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247741247741B001E6GFZIA247R6E3Q0KS1VMatthew Gausman4711313971200Expired foodWhen I received this I noticed that all the boxes of cereal were a month past their "best used by date." I find this to be an unacceptable business practice.
247742247742B001E6GFZIA45V752HS8PQIJ. Baldwin "Auburn"2411307836800YUCK! Contains Aspartame. Alternative listed below.It's a shame, because I really wanted to like Fiber One. The texture is great (nice and crunchy...though it makes me think a little of pet food XD ), and the fiber content is super. But the aspartame is a dealbreaker for me. I used to consume aspartame (in chewing gum and 1-4 cans of diet coke a day) and discovered that it was actually giving me migraines and hiking up my anxiety level (haven't had a migraine or panic attack in 4 years since quitting it). If I accidentally get some, I get headaches and start feeling nervous right away... So, while the studies on brain tumors is controversial, I avoid it like the plague.

But I found today a wonderful alternative to Fiber One is Smart Bran. It has a whopping 13+ grams of fiber and tastes pretty good without the nasty artificial sweeteners. It also doesn't contain high fructose corn syrup. It would be lovely if General Mills changed their Fiber One to be healthier. 10-20 calories less in a cereal isn't worth headaches and other health impacts from it's nice when cereal has a decent aftertaste.
247743247743B001E6GFZIA1FOKO2PEUZ7Vporkister5911296864000unbelievably ridiculous addition to this great cereal: ASPARTAMEThis used to be a favorite a few years ago. Raw taste, nice texture, stays crunchy in hot milk. I loved it! Then I changed to a different brand for a few years just for variation and yesterday went back. Didn't even look at the label. When I tasted it for the first time, I thought: "hey, the taste changed!"... and I glance at the label: last ingredient - Aspartame. WHY? WHY? It ruined it for me completely, not only the taste, but the AFTERtaste is horrible. that artificial sweetener - bitter chemical taste. What a shame! Shame on you, general mills!
247744247744B001E6GFZIA20A7LT4QCKQDKGoodknight0151270684800Good stuff. Chock full of fiber and vitamins.I buy it all the time. This was a one time purchase based on price.
247745247745B001E6GFZIAF1H4YRBRMBB9country girl at heart1311318896000Read the ingredientsThis one is probably okay if you don't have any problems with HFCS or aspartame, which I do. They trigger migraines, for me at least. Like a dummy, I bought a box based on the commercials, my bad. It has both sweeteners in all the varieties of this brand. I'm not crazy about the taste of Kashi GoLean, but at least I know I'm putting a healthy fiber cereal in my tummy. The same with Ezekiel Flax cereal, seriously healthy, not a lot of taste, but hey, life is about more than a momentary sweet taste in our mouths.
247746247746B001E6GFZIA1SO1PGDNVMLXCkalyson2511316044800Aspartame is unacceptable as an ingredient"Ingredients:
The list of ingredients can be found under the Nutrition Facts label. Fiber One Original contains whole grain wheat, corn bran, modified wheat starch, guar gum, color, cellulose gum, salt, baking soda, corn oil and aspartame. The use of aspartame is controversial. The Center for Science in the Public Interest has requested the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to review a recent study conducted by the Ramazzini Foundation regarding the occurrence of tumors in laboratory animals given aspartame. You may be better off avoiding cereals with aspartame, also known as NutraSweet and Equal, opting for ones with real sugar, or maybe no sugar at all."
--LiveStrong article

The flavor was good, but some of these ingredients are pretty questionable from a health perspective. I had to stop using it, sad to say.
247747247747B001E6GFZIA2NEPYTTU9P0OUskykid1451111323129600ALERT!! - CONTAINS CHEMICAL SWEETENERBEWARE - This cereal contains a chemical sweetener called Aspartame (aka Sweet'nLow), which is a dangerous chemical food additive shown to cause cancer in lab rats. In humans, the effects of Aspartame can be felt as either migraine, other headache, dizziness, nausea, anxiety, nervousness, or bloating. PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ON ASPARTAME before you consume any product such as this. ASPARTAME is rated by the governments as "GRAS - Generally Regarded As Safe" - The History of Aspartame is fascinating and you will find that the scientists at the FDA who tested Aspartame advocated it to be banned. Donald Rumsfeld served as one of the influential political forces that successfully managed to get the FDA to overrule the FDA's own scientists' recommendation that this product be BANNED. Aspartame's GRAS status means that the US Gov't will do nothing to regulate or prevent its usage.

I first started experiencing problems with Fiber-One when I realized that eating a bowl of it without any other food would cause me to feel nauseous. On occasion, eating a bowl of Fiber-One would give me a migraine along with a feeling of dizziness. This is certainly not the way that I want to start off the morning. There are people who can eat Aspartame-laced foods all day long and who are unaware of any side-effects, but they do creep up on you and if you are not as tolerant as some others, WATCH OUT. You could become very sick eating this cereal day after day, the chemical builds up in your system. The insidiousness of Aspartame being in Fiber-One is that, if you are health-counscious, you'll tell yourself that if you're not feeling well that you should maybe eat more healthy food - like the very same Fiber-One cereal that's making you sick!!

It is unethical and unconscionable for General Mills, a staple brand in this country, to have resorted to using a dangerous chemical additive simply so their Marketing Exec's can push their cereal upon people who are sugar-sensitive. People with Diabetes BEWARE - Aspartame is known to also cause aggressive insulin responses. Just because their chemical sweetener contains no calories doesn't mean that your body won't react in that manner, and you may end up on the bad end of an insulin swing as a result.

This product should be pulled immediately from the shelves. I personally am ashamed that a large reputable company such as GM would target a health-conscious individual like myself and yet perform an underhanded trick as adding a chemical sweetener. I really wish I had noticed the chemical additive in this cereal before I had experienced the headaches and nausea.

SHAME ON GENERAL MILLS - BEWARE FIBER ONE CEREAL - I wish I would have been warned before becoming sickened by this "health cereal".
247748247748B001E6GFZIAIJG66AHTNTOBleepers81821259452800Why Aspartame?I like this cereal (I add a few chocolate nibs and blue/strawberries), but was SHOCKED when I read the ingredient list: Aspartame! The ingredient (Aspartame) is not even in the latter portion of the list.....sighs....shocking.
247749247749B001E6GFZIAKPZKOC9HFQTRC. Waterman92111245542400Fiber: Good ------ Aspartame: BadI became completely addicted to FiberOne. Absolutely loved it, until I read the ingredients label. I didn't get hungry till lunch time and was losing weight, but I just didn't feel good about aspartame. I am trying Benefit Nutrition Simply Fiber, All Natural Crunchy O's 8.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) by Benefit Nutrition. Not as wonderfully crunchy as FiberOne, but the ingredients label is very short.
247750247750B001E6GFZIA3RAZ16FFW39MEMark102311202256000NastyAbsolutely one of the blandest things i have ever tasted. I wouldnt be surprised if the box had more flavor.
247751247751B001E6GFZIA180AI4PG6737UF. Landiza "Pinoy In Iowa"2921286582400Get your fiber somewhere elseThe good:
- delivered free

The bad:
- expensive
- boring

The ugly:
- tastes like cardboard box
247752247752B000E1DR46AMZED1LW8VZN5Sandy Carter "SANDY"1151184198400POWERFUL FLAVOR!This marinade offers the most flavorful taste in meats. It will amaze you when you try this product and cook the meats on the grill. You are guaranteed to love it.
247753247753B000E1DR46A2ZUWRLPEKFN0YDavid Mencel "Camera Nerd"0051319932800Best sauce ever!A bit spicy when consumed in large quantities, but I like that!! I use it on just about everything, not a huge fan on shrimp or steak but I love it on beef tips, any type of chicken or pork, and veggie skewers. I can't find it in my grocery store anymore either, so thanks Amazon for stocking!
247754247754B000E1DR46A25UZ7MA72SMKMBrent Butler0041314144000Tasty but mainstreamedIf you've had real jerk chicken, this marinade will remind you of it, but the flavor is a bit watered down from actual jerk chicken. We soaked chicken in this marinade for about an hour, then kept it brushed over the chicken as we grilled it. The result was an enjoyable flavor.

While the taste was a change of pace, you may not find it to be considerably different than any somewhat spicy barbeque sauce. If you'd like something different once in a while from just grilling chicken with barbeque spices on it, this isn't a bad choice.
247755247755B000E1DR46A26X4725OJI66HC. Hagan "I/V*R"0041311552000Kick it upI like this marinade but it is fairly mild. I use the A1 for flavor and I mix in enough Walkers Wood to adjust the heat to my liking. Also, if you want to smoke-grill jerk authentically, head over to and pick up some allspice chips, chunks, branches, planks etc.
247756247756B000E1DR46ATL1YMQMUFDI2Silversuzi0051298073600Tangy Intense FlavorA.1.'s Jamacian Jerk Marinade is one of the better marinades now on the market. It brings some heat but not so much that you can't taste all the wonderful ingredients. The marinade tastes equally great on chicken, pork and steak - we even put some on grilled shrimp - vegie - fish kabobs - it was awesome. It's become a staple for our pantry.
247757247757B000E1DR46A23CPK51R9FDPSRobert W. Fulcher Jr.0051257033600deer grillnwe grilled deermeat with this marinade at a tailgating party at a reasent football game and everyone loved it i injected it andit was the best thing we grilled allday everyone there asks about the marinade its good but hard to find in the stores
247758247758B000E1DR46AEA7MBNEPCDTBMark A. Hopper "Mark Hopper"0041250553600Sauce not a MarinadeI agree entirely with Ghengis. This is a great sauce and one that i have ordered and re-ordered a few times as I and most guests love it. As a marinade though - it does not penetrate and if you use it as a marinade and then BBQ, the spice and taste is mostly gone post BBQ. Best is to BBQ your chicken or steak, apply the sauce for the last 2-4 minutes of BBQ'ing and the result is outstanding.
247759247759B000E1DR46A3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis1511153699200Ohmagawd, NO NO NO!You know, I love A.1 Steak Sauce, and this marinade aint any different than a steak sauce in its consistency, but its NOT a marinade! Real marinades have a high acid content to penetrate the meat, this is a SAUCE. Might taste OK on the finished product, but you cannot marinate pork or chicken with this stuff. Well maybe if you let it soak for a month or two.

There arent a lot of good jerk marinades on the market, you're better off making your own.
247760247760B0015Q8VAEA18ZSWBAGJ2GFUlrich141541219968000The authentic taste & textureGrowing up in Switzerland, I often had "Bircher Muesli" for breakfast. For those who don't know the history of "Muesli", the cereal was actually developed in the beginning of the 20th century by a Swiss doctor named Maximilian Bircher-Benner as a health food. See the wikipedia article on "Muesli" for more information.

The abbreviated form, "Muesli," is a phonetic transliteration of the Swiss-German diminutive form of the German word "Mus", which translates to "mash", "mush" or "puree."

Thus, it should be no surprise that in order to be authentic, in my opinion a "muesli" must become a soft mush when exposed to milk.

Familia's Original Swiss Muesli is right on the mark - if you let it sit in milk for a few minutes, it'll absorb the liquid, and assume the "muesli" texture - a mush with some nice crunchy bits (nuts) as a counterpoint (unlike most impostor products, including the other varieties sold by Familia, which stay crunchy).

The cereal is flavored and sweetened with honey and a variety of fruit (including, according to the ingredients list, raisins, apples and pears), giving it a flavor which transports me back to my childhood home.

Four stars for a great authentic-tasting and feeling product. One star deduction for the occasional bit of nut-shell that makes its way into the cereal.
247761247761B0015Q8VAEAVUP86XPADYXLTrurl6641221436800As good as I remember itThis is actually the first branded product I remember. I first ate this 40 years ago at my grandmothers. It still tastes as good.

I'm so glad Amazon is offering products like this. My local health store stopped carrying it since it was getting kinda expensive.

This isn't like corn flakes -- here a little goes a long way. But then you also don't get hungry an hour after eating it.

And I don't have to force my kids to eat it!
247762247762B0015Q8VAEAFVQQD5BXPNZEBruce Christensen "bird enthusiast"3351239062400Best breakfast everFor many years I have eaten only Familia Original Cereal for breakfast. Some years ago my father and I actually toured the plant in Switzerland and was very impressed. Recently I have not been able to purchase this in our local stores so decided to check out Thankfully I found it and was able to order it, and have it come on a regular basis. We have already finished our first order and are looking for our next. We have shared a couple boxes with friends who also found the product very tasty. I feel this product has helped me tremendously in that my cholesterol has been very good. I was extremely pleased to find this product available through Amazon.
247763247763B0015Q8VAEA2PR6NXG0PA3KYGiordano Bruno2221296259200Mushy Granola"Müesli" is the diminutive of the German word for "mush", and as some of the favorable reviews declare, mushiness is the goal for Müesli-eaters. Authentic Müesli becomes mushy almost instantly when milk is added, though modern commercial Mueslis usually contain desiccated fruit and nut chips that stay gritty in the mush. And a lot of sugar to melt the mush together! If you've spent time in Germany or Switzerland, you'll know that you're expected to add fresh fruit and berries to your Mush, and to soften it with yoghurt or quark in preference to plain milk.

The stuff is supposed to be wonderfully healthful, but if you compare the calories to various brands of granola, you'll find that both are higher than you thought, because of the sweeteners. Unsweetened oat bran flakes will get just as mushy almost as quickly, and you can be selective about your mix-ins.

The 'Familia' brand dominates the supermarket shelves in most parts of the USA. If you've tried it and you like it, Mazel Tov! But don't buy Müesli in bulk or in six-packs! It gets stale and extra-tasteless on the shelf, even when the box is unopened. Honestly though, wouldn't you rather have a crisp buttery croissant or a stack of Swedish pancakes with lingon to start your day?
247764247764B0015Q8VAEA26HDORG9XI86IGwenno "Gwen"2251259798400It's supposed to be powdery!I have been eating this cereal since the 70's. I think some people don't understand that the powdery part of it is what makes it so good. You are supposed to soak this in milk until it becomes the consistency of oatmeal and then with the whole oats, nuts and fruit for crunch, MMMM!!!!
247765247765B0015Q8VAEA12LKWCOY9J8RUJ. Brown "losing 100 lbs."2251238371200A good "nut & twig" cerealI eat a half cup of this cereal with skim milk every morning. It's not terribly low in calories, but it has the right kind of fats and it's a good source of whole grains. I love the taste, and it fills me up and keeps me happy until lunch. There is a lower fat/calorie version, but I think the extras in this cereal are worth it.
This cereal is also a great value. If you're eating around a half cup a day, a box lasts a long time.
247766247766B0015Q8VAEA241WNPCHWNDB9Tim D.1151313971200Terrific start to the day!This was a staple at our breakfast table about 40 years ago. I regularly buy from Amazon because I prefer the large 32-oz boxes to the smaller size. (And in case you're wondering, the red box has sugar added but the green box does not.)

Add milk and/or yogurt and let sit for about 10 minutes. Slice a banana or put berries on top and you've got a terrific start to the day. Also, the waiting part is the key in my mind. The nuts and grains come together and there's no grittiness.

A little goes a long way. Compare weight to a couple of slices of toast and you'll quickly see. And because there's more cereal and less air, my children have realized they don't need two bowls to make it through lunch time. (Neither do I!)
247767247767B0015Q8VAEA1FX16U43P8T02anonymous1151255996800a wonderful start to your dayOf course the object of this cereal is to be a mushlike consistency and it delivers. It is delicious as is. I usually make a 'batch' in the evening and let it sit overnight, we then have it for a few days as I find it is better as the milk absorbs. The first time I had muesli was buffet style in a hotel overseas. The setup was tremendous! All types of fruit platters were at our disposal as was a bowl of yogurt and nuts. We were encouraged to add to our delight so that is also how I often now eat it when time allows, adding a few spoonfuls of yogurt and with additions of extra raisins or craisins and cut up fruits. While this may not be the traditional method, it provides variety, after all, all of us living in this household still have our teeth and healthy consitiutions (knock on wood) and are not in the state that this cereal was first designed to help. I love that it is authentic and have been eating it for years as it is delicious and nutritious.
247768247768B0015Q8VAEA3DNTE5UWNBFQRbluelibirose "Murphy's Law"0051347667200MuesliHad this brand when I was in France. Great to find on Amazon. It soaks up the milk nicely... not everyone likes that, I do. Healthy for you w/ natural ingredients and tastes good, can't complain.
247769247769B0015Q8VAEA3M9ZHH9KUNTGSC. HildrethADR "S Seely"0051345507200DeliciousnessI remember eating this when I was a child. Many many years later I sought it out in stores and could not find it, but was happy to find it here on Amazon. Rarely does the memory of the way something tastes translate when you try it again so much later in life. THIS is EXACTLY like it used to be. Love it. A little high in calories for such a small serving (only 1/2 cup?), but well worth it.
247770247770B0015Q8VAEA2VC58DBBKPKEZHannah R. Kuhn0051329955200Best CerealI've been eating Swiss Muesli for over 30 years. I often can't find it in my local grocery stores so it's great to be able to order it from amazon. I mix it with a Apricot Mango Greek Yogurt that I buy at Trader Joe's and it makes such a delicious breakfast.

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