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247561247561B001E5DWW8A1V9D8OR67W612Mary von1151300233600Gummi Bears!Dashing and daring, courageous and caring, faithful and friendly with stories to share.
All through the forest they sing out in chorus, marching along as their song fills the air.

Gummi Bears,
Bouncing here and there and everywhere.
High adventure that's beyond compare,
They are the Gummi Bears.

Magic and mystery are part of their history along with the secret of gummiberry juice.
Their legend is growing, they take pride in knowing, they'll fight for what's right, in whatever they do.

Gummi Bears,
Bouncing here and there and everywhere.
High adventure that's beyond compare,
They are the Gummi Bears.

Gummi Bears,
When a friend's in danger they'll be there,
Lives and legends that we all can share,
They are the Gummi Bears!

And they are super yummy!
247562247562B001E5DWW8A1KVRTIGK1WNQTDelyne Nunez1151299801600BEST Gummies EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!First off, I ordered these for my son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. I'm not a big gummie fan ~ at all! Now? They better get over to see me soon or there won't be ANY left for them to eat!!! These are INCREDIBLE!!!! Can't keep my hands out of the bag!!!!
247563247563B001E5DWW8A3HED8SW5DDP9QL. Satterlee1151297296000Larger, softer, more flavors, more flavor than any other brand, Black Forest is horrible compared to these.I had never tried Gummie Bears before they have replaced my sweet cravings and nothing else will do. I ordered Black Forest to compare and they are dismal compared to these. I will throw the rest of the Black Forest ones out now that my shipment of these have arrive...oh, and they will last a long time. They have lots of different flavors. The only problem is they are tough to stop eating. They also digest well. When I ate the Black Forest my stomach rumbled. These are by far the best. They are soft and flavorful and fun to eat because there are so many flavor choices.
247564247564B001E5DWW8A2IEUX8S2XA4HITeddy Bear's Mom "americaforamericans"1141296432000albanese 12 flavor assorted gummi bearsI have these on auto order we go thru them so much. My daughter and her husband came for the holidays and he doesn't really eat sweets but he really just about ate a whole bag himself! I first ate Gummi bears way back in the 70's when the german club sold them when they got them from germany along with toblerone and these taste alot like them. The german gummi bears taste a bit different than the american gummy bears. I prefer these to gummy bears. Yummmm
247565247565B001E5DWW8A2YVOSKUBJ59OLHollylonghair1151295049600Gummy HeavenI am a gummy bear lover. I have tried every gummy candy that has ever crossed my path. These bears are THE BEST gummies I have ever tasted. I also like Haribo bears, but these gummies are softer and more flavorful than Haribo bears. The wide variety of specific flavors (grape, pineapple, pink grapefruit) is what makes these better than your average gummies, whose flavors are generally some ambiguous fruit flavor masked in different colors.
Do yourself a favor and try these bears - you won't regret it!
247566247566B001E5DWW8AN4SSFDE9ZGOTJeffery Freelon1151287187200We get it, Haribo is better. Know look at the damn price.Ok I'm really getting tired of people saying Haribo is better. This is a fact by know and has been for the last 30 years. know look at the price. You might see that you get twice as much for HALF THE PRICE of Haribo. ok know taste them you might notice that they taste WAY MORE THAN HALF AS GOOD as Haribo. This my friends is what i call a bargain maybe even a steal.
247567247567B001E5DWW8A2E7021B6EB3PWTM1141285545600We loved these Gummi BearsMy boyfriend has always loved gummi candy so to go with a gift I wanted to buy him a brand he had never had before and to make sure it had flavors he probably had not tried. These were perfect. They remained soft and flavorful and putting them in a container allowedhim to eat them as he wanted. If anything he said I gave him too many because he could not stop eating them!

Let's just say they did not last as long as I thought he would for 2 huge bags. A great product.
247568247568B001E5DWW8A2KI401CAI17NFvct1141278892800yummy sticky softiesthese gummy bears are quite tasty. there are enough variety of flavors to keep your taste buds entertained and i can't say there are any flavors that i dislike, which is not something i can say for these Albanese Assorted Tropical Bears, 5-Pound Bag. the white bears in the tropical assortment tasted like bananas while the white bears in this 12-flavor assortment tastes more like your normal white bears, so if the tropical whites are what's holding you back from trying this one out, do not fear. there are some downsides to these bears though, for me anyway: they were too soft. i like the consistency of the Haribo Gummi Candy Gold-Bears, 5-Pound Bag better. they were also sticky, which makes for a sticky situation when you are munching on them at work or on the go. but for how much you get for the price you pay, it's a yummy good deal.
247569247569B001E5DWW8ALL9XFM0Q1N4EMonopoly J1151276128000So Many Wonderful FlavorsI love gummies and these did not disappoint. I got them because their were more flavors and all of them are great.
247570247570B001E5DWW8A3AMYLL1JAYDNGJesse Patterson1151272844800BUY THESEIf you are debating about buying these over another brand, don't. This is one of the best finds I've scored on Amazon--amazing, flavorful candy at an excellent price. More please! Great for candy jars.
247571247571B001E5DWW8A24Z5TYLMYGNUEThe Lost Raven1151272153600Delicious!A great assortment of flavors for the price. I definitely was not disappointed with these gummies, and highly recommend anyone who is a fan of gummie bears to try them. Perfect for an on-the-go snack, or quick munch.

They are very soft and flavorful.
247572247572B001E5DWW8AQSQCXME32Y3QS. Glenn "candy expert"1151254441600THE very best gummy bearsThis brand puts all others to shame. I'm officially a candy snob now, and cannot go back to snacking on regular drugstore, run-of-the-mill gummy bears.
These are softer and much, much more favorful.
247573247573B001E5DWW8A1E3R01D921JTZD. Porter1151247788800Gorgeous gummies!These arrived in just 2 days and are so pretty and colorful! Also, they are very soft and fresh and pretty tasty too! My grandkids loved them! Got these on auto ship....way too good a deal to pass up!
247574247574B001E5DWW8A1G70UTFRB3UVVH. pelfrey3451280188800love 'emMy husbands grandmother loves gummys and I got her some wine gums last year for Christmas. She loved the flavor but they were tough for her to bite into. This year I decided to try the gummies we'd give her early and ordered these. These Albanese gummies have wonderful flavor and a nice soft texture, which is perfect for her. With 12 flavors it's harder to get tired of them then some other gummies. The banana and pineapple ones are very similar in color, and depending on lighting hard to tell apart.

They arrived in 90+ degree heat but didn't melt into a pile of goo. Opened them up and noticed an odd smell, which was probably the package it came in reacting to the heat. I put the gummys in a new container and they smell fine now, and taste wonderful.

Today I sent a small amount to work with my husband with his lunch and he shared them with his coworkers. They're so popular he texted me so I could email him the amazon link to share with his coworkers so they could order their own instead of eating all his.

Overall I'm very happy with this product, and will definitely be buying them again.
247575247575B001E5DWW8A1HYMOOKZ0FRB2Stephanie3451274659200DeeeeliciousThese are the best gummy bears I have ever tasted. Hands down. There's so many flavors that it's hard to pick out a particular favorite. I offered some to my sibling and father and they too said they enjoyed them. So much so that between the 3 of us we had finished one 5 lb bag of them in a day while watching baseball.

I don't know where these negative reviews are coming from where they say they're disgusting, the only thing I could think of is that they're competitors trying to distract potential customers from this company since most of them refer to a different company with a higher price for one pack instead of the deal you get with this company for two.

I have already repurchased another 10 lbs of gummy bears and other candy, and will continue to do so.
247576247576B001E5DWW8A3CMTF614SL2JMJ. Rogers2351299456000Great Gummis!We have purchased these gummi bears a number of times over the past couple years. They are by far the best gummis that I have purchased and they are loved by my staff. Excellent flavors, always very fresh(stay fresh for 2+ months in zip-lock bags), and are an amazing deal.

We have had:
12 Flavor
Blue Raspberry

All have been excellent and are worth trying, far better quality than Haribo in my opinion.
247577247577B001E5DWW8A3D0QJG6G52T3PThe bug2351250640000Delicious!These gummi bears are delicious and a great value! I was looking for fun foods to subscribe to on amazon and stumbled across these.

I was concerned that the gummi bears would all taste the same because they were all lumped together in the same package, but they taste FANTASTIC! Each one has an individual flavor and is not too sugary sweet. The flavors taste like how they say they do on the bag. These really are the best gummi bears I've had and they are a better price than Haribo's. The fact that there are 12 flavors is an added bonus. My favorite is grapefruit!

I might need to edit my shipments so these come to my house more often! I'm very happy I got these.
247578247578B001E5DWW8AG3G6Z8MA7KT6Erica Reid2351250208000These Are Great Gummy Bears!So I bought these because of the rave reviews, because I have been eating gummy bears since I could chew as a child, and because there were grape bears and I have never tasted that flavor as well as a couple of others. So these bears were delivered when I was hospitalized (gallstone attack that led to a gallbladder removal surgery) and I really wanted to taste them since the hospital tends to give you soup with nothing in it when they think you cannot hold anything down. So my fiance decided to sneak some in to me and when I tasted them I thought I had died and gone to heaven. They were so soft and the flavors were amazing! I am very glad I bought these and now have signed up for the delivery. Although the grape flavor was my favorite so I may just have that flavor delivered. Definitely buy these. It brightened my day and will bring joy to yours!
247579247579B001E5DWW8AX1Z5RQ1LWMM2j-rob-822351249862400DeliciousI am not really much on reviewing candy but these are far by the best gummi bears I have ever eaten. They are soft and not overly chewy to where you need to work like a cows mouth to chew them. The flavors are all good and I read somewhere there was a banana flavored but I couldn't really tell there was one. I don't usually eat candy until I have a stomach ache but that was my reward for eating so many. Even with my stomach in pain I had to eat at least one more to be satisfied. My kids don't really eat much candy but loved these and since they are easy to chew for them they like them even more. If you love gummi bears this is probably your best option but when I bought mine I did not realize there were two bags so now I have quite a bit to go through. Just keep in mind that they are easy to get carried away with when eating.
247580247580B001E5DWW8A3G7TFKORN972UFarmer0051349913600You may turn into a gummy bearDo not order these. They can only be consumed in large quantities. You may develop carpal tunnel syndrome from the repetitive motion of bringing them to your mouth! ;} Beware!

Some people assert that gelatin is a good health supplement. I am trying to convince myself this is true to rationalize my chain-eating of these things. Also trying not to think about where they come from...

As other people said, these are way better than those nasty little chew toy gummies that I used to think were kinda good a few at a time, every once in a while. Therein lies the problem. These ones have crazy different flavors to keep your mind entertained and soft chewiness that keeps your mouth occupied with disassembling them. Crazy!

You are receiving ten frigging pounds of gummy trouble!!!! Bask in the sick guilty consumptive pleasure of it all!!!!
247581247581B001E5DWW8A2D9VSXJLRT01legogirl10051349654400Yummy GummiesKid loves them at his school amazon allowed me to purchase without a minimum like Albanese website! Great gummies lots of flavors and excellent price to split into bags for your kids lunch cheaper than individuals :)
247582247582B001E5DWW8A3R8PT5MBUO06EEd Diamond "ediamondjr"0051348358400Wow, they taste greatWe bought these by accident, we thought they were stevia based THEY ARE NOT, that being said, they are delicious. My 11 year old really loves these and they are a bargain. Do I like having sweets around the house, no, that being said these are really good and the flavors are really different. The adults also prefer these to the other brands available (we are taste not price sensitive as we eat so few) even the "original" Haribo's so if you want something different and really delicious, these are exceptional.
247583247583B001E5DWW8A1D8ND2ES00NJGPerpetualLearner0051345161600Great soft bears!If you like the soft type of gummy bears rather than the more chewy kind (like Haribo), you will love these. They have a wide variety of flavors that really taste different, unlike some generic brand gummy bears that have different colors, but taste very similar. These favorably compare to the old Amazin Fruit gummy bears that used to be popular. If you are a single person, I would not get these for yourself, because you will get sick eating them (it is difficult to stop). But if you have a family or a group of friends or coworkers to share these with, this is a great deal!

These bears are delicious!
247584247584B001E5DWW8A3MT7CC662ER3FDavid Phipps0051344816000Super deal.Great product. Very flavorful. This item is always a giant hit when the box arrives. I highly recommend this for anyone that likes high quality gummies and a great deal.
247585247585B001E5DWW8A300QLSPCW9GHIDan Camero0041344297600Lots of tasty gummiesThese gummmies are absolutely delicious and 10lbs is an insane amount of gummy candy, but I prefer mine a little chewier - I can finish a handful of these pretty quick. I'd say Haribo's gummies are more nuanced in the flavors, as these tend to just kind of run together. I didn't notice any chemical taste in the blue ones.
247586247586B001E5DWW8A39HCS13P7VEIBB. Parsons0051344297600Yummy GummiesThey arrived promptly. The box was in the sun and the gummies were hot but none were stuck together. The pack of two is an enormous amount so we will have them for a long while to come, it'll be a test of their longevity. They're stored in a large canister and look colorful and tempting. The flavors are great! Not your regular flavors and tasty. We'll see how long they actually do last. :0)
247587247587B001E5DWW8A1PY2HORCDH00UNoroone0051343952000Worked for my dietI had recently started a diet and I decided to buy these gummy bears because I cannot have a salty meal without something sweet afterwards. I like the fact that these gummy bears are fat free and even though a serving of 12 has 29 grams of carbs, I could eat 2 or 3 and be satisfied because these bears are bigger than regular ones. All my friends who had them said they were a lot bigger than what they're used to. They're also very flavorful. There was one of the flavors I didn't like (one of the yellow ones, might have been banana) but the rest tasted great! The two bags lasted 4 months with multiple people eating from them every day. At the end of the semester I had to start giving them away because I still had half a bag and I couldn't eat them all. They worked for my diet (I lost a lot of weight even though I ate these gummies every day), so they were perfect for me!
247588247588B001E5DWW8AVVA9NNM881LMChris Larken0051343606400Excellent!Shipped safe and fast. Look to be very delicious and soft. Just the way I like them. Have not tasted them yet. Been finishing up my wine gums first. As long as I get better deals on Amazon, I will continue to purchase. If that changes? I will be certain to stop and purchase in a brick and mortar establishment!
247589247589B001E5DWW8AIS6N8TJ8K0TTAg Mom0051342915200soft and flavorableThese are excellent. Our family liked these better than the Haribo brand. This big bag gets portioned out into snack size bags to make them last longer.
247590247590B001E5DWW8A2CW9Q5XR4IAJVLorena Hernandez "Rena"0051342742400so yummy!!!I had nbever bought this brand of gummy bears before, but decided to try them because the reviews were pretty good and the price was right (2 5 lb bags for $20). They just arrived a couple of hours ago, and me and 2 of mt coworkers have already consumed almost half of one of the bags! They are super yummy and the flavors are very pronounced. I would highly recommend these super fresh and soft little bears:)

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