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247981247981B004T3QMD8A1VV72295OP6B4Cheryl A. Reynolds "Spuddie"0041350950400Nice creamy flavorAs far as fake pumpkin flavors go, this one wasn't bad. Nice creamy smooth taste, not really enough "spice" for my taste, but not totally bland. Good, for what it is.
247982247982B004T3QMD8A1H8JUI9GNQKNRHarold Harefoot0051347753600my new favorite instant coffeeI've been buying the various Maxwell House International coffee flavors for years, so I'm very familiar with the product. Obviously, I also like the various flavors, since I keep buying them. However, I hadn't tried this one before - I'd never even heard of it before. Anyway, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is my new favorite of all the International coffees. It's just as convenient as all the others and I love the pumpkin flavor. I highly recommend this to anyone with a taste for pumpkin.
247983247983B004T3QMD8A3A8FMW6BDJ166janjanmom0051337212800YUM-EThis product is so delicious. It makes a wonderful fall drink, but would be delicious any time of year. Maxwell House knows how to make good coffee and this new flavor is no exception. Best if shared with a friend!
247984247984B004T3QMD8A1GXIQMIF5M000Joel Holtz0051337212800Pleasant taste, super aromaI'm not a latte drinker, but this pumpkin spice latte from Maxwell House is very good.

The taste is good, not excellent..but the aroma is outstanding.
Perfect for a cool Spring day and even better in winter.
9-ounce cans are a perfect size for storing.
Genuine pumpkin flavor.
Highly recommended!
247985247985B004T3QMD8A2VIUUWR7B11KSnws20020041335052800Fun for the holidaysThis "coffee" drink was fun for the holidays. However, it is not really coffee in my eyes, more of a coffee flavored drink. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy it, but my dad and others commented that it was fake tasting, like any other instant coffee. The pumpkin and spice flavor is there and it is quick to make, but if you enjoy coffee this probably won't cut it for you.
247986247986B004T3QMD8A3H9JSM1SUTE4ORobin Simmons0031334275200ODD FLAVOR NOT FOR ALLI served some Maxwell House International Coffee Pumpkin Spice Latte to friends at a Halloween party and later did the same at Thanksgiving dinner. The response was widely varied and some of my guests thought the coffee tasted "old" or "dusty." Not exactly what you want to hear. For me, the added element of extra cream makes the pumpkin spice flavor a smoother, mellower brew. I love the aroma and have since mixed the instant coffee with other more exotic brews and have come up with my own original flavor that everyone loves. I think it may be the added Kona beans that do the trick.
247987247987B004T3QMD8A1LVHR5OO45L5VJAG 2.00041331251200Just the right amount of everything.I drank this product during the holiday season with my (many) desserts (except pumpkin pie - too much of a good thing!) and think this is a good product.

I thought it had just the right mix of pumpkin and spices. Others may disagree, but I don't like the flavorings to be overwhelming. I thought it had a very good balance of flavors - especially for an instant coffee. I shared some with my mother and sister who are Cafe Vienna fans and each of them were suitably impressed.

This is an instant coffee and must be judged by that standard. Frankly, the only fault I found with this product is common to all products of this type - there's always that stuff at the bottom of the cup that never dissolves.

On the whole, for an instant coffee, a good product. I give it four stars.
247988247988B004T3QMD8A35JP8KSV9281Kbezoarrn0021329955200Too sweet, too expensive, what coffee?This product is such a disappointment. There is no coffee flavor whatsoever. It would be a delicious hot pumpkin-flavored beverage if it wasn't so sticky sweet! And the price is outrageous. Not for me.
247989247989B004T3QMD8AXR3CV6A4FMBGMcBean "BJMcBean"0031327622400WeakI would have liked this to have been more creamy. It also tasted artificial. I tried adding some cream to it just to make it smoother, but the taste just wasn't there. If it looked and tasted like the pretty picture on the box, I'd have been one happy girl.
247990247990B004T3QMD8AQ1F3NP2G15S5M. ORIAS "puccagirl73"0031327536000Tasty Pumpkin Spicy Fat GoodnessThis Pumpkin Spice Latte blend from Maxwell House was great, tasty, frothy, yummy. This from an instant mix that comes from a coffee that had a bitter taste to their previous flavors and blends, Maxwell House you have definitely improved. I shared this can and it was gone in a week. You also do not have to use too much to get a great latte, the required amount can be overwhelming after awhile. It was better with water for me than with milk since the milk made it too creamy. I added some clove spice and it made the blend taste better. I took off one star for the price, twice the supermarket price. I took off another star for the fat content, it's got 2 grams of SATURATED FAT.
247991247991B004T3QMD8A9XX8OHS2ZQ2XR. Neil Scott0041326672000Fall flavor !What a great holiday treat this is!

The pumpkin spice latte is the perfect end to Thanksgiving Dinner or an evening treat by itself. Take note though, the taste is much better when made with hot milk instead of water.
247992247992B004T3QMD8A3UUTDX2WNVUS3S. Whitworth "Hannah's Mommy"0051326499200Maxwell House International Coffee Pumpkin Spice LatteThis is a lovely and relaxing cup to have when it is cold and frosty outside. It has a nice and not overpowering pumpkin spice flavor and will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This also makes a very convenient brew. Just boil water and add mix for a perfect pumpkin spice latte.
247993247993B004T3QMD8A16WPA6JV83YXTSandra Trolinger "trolsgirl"0041326067200Creamy and fast to make in a pinchI like instant coffee during the winter months to curl up with while watching TV and when I am home alone and don't want to brew a whole pot. This coffee is sweet, spicy and fragrant with cinnamon notes and the taste of pumpkin it is a taste of indulgence. I love the creamy froth that peaks at the top when I use hot water to brew and pour over the "grounds" and while the flavor could be a bit stronger in the spices I still like the ease of preparation and the touch of pumpkin that I can drink at home instead of going to my favorite expensive coffee shop.
247994247994B004T3QMD8ACVDL5QRCOPE1D. H.0031325980800To weak of a flavor for meWhen you make this with milk, not water, it looks real good, but you can't taste the coffee flavor, and the pumpkin spice isn't real strong. I really wanted to like this, because I love pumpkin spice, but I really felt that the coffee flavor wasn't there at all, and the pumpkin spice flavor just wasn't strong enough.
247995247995B004T3QMD8ACX80IV6CGBZ0Gagewyn0051324598400Smooth strong flavor and disolved well in hot waterThis was pretty good as instant coffees go. It dissolved well in hot water, and didn't clump up overly. Some similar coffee mixes require sprinkling, then stirring, then sprinkling a little more mix, then stirring, and so one to prevent most of the mix going into the water in the form of powdery bubbles. That this dissolved easily was probably the best feature.

As for taste, this was good. It is creamy and has hints of nutmeg and other spices that go well with pumpkin. The nutmeg and the creamy taste and texture contribute to the pumpkin taste, since pumpkin is a texture as much as a taste. This drink does a good job at conjuring pumpkin and fitting into that family of seasonal products and foods. Some of the other reviews are negative on the creaminess dominating and say it doesn't taste like coffee. To me, it tastes like coffee, but very milked and sugared up. Then again, that's how I drink coffee - milked and sugared up.

This drink mix is pricey (right now almost 10 dollars a canister after shipping for the 4 canister bundle). I'm not sure if it's worth so much. It's a solid beverage, but much cheaper for similar - maybe even for the same thing - at the grocery store.

Oh, and here is the nutritional information off the food label: Serving size is 6-8 fluid ounces. 60 calories (20 of them from fat), 2g fat (both grams are saturated), 60 mg sodium, 11g carbs, 8g sugar. Ingredients: Sugar, nondairy creamer (corn syrup solids, partially hydrogenated coconut oil, sodium caseinate (from milk), dipotassium phosphate, mono-and diglycerides, artificial flavor), whey, maltodextrin, instant coffee, contains less than 2% of cinnamon, ginger, natural and artificial flavors, cellulose gum, sodium citrate, modified cornstarch, silicon dioxide.

Overall, this is a solid hot beverage in taste, texture, and ease with which it dissolves in water. However, it's very pricey. I recommend trying this if you have a sweet tooth and the price doesn't phase you. Avoid this if you like strong coffee or are price conscious when grocery shopping.
247996247996B004T3QMD8ADDDFVHP3CSVASistertex0041324425600A TreatI generally drink 'normal' coffee or tea and save the International House coffees for more of a treat. This is due to the fact that it is sweet and has a powdered flavored creamer in it. I really like the taste of all of these coffies and I think that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is a great addition to the International Coffee collection. It is easy to make, contains around 70 calories a cup if made according to the instructions. Just measure the amout out with the teaspoon and add water - you are set.
247997247997B004T3QMD8A110RS7QL8Q1UXJonathan Pedrone0031323907200A taste of the holidaysThis is a decent latte if you are looking for something to remind you of the fall/holidays (which Pumpkin Spice always does for me). Personally I feel the changing of the seasons with the changing of the coffee flavors in my local coffee shops. This product can be made with water (though I don't recommend it). It is much better with milk (like any other latte).

Personally I enjoyed the product when made with milk, the only drawback is that your calorie, and fat content rises with the addition of the milk, so it is no longer simply a coffee product. However, that being said, if you are looking for a decent alternative at home, rather than heading out to the coffee shop to drop $4.50 on a Pumpkin Latte, this product will certainly work for you.
247998247998B004T3QMD8A261P36T13YP98Victor Blake0041323907200New cardboard packaging, same great flavorsThe International Coffee's have been around since at least the early 1990's. There are a variety of flavors. All of them taste great. They are heavily sweetened drinks. Think of them as more like hot-cocoa in terms of sugar content (than coffee). The Cafe Francais and Cappucino are the two I think actually taste like coffee. The Pumpkin Spice flavor is very sweet and tastes best when very hot.

The packaging is new. They used to come in tin container. The new cardboard containers are actually larger (now 9 oz. instead of 5oz). My only other comments is that I preferred the tins better because if you set the new cardboard container on the counter where it is wet the container and the ingredients in it get wet making for wasted mix...
247999247999B004T3QMD8A2TXMYYGSZCSZ1annie "grannieannie"0031323907200Slightly Lacking in FlavorThis product makes an okay cup of latte, but nothing out of this world. It doesn't have much of a coffee flavor and the pumpkin flavor is quite mild too. It is definitely better made with milk than water.
248000248000B004T3QMD8ASY25YMTIC2A9Steve0041323734400Not very 'latte'... much better with milkThe first time I made this, I used water as the directions suggest. I found that it was a bit bland and needed a bit more of the mix. Still overall my wife and I found it a bit 'boring'. The next time we tried it with milk and it was much better and had a nice froth on top (still needed more mix though). Not sure if I would call this a 'latte' though since with milk, it's more like a mocha hot chocolate. Can't really taste the pumpkin either, but overall it's very good.
248001248001B004T3QMD8AJQFYCKMA7TE3judolphin0011323648000Sanka/Nescafe & Pumpkin Spice Coffeemate is a much better quick cuppa than this glorified cup of sugar waterI love my frou-frou gourmet pseudo-coffee drinks as much as the next guy (I love pumpkin spice coffee in general). I remember my parents buying "International Coffees" so I thought I'd give this a try.

I want to be clear that I was not expecting this to be on par with an espresso-based drink that costs $4. I decided instead to compare this to a cup of instant coffee (Nescafe) with Coffeemate's Pumpkin Spice Creamer -- which should be a fair comparison.

Unfortunately, this comes nowhere close to fulfilling even that modest expectation. These bad boys are completely flavorless unless you double or triple the amount they suggest. And when you do that, you feel like you're drinking a cup of hot sugar water -- there is no coffee to be found in here. Pretty disgusting for me and my wife's tastes.

In my opinion, you'd be better off buying regular instant coffee and a bottle of pumpkin spice Coffeemate. It's 100 times better than this.
248002248002B004T3QMD8AAZ5OJ2OOJ2DKKristen0041323561600Tasty treat!I've long been a fan of the Maxwell House International Coffee line, so I was excited to try this flavor. If you are a fan of other pumpkin spice drinks at unnamed large coffee chains, you will definitely like this product. I like that you are able to add the amount that you want, and the mix blends very nicely and evenly. This is a perfect treat for a cold winter's night!
248003248003B004T3QMD8APPCJX62WKIIPSatia Renee "Satia Renee"0021323129600Terribly disapppointingI followed the directions which suggest you use 6-8 ozs of water and add 3-4 tsps of product. The result was a watered down tasteless mess, even when I used only 6 ozs of water and 4 tsps of the powder.

I eventually found a balance of water to powder that made a tolerable drink but it didn't have much coffee flavor at all and barely any spiciness. Not even close to a substitution for the pumpkin spice latte I buy at the local coffee shop. What's worse, is that by the time I add enough powder, the amount of sugar/fat/additives makes it significantly less healthy. Even when it's made properly, this is not a healthy option and I would urge anyone to just learn how to make your own latte. It may take a little more effort but your body will appreciate it.

Absolutely a waste of money and an offense to my taste buds. I ended up throwing most of it away.
248004248004B004T3QMD8A1URMXEEWEQR6VJeremiah L. Olson0041323043200Pumpkin Spice LatteThe directions on the package indicates one can use 6 to 8 ounces of milk or water with this drink mix, and I chose milk. I used 6 ounces and added the suggested 4 teaspoons of the pumpkin spice mix. The taste was quite bland and I added three more teaspoons. I LIKE FLAVOR! With this addition, I tasted the spice. However, the pumpkin flavor was subtle and barely detectable. I would compare this to a spiced chai latte.
248005248005B004T3QMD8A3JVN244YWI3F3W. DEMEDIO "Wizard Extradionaire"0051322870400Great Tasting Coffee for the HolidaysWe had this pumpkin spice coffee with our dessert on Thanksgiving. It was outstanding. Excellent flavor and easy to make. I highly recommend this Latte.
248006248006B004T3QMD8A3VZH0PWLQ9BB1T. Bux0041322611200Good pumpkin flavorInternational House by Maxwell house pumpkin spice latte has a good flavor of pumpkin and spice with a nice mellow coffee smoothness. It is quite a bit frothy, with a bit of cloying sweetness. While this will not compare to a richer coffee drink like you'd get at Starbucks, this is most certainly a good holiday drink to have on hand for guests or for a dinner party.
248007248007B004T3QMD8A3IVDLIXVJCRDQA. Ryan "AJRyan"0051322438400Nice Subtle Flavor, Good for Cold Winter NightsI liked this coffee mix a lot. It has a subtle pumpkin spice flavor, and makes a really nice creamy latte. Maybe not quite as good as the brand name coffee houses make it, but a great alternative for those on a budget who still want a flavored coffee that will put you in the holiday mood on a cold winter night.
248008248008B004T3QMD8A1517476XFOC7ACoding Genius "CG"0031322179200Very Weak, Watery Flavor Even When Lots AddedI love lattes and pumpkin spice sounded like the perfect flavor to try at Thanksgiving.

I used a measuring spoon to ensure that I put in the correct amount, but the flavor was very watery. Think iced tea diluted two to three times beyond the recommended amount. The flavor was more what I would expect from a cheap "pumpkin spice" herbal tea rather than the usual "International Coffee" latte.

I added 50% more powder, but the flavor got sweeter but not richer. Overall, this was very disappointing, and my guests agreed. None of us finished our mugs.
248009248009B004T3QMD8A6B92PTV0Z1SUP. Kingsriter "R.N. Guy"0051322179200De-lish.I'm not sure what sort of magic Maxwell House has captured here, but this product completely surpassed my and my wife's expectations. (It probably helps to have low expectations!) We weren't hoping for anything close to coffee house quality, but I dare say that when mixed correctly, this latte surpasses the beverages one gets out of the machine at the local gas station. That's pretty darn good, considering this comes out of a can. That considered, I'm very happy with this latte mix. It's got a great, robust pumpkin flavor that balances the coffee nicely. Not too sweet, certainly not bitter. It's a nice cold-weather combo.

If you're looking for a remarkably easy coffee treat at home, this is a nearly fool proof way to go. I recommend it without reservation.
248010248010B004T3QMD8A30638B9S2GOM8apples2apples0051322006400I LOVE this coffee!We just finished our first canister of Maxwell House Pumpkin Spice Latte, and it was SO delicious!
My husband and I love the Maxwell House Coffees, but had never had Pumpkin Spice, so when it was offered through Vine, I was more than happy to review this coffee.

The directions call for two scoops of coffee/latte added to 8 oz of hot water, but we used 2 1/2 - which isn't a LOT more, but it did make a difference. It might be that this is a latte, and not a coffee - it was a little lighter in taste than a coffee, but it was just OH SO YUMMY! We also used 1 sweetener, and it was perfect.

We also tried adding the Pumpkin Spice Latte to our protein shakes, and that makes a delicious alternative to a plain vanilla protein shake. Being kind of a holiday flavor (and one of my favorite flavors!) there are all sorts of things you can do with Pumpkin Spice Latte. Since we were reviewing for Vine I tried some fun things - the things we added it to which worked out well were:
gingerbread cookies, vanilla ice cream, add two scoops to regular coffee add some creamer (there's a new pumpkin creamer that just came out that's delicious and perfect with the Maxwell House Pumpkin Spice Latte) and then put some whipped cream on top sprinkling just a tad on top to make it look pretty!

This is a great buy on Amazon! I haven't seen it in any of the stores I've been to yet. I hope it comes out and isn't just a test coffee!

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