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247651247651B00008GQ4FA2OMSI6BG6II81Rob McGuire0251322352000I uses it meself!Bought this for the pussys. Worked so good, I uses it for me own hygenie. Don't brush me teeth much anymore. just add a li'l to me moonshine and I's good too go. The li'l FOXY lady luvs it to. Purrrrrrr....
247652247652B001RDWCZ0A1O4VYJPIK20VThomas E. Tweedel2251292284800Best General Purpose Teriyaki Sauce out there.Always on the look for a better sauce I tried this stuff out years ago and its been in my arsenal of spice ever since.

Good Teriyaki sauce is an elusive thing. Not too sweet, not to salty, the key is that when you take a bite that the food taste like something other than that meat marinated in soy sauce + sugar. The way the flavors of the sauce come together and transform the meat into something greater than their component parts is key. Not all sauces, in fact not many sauces are capable of this. I've had some sauces that on their own tasted fine but were just not strong enough to impart their magic into the meat.

I had blown through at least a dozen different brands before I tried this one and on the first use knew I had a winner. Since then I've tried at least a dozen more, had some successes but as far as a general purpose sauce for Teriyaki flavor this is still the champ.

The flavor excellent, it's not quite what you might taste at a Japanese Restaurant. Has its own character and flavor. The important thing is it is a good flavor and works the melding magic. It's a sweet, tangy flavor with a side of sesame which gives it the unique character. Its sweetness has an almost Mirin like quality and in strong concentrations is a bit too much for direct consumption.

As a marinade for meats and veggies it is excellent. It does the obligatory tenderization as well as flavoring. I've done beef, pork and chicken and it's a winner on them all.

I've also taken to using it as a drizzle on vegetables and rice. Its strong stuff so use it sparingly. On veggies it usually isn't a problem as the extra rolls off, but if you flavor your rice with it be careful because you can soak up too much. I really enjoy it on asparagus, it takes it to a new level.

The value you get for the sauce is excellent, the quantity for the money is good. When you first open the bottle you need to mix it up as the sesame seeds all tend to float to the top. Break it open with a chopstick and mix it around till you can shake it up. Refrigerate after opening and enjoy.

Good Value

Need to mix it a bit when you open the bottle.

Excellent! Don't hesitate to get some.
247653247653B001RDWCZ0AVAQSUITW31A7Holly Wood2251250812800Mindblowing productAnother 5-star review. This stuff is great, easy to use and makes a delicious, fool-proof meal. Marinate over night for some awesome, tender food.

But this price is extraordinarily too high for this product. At my Boston-area grocery, it is only $2.99 a bottle.
247654247654B001RDWCZ0A2UBG3I31QQBYWHugh "compulsive shopper"2251245024000I made the worlds best teriyaki chicken!!This is really good stuff. According to my wife, i made "the best teriyaki chicken in the world" using this sauce.
247655247655B001RDWCZ0A2SSH2Y0HHM2K3Keyser Soze1151249776000one of the bestthis is one of the best sauces i have ever tried for anything. one of the guys i live with in the same apartment bought it and i have tried it with lamb, mushroom or chicken; for all of them (especially for chicken and lamb) the taste is much better with this.

One thing is if you don't like sweet things (the teriyaki is in general something sweet, so this is something in general with all teriyaki's, so no particular problem with this brand), you may not like this too much: i have also seen it at some people who don't like sweet things to much.
247656247656B001RDWCZ0A29JAG9ML7C9DRKarmala0051339977600would rate this 10 stars if possible....This is the veri veri best teriyaki sauce I have ever tried and I've through a LOT of teriyaki sauce trying to find "the one". Well... the search is over, this is it! I bought it at a local discount store for $1.75 and have used it on everything... vegies, rice, poached salmon, beef, chicken. I have used it as a marinade and as a sauce. Just be sure to shake it veri well before pouring. I knew I wasn't going to be able to find it for the same low price, but am searching for the best deal I can find. Whatever the price, I will definitely be buying more of this as it is now the only teriyaki sauce I use.
247657247657B001RDWCZ0A33AQPJYH7UUXRDesert Gypsy "A Brooklyn Girl Out West"0051327190400teriyaki heavenI married into the Japanese culture in my early twenties and over the past twenty years I have made some good strides in learning how to cook traditional Japanese meals in a fairly authentic fashion. Chicken teriyaki is one of those recipes I think I do pretty well but now that the nest is empty and I cook for one, I don't always want to break out a bunch of ingredients to enjoy a great meal.

In my opinion, this marinade is by far the best tasting and very closest to authentic homemade taste that could possibly come out of a bottle. This taste comparison includes going head to head to head with a really stellar recipe made by my mother-in-law who lived in Japan for over 20 years and had it down pat. This marinade can also hold its own against several 5 star restaurant versions I've had in NYC. The flavor is perfectly balanced between the ginger soy and the sweet.

The only difference I see with this recipe and home made is the addition of the sesame seeds which I happen to love.

Shake well, follow the instructions on the bottle (don't over marinate) and you'll have the best teriyaki dinner without any of the hassle.
247658247658B001RDWCZ0AVJ2FHJN83X16Larry in CO0051301702400Excellent Teriyaki sauce!I cannot sum it up any better than previous post. I have only had teriyaki marinaded steak this good from one of the high end meat market's in town. I think I know what they marinade their steaks in now. This stuff is absolutely the best I have ever used. I have tried long and hard to come up with a good teriyaki marinade. This is it...I have no need to try any other : ) Buy this will not be disappointed!
247659247659B001RDWCZ0A2WVF9ZQ068DN0Living it up0051247184000Veri Veri Delicious TeriyakiA local chef was doing a demo of this product at the Whole Foods in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He simply marinated some mahi mahi filets in the teriyaka and than grilled them at high heat. It was some of the best mahi I've tried!
I've never been a fan of commercial teriyaki sauces...something about them is too "much" for me. I could eat this teriyaki sauce with a spoon. Great in and on everything!
247660247660B001RDWCZ0A2UA7HDAFCYGC5C. F. Shields1251245974400confused about the pricingAt the price of $32.44 for six bottles, I would be paying more than what the Soy Vay costs a my local grocery store: $4.99 per bottle (?) Yes, I agree that it's a very good product.
247661247661B004ZQBFUOA7C7QG6O3ZHXDA. C. Smith "A.C.Smith"2241308009600Nice healthy food -Udate - New grain free flavors!!I like this food for my dog. Avaoderm seems like a repudable company. Dogfoodadvisor is a good website to go to to find good information about all kibble and wet food. My dog likes this food, and did very well on it. Her coat was super soft and she had lots of energy. I just noticed during the summer months her urine burned the grass. After some reading on the subject I found that high fish and beef diets can increase the uric acid in dogs and cause burn spots on your grass. Once off the fish and beef soley foods the urin grass burns stopped.

Update: Avoderm just came out with a revolving grain free line of kibble. Turkey, Duck, and Trout. My dog is on the Turkey and loves it. She is allergic to Chicken. Even though this has chicken fat in it, it's the chicken protein she is allergic to and chicken fat does not contain the protein. I buy thick slices of fresh, low sodium turkey at the deli and top the food with peices of turkey and she eats everything. I could barely get her to eat once a day and now she is eating 2 -3 times a day and seems to be enjoying it. So far Petsmart, and Webers is the only ones carrying it. I give the Turkey a 5 stars!!!
247662247662B004ZQBFUOA16D8IG73JRF24Doglover1151341532800PleasedAfter 3 weeks the result is very good. I have 2 cockpoos, who both developed food allergies at the same time. One ear infections and the other diarrhea. We bought allergy ZD for 2 years until deciding, we needed to try something less expensive. Avoderm seems to be the food for them. Solid normal colored bowel movements and knock on wood no ear infections. Fingers crossed.
247663247663B004ZQBFUOA2H5PWKGS0EKYR. Straw0051349913600Very PleasedMy chihuahua/dachshund developed a horrendous skin allergy which got worse when he went outside. He scratched so much, we took him to the vet for a shot, prednisone and antibiotics. I had read about the benefits of Avoderm, and already was feeding them this dog food. I also have a miniature schnauzer. I noticed, when I didn't have Avoderm for a week, but did have Blue Buffalo which is also high quality, that my mix began to shed noticeably. When I bought more Avoderm, he hardly shed. That alone, is reasons for Avoderm. We also bath him with Avoderm shampoo which works effectively with this dog food. He is still on Prednisone, and I bought the largest bag of Avoderm available. With my schnauzer, I've noticed minute outside odor when she comes inside, breath smells better, even better mood and more running and jumping. She is older.

Another benefit, and this is a huge plus, they seem to empty their bowls instead of letting it sit in the evening when they are fed. My mix is still of puppy age so I feed them "All Stages no grain" dogfood. It's not the cheapest, but the benefits make it worth it. I'm very pleased.
247664247664B004ZQBFUOA2GVR3WEOBSFWOJohnnyB "JohnnyB"0051348617600Healthy, restorative dog foodWe have an old Jack Russell who started exhibiting stress-related problems after our other dog died. Her skin was looking bad and she was chewing on her own feet and legs. I suspected that depression was suppressing her immune system from the loss of her housemate. So I ditched her garden-variety lamb/rice dog food and got her this grainless salmon potato blend instead. It worked! She stopped chewing herself and the skin irritations from that cleared up. She still has some other bumps but she is generally very improved and no longer presents stress-related behaviors or symptoms. Best of all, with this food her poop stopped stinking. Salmon! Go figure.
247665247665B004ZQBFUOA17UF8VZ7416P7Diana Diana "Dragonxbaby"0041347148800Very Good Dog Food For Dry Skin & High AllergiesMy dog is allergic to almost all major ingredients in almost all dog food. I feed him RAW food but it's getting kind of expensive. He doesn't like eating chicken. Which is the cheapest of all RAW food. He is highly allergic to beef, turkey, duck, egg, wheat, soy, barley, sweet potato, and his list goes on =( So its very hard to find a dog food that has nothing he is allergic too. Have tried so many brands it's unbelievable. Because even if one item is on the very bottom of the list he would break out everywhere for days. his nose turn pink etc. I feed him raw food which he loves and has no problem at all but we travel & sometimes its very hard to have raw meat with you. So it's just a bit easier if he ate kibbles. His poop is solid hard with Avoderm Salmon Grain Free. His coat is shiner & soft. The only thing I don't like about this is that Peas is the 1st ingredients on the list. Also tomato pomace is a controversial ingredient most people say its a by-product remaining after processing tomatoes into juice, soup and ketchup.
But so far my dog is very happy eating this and he can't wait until it's time for him to eat.

But I will keep looking for something better which is really hard unless I make my own dog food which I don't have time for =(
247666247666B004ZQBFUOAV21RZ1UKF5SQpmandy870051332115200The only thing my weim can eat.My Weimaraner is has a very sensitive stomach and terrible skin allergies. I have tried so many "grain-free" and "for sensitive stomachs" types of food. This is the only dog food that doesn't aggravate my dog's stomach or skin.
247667247667B001HTI4O2A1I0JRX45ZSYJ1Tolga1151294012800Great simmer sauce, but expensive hereWe bought a jar of this from a local organic food store for less than $6, (I thought it was expensive). Quality of the simmer sauce was amazing, spices were very fragrant. I highly recommend it.
247668247668B001HTI4O2A2A0P8GSI6MVE8Zookeeper31151291680000Why make it homemade when you can have this sauce!On a whim I bought this jarred sauce. I am always looking for an easy meal that I feel good about serving to my kids. (geez, sound like a commercial already) The ingredients are all things I can pronounce and the sodium is 280mg per 1/3 cup.
I love it! My super picky 6 yr old didn't want to admit it at first but she ate every bite. It is not spicy just has a warmth to it.
Grab some frozen chicken thigh meat and cook that in a skillet. Throw this on top and simmer... then viola! I served it with Orzo because that is what I had, sweet crisp corn and a salad. Very good. I can't wait to get some more and try it on fish.
247669247669B001HTI4O2A3ICDLUQ3V2QY2Kevin L. Nenstiel "omnivore"1151277683200Complete RecipeI never thought I would find a jarred sauce that rocks my taste buds as powerfully as the food at my favorite Indian restaurant. This tomato-based sauce bears no resemblance whatsoever to spaghetti sauce, and blends well with chicken, lamb, or fish to create a quick meal with all the flavor of home-cooked tikka. It even has a spicy bite that most recipes soften, so if you like your food hot, this is your sauce. With rice and a veggie, it's a complete meal, one which I would willingly serve to good company or eat by myself in front of the TV. If you love Indian food, but don't have time to make your own, this sauce is your answer.
247670247670B001HTI4O2A2ZI4QM2EYW4RTtonantzin "Lori"0041347062400Very tasty, but not really tikka masalaThis has a really good flavor but tastes nothing like any tikka masala sauce I've ever had. Really easy - I just browned some tofu cubes and onion slices, poured this over the top, and let it simmer for 10 minutes, as the jar says. A delicious tomato-ey sauce, but not creamy or hot (spicy) like I expected. Although it's good, it has kind of a nondescript flavor. I prefer Indian food spicier, but this will definitely do in a pinch.

And in response to those who say it's expensive (which it is), it's much cheaper than Indian takeout.

Sauce is vegetarian but not vegan (cream).
247671247671B001HTI4O2AO79G8MWYQCXMHans Kessock2411314316800Not a bad sauce but not Tikka Masala at all...I picked this up at Publix this morning to make for lunch.

It is a tasty sauce, though expensive at Publix (as usual), but I am being totally honest here is stating that the taste resembles nothing like Tikka Masala.

It is good though.
247672247672B000BW5FMUA26TDO4S30BMYYOdis A. England "Jean England"7751200528000belgian trufflesThis is the best chocolate ever, The cocoa dusted truffles. They are addicting. I gave them to my Girls for christmas. And they all say the same. Excellent. If you like Chocolate. A must try. You will be back for more. Jean, NH
247673247673B000BW5FMUA2J34I5TF46RNLJust A Girl "More Like a Horrible Warning"3351291248000OMG! YUM!These are absolutely divine, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate heaven!

My entire family will riot over these things if I don't share them. An EXCELLENT gift idea for someone who enjoys chocolate or for yourself when you need that "chocolate fix".
247674247674B000BW5FMUAKT77V5FACB44byuluvr1151321747200Warning: Highly addictive and deliciousThese truffles are the best I've ever had and I believe it is impossible to eat just one at a time. If you buy these I recommend hiding them from your loved one so that you get them all. I highly recommend these truffles.
247675247675B000BW5FMUAN6J9S51HJKQYbonny0031332547200Donckels Belgian TrufflesI love Belgian chocolates. I was excited when I ordered Donckels Truffles after researching them. They were very good but left of a somewhat bitter taste and for the money would probably not order them again. They also melt on your fingers immediately when you pick them up to eat.
I served them after a dinner party and my guests did enjoy them.
247676247676B000BW5FMUA37D0VL42X02DUFMZanzibar0051326326400Sinfully deliciousThese are by far the best chocolate truffles I've eaten. They are incredibly rich and uniquely flavored, so anyone with a sweet tooth can enjoy these.
247677247677B000BW5FMUAMUIE8RUFU5EXfred0051325548800Love 'emArrived intact, not melted, in good order, and appreciate that you only mail them to Florida in the winter --- maintains quality and freshness. DELICIOUS !!!
247678247678B000BW5FMUA26EMEHA0E01BSGlenna Auxier "info seeker"0051324857600Absolutely deliciousI thought I had a favorite chocolate turffle until I tasted these and now I am hooked. These are so good and at a reasonable price.
247680247680B00014K17CA1LE3Y52A9FYH7owen greenland "i'm a free force in a world o...7731187913600Gooseberry JamGooseberry Jam is the biggest disappointment of all food-stuffs I grew up with. I have yet to find anything remotely comparable to that "Granny" used to make or manufactured by the three main processed food companies back home.

This particular brand too - fails to meet up. All the Gooseberry Jams manufactured in the UK too fall far short.

Last week I made the terrible mistake of purchasing three jars of Swedish Gooseberry Preserves from ikea ... yugh ... by far the worst.

The best available in the US of A is from one of the South African Speciality Food Stores within the US.

The search goes on ... sigh ...

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