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247975247975B004T3QMD8A39WWMBA0299ZFC. Hamilton "Latsyrc728"1141319587200Great Tasting Alternative to Your Normal LatteI really love the taste of this Maxwell House International Coffee Pumpkin Spice Latte. It is slightly sweet, but not overly sweet. It is frothy and does taste like a latte to me. It has a decent pumpkin and cinnamon taste that is not overbearing and it does not taste like coffee. I personally do not like the taste of coffee, so this is a good thing for me. If you are looking for coffee with a hint of pumpkin, then this is not for you.

The recommended serving is 4 teaspoons per 6-8oz of water/milk. I used 4 teaspoons with about 8oz of water and after tasting it I discovered that it needed A LOT more of the mix to have the flavor that I wanted. I ended up using about 6 teaspoons for 8oz. I do like my drinks flavorful and I typically use more than the recommended amount on mixes, so this could just be my personal preference. I do love the fact that it is a loose powder and I can add as much or as little as I like.

There are two things that I dislike about this Pumpkin Spice Latte: 1) the price and 2) the carbs and sugar. The current Amazon price is at over $8 per 9oz container. This seems to expensive to me. I guess if you take into account the price at coffee shops, it isn't a bad price, but it still seems high. There are supposed to be 17 servings in the can, but I would guess it is more like 8-9 (depending on the amount you use). I would rather buy something like the Folgers Cappuccino French Vanilla Beverage Mix, 16-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6) which currently costs less than $4 for a 16oz canister. This Maxwell House International mix also contains 11gm of Carbs and 8gm of Sugar per serving (and even more if you use milk). Since I had to do 1 & 1/2 servings to really get the flavor, my one cup cost me about 16.5gm of Carbs and 12gm of Sugar. I wish that they had a lighter and sugar free version available.

If you love pumpkin and are looking for something different, I would definitely give this a try.

247976247976B004T3QMD8AKAZT5193KFR1L. Samuelson "L.W. Samuelson"1141319414400A Nice Change of PaceI had misgivings about whether to order pumpkin coffee or not, but this product has a nice combination of pumpkin and spice flavors with a latte creaminess. The spices are similar to those found in spiced apple cider with the acidity of apples replaced by pumpkin and cream. It provides a nice change up from my regular brew.
The first time I tried it, I had just come in from working outside in the cold wind, so I sat down with my hot latte to rest. The very nice fall flavor lulled my aching bones and muscles into a lazy haze. After an hour and another pumpkin latte, my wife had to yank me up by the ears and make me finish raking the leaves. I tried to tell her I needed a third cup in order to do a proper review, but she wouldn't believe me and my ears hurt so I went back to work.
247977247977B004T3QMD8A69GBB918D2PPIsadore Ann3421319673600Nice for an occassional treatThis is my first time trying any of the National Foods coffees. First of all, be careful when you open the package. I peeled back the cover and powdery coffee went everywhere. Making the coffee is very easy - just put a few teaspoons (they recommend four) into a mug with hot water.

I really loved the smell of this coffee. The pumpkin scent is great, and really makes you think of Fall. My problem was that it was really too rich to drink more than a couple sips. The coffee seemed very sweet, and didn't match the smell, meaning that the actual coffee didn't have that "bite" of pumpkin. I didn't find it very satisfying. However, a couple family members said it "wasn't too bad" and did manage to drink the whole thing. So I think a lot depends on your taste. Overall, it is a rich coffee that is best used for an occasional treat rather than as your regular morning beverage.
247978247978B004T3QMD8A1LKOIZXPQ9VG0Elisa 202331320278400Good flavor, not as good ingredientsFirst, a disclaimer. I love coffee, love lattes, enjoy the pumpkin spice lattes at the local coffee houses. But I'm not a big fan of non dairy powdered creamer or an overly chemical cup of ... anything. I don't understand why it needs hydrogenated coconut oil (ingredient#4 on a long list).

Just looking at it was kind of a shock and disappointment. It looks like finely ground wheat flour, light beige, with little brown specks (cinnamon? coffee?) The smell is very aromatic--cinnamon and very pleasant--but where's the coffee?

Mixed with water, it isn't the drink for me and even with milk I don't want to drink 4 tsp. of this powder. However, adding a spoonful to a cup of coffee that I made myself, it gave a good flavor, even better when I added some milk. I'd use it as a flavored sweetener but not as a drink.
247979247979B004T3QMD8A2AGBL998D0FYYVReviews2321319587200It's the Ingredients that Give You PauseThe first ingredient is sugar, the second is nondairy creamer which is made of corn syrup solids, partially hydrogenated coconut oil, sodium casenate dipotassium phosphate etc. There isn't anything real about this product. In addition, these artificial ingredients are some of the worse for your health. The claim that it has 0 trans fat and so it's okay to ingest, doesn't tell the true story - that hydrogenated coconut oil is terrible for peoples health (cholesterol). What's even odder is that coffee (instant) is way down the list, and as far as pumpkin, well there isn't a drop of pumpkin or spice to be found!

However, if you're one that doesn't sweat the ingredients list, I can say that as advertised this instant (just add boiling water or hot milk) coffee pumpkin spice drink does produce a frothy latte foam (reminds one of a chemical reaction in science class). The color is of a milky light tea. The taste is very sweet, and vaguely reminds one of cinnamon stick. Overall, not the best choice for a cold fall eve.
247980247980B004T3QMD8A23RZIU0N8K2KRM. Caceres2341319500800Delicious and Very easy to make!I received the product this week and the first thing I like to notice when I buy grocery and edible items are the experimentation date (mines says July 2012). This is almost a year, so if you are like me and only drink lattes here and there, you have over half a year to sample and taste this product :)

I did not try this product with water, I tried it with milk and it does taste like pumpkin spice. For those of us who have tried the Starbucks version of pumpkin spice, it is not as sweet and a bit more pumkiny and less cinnamony (but you can alter the taste if you would like by adding more or less product or even sugar/splenda to the taste though I would not recommend it). I find the taste to be more 'grown-up' than the Starbucks version since the pumpkin spices I have had from Starbucks the baristas always make them very sugary.

There is some foam that is created on the top, mines was a very thin layer of foam, but you get more foam if you put in more product.

Product says "dishwasher safe" but not microwavable safe so I guess you can wash the tin and reuse it for other items such as sugar or even to put small cookies in.

PRICE: Box says 17 servings (price at time of review = 34.22 for 4, so thats $8.55 per box and $.50 per serving)
If I want the latte to be very tasty, I double the serving, so depending on taste, each latte you make will cost about $.50 to 1 dollar per latte [excluding cost of milk]
VERY CHEAP compare to starbucks!

247951247951B004T3QMD8A3EUSH8DPW75LRbarry1141321315200Perfect drink for a chilly dayI remember the Maxwell House International Coffees from about a decade ago and all I remember is the flavors sounded so great but the tase was always subdued and watery. Luckily all that has changed with their updated International Lattes. I was surprisingly happy with this product. First time I made it was with water and though tasty I found it a little disappointing. So I tried it with milk instead and everything changed. What a delicious, frothy and luscious drink. The good news is it in no way tastes artificial. All the flavors, spices and coffee blend together perfectly. The touch of cinnamon and pumpkin is delicious and in no way overpowering. I found that with the milk the expected frothy foam with a latte was light, airy and added the needed final touch to this tasty latte.

The flavor here of the pumpkin spice does lend itself more to holidays or chilly, cold days or nights but if it is your preferred flavor you may like it year round. I only took off one star for it does take a little bit of configuration to decide how to make it to your liking. But once you do, rest back, sip and enjoy this superb latte. The days of the watered down International coffees is gone. Highly recommend.
247952247952B004T3QMD8A3KZ7OH4VRL048Jonathan1131320796800Not bad, but not impressedI'm not a huge coffee drinker, but I enjoy the occasional cappucino or latte. In general, I've had good luck with the store-brand instant-mix cans, so I gave this a whirl. Maxwell House is definitely one of the more recognizable coffee brands, so I was expecting it to be at least marginally better than a generic.

My girlfriend and I made a few cups of this with warm milk, and although I was not impressed, I'm not going to say it was bad either. It was a little thick, and while the cinnamon flavor definitely came through, I could not really sense the pumpkin in it. We subsequently made some cups using water instead of milk, which made the drink much thinner but also let the pumpkin flavor be a little more prominent.

If this product was a little cheaper, I'd give it four stars, but for the current price (over thirty bucks for four cans, coming out to almost a dollar per ounce), I expect much better than a taste comparable to the bargain brands I normally buy.
247953247953B004T3QMD8A398R165PXFOSSMental Mommy "Mental Mommy"1141320710400Perfect for a cold morning!I expected this to be sweeter, or more syrup-y like other flavors and varieties I have tried. I was pleasantly surprised! It's a good balance of flavor and sweetness. The pumpkin is not overwhelming - you can taste and smell it, but it doesn't overpower your palate. The perfect touch of sweetness keeps you from feeling like you're trying to drink syrup first thing in the morning, and compliments the pumpkin flavor without making it candy-like. I got a different taste when I microwaved the water as opposed to stove-top boiling. I prefer the boiling water method, which is in the directions. My only complaint is how much you have to use - it's 4 tsps of powder for 6 to 8 ounces of water, so it doesn't last long if you make it your new morning wake-up. Overall, I like this a lot and am sure it will be making many more appearances alongside my morning muffin.
247954247954B004T3QMD8A21EDMG94ID7DClark Isaacs "Clark's Eye on Books by Clark I...0231322006400If you like flavored coffee this is for you!Very enjoyable during this fall season. We did not know if it would keep after being opened, but we used it on a special occasion when everyone was over to get their opinions. Everyone was pleasantly surprised at how delightful this was. When we used it all up they asked where to get refills and we told them it was Amazon and they were quizical again!
247955247955B004T3QMD8A34T6SD5HUGLCJCorey A. Doyle1131320451200Eh I have had betterWhile it isn't terrible and undrinkable I don't know that I would serve this to anyone that is a PSL lover like myself. I pretty much adore anything pumpkin and I was disappointed with this version from International Coffee. The pumpkin flavor is barely there - there is more predominant flavors of the spicing in pumpkin pie rather than pumpkin itself.

The product itself is OK. It does foam up like promised but I found it hard to get everything to mix properly and even after a lot of stirring was left with clumps of mix in my cup.

This will do in a pinch and with some doctoring could be rather tasty but honestly I'd probably put my money towards getting some pumpkin syrup and making my own.
247956247956B004T3QMD8A2OL5WLCNZVD9Knonpareil1141320364800Nice, not particularly healthyI will start by listing the ingredients, which are not - at this point - given under the product description:

(1) Sugar,
(2) creamer (corn syrup solids, partially hydrogenated coconut oil, sodium caseinate (from milk), dipotassium phosphate, mono- and diglycerides, artificial flavor),

(3) whey,
(4) maltodextrin,
(5) instant coffee,
contains less than 2% of
(6) cinnamon,
(7) ginger,
(8) natural and artificial flavor,
(9) cellulose gum,
(10) sodium citrate,
(11) modified cornstarch,
(12) silicon dioxide.

I lined them up that way to make reading easier, especially so you can see the list that describes the creamer contents. For me this kind of hot drink is an occasional thing, especially for days when I've already had my normal unadulterated java and want something different. So I'm not terribly concerned about its health merits. You may want to note that this is a product of Kraft Foods.

I found the taste pleasant, mostly creamer which I normally avoid, with the pick-me-up of coffee and flavor enjoyment of light pumpkin pie-type spices. On the second use a week later, I got the ratio of powder to water right. It takes a lot. The powder dissolves reasonably easily - some encouragement with the spoon was needed to break up a few clumps, and use of a milk frother would easily take care of that. The stuff forms its own convincing latte-type crema; a frother not needed there. Not bad, nice for the season and to offer guests, not mine for everyday but really enjoyable on a chilly afternoon when the coffee's all gone.
247957247957B004T3QMD8A3C2CPTCMB7S4NP. Lio "Dermatophile"1141320278400Creamy, pumpkin-y and delicious!Disclaimer: I really like sweet coffee-beverages, and am a sucker for "flavored coffee drinks". If you don't like this sort of thing, stop reading: this product is not for you!

But, if you like sweet, flavored coffee type drinks, this is surprisingly good. I figured it was going to be cloyingly sweet, but it actually made a rich, pumpkin-spicy, milky drink, that didn't actually seem very coffee-like, but almost more chai-like when made with water. After a full cup, I didn't feel that it was overpowering and was very satisfied, for something that is only 60 calories per serving. I don't think this would make an ideal everyday drink, but as an occasional treat, it was delectable. I also tried adding a spoonful to black coffee and that was also quite delicious--it creamed the coffee nicely and gave it a pleasant but subtle pumpkin (pie) flavor. What was nice is that I could do this with only 1 scoop (instead of 4 needed to make the drink from water), and it didn't leave any smells/flavors in our coffeemaker which my wife hates when making flavored coffee. So this is a neat way to get a different flavor in your coffee as well as being able to be made with water or milk.

In sum, a tasty, well-balanced product, that makes something of a chai with water, something more latte-like with milk, and a delightful flavored coffee when added to black coffee. It's worth a try for sure and I will likely buy it again for the occasional treat.
247958247958B004T3QMD8A18GJ9MYYO6GCQJust ask me! "bronxgal"1131320192000Indulgent, indeedThis "International Coffee" is sweet and delicious, but it should be: the first ingredient is sugar, and the next is a coffee lightener with corn syrup solids as ITS first ingredient. So, if you enjoy the fancy lattes at Starbucks and such places, don't hesitate to buy this as a much-cheaper alternative, since their drinks are just as sugar-rich and calorie-dense. Just don't overlook that, unlike ordinary coffee with a little milk and sugar, this beverage is indeed an "indulgence" which you will see on your waistline if you drink it daily.
247959247959B004T3QMD8AJLW1DZSHOVGWElaine Campbell "Desert Dweller"1141320192000Lovely flavor, but is it healthy?The flavor of this latte is a delight, a creamy pumpkin taste with a slight touch of cinnamon and ginger (less than 2%). What could be nicer? I found myself wishing I had a piece of pumpkin pie to accompany the latte. That would be ideal.

However, I would be concerned about having it on a daily basis because of the inclusion of partially hydrogenated coconut oil as when coconut oil is hydrogenated it becomes a trans fat, and trans fats have been closely associated with heart disease. Nevertheless, it is stated that trans fat is 0 (how can that be?) and saturated fat is 2g (10%). I would also like to know the percentage of instant coffee in the latte.

One serving is 60 calories (not bad!) and of the 60, 20 calories are fat. Sodium is 60 mg (not bad), total carbs 11g, sugars 8g and protein 1g.

I felt when drinking this latte like I was having a treat. No harsh coffee taste and no harsh after effect. The directions say to serve it in a mug with four teaspoons of latte. I personally like it a bit stronger, so I had it in a somewhat smaller cup and added a little more latte.

247960247960B004T3QMD8AJXDBMJBVUGSRS. H. Wells1151320192000The Taste and Aroma of FallEverything about the delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte conjures up the magical feeling of Fall. Think about pumpkin pie flavor in a nice warm mug! When the leaves start turning (or if you just wish they were) Pumpkin Spice Latte is a fun, simple treat.

The coffee is super easy to make: just add hot water. The directions also say you can add hot milk. I'll give you one of my favorite twists: add a scoop of pumpkin spice mix to your morning cup of Joe for a little treat. I keep several flavors on hand to flavor my coffee depending on my mood.

I find a little less is more with these coffees. They can be a little too sweet if you use too much powder. But a few trials and I am sure you can find the flavor level that is best for you. Also the mix does contain powdered milk just in case dairy is an issue.

This a great coffee when the weather starts to get crisp, try some of this delicious Pumpkin Spice latte.
247961247961B004T3QMD8A2WE93LJX8PMT1A. Hansen "AH Booklover"1141320105600Not Starbucks...but worth it in a pinch!The "good" about the product is it is creamy, with a pumpkin spice taste. It mixes well with water and is even better with whipped cream on top! The product can be mixed "more" or "less" for taste. The picture on the can is truly what you get less the sprinkles. This is not as good as Starbucks, but if you're snowed in this winter it will truly come in handy!

The "bad"...the can. I'm not sure what made the company switch from the former "can" to the new plastic container but it is not near as good. The new "plastic" containers lid does not seem to fit tight. When you press on the red lid the top of the container air pushes in and out. The old "can" container appeared more secure, more air tight. I suppose they assume you will want to make the entire container in a few days but I did not like the new "improved" design.
247962247962B004T3QMD8A37USOKUTI724HDonna Capshaw "Grandma"1141320105600Good!I enjoyed this drink, however it did not have a lot of coffee flavor. Then I made it with my brewed coffee... yum! Just as soon as you add it in it foams up. It was just the right amount of spice, and not too sweet for me, usually the instant coffees are too sweet. I will enjoy this whole container!
247963247963B004T3QMD8A2BD4U6N5JURERClair D. Strutt "Clair"1141320105600flavored coffe drinkThis is perfect for the holiday season. I really enjoy the spice/pumpkin taste and its a great
"break time" beverage. I particularly enjoy with hot milk as opposed to boiling water. The
milk makes it taste so much richer, better. Give it a try. You will love this if you are a
pumpkin pie fan.
247964247964B004T3QMD8ARIZ8PY9ULPHHBonnie Jo Davis "Loves to read and review books."1141320105600Perfect Cold Weather Drink For Coffee LoversI have to be honest. I am hopelessly addicted to pumpkin! I have loved pumpkin from the time I was a little girl and I still love it so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try this product. I received the Maxwell House International Coffee Pumpkin Spice Latte in a small container that was sealed with foil under a plastic cap. When I opened the container and removed the foil I could really smell the pumpkin and spices. I followed the directions to prepare the drink. This included 6-8 ounces of boiling water and four teaspoons of the powder. As I stirred the powder and hot water together a cap of foam formed on the top of the liquid. I've never tried a Maxwell House International Coffee before so I was amazed that a powdered latte could produce foam like a coffeehouse drink.

When drinking the latte I noticed that the liquid had a somewhat weak flavor. It is recommended that you adjust the amount of powder and water to get the right taste so I added two more teaspoons of the powder. This made for a richer latte. My only concern with this product is that the pumpkin flavor is not as intense as the smell of the powder. As a self-confessed pumpkin addict I would have preferred the pumpkin taste to be stronger but most people would not care. Overall, this is a fantastic product that looks and tastes like a coffeehouse pumpkin latte and I will certainly purchase more cans for my cupboard!
247965247965B004T3QMD8A1I477ADGMLVJMD. Matlack "Guidedog"1131320105600Not Starbucks but Not terribleI live a good hour & half from an actual coffee house, so for a sweet cup of seasonal frothy goodness that doesn't need to be brewed this is actually pretty good.

If I take it for what it is my only complaint is the new all plastic tub the International coffee drinks now come in. The lid is ill-fitting so the slightest squeeze or placing this on the counter with even a gentle thump will illicit a cloud of drink mix into the air.

I'm sure the plastic tubs are economically more feasible & easier to recycle, but oh how I miss the tins and their reliable seal.
247966247966B004T3QMD8A1Q08H4B9QGT2NChristy "MommyOfRedHeads"1141320105600A dessert beverageThis is the first time I've had Maxwell House International beverages. I'm a huge fan of pumpkin spice and wanted to try this. It recommends using 4 teaspoons of mix to 6 to 8oz of boiling water. I used 7oz and it just tasted too watered down for me. Next I tried 6oz of hot skim milk and tasted too rich. Next time I'm going to mix water and milk to get the right richness for me. I enjoy the frothy top and the hint of pumpkin and spice but am surprised in the lack of coffee flavor. If I had to choose, I'd pick going to Starbucks for their seasonal pumpkin spiced latte for the bolder flavor of pumpkin and coffee. But, this has the convenience of home.
247967247967B004T3QMD8AAWUXA65NDMYMHeatherHH1131320105600Even weaker than most flavors, just okayMaxwell House's latte mixes always suggest 4 tsp of powder for 6-8 oz of water (3/4 to 1 cup). I have always found this to be completely inadequate and the resulting beverage very weak in flavor. So, I wasn't surprised with the pumpkin spice latte had no flavor when prepared according to the directions. I kept adding more and more powder. By the time I had doubled the powder, it tasted fine, but was nothing special. Adding any more powder would have made it too sweet, but there was still not enough spice to it.

I wouldn't recommend this flavor; Maxwell House has better flavors of latte and cappuccino. Just remember that they will typically require more powder than the directions claim.
247968247968B004T3QMD8AMB2Z4FMDBWQYVIDFAN "specfellow"1141320105600Very Sweet, Like Hot Chocolate with Some Pumpkin FlavorThough the spice is not as strong as a latte you'd get from Starbucks, this is a decent tasting Pumpkin coffee latte. It's very sweet and tastes more like Swiss Miss hot chocolate with some pumpkin flavor thrown in. The only thing I'm not happy with is how much corn syrup, sugar and artificial colors it takes to make this product, as listed on the label. It's like fast food that tastes good but you know it's really not healthy for you. So while it tastes OK, I wouldn't have it on a regular basis - if you're looking for an organic and a more natural product, look elsewhere.
247969247969B004T3QMD8A1Z54EM24Y40LLc21151320019200Revamped, reformed, completely awesome!Admittedly, I was quite skeptical when ordering this item because, quite frankly, all of the other International Coffee products I've tried over the past 20 or so years, have literally made me ill. Possibly because of the 5 pound sack of sugar in every drop but, lo and behold, Maxwell House bought them out and actually made this a great product! I've had pumpkin lattes at both Starbuck's and Panera Bread and this product, no kidding, rivals them both! It's honestly better than Starbucks and is almost equal to Panera's. It's honestly that good and coming from me, you can believe that! It has a very smooth, creamy top that seems to be from a latte machine (so, how do they do that?). Just a nice, warm drink on a blustery fall day, not overly flavored with cloves either, just in case you're wondering about that spice. Clove seems to cause problems with other products with pumpkin, leaving that weird, almost as if you've eaten licorice feeling in your mouth. In addition, I'd like to know why it makes that popping sound when you put a teaspoon of the product into the water?)

The one thing that Maxwell House hasn't solved is the problem they have with dissolving all of the product into the water. That problem is still there and I suppose you could solve that with an electronic hot beverage mixer such as Mr. Coffee produces. Also present is problem number 2 with International Coffees: you have to use at least 10 teaspoons to get the stuff to taste like anything. They haven't changed that yet either. I used 9 teaspoons in about 8 ounces, if that gives you some idea. If you drink a mug of about 12-16 ounces, you'll only get about 5 cups out of this package. Teacups, and I mean the kind that are used in England, you'll get about 20 cups from it. But our large American mugs are going to require a great number of teaspoons to keep it from tasting like colored water.

Other than that, I really like this product - so much so that I'm going out to buy more. Something I've never done with International Coffee before. Well done, Maxwell House and as Teddy Roosevelt said years ago, it's "Good to the last drop."
247970247970B004T3QMD8A1D9V11QUHXENQBig Al "Alan Rivière"1141320019200Quite good for an instant latteI am a coffee drinker; I like it black. But occasionally, I do enjoy a cup of latte. I put 4 tablespoons of this Maxwell House International Coffee Pumpkin Spice Latte in a cup and added a cup of boiling water. On the first few sips, I tasted sugar, milk, and malt, amid the favor of coffee beans. I did detect a faint favor of pumpkin spice, but I wouldn't have if I hadn't read the words "Pumpkin Spice" on the label. It was quite good for an instant latte. I like it. I will order a pack when I finish this can.
247971247971B004T3QMD8A1VTOFY4N47RGFMarilyn T. Schoberg1141320019200Very goodOK, it's not Starbucks, but it's close and it's instant! This is a really good pumpkin latte. There's a nice creamy top to it, and has just the right amount of pumpkin flavor and kick of cinnamon. The perfect Fall drink. Four stars instead of five because Maxwell House has changed it's packaging from a recyclable tin to a number 5 (and therefore un-recyclable in most areas) plastic.
247972247972B004T3QMD8A2HUWCHQ6JV9INSusan M. Heim1151319932800Perfect Pumpkin Coffee!I love pumpkin-flavored products, and this product does not disappoint! It has a wonderful spicy and creamy taste, with just the right amount of pumpkin flavor. Like the other Maxwell House International Coffees, it's so easy to make and is ready in minutes. I wish the Pumpkin Spice Latte flavor was available year-round!
247973247973B004T3QMD8ACAXV4V8PBCE3Texas Rose "Roseanna"1141319932800Yum, but...Maxwell House International is famous for its yummy coffee treats, and this is another wonderful flavor just in time for fall and the cool weather of October.

The smell and taste are wonderful in the pumpkin spice latte. The directions say to mix with hot water, and the product disolves very quickly with no lumps or problems mixing. There is a wonderful foamy look, just like a professional latte, to the drink, and the taste is good.

However, I found it a little on the thin side when mixed with water. I tried the directions, then even tried using more, but it was not as satisfying as I wanted. The company website suggests adding this to hot milk, but I didn't want to go that direction. So then I tried adding it to black coffee and it was excellent! Maybe I just wanted a little more kick, but when added to hot coffee, it was just what I wanted and had that feel in the mouth of a really luxurious drink. What a treat!
247974247974B004T3QMD8A2I60HCAVEF3RCTiger1141319846400Very Good, Complex, and Creamy Latte QualityBoth my wife and I like this pumpkin spice latte. It has a more complex mix of flavors that is more than just one note. Most notably is the latte aspect that seems quite milky or creamy which is nice. The actual coffee aspect (like most mixes like this) is minimal, but it does contain instance coffee (according to the ingredient list). It is not a caffeine jolt like a strong coffee and does not taste of strong coffee, but I wouldn't expect that. Between the sugar, fat, and small amount of coffee it is maybe a gentle boost. It is a creamy mix of flavors that surround a pumpkin pie spice. However both my wife and I would say we "like", not "love" this. Still very good and happy to have it on occasion.

The biggest drawback to me is the fat content, with a 10% DV of saturated fat (although only 3% DV total fat). The 4% DV carbs (8g sugars) is okay in my book. It makes me think twice about having a cup, and think about what else I was going to have that same day, and certainly not daily or multiple in a day. So within moderation, one cup of this now and then around the Halloween & Thanksgiving holidays seems a nice treat. It isn't terribly bad for you, but in my book cannot be ignored. Of course check what your alternative was going to be, if your next choice was something using a creamer with equal or more fat content, then this consideration is a moot point. But this is just based on the 1 1/3 tbsp serving size and you are likely to use a bit more.

Do use the 4 teaspoons (or more) recommended for 6-8oz. For 6oz, I found 4 to be ideal to taste great. They don't clarify what kind of teaspoons, level or heaping, so I assume level or slightly rounded. 4 slightly rounded seems to yield a very good drink. But I think it adds up to more than the serving size of 1 1/3 tbsp. But you cannot really cut down to stretch the mix or lower the %DV. We have tried 3 rounded tsp in 6oz on three occasions and always find it to be too watery and always needs that extra tsp. If you are going to have 3, you really need to put in the 4th to make it worthwhile.

I have to compare to a another pumpkin spice coffee that we think is heavenly. We absolutely love the Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice (K-Cups) mixed with 1 or 2 tbs of International Delight, fat free, french vanilla, coffee creamer, found in your refrigerator section of grocery stores. The fat free version has 0% fat and 2% carbs per tbs. I always use 2 tbs, so compared to a serving size of this, they are both 4% carbs, but I save the fat. The pumpkin spice K-cup with this is just heavenly, but much more of a single note flavor that is the pumpkin pie spice and creamy in a simpler way.

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