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247681247681B00014K17CAINJMP0IGTS1GWayne Case3351181433600Great JamIf you love gooseberries, be prepared to be ordering this jam by the case. A wonderful, not too sweet jam, great on toast or toasted croissants. Wonderful flavor and consistency.....a spoon out of the jar is heaven.
247682247682B00014K17CAL425G9XIL52HG. Richardson2241182384000Good Jam....Gooseberry jam isn't easy to find. Although this is no way like my Granny used to make with the gooseberrys from her garden, we still enjoy this brand and special order it a couple jars at a time. Good with breakfast toast....yum.
247683247683B00014K17CA364DHK3SA6HEEEllie1151209686400Love it!Being from Czech Republic, I grew up on gooseberries, so I'm always hunting for good jams here in the States. This one is by far the best I've come across! Not too sweet, very fruity, yummy straight from the jar or on toast/waffles. I'm about to order a bunch more.
247684247684B00014K17CA32GCS6ZW2ZEW1Amanda L. Day0031293494400tart but it worksI grew up eating gooseberry jam so i had high expectations and standards when i bought this jam online..It was packaged beautifully and arrived promptly, but i am afraid that while the taste is acceptable its not 5-star quality...I enjoy a sweet fruit spread, but this jam is very tart...I did not get any hint of sweetness at all is, however, not bad, and has a good gooseberry taste to it...just not what i expected or desired...but, if you like your jam tart and tangy, this may well be a great match for your palate!!
247685247685B00014K17CA1AM8EEPJLO1SUMary Ananea0051258243200Just like Mom remembers itMy 88 year old mother remembers her mother making gooseberry jam in southern Ohio. She said this product tasted great, just like she remembered it. I liked it too, this was my first tasting of the jam. It was well packaged and shipped quickly, too.
247686247686B002F9VJJ0A3L1LMWZ04912STJ250000051288569600My wife's favorite!This is BY FAR my wife's favorite mustard. I just wish we could actually get it here. It seems so rarely available. We like the 5 oz jars best.
247687247687B001EQ585QA90R5PR3BF7JWKilgore Trout4441256947200StrongGround oregano is stronger than other oregano I have used. Dont use as much. I use this when I make my own Chili Powder and it works great. Be careful if a receipe calls for a tsp of oregano...the ground is finer and adds much more flavor. 4 stars instead of 5 because I would like to see this in a glass container rather than plastic to preserve freshness.
247688247688B001EQ585QA2AMIB3TGBEHNPsherri0051326067200McCormick's ground oreganoI couldn't find any ground oregano in the stores, so naturally I went to Amazon and voila! Now I have a year's supply!
247689247689B003VN6ZS4A2MFW0DEPGNHFODBurns0051312848000Perfect gift for my hubbyThe local fast food place NEVER remembers the barbecue sauce for my husband's chicken nuggets. I bought him this so he would always have some handy at home. He loves it! Kraft is always a good choice. If you order this, you won't be sorry.
247690247690B001E6GFZIA2MS724I9R7QHHMalcolm E. Hill "Truth monger!"182051197072000Easy, pleasant, high fiber intake; easier, more pleasant, higher gram count than Metamucil. Rich, crunchie bran flavor!For all the trouble to take Metamucil, for its fiber content, the gram fiber count "ain't" much; 5 grams. Fiber one is a crunchy, flavorful, bran tasty, cereal which, in 4 oz gives one 14 grams of fiber. One cup of Fiber One equals 28 grams of fiber. When I stop to think of the ordeal involved taking Metamucil for 5 grams of fiber, though ignorant of the existence of Fiber One, and its 14-28 grams of fiber, I could commit Hari Kari! The cereal is as tasty as ones favorite cereal, a pleasant surprise, and by adding a pear to this morning cereal one hits the 30+ grams recommended by the medics.

All hail to Fiber One; wouldst I had known about it sooner! Fiber One is worth the price of admission! All hail to Fiber One, the greatest product since sliced whole wheat bread!!!
247691247691B001E6GFZIA12XDEMP7PQPDTD. DEGEORGE121351203638400Fabulous FiberBy the end of a breakfast with Fiber One and some fruit, you could have already met 70-75% of your fiber needs for the day. (Fiber One by itself provides 57%.) It's 14 grams of fiber per 30-gram serving is 40% more than Kellogg's All Bran. Unlike some high-fiber cereals, this one (the "original" Fiber One) contains no sugar, but derives its sweetness from Aspertame. As far as I'm concerned, it's the tastiest high-fiber cereal on the market.
247692247692B001E6GFZIA2UR38SZPVA07Iol' nuff n' den sum101151208908800GET YOUR FIBER (ONE) !A healthy diet is important to me so eating whole grains and fiber is a priority. Of course, like a lot of people, my morning routine is usually scheduled with me spending as little time as possible on each chore.

Problems: I want fiber and whole grains. I'm rushed in the morning.

Solution: Fiber One.

Fiber One is a whole grain, high fiber cereal that contains 14 grams of fiber per serving (60% of the daily value), 0 grams of sugar and just 60 calories.

The taste of Fiber One is just fine, but I usually like a little more variety, so I use it half and half with my other cereal. I fill the bottom of my cereal bowl with Fiber One, then layer in my usual whole grain, high vitamin and antioxidant cereal. Just pour in some low-fat milk, and it's ready. With a glass of orange juice and a slice of 100% whole wheat toast, it makes for a tasty and healthy start to my stress-filled and difficult day!
247693247693B001E6GFZIA39P0J6PVKR8GSBob Waldie "rewlindy"7851195171200Healthy ChoiceThis product was recommended to me by my physicians office. Its a good buy online and its not easy to find in your neighborhood grocery store.It arrived in excellent shape and I'm now enjoying the benefits as a result.
247694247694B001E6GFZIA2DQX3UZ48946YS. Hardy "professional dilettante"6751250121600a Wagonload of Fiber and crunchy-goodI bought Fiber One cereal a couple days ago because (1) it was on sale at CVS; (2) I love the Fiber One bars, especially the Oats & Chocolate ("Fart Bars" at our house); and (3) I remembered the old Kellogg's All-Bran Cereal, whose tagline should be "Sticks to Mush in 30 Seconds," and wondered if Fiber One was better.

Boy, is it ever better! No surprise, since the top ingredient is corn bran (Anybody remember Crunchy Corn Bran cereal? That was truly Da Bomb and I don't know if it's even made anymore), which packs a long-lasting crunch and gets you away from that ol' funky wheat bran "good-for-you" insta-mush thing.

I do find it amusing that the cereal's size and shape (like a bacillum bacterium, a stretched-out Good & Plenty) is almost exactly the same as the food our youngest son feeds his newt. "Human Super-Poo Sticks" doesn't have quite the same ring to it, but make no mistake - this stuff will clean your clock.
247695247695B001E6GFZIA3I9YTVOYCZCX1Steve Forstneger2241327622400Dirt and twigs, but it worksWarning: I'm going to be pretty direct with this. If you want to be regular, eat Fiber One's 57%er. Twice a day, and you don't need to bring a magazine. We hooked my (then) 2-year-old daughter on it when we were potty training, and she goes like a machine. You wouldn't believe how much, given her size. Tells you how much unneeded garbage sits in the average colon. The flakes (honey clusters) are fine, but if you have a normally effective digestive tract, eat this and you'll have great stories for the grandkids.
247696247696B001E6GFZIA1QI6ERDPZYBZ5Mike Ferry2251307059200Fiber One + ActiviaDiverticuli and lactose intolerance resulted in this cocktail:

1 cup Fiber One = 28g fiber( I call them rabbit turds)
1 cup serving of Activia Yogurt

Stir both until all Fiber One is coated evenly in whatever random flavor Activia yogurt you happened to grab today. Shovel it in. Now you are done with your fiber for the day, and you can eat whatever you want the rest of the day. The yogurt also has the good bacteria which aids digestion. The flavored yogurt makes it interesting, and the Fiber One provides a granola-like crunch. Rather than look to the cereal itself for flavor and get less fiber with brands that offer maybe 10-15g per cup, you instead go for texture with the fiber and flavor with the yogurt and get much higher daily fiber. I'll probably be doing this daily combo for the rest of my life. My dad has hundreds of diverticuli and is 75yrs old, and has had zero issues with diverticulitis owing directly to his high fiber diet. The doctor cringes every time he looks at his colonoscopy.
247697247697B001E6GFZIA1LCGJFOXIRH3AS. Westen2251264291200Love my fiber!I started on Weight Watchers in November 2008 and by August had reached my goal with 53.8 pounds lost. Although I was initially put off by the resemblance to little brown twigs, I discovered the flavor doesn't match and it's my favorite (combined with a cup of blueberries and milk - yum, yum yum!). My problem was that I got used to buying it at places like Sam's Club and Costco, which stocked it for a while and then abruptly didn't. I could find it at grocery stores but for a lot higher price. Having a subscription through Amazon ensures that I don't have to waste time driving around looking for the best bargain - I have it and don't have to worry about running out!
247698247698B001E6GFZIAZQ05PT95RA5HW. Mattia4551196294400Must have, no jokeI do not think I can go a day without it. It is very nice feeling "normal". =] They also have one called honey clusters which is very good also.
247699247699B001E6GFZIA1F6FX6Z3HVVIURL44221121328659200Literally tastes like dirt clods - but it worksI have to keep a high fiber diet for my tummy troubles. If I mix a LITTLE bit of this with something tasty, it's not too bad. But eating it alone is a close your eyes and plug your nose kind of event. It's just awful. Someone said it's too sweet, and I'm shocked by that. I would have guessed that there were NO flavor additives.
247700247700B001E6GFZIA1X9GRVOLS5FALStevie1151316304000No more subscribe and save?Love this cereal, unfortunately no longer seems to be sold directly by Amazon with subscribe and save, just some overpriced alternatives.
247701247701B001E6GFZIA2VDS8KJHC8JXAssreview1151313107200Best cereal everThis is the perfect addition to any meal. It is slightly sweet and quite crunchy. Don't be fooled by the off brands. They tend to have half as much fiber (double the serving size for the same fiber) ... And they taste terrible.
247702247702B001E6GFZIA39LXUU8U4PFLDPeg "shopper"1151308873600nummyI love it.. No sugar.. That's a huge plus and also Tastes kinda like graham crackers I think.. I eat them with sugar free almond milk.. num
247703247703B001E6GFZIAANHR0DB9SZ80OGO "ogo"1151306972800DELICIOUS!I never liked fiber cereals when I was younger but now that I'm a bit older I need more fiber to stay regular, so I tried Fiber One & it tastes wonderful! It has a nice texture & flavor, stays crispy in yogurt or milk. It doesn't bother me that it's lightly sweetened with aspartame (though I can understand the ppl who are bothered by this), but it would have been better to leave it natural & unsweetened (or maybe lightly sweetened with stevia). But at least I'm glad it's not loaded with sugar or high fructose corn syrup like so many other supermarket-shelf cereals (including all other fiber cereals, both supermarket brands & organic healthfood store brands...shame on them!).

High fiber content & pleasingly moderate in it's carb content (compared to most cereals, I consider this one low-carb). This tastes great in yogurt or even sprinkled on fruit salad.
247704247704B001E6GFZIA3QCTBUEIGTSUVjmacdonald "jmacdonald"1151297814400Less expensive in the grocery storeThis is a great Weight Watcher cereal, nutritional and low PowerPoints; but it's much cheaper in the grocery store if you use some common sense. Normally it's about $4.49/box but I wait until it's buy-one-get-one-free and use $.75 coupons (then doubled)so that I get a box for less then $1.50. I save up a bunch of coupons and normally buy a dozen boxes so that my pantry is stocked until the next sale!
247705247705B001E6GFZIA3GMMLLZ8J8KVKG.C.1151206403200A Great Choice of cereal and sanck to loose weight and keep regular!Eat this and drink plenty of water,guarantee you will be lighter (not recommend for individual sensitive with Aspartame sweetener)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>a MUST food in your diet!!!!
247706247706B001E6GFZIAYSL00EV5SSMCP. corry1151203206400Life AlteringI'm so glad to find this online at such a good price.
Can't imagine my life without it. Add some blueberries and bananas for the ultimate "start up."Yummmmmmmmmmmmy
247707247707B001E6GFZIA11O1283BX25CHW. Murray1151202860800Yummy, filling, low calorie & Tons of Fiber!Start your metabolism quick in the AM with this- Truly amazing to get 60 calories, 14 grams o' fiber in a 1/2 cup. Yes, I don't like that it contains Aspartame- but it would taste like wood without sweetener. If they want to make it, I'll use fresh local honey on it instead. But it's helping me lose weight- so it's a keeper!
247708247708B001E6GFZIA38WF1M8H8QS4BMapsman3411320451200No Longer a Good DealWhen I first signed up to buy this product through the subscribe and save program, it was a great deal averaging around $3.00 per box vs. $5.00 in the grocery store, but Amazon cancelled that subscription saying the product was no longer available through the subscribe and save program. The price that's listed here is ridiculously high. Unless you are in an area with no grocery store, why would you pay this exorbitant price?
247709247709B001E6GFZIA3M32YMWKA2GP0L. Smith3451198886400More Than One Way to Get Your Fiber OneFiber One with milk is good. Add thawed or fresh fruit and it's even better. Try it with nonfat probiotic yogurt and fruit: perhaps a little artificial sweetener and you have a great breakfast or snack. I like using nonfat plain yogurt and adding fruit and spices(cinnamon, anyone?). All the flavored yogurts have sugar (empty calories) added. There's no better way to get your fiber!
247710247710B001E6GFZIA3TRB1GT3T660FE. Ippolito5751266969600I LOST 100 LBS WITH FIBER ONE SMOOTHIES!I've battled with my weight since high school. I'm 50-something now and finally found a way to lose weight without feeling deprived, thanks to my Tribest Blender and Fiber One Bran Cereal, 16.2-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)!

I had reached an all-time high with my weight - 220lbs plus. I can't say for sure how much I weighed when I decided to start to losing weight (yet again), because I had stopped weighing myself once I hit 220. I didn't wanna know. However, my actual weight had to be 230 or more because I was wearing my 220lb jeans, but I could no longer zip them at all. So it was either lose weight, or buy a whole new wardrobe.

I started trying to find a diet that I could stick to, but I had to face it - I had tried them all, and always failed because of my ginormous sweet tooth. After about a week or two of depriving myself of sweets, I'd wind up breaking my diet. I knew the only way I was ever going to lose weight was to find a way to do it with, somehow, including sweets.

I won't bore you with the details, but I finally wound up creating a smoothie recipe that was so delicious that I didn't feel sweet-deprived. I substituted the smoothie for two meals a day and ate sensibly for the third meal. I LOST 50 LBS IN 6 MONTHS! Whoo-hoo!!! I haven't been this "skinny" for over 20 years!

I'm still losing too (-60 lbs at the time of this writing). It's been slower going lately, but that's because it's winter and I'm not walking my dog in the park for an hour 4 or 5 times a week. Once the weather warms up, I plan on going back to my walking and I'm sure the weight loss will speed up again.

I prepare my smoothies with my Tribest Personal Blender PB200 Super Convenience Pack. You drink using the container you used to blend, so there isn't an extra blender container to wash. Rinse the blade assembly with warm water immediately after blending to save more washing. I grind the Fiber One cereal in the small, 8 oz container first. Then, in the larger, 16 oz container or the extra-large 24 oz container (available separately), blend all the ingredients except Fiber One Cereal together, or just cover and shake, to make room for the cereal. Add the Fiber One last and blend thoroughly.

The commuter lids are great for taking your breakfast with you in your car. You can make and store smoothies in the 'fridge overnight, with the included regular covers, for a super-fast breakfast. You can also get replacement parts and extra accessories (unlike similar as-seen-on-TV products). You can also get an optional carrying case for the blender to take it to work or on vacation.

I like the mason jars for mixing and freezing both dry and wet ingredients with the Tribest, like ground flax seed and home-made veggie blends. You can get extra mason jars just about anywhere and also use them for freezing leftover or batch-made spaghetti sauce, soup, etc. Also dry ingredients like flour, rice, brown sugar (no more hard lumps!), bulk spices, etc. The dry products can store either in the freezer or on the shelf.

As far as some of the complaints saying that their Tribest blender died after only a short time - it has a built-in, shut-off mechanism to prevent the motor from over-heating, which can happen if the mixture you are blending is very thick, which over-works the motor. If you just let the blender cool off for a few minutes, it will work again. Thin the mixture with a little more milk or a few ice cubes.

There are several Tribest combo pack options for purchasing the blender which can save you money. Just type Tribest into the Amazon search to see them, and to see all the available accessories.

Anyway, enough about me - if you've stuck with reading this to this point, you're probably hoping I'll reveal my secret recipe. So, without further ado, here it is.

Basic Fruit Smoothie Recipe (makes approx. 14 oz)

1/2 cup Fiber One Original Cereal, pre-ground if possible
6 oz skim milk
1 cup fresh or frozen fruit (nuke frozen for 15 sec. to make blending easier)
2 Tbs Sugar-Free French Vanilla coffee creamer (optional), I use powdered
No-cal sweetener, to taste (add last, after blending and tasting)
1-4 ice cubes, if necessary, to reach desired coldness or to thin a too-thick smoothie

Frozen fruit works best because the smoothie will be very cold. Bananas can be frozen if you peel ripe bananas, slice into one-inch pieces, arrange on cookie sheet so that the pieces don't touch, place cookie sheet in freezer until bananas are frozen, put frozen banana pieces into zipper plastic bag, and return to freezer. You want to freeze the pieces on the cookie sheet first because if you just dump all the banana pieces straight into the plastic bag, you'll wind up with one giant frozen banana lump. You can use this method for other fresh fruit too.

Suggested flavors: Banana, strawberry, blueberry (my fave!), raspberry, blackberry, pineapple, orange, lime, lemon.

Suggested combos: Banana/strawberry, blueberry/strawberry, pineapple/banana, pineapple/orange.

Use fruit juices in place of fruit too. Use 6 oz. of juice or, if using frozen concentrate, 2 oz. of concentrate and 2 oz. of milk or the equivalent in ice cubes. When buying juices, choose only those marked as 100% juice if you want to avoid sugar.

I often use a few banana slices to sweeten, instead of no-cal sweetener. The banana will also add a little more thickness for the thinner consistency smoothies, such as those made with juice.

Other variations: Chocolate (1 Tbs cocoa added to banana smoothie), mocha (1 Tbs cocoa, 1 Tbs freeze-dried coffee, 2 more oz. milk, banana or no fruit), pineapple-upside-down smoothie (sweeten with Splenda Brown Sugar blend - it's half Splenda, half brown sugar), pumpkin pie smoothie (cook and refrigerate pumpkin first and sprinkle in some pumpkin pie spice), sweet potato smoothie (same prep and spices as pumpkin pie smoothie), banana nut (blend in a few Tbs chopped walnuts).

For those who want a bigger meal, add another cup of fruit and 2 more oz milk. Use the larger 24 oz container. You could also get all your fiber for the day in one meal by using a full cup of Fiber One Original cereal and a few more oz of milk, juice, or ice cubes.

The main point of using Fiber One in the smoothie is that it makes the smoothie meal very FILLING and will keep you feeling full longer. You can't get much more filling in a 14 oz meal than 14 grams of fiber! None of the commercial diet liquid meals can't touch that - and you pay a lot more for them. With two smoothies a day, you're getting over 100% of your daily fiber, 4 fruit servings, 2 cereal servings, and 1 1/2 dairy servings. Fill out your food pyramid with your third meal. Doesn't hurt to take a vitamin/mineral supplement also.

And, if you're really into veggies, you can make green smoothies with Fiber One too.


UPDATE: As of Sept. 2010 the weight loss is 100 lbs! Only 15 more to go! WHOO-HOO! This recipe really works! I wound up making mostly blueberry and/or banana smoothies - they're my favorites. I also kept frozen OJ handy for if I ran out of fruit before shopping day. I can't believe the difference when I look in the mirror - not only do I have a waist again - I re-discovered I had cheek bones too! LOL

Since I'm so close to my goal, and since it's been a year on this regime, I've eased up on the food restrictions for my 3rd meal and I allow myself a treat every now and again. Yeah, it'll take longer this way, but after 100 lbs, I deserve a break! Besides, all along I allowed myself to get one candy bar when I went grocery shopping. It helped me avoid other temptation knowing I'd be enjoying that candy right after shopping. I still lost the weight fast. I figured, allowing a little was better than getting to the point of utter deprivation frustration and quiting - which is what has always happened in the past. Cut yourself a break every now and again and do it without guilt!

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