is a delicious product, one that is sure quick, delicious and quite satisfying!
247310247310B000EOXQS0A1ISGQPXW3BOHNDave "SMTireman"0051348617600hmmm hmmm good!The wife takes cup a soup to work to have with her lunch or for a quick pick me up. The local grocers don't carry this in our neighborhood so it's Amazon to the rescue. Lipton makes awesome chicken noodle soup. I remember my mom making it and you could smell it in the whole house. Great snack!

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