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247471247471B000FFLTM8AZUUU81LB0NYVCheryl D. Apple "Apple's Table"2241231804800Chewy With Super FlavorsVery tasty and nutritious, especially if left to thicken after adding boiling water or soy milk. Just the right amount of cranberries in it. No guilt because it's got 0 fat but lots of good stuff.
247472247472B000FFLTM8A1G5A8NMZT9QILCalifornia Vegan2251222992000Buy ItThis is the best muesli I have ever tried. I would buy it if it wasn't healthy.
247473247473B000FFLTM8A2NUKCI14Y5CULGarry1141288742400Good, but...I enjoy this Muesli, but I am not fond of the sliced almonds that are in the product. I love almonds, but not in hot cereal. Still very good though.
247474247474B000FFLTM8A2T3OKTB6IF1B3Leah D. Quintana "Blonde Beauty"1141285632000Tastes wonderful, but the portion is way too big!I really like this hot cereal;it's not too sweet or mushy. It has dried cranberries and 3 or 4 almond slivers thrown in. My only complaint is the portion size. It seems like a ridiculous amount of food for one person. I usually eat half and end up throwing the other half away. It's a waste. I thought about saving it ,but that would defeat the whole purpose of a "convenient breakfast". I realize everyone has different appetites and caloric needs. perhaps a 6 foot tall man would find this portion perfect, but for a five and a half foot woman, it seems too much. I wish McDougall's would keep that in mind, and consider bringing back the small sizes as well, so we could have a choice.
247475247475B000FFLTM8A31D5HQ8EQZ293bobbysgirl1151285113600DeliciousDelicious and VERY filling. My huband loves them and they keep him satisfied. I had to stop eating them because I could never finish a whole one and they're too expensive to waste!
247476247476B000FFLTM8A32FR8020BGPR7Safshort2321327795200NOT GLUTEN FREEJust to let everyone know, this product is NOT gluten free. It contains barley, which is not a GF grain. My favorite Dr. McDougall's soup is the Black Bean! So good!
247478247478B000FFLTM8A2ZNDQ1F23V6J8jdukuray "askmenow"0051346457600breakfast most morningsI love this cereal for its texture, degree of sweetness (not too), flavor of the cranberries. I have it for breakfast most mornings at work. I regret that it's a lot of calories, but then again it's breakfast (most important meal) and it's healthy. It is hard to find in stores so that I am grateful I can get it in bulk through Amazon.
247479247479B000FFLTM8A25AS01B8IIAC7Natalie0051336348800VERY Filling!This hot cereal is one of the best I've had. You get 10g of protein & 8g of Fiber. It is super filling and has a great taste. I am recommending it to anyone who will listen. Definitely worth it if your trying to lose weight or just have a quick healthy breakfast.
247480247480B000FFLTM8ASEQWC64AHINDkacebelle0051335744000Delicious vegan oatmeal!I am a vegetarian trying my best to move to veganism, but it is difficult to find yummy alternatives for my favorite foods. This oatmeal has hit the vegan nail on the head. It is delicious but also convenient and affordable. The serving size is plenty ample for a morning meal. Will definitely be purchasing more of these in other flavors!
247481247481B000FFLTM8A1K2VE02Z5GK63Judy G.0051326412800I so dislike hot cereal.....I have never liked hot cereal...ever! Dr. McDougall's Cranberry Oatmeal is fantastic. Unlike other hot cereals which are usually quite tasteless this has great flavor. I often bring to work for a quick lunch and now have anti-hot cereal friends buying this as well.
247482247482B000FFLTM8A2CIMTACTXZJRYN. H. Turner0051326240000Great taste but prefer single-serving sizeI love this oatmeal; I think it's superior to other brands of instant oatmeal, but I agree with reviewers who complain about the amount of oatmeal in the cup. The label clearly states that there are two servings per container. I wish this wonderful hot cereal was available in single-serving cups.
247483247483B000FFLTM8A3NID9D9WMIV01Louie Arrighi "Lou da Joo"0051312848000Price PointWhy is this product no longer included in the top products for oatmeal? This product tastes better than the competitor, and is organic. The price point of nine dollars and change was fair, but to offer it higher will knock it out of the top search results. I used to buy 4 at a time. I understand also that this is 3.1 ounces of organic oatmeal vs. the competitor's 1.9 ounces. Overall, I think you'll be satisfied with the taste of the mixture of dried cranberries and oats.
247484247484B000FFLTM8ASXJYB6IIZLBPclean1221328313600bad tastethe product was all as advertised except for its taste. it did not taste good. moreover, the almonds did not add to the taste and tasted like plastic chips almost. just a bad taste overall. would not recommend.
247485247485B000FFLTM8A1TD3AFB3V110HMartin Stiefer1421328486400This stuff is terribleI bought this because I got reading all the fantastic 5 star reviews. This stuff is so terrible I couldn't take more than a few bites and threw the rest in the garbage. Now I'm stuck with 5 more soups left that I'll just donate to the homeless.
247486247486B000FFLTM8A2E3WMF9RWW2X2K. Duvall0331243123200Too large of serving.I have tried several of the oatmeal cups. This one has good flavor, does not seem as sweet but does have a lot of sugar. Nice texture. But I don't want all my starch servings with breakfast. Won't buy again just for that reason.
247487247487B000FFLTM8A2X6T9WBNADH22SGJ "SGJ"0541170720000Don't buy itThe product tastes great - but it's too much for a normal person, and there is no way to make half - you would have to make it and split it with someone...which kind of defeats the convenience of the product.
247488247488B0025FUSMIA15K6MCI813OFQMary Ann Nowak1151301011200bold and beautifulFirst tasted this Italian jewel in Poland and had a very difficult time finding it in the US. So happy when Amazon made it easy for me to enjoy this fantastic coffee.
247489247489B007JIN382A1BTZI3KS3NP2PN. F. Martin0051340755200Astonishingly deliciousThis grenadine is astonishingly delicious, as fresh-tasting as pomegranite juice but more delicately complex because of the subtle spicing. I was tempted to eat it all by the spoonful before I even managed to mix anything with it!
247490247490B008ADQRISA29P51TN9KKMU9Azzrian0051349049600CoconuttySo the aroma in dry form was a bit MEH ... it smelled like suntan lotion.
HOWEVER once prepared it is VERY good so just either get past the aroma or don't sniff it not that it easy to ignore any matcha smell as the powder sort of makes its way into the nose no matter what ya do!

My daughter and I got distracted singing "Put the lime in the coconut ..." haha now you are all going to be singing that in your heads ....THE POINT however is in messing around I dumped the powder into my cup instead of my mixing bowl. YIKEs I thought I had made a huge mistake but I just went ahead and added straight milk to it - NO WATER!!!
Can you believe it - this stuff is GOOD! Coconut MILK hahah. I am sure you can pull this off with any milk product or almond, soy etc.. HEY maybe even COCONUT milk!
Oh and you know how I said sangria frothed up well?? WELL ... This frothed up SUPER easy! HUGE foam! I may have to try doing more of my matcha this way - just skipping the water all together! Now this is what I call a HAPPY accident!
247491247491B008ADQRISAAH6764FP1GOZClara English0051347753600A Tropical DreamThis matcha kind of snuck up on me. At first, I wasn't sure if it was very coconut-y, and I was just sipping away. At the end of the cup, I found myself wanting so much more. It is SO coconut-y, which is funny since I found myself kind of going "where's the coconut?" at first. It's not a toasted, bake-y coconut, but a fresh young coconut taste. If I didn't know better, I would swear this was made with coconut milk instead of water!

This is really a tropical vacation in a cup. Sweet, creamy, super fresh coconut flavor! It is the perfect combination with matcha, one of my absolute favorite flavors so far.
247492247492B008ADQRISA38RWVWOQPYJSALiberTEAS0041344556800Coconut + Matcha = Delicious!I love tea, and Matcha is one of my favorites. It is not only delicious, but it is very healthy and I notice a significant surge of energy pumping through me after I drink it. So, I love it when I find new and exciting flavors of Matcha - and Red Leaf Tea seems to be THE PLACE to get the newest and most exciting flavors available!

This coconut matcha is really good. I notice that my first couple of sips were not quite as enjoyable as my subsequent sips ... I guess my palate needed to acclimate to it ... but now that it has it is difficult to stop drinking it long enough to type in my thoughts about it.

The coconut melds beautifully with the sweet flavor of the matcha. Both are creamy, sweet flavors and together they create something that is beyond creamy and sweet ... it's absolutely scrumptious!
247493247493B001E5DWW8A12RML32S0HXICD.J. Li0051289347200BEST GUMMY BEARSThese are extremely good gummy bears. The fact that there are 12 flavors makes it even better. These are especially good since they have a fruity like flavor. I am a college student and my roommates and I finished 10 pounds within a week. These are THAT GOOD. Also way cheaper than haribo.
247494247494B001E5DWW8A178X4QSSAIO7XUniquleydivine0051289088000Great Gummies!!I have been a fan of Haribo's gummy bears for the longest time but I happen to stumble upon these and gave them a try. Wow, what a pleasant surprise! They are big, chewy (not hard) and very flavorful especially for being sugar-free. I watch my weight so these are perfect but beware you can't just eat one...very addicting!! Give them a try!
247495247495B001E5DWW8A2RCMSBPODJPMYXiadane0051288742400AmazingMy friends thought I was crazy for buying 10 lbs of gummi bears. But after 2 weeks, an entire 5 lb bag is demolished. There are 12 different amazing flavors. They have a very nice consistency and they're probably one of the better gummi bears I've had. Will be ordering more for sure. :)
247496247496B001E5DWW8A22M8GEXSEGI84Miss Kelly0051287705600Extremely PleasedI got these as a gift for my birthday a year ago, being a total gummibear fanatic. When I got these gummibears, I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I felt how soft they were. I am not a big fan of Haribo because of the fact that their gummibears are rather chewy and tough, in my opinion, as well as the flavors tend to taste fake and do not have individual flavors. This being said, I am not a fan of Haribo, thus I am more likely to enjoy the Albanese.

When I started eating the gummibears, it was like a dam broke. I entered Gummibear Fiend-dom. I do not know why people keep saying that they have a soapy flavor, or that their flavors are less intense than other gummies, I did not have that problem at all. The flavors are strong and bursting, and very individual per bear. The flavors also taste exactly like what they are supposed to taste like, rather than the wax-y fake flavor most are used to.

Another extreme bonus in my opinon, was the blue raspberry gummibear, seeing as my favorite flavor for candy is blue. Which became a huge hit with all of my friends, I had to start saying 'no' to sharing because of how much they loved them. Since then, I have bought them for myself just this year, and the only disappointment I've had, is that they've run out so quickly. Their addictiveness is apparent to me though. Since I've shared them, 2 of my friends have purchased the gummibears themselves, and several are talking about getting them. I cannot eat and enjoy any other type of gummibear and enjoy them since these.

And I didn't even mention the price.
247497247497B001E5DWW8A1WEDO9BJ3N6GLJeff Bennett0051286323200Yummy Gummies!Given that there are gummies (Haribo) that try to stay on top of competition, Albanese Assorted Gummis Bears have by far become the best. The flavor, texture, and assortment were great! I would recommend to any gummy bear fan to try these. It won't leave you disappointed!
247498247498B001E5DWW8A3URJ63QE5F9E4Wade0051285545600A W E S O M E !!!!!!!!!I have ordered almost 100 pounds of these over the past several months. They are really good. They are not hard/chewy. They are very tasty, delicious, and made here in the US. :)
247499247499B001E5DWW8A2T0HNDKJ56H6VKenneth Gorrell0041285459200Albanese 12 flavovrs gummi bearsthese gummi bears was a healthy way that my child could something not full of sugar and they tasted no different than the ones with sugar

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