Amazon Fine Food Reviews

247437247437B0047A9E4MA1GHYJ84EPUEUFesheld011151332115200AMAZING PRODUCT!I started feeding my dog Zeal at the reco of my local pet store Maxwell Dog, and i just can not believe the difference in only a month. His allergies are GONE. His stomach problems that no vet could figure out, GONE. He used to spend hours gnawing his paws, after a week on zeal he has completely stopped. His coat is better than ever, and he's trimmed up and become more active. I have now started my other dog on it as well, and she is also thriving on it. Her coat is softer than ever. They just LOVE this food, and i am just in complete shock at what a difference it has made in such a short time. I really love how on the Honest Kitchen website they list every source for all ingredients. Esp with all the chicken worries, it makes me feel safe knowing this company is so upfront and conscious. Yes, it's pricey. But for me, worth every penny. Thanks for making such an excellent product for my babies :)
247438247438B0047A9E4MA6BZHMCMFXR8RJ. Sauer "SauerPauer"1151331078400Expensive, but the Chocolate Labs love it!Mix this food with h20 and done. I add hot water to the mix, place in refrigerator and it's ready within a couple of hours. The dogs LOVE the fish flavor. I was concerned my house would smell like fish, but once the bowls are licked clean, it really isn't bad. My male has lost over 10 lbs eating this type of food.
247439247439B0047A9E4MA1AGBJ4AFKAFG9Hooked on crochet1151318809600Best Food For Dogs with Sensitive TummysAfter trying multiple kibble over the past 7 years, multiple visits to the vet, thousands of dollars of tests, drugs and hospital visits, I think we FINALLY found a food my sensitive Keeshond can eat, love and thrive on. Thank you for making this food available. He LOVES this food. Although his breath is very FISHY, it is a small cost to pay for eliminating the pain he had to suffer before.
247440247440B0047A9E4MAU02UN33OSGI3Susie K. Patterson0051339804800The Smell of the FishI had to write this because I was concerned about the smell others had been talking about. Well to my nose there is no smell ... at all! Well maybe a bit of something but it is all good. My dog loves it. And finally Honest Kitchen made the ziplock bag enclosure. Also, my Cairn Terrier has had skin problems forever, all his life and he is going on 14. Since being on HC the last few months with another of their products he is not itching. So do not be afraid to try the product because of the perceived fish smell. I feel so much better about feeding him this product instead of even the best quality kibble. I did the raw thing for years and he had itching then and the coat looked bad.
247411247411B001GZ2ZB0A3HCMD61U0MLZCL. Weckler "Letha D Weckler"3351232755200Tasty GF CerealI was so pleasantly surprised when I tasted this cereal. It is slightly sweet, apple cinnamon and light texture that doesn't taste grainy or sit too heavily in your tummy. I love it!
247412247412B001GZ2ZB0A45WCWFOXLMO5Jessika1151240012800perfect cerealThis is one of the first gluten free cereals that is low fat/calories and high in protein. It also tastes fantastic! The Os are the size of Cheerios with a light consistency. The apple-y taste is sweet so on days I didn't want something as sweet I would mix a half cup of this cereal and a cup of Rice Chex. Even my 5 year old loves it.
247413247413B001GZ2ZB0A14TAEKRXM6T85jdanceswim2351255132800It makes me smileI love this cereal, and even my partner, who isn't much of a cereal eater, does too. For breakfast I like to mix it with a cereal that isn't sweet at all because it's a little too sweet alone with milk. It's perfect as a snack all by itself, though. So many of the gluten-free cereals lack a solid amount of protein. This one is an exception that also tastes fantastic.
247414247414B001GZ2ZB0A1N9MKBGOEB3YLcmiller0011347494400blandReviews made it seem like this cereal might be decent. Don't be deceived. It is like eating somewhat stale puffed cardboard with a smidge of sugar.
247415247415B001GZ2ZB0A1P25H30A7NWP4Rhonda White "Trickalizzard"0051346025600Love this Cereal!Finally, a high protein gluten free cereal that is not loaded with sugar! It tastes great, and doesn't leave you starving before noon. Highly recommend, especially if you are trying to maintain or lose weight (and who isn't, lol!)
247416247416B001GZ2ZB0AER6IUJMBZ5CWBenita Wallace0051327795200Great tasting cerealTastes great, gluten free, high in protein and the answer to a search for cereal
that makes life easier for someone with diabetes and celiac!
247417247417B001GZ2ZB0A1B12AWLO0BJFGEllyn M. Renken0051326758400A TREAT FOR THE APPETITEI bought this product for a relative who cannot tolerate gluten. They say it is very good and will recommend it to others with a similar problem.
247418247418B001GZ2ZB0AI000FD6CQBO8Cindy0051315526400Love ItHealthy....Great taste...carb controlled.... snack or breakfast. Loved service of getting it right to my door monthly. Even got a text message when it was delivered. Thanks Amazon!
247419247419B001GZ2ZB0A190P2JNOWNA3BA. Cooper0051299628800great cerealThis cereal is great!! I was looking for a cereal that is good for you without all of the chemical preservatives. You can actually look at the ingredient list and know what everything is!!
247420247420B001GZ2ZB0A2TYR4506AFVXJpamala0051285372800love this gluten free high protein cereal that I have found:) love it! Crunchy and lots of flavor....
Try it if you love apples and cinnamon. I will stay stocked up on it for sure!
247421247421B000P0VXYWA1NBWN0PML2K1Bblacksmith2251309737600Pie Mix DeluxGreat Seasoning! I know for packaged seasoning, it's a bit pricy, but the flavor is wonderfully English and my Canadian wife won't let me use anything else.
247422247422B000P0VXYWAC0RZRPMJ8SWNDMC20051350345600The Best!I've tried to make shepherd's (or cottage) pie from various recipes--both simple and complex versions--and nothing comes close to this mix. Yes, it's a bloody mix. Big deal. The flavor cannot be beat! My family loves it and we won't use anything else now. We don't eat potatoes so we make a cauliflower mashed ("faux-tato")topping and nobody can tell the difference. Seriously. Yum. Maybe I'll make this tonight, now that I'm drooling on my keyboard... :) ENJOY!
247423247423B0083CWK4QA349LLCN6JWMU1MereSanct0041342310400Nice herb & spice mix..."Excellent product, but I did not expect 6 plastic packets of the traditional SPICE MIX to make my own mung bean soup. 2 tablespoons of the spice mixture (tumeric, mustard seed, asafoetida, bay leaf, cumin, coriander) added to your OWN cup of soaked mung beans, sauteed vegetables (onions, carrots, celery, cabbage, etc.) 6 cups of water (and perhaps rice) along with fresh garlic, ginger, some sweetening and lemon juice, will make a lovely soup...the product description may have been a bit spartan."
Sunita Mohan Mung Bean Soup Mix (as seen on TV !),
247424247424B0000CGFFIA3QU0FTOZJJD66Barbie61011243814400Can't afford the shippingThe tea tastes great, Apricot is my favorite. But the cost of shipping is outrageous!! I didn't realize that a box of tea would cost almost $20 once I pay for shipping. Next time I'll purchase locally
247425247425B005Z6LVTIA308Q090KKGIY2Houevos Metallicos0051325030400Super Smooth Blanco!Incredible mouth feel, warm and oily. I could drink this all night long.Tons of fresh agave aromas. Super smooth finish. This is a lovely blanco.
247426247426B0058QJOGWA18U1D7H67Z1CABetty Burdick0051344556800Great on RIBS!!!Great Sauce for your ribs!!! I make them chinese style and these are perfect. Served them at my luau & everyone loved them.
247427247427B000Y3F4XGA2B2EHZGZGLV9DSongbird6621200182400what I got didn't look like the pictureUnfortunately when the bully sticks arrived they were extremely thin, and had pointy ends on them.
The ones in the photo look like good quality, and while my dogs enjoyed them, I felt I didn't get what was represented.
247428247428B000Y3F4XGA20UFPW2OD5CL9Khloe33412838176006" Bully StickGood for smaller dogs, my cocker spaniels love these. Large dogs will chew through these in a few minutes.
247429247429B000Y3F4XGA2N7RA58W50TYTHappy Camper0041345939200Dogs Go Mad for BullysIf my dogs were reviewing this, they'd give it a 10 out of 5.
Since I have to pay for their bully habit, I'm giving these a 4 - based on price alone, they're relegated to being a "special" treat only.
I REALLY appreciate the odor-free version.
247430247430B000Y3F4XGA3E260L8NYRU6Gddkphotos0041318118400great price, valueMy dog loves them. Although they do say single - I thought that meant singly wrapped - but they come together in a bigger bag.
Good sized and good value compared to buying them individually at the pet store.
247431247431B000Y3F4XGA1T3WPWF5HTJ5JRhonda0051317772800My Pups Love These!!!!My two pups love these bully sticks! They do not have an odor at all. It is great to see my two enjoying these as much as they do! Thank you!!
247432247432B000Y3F4XGA1VQJE5EBCXJHBKathleen Fedorchuk0051297728000Bully SticksMy Irish Setter eats this treat slowly and it is the perfect fit for her. My Lab gets the braided stick because he is more aggressive with his treats. The Setter gets one each evening and is very satisfied with it. Worth the money I pay for this product
247433247433B000Y3F4XGAFIU79Z5OT0WVCJS20051293840000Just as picturedI have ordered Bully Sticks from this company twice now in the past 6 months. Both times the Bully Sticks have been exactly like the picture in their ad. The shipping was speedy and overall I have been very satisfied with my purchases.
247434247434B000Y3F4XGA1363L0EJFDBG0PH440051279843200Very pleased pooch!My bully sticks arrived on time and exactly as advertised. They looked exactly like the ones in the photo. I have a 10lb chihuahua mix that loves to chew. I had a hard time trying to find chewies that were long lasting. The bully sticks are great. They last a very long time and she can't get big chunks so there is no risk of obstruction. In Petsmart you will pay $14.99 for six of them. Absolutely ridiculous! So glad I found them here! Oh, one small drawback...they are a little stinky. They have a slight barn yard smell to them, kinda similar to the cow hooves. But they keep her occupied for hours, so I can easily overlook that.
247435247435B000Y3F4XGAJZ4M96UGRTN9Mary F. Manzola "Mary"0051260316800Bully SticksMy dog loves these they are expensive in the pet stores so I was alweays limited in buying them but I found them on line for 1.00 each and it will be a great stocking stuffer for my dog!
247436247436B0047A9E4MA1H3BCOZUW742PY. Bradley "Dreamer"4451295654400AMAZING for LAB with Sensitive Digestive SystemWe have a Silver Lab who at 1 year old turned out to have a VERY sensitive digestive system - like the dog version of IBS or Crohn's. (perfectly health- except for this) The ZEAL is a God-Send! All the symptoms vanished and our Labrador is his usual adorable, playful, strong, smart self. With our Vet's advice, we have had him on an elimination diet - as one would do for a human in the same circumstances.
We keep the food in a tight container and there is no fish smell. Of course there is slightly when you rehydrate it, because it's FISH based- LOL. Better wild caught fish than chemicals and unhealthy cheap food - for dogs or anyone. I expect fish smell when I cook fish for us, so that's how it goes.

Some pets (& humans) seem to have sensitivities and it is a great day when a PERFECT-4-US product/food plan is found. So this amazingly healthy food has our Labrador in Olympic-Good-Health. I give it every possible star. It is also good to know that the company has trial portions and you can phone them and ask for sample sizes to see if your dog enjoys the food. That's how we started.

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