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247351247351B000EOXQS0A2IF1960T1QMIOBarbara White1411301270400Lipton cup a -soupLipton soup is a good soup but the boxes were very small and the soup was not that great tasting. i would not recommend it.
247352247352B000NW14L4A2P8GZAK26PIY5RFS0051285632000Just as I remembered NuGRAPEAlthough expensive the memories of my childhood it brought back was worth it and I am 65 years old. My wife was surprised that it could be bought and my 27 year old daughter loved it. Now trying to get our local supermarket to carry this product. The labeling has changed but not the flavor or taste.
247353247353B000NW14L4A3B1H90Z17M2YLfgm2001 "fgm2001"0051265932800Make an older person Happy!Every time we'd stop somewhere to buy a soft drink, my Mother-in-Law talked about NuGrape being her favorite soft drink when she was a kid and how much she'd love one.
When I saw these I ordered them.
She was so happy you'd think they were Vintage wine!
I tried one and they are really good.
One got broken in transit but, fortunately, it never leaked through the carton and 11 arrived safely.
Make an older person Happy and buy her/him a carton of these.
247354247354B001EO6F64AAFS750GGU1YFGigiSez141551230422400Gorgeous Gourmet Honey with a Unique FlavorIf you are a fan of artisinal honey, you will love this Autumn Forest Honeydew Honey. It is not overly sweet, but has wonderful pear and melon flavors with a little mineral tingle, and a delicious aroma. It has layers of flavor like a sweet, light wine! It is not at all like Manuka (Wedderspoon's famous honey) - this is an eating honey. I like it drizzled on walnuts and crumbled gorganzola. Tasty! New Zealand beekeepers are doing something right because their honey is the absolute best!
247355247355B001EO6F64A3HVML44BPPS2GS. A. Adams "I AM"6751294531200Smoothest honey we have ever tastedMy husband Robert started using the Manuka honey Wedderspoon Raw Organic Manuka Honey Active 16+, 17.6-Ounce Jar when he was having digestive problems. We decided to try this honey as well, when we saw it came from the same producer. We also liked the idea that the Beechwood honey is purported to be so rich in minerals. Well, this turns out to be the best tasting honey either of us has ever tried. I don't eat it that often, just now and then as a treat - only because I don't need the extra calories. My husband, on the other hand, has no such concerns holding him back and he has this honey on toast at least once a day. He, like me, loves the full, smooth flavor. Robert's stomach used to rumble all the time before he started using these two honeys (Beechwood and Manuka), now all has been silent for months. He looks a lot healthier too. Knowing that it is organic, raw and chock full of nutrients just adds further to our enjoyment. Highly recommended!
247356247356B001EO6F64A9PKYI8B9V9VBV. Vanderbent "always curious"5651242345600DeliciousOne of the best tasting honeys I have ever tried. Forget about just eating local honey; if they don't have a local supply of organic produced honey get this instead. Highly recommended for floral, warm, nutty, all around solid taste and clarity.
247357247357B001EO6F64AF72GTWZGAC61Pinkhat2231285718400Strong medicinal flavorThis honey has a very strong medicinal flavor and smell, which I found rather overwhelming.

Note to those who buy this to use as a sweetener in hot beverages: Raw honey contains live enzymes, that's what distinguishes it from commercially processed honey. Enzymes denature (their properties are destroyed) at 104 F / 40 C, which means that the minute you add raw honey to your cup of tea or coffee, its wonderful health benefits are lost; one might as well use regular honey for that.
247358247358B001EO6F64AW4IGCYD8DMS6Fairyflyze71031253664000honey, it's differentThis tastes more like a butterscotch sauce than a honey, Not exactly what I was looking for. It's an ok sweetener in tea or to bake with- a little pricey though.
247378247378B002YRBAVKA2S61L3WIRVZM5Sandra J. Soares1151310688000Best FlourThis has been the best flour I have used since going gluten free. It makes the best bread and pancakes ever and it makes the best toast! I even have my husband asking for the items.
247359247359B001EO6F64A9SRUB833PSF9D. Anderson0041347235200Delish HoneyGreat tasting honey.. only wish it was in glass jars and came in a bigger size.. I love this for it's probiotic value.. soothing in teas.
247360247360B001EO6F64A15JKBTK9IK9ZXharleygirl0051345507200great food!I love using a variety of honeys, because the different nutrition content from different parts of the world are good for you.
247361247361B001EO6F64A320FV45OCXU4Tverde1251315180800best honey everThis is the taste of honey I remember from when I was a kid. The best honey ever. The balance is perfect.
247362247362B001EO6F64A3F1MTYXFNK1PNLulu1251292630400Very good honeyI love this honey. My husband and me drink it every day, so one bottle can last only one week. When you put one spoon in the warm water, stir it, the water will become a little bit brown, and you feel so smooth for your stomach when you drink it. It's a little bit pricy, but after I tried the one I bought from Costco, I know what honey I know now...It's quite expensive for my family since we drink it everyday, but it worth it.
247379247379B002YRBAVKA1Y6YLMUA88TV7J. Shaath1151303430400Excellent resultsSee my review of Gluten Free Mama's Almond Blend. Best baking results ever! Cookbooks are a must have (and very reasonably priced). Gluten Free Mama's Best Baking Recipes & In the Kitchen with Gluten Free Mama.
247363247363B001EO6F64AVNOP23XG2CVSJ. Rickless "JStar1776"0151308355200Fantastic HoneyFantastic Honey. Purchased a second 2-pack only 7 weeks after I purchased the first 2-pack. Its not the cheapest organic honey, and it doesnt smell very good but the taste and consistency is great. It seems like a high quality product in general.
247364247364B001EO6F64ATQQALTI4A2IPmushroom0151307923200taste so good!The honey has a very special smell which you may feel weird at first. But when you get used to it, it tastes so good!
247365247365B001EO6F64AJDOAB0O62JLEBook Worm0651238976000Very Good HoneyI would recommend this product. I agree with the review I read on this product.
247380247380B002YRBAVKA3S9OOTEYTKZ83Joshua Wilcox0051349654400Fantastic!Armed with her recipe book and flour blend we are able to make fabulous gluten free food! The only bad thing is we make way more desserts than we should because they are just that good! Not only are they so good that you can't tell they are gluten free but they are better than anything I have ever made gluten or not! Delicious!!!!!!!
247366247366B00450VHYEAA8JH8LD2H4P9Claudia J. Frier1151336953600love itI'm so happy I found a sugar sub that I like. I've been a type 2 diabetic for like 8 years and one of my weaknesses is sugar on strawberries. This is 99% the same flavor! The single packets are wonderful since I can control how much I use and I can take some with e if I need to. Helps kill a sweet tooth for me. I will buy again.
247367247367B004NPUTN6A30MVT88Y9HK0Yalex3311331078400rip offYou can buy these for a dollar a bottle at walmart. Here you're paying over fifty dollars. What a rip off
247368247368B004NPUTN6A2K03HIOFDFVBGFireguy1151337212800My favoriteI find this drink the most thirst quenching drink around. Since I tried this drink I have switched from soda and drink this exclusively.
247369247369B004NPUTN6A2J2MVY2QNTQ98JZScott1131320019200wrong colorI ordered 7 cases of this product and the color of the liquid is lighter than I find in the stores. The general consensus is that the taste is off as well.
247370247370B004NPUTN6AL0I8X5J1KBDBY.T.1251316304000Great stuff!In the market of vitamin or refreshing drinks this is the best for me. If I'd like something not very sweet but refreshing and healthier than some other drinks, I buy it.
247371247371B001EO6DBGA35VI0H5AFHOJ5Sharon Isch6651210377600Yum! I love this stuff! And I'm delighted to see it back in stock.PLEASE NOTE: The product reviewed here is MUSSINI BALSAMIC GLAZE, two 5.7 oz bottles for $21.54.And it IS available. (also available as two 16.9 oz. bottles for $32.55) A while back, when it became unavailable, Amazon let my review for it remain on my personal review pages, but chopped off the product name and price so nobody reading it would have a clue what it was I was reviewing and what it cost. It's been back in stock for over a year but try as I might, I STILL I can't get Amazon to fix the untitled, not-available version of this review on my personal pages. (Obviously those of you reading it on the Mussini product page know full well what it is and what it costs, so apologies for the digression.) Now...on to the review for this marvelous product. --SharonIsch 5/27/09

This glorious glop is the new absolutely indispensable addition to my pantry. A friend brought me some from Rome recently (different brand, Leonardo, which I'd prefer if only I could get it, but the Mussini's close enough and the price is right). It's rich and thickish, just a tad sweet, comes in a squirt bottle and instantly jazzes up--in both taste and looks--just about anything you choose to drizzle it over. It's my new salad dressing of choice--perfect over mixed greens with some nuts, fruit and feta, wonderful over steamed or grilled veggies like squash. The label suggests you can even use it over ice cream, which I tried once just to see and it actually wasn't bad, but I'll probably not do it again. It lasts longer than you'd think from the size of the bottle, as you'll only use a little at a time. I'm planning to try one of the flavors next. And come December I'll doubtless be giving lots of it as Christmas gifts. When I was running low on the stuff from Italy I went online trying to find a source for more and, wouldn't you know it, the only place outside Italy I could find it was on Amazon. Can't imagine sometimes why I ever bother looking elsewhere for anything (well, the new refrigerator maybe, although Amazon did even have a few of those, believe it or not.) Update, August 2008: Also try the fig flavor. It's especially good on fruit and salads containing fruit.
247372247372B001EO6DBGA30H4E8XZQQPYARenee N. Van Berg "Renée N van den Berg"2251218931200Not cheap, but great taste.Not cheap, but great taste and I did not find it in stores, that is why I ordered it from
Extremely yummie on juicy tomatoes with fresh morzarella cheese and spinach or bruschetta.
247373247373B001EO6DBGA24I15C7G04A57Michael Schultz1121261872000Just sweetThis balsamic glaze has nothing in the way of balsamic flavor, but for the price you shouldn't expect true balsamic flavor. However you would hope for some balance, acid versus sweet, I would continue looking elsewhere.
247374247374B001EO6DBGA26FFTJZ75GKJJAmy Pearl1121260316800Too sweet for my tasteThis was my second to least favorite of the balsamic creams I tried.
I first encountered Balsamic Cream in England a few years ago. When I was in Italy March 2008, I bought Mazzetti Balsamico Cremoso at a grocery store, which was wonderful and reasonably priced. Earlier this year I bought a couple varieties on Amazon, and I just bought a few more for holiday gifts, not all of which are making the cut! Here are my personal views of the ones I bought:

#1 Casa Rinaldi Crema di Balsamico Blanco (white). This is not the dark Balsamic Cream I have had before, but of all the ones I've now tasted, this is my favorite. It is the perfect balance of vinegar and sweet, the texture is thick, but the flavor is light. Wonderful! ($11.95 for 8 oz from [...])

#2 De Negris Balsamico Glaze - also a great flavor, balancing vinegar and sweet, but much thinner texture. Fine for dipping bread etc. ($11/7.3 oz) ($10/13.5 oz on Amazon)

#3Da Magreta Acetaia Real Crema di Aceto Balsamico di Modena (Glaze of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena): second best flavor and thicker ($23/16.9 oz)

#4 Modenaceti Balsamic Gkaze: thicker, good flavor, but more grapey than the others above. (3x13.5oz for $28)

I also tasted Earthy Delights, which was thick and more tangy/vinegary than the others above. I'll use what I have, but probably not buy more. $14.50/500ml

For my taste I would not again purchase Mussini Crema di Aceto Balsamico di Modeno (Glaze of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena - sweet, grapey, caramel-y" and don't know what to do with Roland Balsamic Glaze (thick, but very, very vinegary - ugh).
247375247375B006XJX0CCAUISI4B8EZH3ED. Hogan "darcysmile"0051332806400Great for Valentines DayI was looking for a "treat" my preschooler could give out with her valentines. I didn't want to do candy. These were perfect ... a sweet treat that's not terrible for the kids. I mean sure, it's not as healthy as a carrot, but it's much healthier than most of what my little girl brought home with her from other parents. These were a hit with the kids. The price was great, too, and she had quite a few leftovers in the box for herself. I tried a few - tasty!
247376247376B002YRBAVKA31ZZ3EFUU4CE9Beth3351299024000Makes the best gf cookiesMy two daughters and I eat gluten free. We found this is the best flour for cookies. Chocolate chip cookies made with this flour taste better to me than when we made them with wheat flour! Made a carrot cake with it and had family over that do not eat gluten free. They remarked about how good the cake was. It came out lighter than when I used wheat flour before going gluten free. So glad to have this available to use.
247377247377B002YRBAVKA1KCXRJBI4871DBrian Kurtz7921312329600Guess I Need to Pay Closer AttentionI bought this to replace my supply of coconut flour and was excited because I got this so cheap. I am on a high fat/high protein "Primal" diet and I make waffles and tortilla/crepes with coconut flour.

Unfortunately, I could tell something was amiss when I opened the product as the consistency of the flour was very....floury. Real coconut flour is loaded with healthy fat and cannot take on such a consistency.

I looked on the bag and saw that the produce is a Coconut Flour >>>BLEND<<< with the #1 ingredient being Rice Flour! This is why it can be sold for so cheap...because the majority of the product is made from cheap, powdered rice. Coconut flour is more expensive.

You should know that rice is a grain and thus is a carbohydrate. It might be gluten free, yes, so you don't get those nasty effects, but it's not a "low carb" food which meshes with "Paleo" or "Primal" approaches to eating.

I'm eating the stuff slowly, as I'm not going to throw it away and waste money, but I won't be buying it again.

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