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247591247591B001E5DWW8AVVRRM817ODPGjel0051341792000best everThese are the best gummi bears I have tryed. I tryed the sugar free type and regular of some other brands and they upset my stomach. These have had no side effects...
247592247592B001E5DWW8A10UC0B3XLJLO1K. Garff0051336003200Yummy GummiesThere's a frozen yogurt shop near us that uses the smaller size of these (the cubs), and I fell in love with them. You get a much better variety of flavors. My favorite are the watermelon (the pale teal color). At the time I bought them, this was the best price per oz available, even directly from the manufacturer. At room temperature they have a good texture. You could say that they're the baby bear of gummies. Not too hard, not too soft, but just right. They do harden up somewhat when they're put on something cold, like ice cream or frozen yogurt, but it's not a bad thing. You're still not going to break your teeth on them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a fun assortment of flavors. The only drawback I have found is that some of the colors are similar enough that they're hard to tell apart (mango and pineapple, and cherry and strawberry), but since all of the flavors are pretty good it isn't a problem for me. I think this is a superior product and I would definitely purchase them again.
247593247593B001E5DWW8A12Z0JH9NJ0SBVPoetaster750051335484800Noms!I thought 10lbs of gummies might be a bit overwhelming. We blew through them!!!!! So tender, great diversity of flavors, and pretty as a picture. Best gummy bears ever!!!! Noms Noms Noms!
247594247594B001E5DWW8A3MY6GBWGZ1UY8K. Chung "maui guy"0051334880000Yummy gummi!Got my shipment of these Gummis and I like them a lot! Soft, chewy, flavorful and they seem to be larger in size that the Haribo brand gummi bears I've bought in the past from retail stores. I recently bought some other brand (don't know which) from a retailer in Santa Cruz last week and these Albanese gummis are much better.

I like these softer gummis as I don't have to chew hard. I'm a convert!
247595247595B001E5DWW8A2SEMQS6880ATUCharles Hoover "CnGz808"0051332201600Everyone Loved Them!They were chewy and delicious! The price was great too! Luckily it came in five pound bags, even then they went fast. Highly recommended and will be reordering soon. Very good company.
247596247596B001E5DWW8A37B9GFKR00JR6Old Crone "Old Crone"0051331164800Great GummiesI found these on Amazon after getting fed up with the high shipping costs charged by an on-line snack retailer. These are half the cost and the shipping charges are reasonable (free with subscription). They are a little soft for my husband's liking, but he takes out a baggie full and leaves the baggie open so they get a bit stale and then they are just right for him. He loves the flavor variety. So do the grandkids, and the soft texture doesn't bother them at all. These are a hit with our family.
247597247597B001E5DWW8A2GUARQFEUR4F6Mark C. Page0051330300800AddictiveI have a rather large family that gets together at the holidays and plays board games. I bought a pack of these gummys as an economical snack. But once my family started eating these, they could not stop. We went through BOTH 5 pound bags in one night. They are great with a few unique flavors.
247598247598B001E5DWW8A18863ED340L4FSteve0041330128000Great gummies, but a little soft for meWhat makes a great gummy bear is in the mouth of the beholder, of course. Some like the chewy Haribo type that give your jaws a workout, while others like the softer, mushier kind. This falls into the latter category.

Out of the bag, they're extremely soft. If you want to keep them that way, put them immediately into an airtight container. But if you'd like them to harden up a little, leave them exposed to air.

I do like the intensity of the flavors. They are:

Ornery Orange (orange)
Poppin' Pineapple (light yellow)
Granny Smith Apple (green)
Rrripe Watermelon (light blue)
Lickin' Lemon (yellow)
Wild Cherry (red)
Mighty Mango (white)
Luscious Lime (light green)
Freshhh Strawberry (magenta)
Rockin' Raspberry (blue)
Groovy Grapefruit (pink)
Concord Grape (purple)

One thing to keep in mind. While the product title says "fat free", this is NOT a diet food. Eating just 12 gummy bears (and who can eat just 12) take up 10% of your daily recommended carbohydrates. So if you're like me, and can easily go through 50 of them in one sitting, that's half of your daily intake, which you will need to burn off through running, biking, walking, swimming, and other physical activity, or it'll turn into fat in your system.
247599247599B001E5DWW8AA1EUM5CY1A7PS.Huang0041329696000Not Bad!!Not as good as Haribo's but has some great flavor varieties. Will order again if I have sugar cravings. Not bad at all!
247600247600B001E5DWW8A3J4EANDO3NM6SThe Photographer0051329004800Good GummysThese are very good gummy bears. This is the second order for this item and I would not hesitate to order again.
247601247601B001E5DWW8AZVKDPYQ20PTNGreenchunks0041328745600Good Variety of Flavors, Good QualitySo I was really hungry for some gummi bears, and I had heard a bunch about the Albanese brand. I've always been a fan of gummi's, usually going for the Trolli brand, so I figured I would give them a try. Sadly, the free shipping and good pricing was only available on 2 5 lb bags, which is an absurd amount of gummi bears. They arrived the next day (Thanks Amazon Prime 2-day shipping!). The gummi bears are very good, a bit larger in size than the normal haribo ones, and I think they taste a good bit better. I usually prefer sour candies, as the standard gummi's are lacking a bit in flavor, but these certainly fit the bill. The item gets 4 stars instead of five because the gummi's really aren't that amazing, they are simply very good.
247602247602B001E5DWW8AN9U9QEI2CYGHnana0051328054400best gummies on amazonOk I recieved the gummies and it wasn't melted or sticking to each other. Taste good the flavors was there more on certin colors then others. Wasn't the best gummmies I've tasted becuse I had ones that had jucie flavors coming out one kind before. But this could come secound to those.
247603247603B001E5DWW8A1Q9YNC9O19SMKmr_dogbert0051310688000Fantastic deal, great flavors, Made in USAI initially bought a 5 lb sack of Haribo Gummi Bears. They were decently run of the mill, a little chewy, and missing fruit juice and made in Turkey. I thought I would give these a go. Great choice. These gummi bears are made in USA, have a huge variety of flavors, and great texture at 75% of the price per lb. Sadly the one con on both is neither contained real juice
247604247604B001E5DWW8ACXHAGNXYL4Y8Texana0051309651200Best gummis ever!It was my first time purchasing these gummi bears, and wow, they are as good as I was led to believe! Great flavors! Watermelon, mango, apple and cherry are my favorites, but you can't go wrong with any of the TWELVE flavors. Such a big burst of flavor and they're softer than most other gummi bears. Will definitely order again.
247605247605B001E5DWW8A1EADPS60H6YQ8Ariana's & Kieron's Mom "Nakeesha"0051308268800The best by farThese are by far the best gummy bears that I have ever had. I can't even eat other gummies, because they don't compare to these. I was a little skeptical when I first ordered based on the other reviews, but I was completely wrong. They are delicious and unlike any gummy bear out there. I took them to work to share with my co-workers and they are addicted to them also. They have purchased them and have shared with others.
247606247606B001E5DWW8A2G7EJ8AU3V5X3Stargate 550051304121600Amazon - Fat-Free Gummi BearsTastes very good. If you feel an urge to snack, this is the perfect sweet delight. Packaging good and ships quickly. Only wish they would have more red gummies in package.
247607247607B001E5DWW8A3HCT9H5ZIIRGUAmazonGal0051304035200Love these gummy bearsThese gummy bears are delicious. I love how there are 12 flavors, more than the standard 5 flavor gummy bear packs. Don't be overwhelmed with the 10 pounds. They go fast. I shared my order with friends and had only a little left for myself. Several of my friends also quickly placed orders.
247608247608B001E5DWW8A337CADYTQZVRPUncanny0051302048000Most fantastic gummy bears ever!I'm not a candy fan at all, but I could seriously eat Albanese Gummy Bears all the time. They're absolutely delicious and have a perfect texture. I can't wait to get more!
247609247609B001E5DWW8A3INXAONBX484Briverangel0051301875200Absolutely delicious gummy bears!These bags are huge! :) The flavors are gourmet. I got the following in my mix: blue raspberry, lime, lemon, pink grapefruit, mango, pineapple, cherry, green apple, grape, watermelon, strawberry, and orange. They are soft and chewy and have tons of flavor. They are a "must try" for any gummy bear fan.
247610247610B001E5DWW8A3094EPI56GKZ6Kristen E. Bogren "Kristen Bogren"0051301097600Extremely Fruity!I am a big fan of Haribo Gummy Bears. These were a little too soft, but the taste is awesome. I brought them into work and my coworkers went crazy and wanted to know what kind they were, and where I got. These are my 2nd favorite gummy bears, and I give them 5 starts for the strong fruity taste, and all the varieties of flavors! :)
247611247611B001E5DWW8A1QR7IYZCI2JQLms0051299283200Yummy GummiesHad you send these to my son, as he is a gummy bear nut!! He said they were really good and the next time he's in need of gummies, he said I could sure order some more of these.
247612247612B001E5DWW8A3G3UH8KIT5TR4R. REID0051298073600Best Gummi Bears EverI Love these (way too much). I love all the flavors and they are always so soft and fresh. These are the best gummi bears I have ever had!
247613247613B001E5DWW8A1TNOO929I0NNBPatricia A. Kersteter "chilipepper21"0051296518400Albanese gummi bearsThese are the best gummi bears I have ever eaten. I love the softer texture and the flavors are absolutely wonderful. I have been purchasing the haribo 5 lb bags for several years then I found these - practically 2 for 2. I am now a great fan and every time I walk by the candy dish, I grab a handful. Now my husband is hooked as well as my granddaughter. WE LOVE GUMMIE BEARS!
247614247614B001E5DWW8AP62C8V1SLZSGConnie0051296086400Best gummy bears I've ever eaten!This was my first purchase of the Albanese assorted gummi bears. I'm always wary aboout purchasing food items online since I like to see what I'm buying. I worried that the gummi's might be too firm since I like softer gummi bears. But I was not disappointed! These were the perfect texture and the different flavors are delicious. I've never written an online review before but these gummi's deserve it. If you're hesitating because you're not sure if the gummi's are really all of that, trust me-they are!
247615247615B001E5DWW8A3VBCWXQTXQZ80Toasted Gringo0051295568000Best I've HadGreat product for the money. Intense flavor from the 12 different varieties. Soft texture, easy to chew. Very "addictive". Just placed my third order. No fat, very low sodium. I don't think you can find a better, or more flavorible, gummy bear at any price.
247616247616B001E5DWW8A3VKQD1UZ1A66YT. Ogaard0051295481600Best gummies around!This is my second purchase of Albanese gummy bears. I first got the blue raspberry ones and fell in love so I wanted to try the other flavors. They are all wonderful! I will be ordering these again!
247617247617B001E5DWW8AHDLRF4D8IXP7kimmy0051294790400Best EverUsed to think haribo were best gummy bears on the market until trying the Albanese. Lots of variety & tastier than any other. Admit to being a gummy bear junkie. These are new favorites.
247618247618B001E5DWW8AACOVFXWDN9H7laura1234560051294185600ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGi wanted a change from Haribo gummies and wow I was so impressed! each gummy has its own wonderful distinct flavor and they are really soft and yummy! these are really cheap too so buy themmm!!
247619247619B001E5DWW8A3ROPMGNAPAE9Isea crit shopper0051293753600Delicious!Heard about these gummi bears from a friend. Had to have them. Great to taste flavors never tried before. You never get tired of them and it's easy to eat too many! But...there's never enough of a good quality Gummi like Albanese.
247620247620B001E5DWW8AO8MS7WGKSTPQBrian D. Ferguson0051292716800Good as everI like 'em, everybody I know likes 'em...I'm ordering more now. I'm set up with autoship but I never seem to make them last long enough to make it to the next shipment.

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