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247441247441B0047A9E4MAXHIE6TF04NX3Dogs, dogs all the time1231293840000Wonderful product, but reeks!I have used honest kitchen for years and love it. When the fish version came out I was excited to try it. I am sure the product is just as wonderful as the other HK products, however the smell is VERY strong. The dogs reek of fish, the closet where I keep the food INSIDE A SEALED BAG reeks of fish....not a good thing. I regularly feed tripe, which has an incredibly strong odor however the odor is gone as soon as the food is eaten...not this product....the smell seems to stay forever and I purchased a 10 lb box which seems to be lasting forever <grin>.

My dogs love it and I am sure it is an incredible product....just brace yourself for the smell.
247442247442B0006T4I44A3L9ITICJRQWT9Jack Dempsey12111139788800Very disappoint, like great panda with frown.In my rush to exude all things Pocky, I get rid of them with sparkle way and come to this. I get with haste of sumo and think that this instill in me the anger of 10,000 lions. I think it anger, anger tablets but it come to find out and realized by me here that it not at all that way at all. It only candy for little childrens. It no make anger, anger, but only causes teeths to become stuck together like glue from on high mountains. Avoid this now, rightly.
247443247443B003B9857WAW8WTEWW0WPIJB. Garrett0051283990400excellentexpensive delicate oil/to be used sparingly on salad or a simple taste enhancement. a small amount on fried eggs is perfect with the wild pepper berries this same company offers,
247444247444B002T11SPEAM5VAYE0S0A25R. Angeli0051330128000It's healthy - and good - reallyCompare this product's nutritional information to similar products and you'll see this is superior my miles. A lot less fat, less sugar, no phony additives and fewer calories...
247445247445B002T11SPEAVK9LT85A1VT0Eugene Price0051289779200Simply TerrificThis product is absolutely delicious. I use it as a topping on many things (i.e. yogurt) and it enhances the taste. The calories are also lower than most other granola products.
247446247446B007B83YCKA2T1SPDABIP3MAJ. W. Rickert "J W Rickert"0051341532800Nice Nuts for Golf NutsThis is a nice gift for any golfer who likes peanuts. The price is good. The graphics are period: twenties. And the peanuts really are great: rich, meaty and flavorful.
247447247447B000JE08FEA35A9MXG61GB3VJT0041325721600Great ProductTastes great and leaves teeth feeling clean. Only complaint is that the taste fads in a minute or 2. Great product though!
247448247448B000JE08FEA1XGCTJ5U2U9NBKaren E. Roubal1251202515200Excellent Product !This product came to me in great time and good packaging. I have used some of each item I ordered and couldn't be more pleased. Thank you so much!
247449247449B004LS7G0OAYIDKO9QXQMPLL. Nelson0031335225600Unsealed bag of candyThese came in an unsealed plastic bag in a cardboard box. The box was taped shut, but the bag itself was just twisted closed. Perhaps it's intended to be sold to a candy store to put in containers. The candy is like a fruit snack; it did taste good. The animals are very cute and detailed. I would expect better packaging. I paid $12 for the 10lbs; I would not pay more than this.
247450247450B0014C2J5WA1WEVFXGG9WQIUYvette Beatrice Edrei "Yvette"1151284249600Everyone has a vice...And I just like eating these, one right after the other as soon as the flavor (needless to say, awesome) goes out.
247451247451B00434J6MMA36WGHR8TO5DKTGoldwave "shopper"1131344211200Sauce not bad noodles mushy
247452247452B00434J6MMA2HPAQEZSCY427heath prather1131315094400fairIts about the same as would get with a frozen dinner. the hamburger helper boxes are a little better flavored. the good thing about these is you don't need hamburger. the downside on this is you still need milk not as complete as it could be.
247453247453B0083QJU0YA2F4IJ5FH3IB5WEllen Mccollum "Embagel"6641254355200Grade A AmberThe company should have put the grade in the description. You can see the grade if you enlarge the photo of the container and zoom in. It's on the right, lower side of the picture. This is very good syrup.
247454247454B0083QJU0YA1CGU4LCKLS6DEKenneth Lawrence Topham4451269302400Grade A Amber Maple SyrupI purchased 3 different brands and types wanting to make a decision on my favorite. It was this one. Best overall flavor and good value for the money. Will buy again and again.
247455247455B0083QJU0YA1WE8KTC20NY65Denise4531312761600Good - but there is betterIf you're like me - you're reading the reviews on all the maple syrups available on amazon...this and Coombs Family Farms 100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup Grade B, 32-Ounce Jug come up as the most favorably reviewed.

I couldn't make up my mind so I ordered both. Coombs is the winner for us. Brown Family's was good - but Coombs had a bit stronger of a maple flavor. Taste is definitely personal - but comparing them side by side with the same pancakes - Coombs had more flavor and next to it, Brown Family didn't seem flavorful at all. This is still better than all the 'fake' syrups though! We will finish the bottle, but will be reordering Coombs.
247456247456B0083QJU0YA2BC44L1R848NHTrish1131334188800A little too watery for my tasteI have been using real maple syrup for many years. I often try different brands and try to get a good deal.
This syrup tasted good, but I found it to be watery.
I would not buy it again.
247457247457B0083QJU0YA2HV52Q8DB0OL3Sprinter1231151307059200Great SyrupMy search for a great and affordable syrup is over. This syrup is perfect for pancakes, waffles or anything. The price is so much lower than anything in local stores, including costco and Sams.
247458247458B0083QJU0YA1SMKXUJI9OZ3XCati0051325116800Excellent!Lovely flavour and taste, would buy it again anytime! Finished it in a short time. We used it as a sweetener or as a drink mixed with soda water.
247459247459B0083QJU0YA1RSIZOPNRQ81TCynthia Mikesell0051306281600YUMMY!This is super yummy! I'll never go back to imitation maple syrup. It arrived in a timely manner and was packaged super secure. My little family adores this product and we will be ordering more soon I'm sure!
247460247460B0083QJU0YA1YQ077NS6F5DDBig Ed0041302134400Brown Family Maple SyrupThis is an outstanding natural food product. I am trying to improve my diet and stay away from harmful food products like MGG and High Fructose corn syrup. I use maple syrup in cooking, on desserts like ice cream(Natural & organic) locally produced, as well on breakfast foods.This is a good local product that I enjoy using..
247461247461B0083QJU0YA1BM4LRE5R536KSusan L. Ringsmuth "suering"0051301875200Great syrupI believe that this is the third time that I have purchased this syrup, so needless to say - I really enjoy it.
247462247462B0083QJU0YAJAEA74EF21NFmotheroflittle0051285459200Tastes goodThe maple syrup tastes really good and sweet. I use it in cooking and on pancakes. A good deal,I will buy it again.I like supporting a US family company too.
247463247463B0083QJU0YA1RQWM3PIX7XS4B. Fong "Likes Stuff"0041262217600Tasty, ElevatesThis is a very nice syrup. It has some fantastic maple flavor and nice hints of caramel.

It makes a good breakfast better. However it is not too distinct from the grade A from the same family. The spout also could be better designed for pouring as to limit spills and wiping of the bottle.
247464247464B0083QJU0YA2I0XUSOKOP48TN. Sitz1251307318400Great syrup and great valueBefore my purchase of this syrup I have been purchasing Costco's maple syrup. Since I do not live near a Costco I decided to try buying some on Amazon. Although I pay about one dollar more for this syrup I am very pleased with its taste and will be buying it on a monthly basis. I perfer the dark amber ( a richer maplely taste). My son likes the medium amber ( not so rich, more milder).
247465247465B0083QJU0YA3UL2LLIC20EZFPaula Y. Vandevender "pyv2001"0151266796800Great Product, Great Price!I have this on autoship. Maple syrup is sooo expensive in the grocery store and you only get a small bottle. I have a family of 5! I love the autoship and you can't beat the price! Tastes great too!
247466247466B0083QJU0YA2NI2DIJK466ZPDeanna0541294358400concerned?I order this product all the time. I just odrered it a few days ago and the time that it's telling me that it will be at my house is in Febuary???? SERIOUS? I really need this now and I can't seem to even find a customer service number or and email to send??:??? Please help me get this product to my house in the next 4 days!!!
247467247467B0083QJU0YA106MNO7PYG1WLAce Sophia34221245110400What is the grade of your syrup?This is not a review but a question: Why don't you list the grade of your syrup? If that information is in the description or on the product image, I missed it.
247468247468B000FFLTM8A2LP9JOB8H0BA4Kiwihunter "Kiwihunter"8851257292800Yummy and satisfying for larger appetitesI guess I'm in the minority in saying that I love the large size of this product :) I normally would make 2 "servings" as described on box of oatmeal - or two packets from a box -- so this product is perfect sizing for me! 320 calories doesn't seem like an overly large calorie amount either. Even if you were a smaller person and only consuming 1200 calories a day, this would only be 1/4 of your daily calorie needs, and a very healthy 1/4 of your calories it would be.

This is lightweight and easy to throw in a bag and bring to work - just add boiling water, or add tap water and microwave and let steep.

I like the occasional sweetness of the cranberries and the occasional crunch of the almonds. It's pleasant without being too sweet. It's also got 8 grams of fiber in a cup.

If you're trying to decide between flavors, I found this tastier than the hot apple cinnamon variety cereal from McDougall.
247469247469B000FFLTM8A4HQ3C2TX45SLKevin C. Key6651226620800Best everI love this meusli. So easy to make and "sticks to your ribs" til lunchtime. Tasty as can be. It is awful big, and I often wonder why they make it in the bigger cups instead of the smaller sizes. Still, I usually eat half and keep the other half in the refrigerator for the next day. A spritz of water, and microwave for a minute, stir and it's just as good as the first day.

This stuff also hits the spot when I get the munchies watching t.v. at night. It's sweet enough to hit the sweet spot.
247470247470B000FFLTM8A3S3SHGH7ZMO09Raquel P. Ross3341234051200Absolutely delicious.I typically hate instant oatmeal. I often slave over steel-cut varieties, because all of the instant stuff seems to be mushy and lacking in texture and taste.

This is the exception. The oatmeal is thick and has a great texture, and it is chock-full of delicious, real cranberries.

The only thing is there are over 300 calories per cup! I don't think that the ingredients of the oatmeal are to blame; it's because the portion it makes is pretty big! However, if you are not counting calories or if you need a filling breakfast, you'll love this.

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