Amazon Fine Food Reviews

247801247801B002VC22Q0A3BD7ZB1J00677CLARENCE E. THOMPSON1231313539200Maxwell CoffeeThis is a good everyday coffee. A little high price for the weight I thought I was getting 3LB but just a hair over 2LBs. When your in Afganistan you always have to pay more then a item is worth.
247802247802B000MD92CCA1ZQCMCVWTGDISDianne Stewart0051287100800Best kept European salad dressing secret!This little packet, when combined with water and olive oil, makes a great vinaigrette. Your friends will think you have mastered home-made salad dressing. Better than restaurant and way outshines bottled of any kind. Many variations to choose from. All are very good, but I'm partial to the Basalmic Vinaigrette.
247803247803B0000DIVVCA1MO684LSG7O80Erin Wetzel "ekwetzel"4411180742400Flying Noodle isn't that GreatThe products are ok, but my experience with the people who work at Flying Noodle is what truly turned me off. I would rather deal with local people who are honest and who can't hide behind their online anonymity. It's too bad, because there are so many Good internet companies out there. If you want more details, just ask me personally.
247804247804B0000DIVVCA2BJ8NBH1VHC8DS. A. Oates2251197590400flying noodle delivers for meI've been buying Flying Noodle gift packs to send to my US family members for years and they consistently get high marks from my family. They are particularly good for busy, working parents who welcome an easy meal option via the Pasta Clubs. I have had consistently good service from the company -- although I wish I could use my overseas credit card directly off their store! But you can buy them via Amazon, so that's OK.
247805247805B002HQD2FKA1Z54EM24Y40LLc20051338249600Great for my PersianMy female is a salmon junkie and this one, by FAR, is her favorite! The "Queen" makes it disappear almost in an instant and well, I just don't see her the rest of the day! It is a pate, in case that isn't clear, and although she loves it, my male things it just doesn't have enough "manly" taste for him and snubs it completely. So, if you have a salmon lover in the house, give this a try. The "Queen" loves it and since she's the "Queen," she knows everything, right? It does have more protein than Friskies regular brand and since she was a rescue, it certainly has helped her regain her strength faster. Highly recommend!
247806247806B001H001NIAQ5V5ILBS9KYUommie0011350345600suckerspurchased suckers from here as i could not find them anywhere else. no happy with them as they were stale.
247807247807B001H001NIATS38U0VEZHHJCE Gillham0041349222400GOOD VALUEGood value and good variety. I keep them in my office for anyone who wants one, they are quickly disappearing. Farly quick turn around from order to receipt.
247808247808B001H001NIA1WLXPXLKLJH67Ms. Scarlett0051348012800Love these!These are great for kids' treat bags for parties, or for Halloween
I buy these a few times a year for parties; always packaged well.
They're big enough to enjoy but small enough not to give too much of a sugar rush
The stick is good for 3 and up to hold
;) good value!
247809247809B001H001NIA1EW0TGX61IEAZJonathan C. Audette0051324857600Flavorful old-fashioned treatsMy wife had a craving for an old fashioned lollipop, and we were surprised that they do not seem to be readily available at retail anymore. We could only find Tootsie-pops and blow-pops in the stores. We were happy to find these lollipops on Amazon. The lollipops have great taste and ours were fresh. Everyone who tried one commented on how fruity they are. Less than a dozen were broken. Delicious candy treats.
247810247810B001H001NIAHK7KD0EII80YBurienRon0041324771200Solved my hard candy cravingI've had a hard candy craving lately so I searched Amazon for Lollipops. I'm glad I got these. No frills...just a small hard candy lollipop. Tasty. Delivered earlier than expected. I'm pleased.
247811247811B001H001NIA3S1LAWITHWRFAjoy0011304812800Disappointing!These suckers [Candy Sucker Lollipop Assortment (144 pc)] were not very fresh (a little soft!) and when I got to the bottom of the box there were many stuck together and some were broken. I would not purchase from this company again.
247812247812B001H001NIA31QA1PE4G82P4Karen A. Warren1251299715200LollipopsThese lollipops are delicious, the only downfall is that they are not sugarfree. I ate them all within 2 weeks due to the fact that I have a terrible sweet tooth and quit smoking. I totally recommend these lollipops.
247813247813B000PIMSWAA2VCD97MVS4VA5Andrea Stewart "Saturnyh"1151275436800Superlative Tea...As a longtime insomniac, I have tried every potion that claims to induce sleep. This is without a doubt the best product I have tried. It is far better than Celestial Seasonings or Yogi tea. It tastes pungent, but is strangely alluring. I used to get this product at several local supermarkets, but they have stopped carrying it. It is hard to understand why such a good product would not be in greater demand. I absolutely love this tea and hope others will discover it. It is a gem!
247814247814B000PIMSWAA1KU4WYGZBAX0GAnsley Clements0051337040000Tried and true, traditional wisdom for youThe cough suppressant in this product is from menthol (10 mg per cup), which adds a noticeable, cooling medicinal taste to this tea; yet, the taste of this tea is so spicy and aromatic that it isn't "medicinal" a cough drop.

I've enjoyed this lots of times without cold symptoms. The aroma is healing too, so it's a tea that you inhale the steam from and feel the clearing of nasal passage. This formula for cough relief is genuinely "traditional" as the brand name says, and comes from a European (Swiss) recipe/manufactured in Germany, and has a fascinating history described on the box. It's my opinion this tea is tasty without anything added. Recommended.

FYI on the other ingredients, making for the great taste, but ineffective to your cough: meadowsweet flower, wild thyme, licorice root, plantain leaf, Echinacea, elder flower, oil of peppermint.
247815247815B000PIMSWAA1P2E8DPWA2L2ZIronman0041211846400Great productThe is a very soothing tea that went right to the throat to help with a cough and sore throat associated with a cold/flu. Mixed with honey it was no more distasteful than other teas.
247816247816B000O3S3K2A3S9AXOHUZHCSSJ. Thompson131351189728000WonderfulI was reluctant to try this out, because I've had so many terrible jarred pasta sauces and no one had reviewed this product yet, but my fears were quickly put to rest. This is the BEST jarred pasta sauce I've ever had. Actually, it's probably the best pasta sauce I've ever had prepared by someone else, period. Only a super-fresh homemade sauce, made with wonderful ingredients (San Marzano tomatoes, roasted onions and garlic, etc.) can compete. Considering that such a sauce really takes hours to make, all told, I'm thrilled to use this instead. This flavor in particular is an excellent base to use for other sauces - it won't overpower the other ingredients you add, but it has such a fantastic flavor it can easily be used on its own. One of my favorite things to do is use a half-a-jar of this sauce over organic prepared ravioli - it's a super-quick, somewhat healthy meal that tastes amazing. The heat from the freshly boiled ravioli is sufficient to warm up the sauce, so there's no need to even cook the sauce separately - you just pour it on and you're done!

The jars are very nice, thick, reusable polypropylene (#5). I use them to bring my lunch to work everyday - it's pretty surprising how nice they are - they are definitely not disposable junk. There are some reports of an occasional jar arriving broken if this item is shipped via ground, which is honestly hard for me to imagine. I use Amazon Prime, so mine arrive via two-day, and the packaging is always flawless. To address this problem, Amazon had a "Pasta Lovers Gift Set" from this company with extra packaging, but it doesn't appear to show up in searches anymore. It contained four flavors - Marinara, Arrabbiata, Tuscan Vodka, and Barely Bolognese, if I remember correctly. All delicious - the Arrabbiata is fairly spicy, though.

Anyway, buy this sauce! The more people buy it, the more wonderful flavors Amazon will presumably carry. One final note - this is a GREAT DEAL for these sauces. If you don't believe me, take a look elsewhere on the web for this company's sauces - five bucks a jar is an absolute steal for an all-natural product of this top-notch quality.
247817247817B000O3S3K2AG6CWJ1KI8VMPDeClawed3351207785600I've Been Looking...and I Found It!Cooking spaghetti sauces have been my nemesis since I got together with my (now) husband, who is a vegetarian. I loved learning about this whole new world of cooking without meat, but tomato-based pasta sauces beyond marinara have been a challenge. It is quite easy to become dependent on meat to provide flavor in Italian sauces and I haven't been able to really crack the secret to doing a hearty sauce without it. I've tried recipe after recipe and just can't seem to get something that really has a robust flavor. Well, the Scarpetta people don't have my problem. Tomato and arugula? I thought I might be crazy when I ordered it, but the reviews were so good and there was a promotion, so I thought, what the heck. I'm glad I did. Until I can figure out how to do something like this myself, this is the next best thing.

No corn syrup, no preservative mumbo jumbo, but a better sauce and more strong, bold, bright and sweet tomato flavor than anything you're going to find in the jarred section of the grocery store. I'm a big believer that the best Italian food is often the simplest approach, done well. This sauce is a perfect argument for that philosophy. Sincerely recommended. If I had a gripe, it would be that we ate the whole jar in a night. Could I get one of those gigantic plastic salsa bottles full of this, please?
247818247818B000O3S3K2A9WR1XSX54W5BSuzanne Strickland2251225065600Delicious!This sauce is one of the freshest tasting I've ever had. It's all natural no ugly unpronounceable words in it's ingredients, just fresh chunky tomatoes.....just right! You'll love it!
247819247819B000O3S3K2A12AQ25KN40SNRgrandmama cook2251206403200Scarpetta is bettaMy husband and I love the Tomato and Arugula sauce. I served it the other day with asparagus tips warmed in the sauce, over Kashi Pilaf with a poached egg on top and a bit of Parmesan. It is just the right consistency, with a mellow freshly made flavor, superior to the canned product. Even the container is nice and reusable.
247820247820B000O3S3K2A3IHAONWLN8PVFPamela "Poohbear"1111235606400Taste awful!After reading all of the positive reviews for this product, I decided to try it. It looked delicious, nice packaging, but the taste and smell were really bad. It had a bad tomato smell and taste, it just tasted old, not fresh as I expected. The dates on the packaging were fine, not out of date, but the taste was a different story. Now I am stuck with 3 more jars and afraid to eat it again. I also ordered the Bruschetta as well. Haven't tried it yet, I'm a little hesitant to try since I don't want to be disappointed again and know that I wasted even more money. Lesson learned, I won't buy anything from Amazon again without knowing more about the product or having tasted it before. I will stick with my favorite sauces from Patsy's (NY restaurant with same name). They are sold in select grocery stores. They are jarred sauce but taste amazing and fresh.
247821247821B000O3S3K2A3HC0F1SOC8W8USarah-Therese "SFO"1151208649600Delicious. Fresh tasting. . . and, it does taste like home-made. Really a good sauce. Quick and easy to heat up too!I was skeptical until I tasted this delicious product. It does taste fresh, wholesome, and home-made. Great over angel-hair pasta! Easy to heat up and use numerous ways. I got a really good deal from Amazon on a promotional special. No delivery problems, broken seals or jars.
247822247822B000O3S3K2A1D89YVPW07JUNWinston LeChat "DVD jockey"0051290729600great saucesWe discovered Scarpetta sauces a while back but they are no longer available in our geographic area so we order from Amazon. These are very tasty sauces with moderate sodium levels and no artificial preservatives. The containers are microwaveable and reusable.
247823247823B000MPOG0IA1VT804QG340FVLaurie Fletcher "Laurie Fletcher"2251216944000Such a lovely departure...This is a gentle departure from the standard Early Grey. Gentle, with heightened hints of bergamot. Much recommended for Early Grey lovers.
247824247824B000MPOG0IA1NEOSKRGOLFDSCate Andrews1151296604800Twinings British teaThis tea is really good. Don't confuse it with the American Twinings Lady Grey, which does not taste anything like the real British tea. The British tea has more of bergamot (citrus) flavor. Yes, the British tea is more expensive, but is worth the extra cost to those who really enjoy a good cup of tea.
247825247825B000MPOG0IA20QB0MNQC864ZJeremy D. Nicholson1151174867200Love the TeaGreat Product shipped very quickly and in perfect condition. A must buy.
247826247826B000MPOG0IA3J2PLGTU6PDLGBartsie02112290400005 times the price = 1/5 ratingThis excellent tea comes from the UK where it costs about $3 (50 bags) at supermarkets. A few purchases like this ($19 including shipping??) may well add up to a ticket to London.

Fortunately, the leaf version of the same tea is available at a decent price from amazon.
247827247827B0047ZEXN4A1KC5SK7BT8DXWStefany0031323388800Not my dogs favoriteThe price was good, but they are not my dogs favorite and my dog loves chewing on her sticks. It might have something to do with the smokey flavor. If your dog likes this flavor than overall I would recommend them.
247828247828B0047ZEXN4A8KKLML9M0S1GL REN "laurenelise00"0041318377600My dogs like them but they don't last too long....These pork hide bones seem high quality and my dogs like them but they are 75 lb and 87 lb dogs so they don't last more than 15 min per bone. I am not sure that the 20 bones are gonna last in my house long at all. Wish they sold these same bones but much larger sized for large breed dogs. These bones would be perfect for 20 to 40 lb dogs
247829247829B000NU6M18A1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"0051209686400Healthy Soda with Great Taste*****
This Izze Sparkling Blackberry Soda isn't exactly a soda and isn't a really a juice---it's a healthy alternative drink that's a bit of a combination of the two. It contains a lovely medley of healthy juices without sweeteners except for the actual juice concentrate. For fizz and refreshment it includes 30% sparkling water.

The juices it contains are: white grape juice, apple juice, blackberry juice, and lemon and raspberry juice concentrates. It also contains sparkling water, citric acid, natural flavor, red grape juice concentrate for color, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), niacinimide, and pyridoxine hydrocholoride (vitamin B6). All of this together surprisingly tastes exactly like blackberries!

Izze Blackberry is very sweet but light (not thick and syrupy). The adults in my household really like it and I think children would enjoy it too. There's really nothing not to like about this healthy juice or soda alternative beverage!

Highly recommended.
247830247830B000NU6M18A34VCCL1YO6D0IPeter Dykhuis0041209600000Another Flavor and another thumbs up!This is the second flavor from Izze I have tried. The first was the Clementine. Tasty and not syrupy I really enjoyed the flavor. I tried the Blackberry. Unlike the Clementine flavor the name of the drink also makes up one of the juices used to make the beverage, blackberry. Like the Clementine a cocktail of juices from concentrate are added like Apple Juice and Lemon Juice to give a balanced flavor.

At just over 8 oz. a can this is not a drink to hydrate in quantity so much as a tasty pick me up. The drink does not have caffeine or added sugars so I don't feel bad about drinking it. It isn't overly sweet so it adds a bit of energy rather then making me tired.

I do find it funny that we seem to be turning into a Red Bull world. When did little 8 oz. cans of beverages become so cool? I always thought more was good. With that being said 8.4 ounces is just right for this drink.

90 calories for just over 8 ounces is starting to get up there for me. That is enough calories that I at least have to think about when I drink the beverage. A great drink, a good company and thumbs up in my book. The only issue I had is the calories.

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