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247891247891B004T3QMD8ALCLEF26KV34MVixen "BookMonster"0041320537600Yummy!Perfect beverage for the chilly holiday season! The aroma is wonderful, it fills up your nose and just makes you think of fall and Halloween and Thanksgiving. It's a fantastic smell and the taste is delicious. It can be a bit weak (so -1 star) if you don't use enough powder or if you make it with water but if you use milk or add regular coffee mate creamer to the water mixture then it thickens it and fills out the flavor. Delicious.
247892247892B004T3QMD8AL6CEWLV2JB90The Writing Chef "Dan"0021320537600If you like sugar and water...I really really wanted to love this product. Both my wife and I are fans of pumpkin spice coffee, and we hoped this product would give Starbucks a run for its money. However, all you really get is sugar flavored water. We used 4 teaspoons as suggested and it was too thin and too sweet, so we cut back to 3 and it was just sugary water. We went to five and all that happened is that it got sweeter. Yes, it has a slight pumpkin flavor, but for the most part it doesn't measure up.
247893247893B004T3QMD8A13GZCHAMKWYBTVikki Hallen "lizardwitch"0031320451200Have had better..This tastes much better as a coffee stir-in. Adds good flavor to a cup of coffee but is definitely (to me) short on the spices. It is creamy and "pumpkin" but made with water it's even more flat tasting. Actually, I added some of my pumpkin pie spice to it and improved it alot :)
247894247894B004T3QMD8A3JFHIXVIE9KVStephen Jones0031320451200More pumpkin pleaseThis latte tastes more "spice" than "pumpkin" to me, and could have been better with extra pumpkin flavor and a bit more coffee. But there's nothing like sipping a hot latte with a blanket and good book on a cold day. Consider adding a little instant coffee to create a pretty good drink.
247895247895B004T3QMD8A1M1Y5UGONAW06Jody0031320451200Odd aftertasteApparently, pumpkin is a difficult flavor to replicate. While the appearance and texture of Maxwell House International Coffee Pumpkin Spice Latte is lovely--a nice white froth at the top, a nice comforting weight to the liquid--it has a slightly soapy aftertaste. It's still good, but the aftertaste is a little weird.

It's necessary to use four spoonfuls of the mix for a coffee mug, which makes this a slightly expensive treat, but it's a grand mid-afternoon pick-me-up that doesn't seem to contain much caffeine. I appreciate that the International Coffees don't have an instant coffee flavor. My favorites are still the original Cafe au Lait and Cafe Vienna, but Pumpkin Spice is all right for a change of pace.
247896247896B004T3QMD8A7OCP4P0S4YO8M. C. Carter "cartertoggle"0041320364800Turkey, dressing, gravy and pumpkin spiceEvery year I anxiously await the addition of pumpkin spice lattes to the coffee shops menus. Now with this international coffee offering, I can treat myself to one in the privacy of my own kitchen, save $5.00 and still have a great start to my morning!
247897247897B004T3QMD8A15S7N6VV71LZYRobert "0041320364800
247898247898B004T3QMD8A108XP24UESKSVE. Kay "eclectic6"0051320364800We all loved it!Let me start by saying I'm not a coffee drinker. I strongly prefer tea, but I thought I would give this a shot. I was incredibly impressed! I don't usually like the taste of coffees, but I thought this was delightful..very spicy with a hint of cinnamon. It was very easy to make and VERY frothy! I had a few other family members try it, and they were impressed as well. My sister (also not a coffee drinker) told me she wanted another one. My dad (who usually doesn't like sweet coffees) admitted it was pretty good. I can't imagine anyone not liking this! I will definitely be looking for more products like this in the future.
247909247909B004T3QMD8A8INT3NMHRUS4Kimberly J. Karas "a New England mom"0051320192000Love at first sip! (but costly)I used to have International Coffee years ago but haven't had any in such a long time. I am a pumpkin fanatic so I figured it was worth a try. This stuff is absolutely heavenly however, $49.99 prime for a case of six doesn't seem reasonable to me. Other offers are pretty much the same price when you add in the shipping they charge. Some offers are even more costly because they are the same or similar price for only a four can pack. Too bad because I logged in to order not just to review but not at that price. I feel the price should be a good $10 less if you are buying a six can quantity.

I am still giving it five stars because it tastes sooooo good. Maybe I'll put it on my Christmas list!
247910247910B004T3QMD8A3NOBH42C7UI5MCarol "kepela"0051320192000Pumpkin Spice LatteI already drink the Cafe Viena, which was the only flavor I really liked; now I have two favorates! The pumpkin spice is really yummy, and I usually don't like pumpkin flavored foods. I used just a little less than suggested on the package and it was plenty sweet and flavorfull. I'm a black coffee drinker, so I don't like my flavored coffee too sweet. I love the spices. I will be buying this flavor again! It's worth a try, especially during the holidays.
247911247911B004T3QMD8A2OZ6PW2W5FQTPKathy0051320192000As good as everYears ago we used to drink these International Coffees all the time. We especially loved the Orange Cappuccino. But, for some reason we stopped buying it. I was glad to give this a try, and I have to say the taste and quality are as good as I remember them. The Pumpkin Spice Latte is just delicious. It has all the spicy flavors you'd expect, and actually kind of has the taste of pumpkin pie. Once it's all stirred, it has a layer of foam on the top which is really pretty. I'd suggest using a clear cup, like shown on the container, and maybe sprinkling some cinnamon or nutmeg on the top for a pretty holiday drink. Not too much, though, because there is definitely lots of spice flavor already in the coffee.
247899247899B004T3QMD8A1TFMR7RE985MFB. Walker "Basia's Bookshelf"0041320364800Yummy spiced drink - sort of a cross between white chocolate and coffee thoughI've tried a lot of the International Coffee drinks - I don't drink them daily, just as an alternative to hot chocolate once in a while. This is probably one of the better ones I've had lately, but only because it doesn't have an acidic bite to it that comes the coffee blend they use. That also means that there's not a lot of coffee taste in this. Rather than a flavored coffee latte, this is more like a spiced white hot chocolate with a little coffee infusion. I had to really search for the pumpkin taste - while it smells faintly of pumpkin pie, it doesn't really taste strongly of it. I got it more in the aftertaste.

The powder dissolved really well into the boiling water - definitely has to be boiling - and I got a nice, long-lasting foam on top. I have a big cappuccino mug that I use in the morning and it took 5 heaping teaspoons to make a perfectly flavored cup. It does taste richer if you use milk (I used skim), but it also makes it seem sweeter to me - a little too much to deal with in the morning for me.

Even though this really wasn't a spiced "coffee" in my opinion and there wasn't a huge amount of pumpkin taste, I did enjoy this for what it was and it's one of the better International Coffee drinks. It's not overly sweet if you don't use milk, but you can adjust the creaminess if you do use it.
247912247912B004T3QMD8A1G6MKZORYFPCJS. Cain0041319760000Tastes like fall!We served this up as an after dinner drink one night and everyone liked it. The only problem with it is the same problem I have with almost any instant powder
247913247913B004T3QMD8A1ZO9D554VQO9FJadecat0051319760000Fits in well with all the other Maxwell House International coffeesI am a huge International Coffee fan, Vanilla Nut being my favorite, but my kids are pumpkin freaks so I figured I would try this. Needless to say it was a big hit with them. They have each enjoyed several mugs of this 'coffee' with a nice topping of whipped cream. I tried it, and although I didn't dislike it, I just have never been a fan of pumpkiny, cinnamonny drinks. Still, I didn't think it was chemical or fake tasting, just not my favorite. I believe it meets the standards of their other coffee drinks and if you have a penchant for this flavor, or just want to indulge in it because it is that time of the year for this flavor, then I would do so. If it was the only coffee I had in the house, I would still drink it, but until my Vanilla Nut canister is empty, the kids can have this one.
247900247900B004T3QMD8A3FWSG0GV6FRB6Roselynde Barrow0041320278400Tasty, but not very coffee-yI skipped trying this with the water recipe; other reviews already said it was better with milk (and I suspected as much). I made it with lactose-free milk (I can't tolerate it) and it was delicious! It has some instant coffee for flavor, but not enough. Just now, I tried adding it straight into my coffee, and it is also tasty. I would imagine the best way to prepare this is to make it with hot milk and add shots of espresso (assuming you have a machine). It is not too many calories, and just sweet enough without being sugary (which is the problem with drinks from places like Starbucks-way too much sugar!)
I don't know if I would pay $8 for this, but then again it has ~17 servings, and one can really only get 1-2 drinks at a coffee shop for that price.
247914247914B004T3QMD8A1S8FJT0AQSF60C. Williamson0031319673600Tasty enough, but a few caveats...First off, yes, this tastes pretty good. It's a nice blend of spicy pumpkiny flavors (though actual coffee taste is minimal), and there's a nice latte style head. It's creamy and delicious (and very sweet). But it doesn't dissolve very well -- you're going to have to work at it with a spoon for a while to get rid of the lumps. But you'll need the exercise to help kill the 60-calorie load, which, admittedly, is pretty minimal for something this yummy. My main complaint is the highly-touted "lock-in fresh pack," which, in *my* pack, wasn't a very good lock, since very time I tilted the "sealed" container, some powder came out. Also, if I were a regular drinker of this coffee, I'd be concerned about the price. It's a great deal to pay for a product that is primarily sugar.
247901247901B004T3QMD8A1L43KWWR05PCSLawyeraau0041320278400A TASTY TREAT...I really enjoy this product. While not exactly redolent of pumpkin spice, it does have a wonderful aroma and a very pleasant, rich and creamy taste that surprised me. As a latte, it has a luscious foamy top that makes it taste almost sinfully good.

As I am currently watching my weight, I enjoy having a cup every afternoon. It tastes almost decadent, but at 90 calories, it is anything but. It is simply a great taste treat for even the calorie conscious.
247902247902B004T3QMD8AI0PLL5DQAHRGTy Arthur "xFiruath"0041320278400Great seasonal flavor as a change of pace from your standard morning cup of joeThere's always room in the cabinet for yet another flavor of coffee to help get you going in the morning, and this one's great to help get into the holiday mood to boot. Normally instant coffee isn't my thing, but the "Pumpkin Spice Latte" flavor is surprisingly good. It's definitely better with milk than water, and has a very rich and creamy feel. As a change of pace from standard coffee with flavored creamer this is definitely recommended for anyone who likes pumpkin or nutmeg flavors.

One pitfall to be aware of is that this type of instant coffee is prone to clumping badly, so be sure to add the milk to the coffee and not the other way around or you'll end up with big clumps floating around on the top.

Obviously flavored instant coffee meant to imitate a latte isn't health food, but it's worth noting there is a decent amount of sugar in each serving, and weirdly even a fairly high amount of saturated fat. I wouldn't recommend having a couple of cups of a day, but it's not terrible for you as an occasional treat to replace your standard morning cup of joe.
247903247903B004T3QMD8A2QH6LESI5RTO5Danielle0051320278400Yummy!I just got this today and was so excited to try it. Usually, I am not a big of pumpkin anything (except seeds those are delicious) but I actually loved this latte. It was sweet and made me think of thanksgiving and home. What a wonderful feeling. I can't wait to try some of the other flavors. I just hope they are available in my area. I would recommend this to my friends.
247915247915B004T3QMD8A2PU5IDX61XJ7ADeborah Price "Artlady"0051319673600I love International Coffee!!I have always been a fan of the International Coffees. I did cut back on them because my favorites seemed to have a lot of fat and tons of sugar. But, I love them just the same. I like to save them for special occasions. With the weather cooling off and the leaves starting to turn, the Pumpkin Spice Latte was calling my name! This is a great seasonal treat. The pumpkin taste is superb. Mixed just right, you get a little froth. There's 2 grams of fat per serving. That's not too bad if you don't drink too much at a time. I love the ease of preparing these coffees. Heat water in a cup in the microwave and add mix! Couldn't be simpler. And it's soooooo yummy! I'll be buying more of this flavor for the holiday season.
247916247916B004T3QMD8A3FD3BHIUYIFPDStephanie0041319673600Pie in a cupOh Yum. Who needs to go out for fancy coffee, when you can have International Coffee Pumpkin Spice Latte. The flavor is excellent and I love that you can mix this with either milk or water depending on your taste preference. Bet this would even be good if you spiked it with rum. My only concern is that you need to use 4 tsp. per mug, so it's bound ot go fast.
247904247904B004T3QMD8A2FRAS05LEI6JJSadie0041320278400Lightly Flavored Pumpkin LatteThis pumpkin spice latte has a mild pumpkin aroma and is lightly flavored. It makes a nice cremora top, just like the hot lattes you get in an expensive coffee house. I've had it as an evening drink to warm me up and as a morning pick me up. It's good any time of the day. I prefer my drinks to be sugar free, but Maxwell House doesn't make very many of its flavored coffees sugar free. Even so, it's only 60 calories when made with hot water. And, you don't need to make this with milk because it already tastes like there's milk in it. It could have a more bold spiciness to it and maybe a richer pumpkin flavor, which is how I prefer my pumpkin spice anything from drinks to pies.
247917247917B004T3QMD8AWCJ12KBO5VIIMichael L. Knapp0051319673600Very Tasty!Since their inception the Maxwell House International coffees have pretty much been the best coffee drinks available in their price range. The pumpkin spice is no exception. The spice flavor is hearty & bold but never overpowering the coffee itself. When mixed it has just the right amount of foam. A little whipped cream on top? Yea! It probably isn't a flavor you would want every day but with the variety of flavors Maxwell House has in their International line of coffee drinks you could go a long time without having the same drink twice. They hit another home run with this one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
247918247918B004T3QMD8A17771LTRWSKQ5Helen S. Lam0041319673600Smooth & creamy with a subtle hint of pumpkinThis is very yummy with a smooth and creamy texture and a subtle hint of pumpkin. To ensure froth, we first add the power, then about 1/3 water to mix it into paste and finally finish off with the rest of the water and stir. It's well-liked by my entire household. The only thing I worry is the amount of sugar but it's not too bad of an indulgence.
247905247905B004T3QMD8A1FWFCJU2G7TRAKDMask0051320278400Yum....... PIE........!Oh this is so good! I actually like it better than Duncan Donuts Pumpkin Spice Latte and you can make this right in your own kitchen!! Full of flavor--it's a warm treat. I even put an extra shot of instant coffee in for a little 'wake up' and it's great. The foam on top is just enough, not too much. I hope they have this all year and not just in the fall. YUMMY! Serve at Thanksgiving dinner!
247919247919B004T3QMD8A2XSY4L7GDHV4WRobert T. Brennan "Rob_1970"0041319673600Mediocre with water, good with milkAt first I tried this coffee with boiling water and a little milk. Unfortunately, the beverage seemed flat tasting, kind of sweet with good spice, but definitely missing something. I tried other instant coffees before, and some are actually pretty full bodied, tasty versions (like Starbucks Via or Trader Joe's instant). Once I tried this coffee with hot milk, however, this International Coffee was very flavorful, full bodied and perfectly sweet, almost as good as a Dunkin Donuts pumpkin spice hot coffee. The only drawback to this tasty drink is the sugar content (about 24 grams per serving), but as an occasional drink or substitute for a candy bar, this sweet little beverage is a nice break from the norm. I would just recommend heating up some milk instead of boiling water, or at least mixing the two in an even ratio.
247906247906B004T3QMD8A1QVQ7UJY4VASGM. Ellis "magnoliamansions"0051320192000It's an autumn treatAlong with the falling leaves and nippy air comes a wonderful cup of coffee to celebrate the change of seasons. The Pumpkin Spice Latte is bursting with flavor and is a perfect companion to the shorter days and anticipation of holidays to come. It's amazing that so much flavor can be put into such a small package so easy to prepare and so satisfying to enjoy. Put the kettle on and pull up a chair, sit back and let your cares float away.
247907247907B004T3QMD8A39D7ONPOORMUTWilliam E. Liberatore0051320192000DifferentI am told that I like a little coffee with my milk and sugar so a sweet/pumpkin coffee did appeal to me. It is a different flavor. My first cup was a little watery and I was a bit dubious, but a second cup when I used a bit less water and added a little milk seemed to take care of that. I'd probably have gone 4.5 stars if I had the option, I don't think it's the best flavored coffee I've ever had, but I think that most people tend to think if you go 4 stars that there was something "wrong" or "bad" about the product. If you enjoy sweet flavored coffees and like pumpkin flavoring you'll love this one. If you buy it, I hope you enjoy and thank you for taking the time to read my review.
247908247908B004T3QMD8A26TY6GCGBF5HTGraves0041320192000Surprisingly nice drink for the seasonNow I'm a tea drinker and I will admit when I saw "pumpkin flavored coffee drink" I grabbed it up fully expecting to have my review set on `snark.' But having had it, I'm willing to eat humble pie, so long as there's a mug of this stuff with it.

Fall in the north east and all sorts of pumpkin flavored/colored scented odds and ends come out. Many are disgusting but this one works. Just a few spoonfuls into a mug, pour over hot water and add just a little milk and it is a nice warm drink for a chill evening. The pumpkin flavor is present but not overwhelming. If anything the scent is like cinnamon sugar doughnuts and the texture is more like hot chocolate than coffee but it is a nice change from other drinks and certainly fits into the mood of the season.

My wife, who is a coffee drinker also liked it saying the flavor was more consistent than the pumpkin coffee from a certain chain of doughnut shops and for about the price of one of their cups you get the whole box of powder here which will carry on for several mugs. It is gonig to be cheaper if you buy it in the supermarket than on line.

So despite my hopes for a wonderfully snarky review, this tastes good, is on a par with or better than store bought special coffees and is more cost efficient. I guess I can live with the disappointment so long as I can have another mug.
247920247920B004T3QMD8A2Q8QBZN6IQ3GMSP0021319673600Not enough flavorThis product was not very flavorful. Kept having to add teaspoons of it to try and get it to taste right...waaaay beyond the directions amount listed on the can. And by the time you got enough flavor, the aftertaste was very bitter. There was a good amount of creamy foam on top, but this just didn't make up for the lack of taste.

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