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248012248012B004T3QMD8A5BJMAHZWGJ7NMelaina Lara0051321920000Pumpkin Please!I love pumpkin anything... especially my pumpkin spice lattes. This saves me both money and time, but still gives me the warm, creamy, spicy treat I crave when the weather gets chilly.
It's not quite the same as say a starbucks PSL, but it's so much more affordable and quick that I am not going to nitpick the little nuances that makes it different.
Total pumpkin loving win!
248013248013B004T3QMD8AUEW0SKOB1XYFCatrina Thomas "Luvtlee"0051321920000DeliciousAbsolutely delicious and quick to make. One eight ounce glass of non fat milk heated for one minute in the microwave added to four heaping teaspoons of the dry powder mix and you're good to go! What a treat. I only wish that this was available in more places. It is very hard to find in the stores. At least in our area of North Carolina.
248014248014B004T3QMD8A1YX6S4I5GG5VKBarbe K. Saint John0041321920000Perfect Holiday DrinkIts been a LONG time since I've had an International Foods coffee. I remember those funny commercials in the 80's that seem to make you think that drinking this coffee was SOOO cosmopolitan!

I love a good pumpkin spice coffee so decided to give it a try. It was ok as made with water, but like one reviewer wrote-its a LOT better made with milk or unsweetened vanilla soy milk. It makes it a bit thicker and more satisfying. It was wonderful to make a mug on the first cold day. I added a bit of nutmeg and cinnamon to spice it up even more. If you prefer a stronger coffee taste, its easy to add a bit of instant coffee or espresso to it.

My only negative about this is that it's very sweet, sugar is the first ingredient. It would be nice if it were unsweetened, to allow people who don't or can't use sugar (diabetics, carb watchers) to add their own sweetener to it.
248015248015B004T3QMD8A2ANDN3UQBKMCNBeth D0051321920000Great Smell and Tastes Just As Good.I don't drink regular coffee at all and rarely drink the flavored.

This one was delicious.

It mixed easily and didn't leave a lot of residue.

It had a distinct pumpkin spice flavor that I really enjoyed.

This is one coffee I would definitely buy again.
248016248016B004T3QMD8A3VGAP2KLCBNBBAmy "epiamy"0041321920000Decent canned coffee but no threat to StarbucksOverall, I was impressed with the flavor. Sometimes the pumpkin spice mixes tend to go a little heavy on the nutmeg for my preference, and while you can taste the nutmeg, it's not overpowering. I would've preferred a slightly stronger hand on the cinnamon and pumpkin flavor, however.

You can make it with hot water or with warm milk; we tried it both ways. I found that adding the milk made it very dairy-heavy, and really hid the coffee flavor. The biggest litmus test was my husband, who is an enormous fan of the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. He even liked this, although it wouldn't be a complete replacement for the coffee shop variety. He recently picked up another can for his work so that he'd have it at his desk.

We never got the amount of foam that is pictured on the can. Ours just had a very light frothy layer. If you like fresh, strong espresso drinks, this is definitely not for you, but if you prefer lattes or americanos and like the taste of pumpkin spice, it's definitely worth the try.
248017248017B004T3QMD8A36MS27KAA5S26Katherine Berry "of "Housewife How To's""0041321920000Sweet taste of the seasonI've always loved the convenience of Maxwell House International Coffees for lazy Saturday afternoons, or those chilly evenings when I just want something warm to drink. Although not an avid pumpkin fan, I do usually get one or two pumpkin lattes each fall from one of those expensive coffee shops. So I was very curious whether Maxwell House could combine the convenience of their coffee mix while getting the taste right.

Wow, was I pleased. Yes, it's very sweet, but that's what makes this a seasonal treat. It's creamy on the tongue, too, which makes it feel extra luxurious. And the aroma is divine! When I'd made a cup the first time, my husband (an anti-instant coffee snob) took a sip even before I could. I didn't get my cup back. He liked it so much, he finished off the rest of the container over the next couple of days. Thankfully, I was able to get a couple of lattes myself in that time, or a certain someone would be in big, big trouble.
248018248018B004T3QMD8A2E2PA6UNK1E05Labarum0031321920000Good for What It IsFirst of all, this may say its a flavored latte but in the end it's still instant coffee. So there are two standards here - one for the more general product and one for the genre of instant coffee. In the first one, it's OK. It tastes closer to hot chocolate mix with some pumpkinish flavor than anything you might associate with coffee. In fact, it's rather like the sort of "flavored latte/cappucino" you might get out an automatic dispenser at your local convenience store than anything you would order at a coffee shop. Not bad, mind you ... but not great either.

As a coffee product, it's fairly inoffensive and might rate 2 stars at best. As instant coffee, which usually is a most vile concoction, it would go up to 4. I'll average it out and give it 3 stars. Not something to rate up with the best but certainly not horrible either. It is an alternative to hot chocolate or to make something quick if you're in a rush, but it's not a great cup of coffee of any sort.
248019248019B004T3QMD8AFG4HIHMX312CSara M0031321920000Decent Instant CoffeeI call this Pumpkin Spice Latte 'decent' because the taste is just fine - not fake tasting or chemically - but I could not get my cup to come out creamy or full flavored. I tried many different ratio combos of water to mix but it all just came out watery and thin tasting. Perhaps if you use milk instead of water it might taste better. If you're into instant coffee I'd definitely recommend this flavor though, taste is very nice.
248020248020B004T3QMD8A4GB8I8ACS4PMKevin Pepper "JedeyeNite"0041321747200Instant Latte....YUMI teach at an elementary school, and with recent budget cuts, I had to remove my coffee pot from my classroom. We do have a big coffee station in the teacher's lounge, but most of the time the pot is empty by the time I make it down. The coffee maker does have a hot water spout on the side, which is usually used for hot tea or hot chocolate. After receiving the Pumpkin Spice coffee in the mail, I was excited to see if it could help with my coffee dilemma. Just a few spoonfuls in my mug, and a trip down to the teacher's lounge would prove very rewarding. As I add the water, I stir the coffee, and that actually creates a little bit of foam on the top. The smell is incredible, and I have teachers walking by asking what I am drinking that smells so good. OK, smells are one thing, but the big test does it taste?? As I lift my mug to my lips, the aroma of pumpkin spice fills my nostrils. I take a sip and..........mmmmmmmmmmm the taste of fall fills my mouth. While this may not be quite as good as a cup from your local coffee house, it is a really tasty cup of coffee for instant. I'm almost finished with it, and it is on my shopping list to replenish.
248021248021B004T3QMD8A7YRO6JIVVG7DS. Kay Murphy "Heretic"0041321660800Yummy!The first two ingredients are sugar and coffee creamer, so this isn't the healthiest beverage for you, but Maxwell House doesn't claim to make it healthy, they just claim to make it good, and it's pretty yummy. I was surprised to see that it actually does foam up when you pour the hot water in. You do have to stir it quite a bit to get everything dissolved, which reduces the foam, but if you don't mind some dregs at the bottom of the cup, just stir it moderately, then enjoy. The pumpkin spice flavor rivals anything you'd pay $4 for from a "barista."
248022248022B004T3QMD8A688RIZ2POWSQL. Jenkins "Many hobbies in Texas"0011321574400NastyI only gave this a one star because there were no minus stars. This stuff is just nasty. Maybe its my taster or maybe we don't have the right water for it. But, I did try the chocolate/peppermint flavor and it was yummy.

The instructions are just way off. If I put in the correct amount of powder, the water/milk just changes colors...barely. So, I add more and more. By the time I can taste the flavor its just waaayyyy tooo much flavor and its bitter. This can says it has coffee in it but it is 10th on the ingredient list. The first three ingredients are some sort of sugar.

For 8 ounces of water and 4 teaspoons of powder the calories are 60, the total fat grams are 2, 60mg of sodium, 11 grams of carbs, 8 grams of sugars and less than 1gram of protein.

Skip this colored water and drink some mud instead. The mud will be the better tasting of the two.
248023248023B004T3QMD8A306153FTKS9PLTurtle5020031321574400Good for a quick afternoon cup of coffee, but not greatI like coffee. Not only do I drink coffee in the morning, but I drink it in the afternoon, usually around 2:00, as a quick pick-me-up. I especially like lattes and cappuccinos in the afternoon, which I consider a snack.

What I like about this coffee is that it's an instant product -- the only thing you need is hot water. No brewing involved. I do recommend using a real measuring spoon and not relying on your teaspoon, though, when measuring out the product. When you mix it with hot water, it produces a really good, foamy product -- very much like a latte.

While it's foamy, it's not very thick, and I honestly can say the pumpkin-spice flavoring falls a little on the weak side. I've never really liked the International Coffees because I feel they come off as a weak-tasting coffees. I prefer a strong coffee taste, with strong flavoring, when drinking cappuccinos and lattes. This product reminds me of a coffee-flavored tea, with some spices added. It's also just not very sweet.

While the recommended serving is about 90 calories, I tend to use 5 teaspoons instead of the recommended 4 teaspoons, just to add a little more flavor. Making it with milk, instead of water, is an alternative to add more density to the product, but then the calories could start to add up. All of this said, the product definitely falls-short in the flavor department.

The packaging makes no mention of the caffeine content. My experience tells me it contains caffeine, but it's impossible to know how many milligrams of caffeine are in a serving. I find it provides an afternoon lift for a few hours.

If you're looking for an afternoon alternative to coffee or tea, and like spiced coffee, give this a try, but don't expect coffee-house quality or flavor.
248024248024B004T3QMD8A1BKJNAWJT2TG2G. Scott "Gia Scott"0051321574400Great coffee with a spiced twistThe name of this coffee is somewhat less-than-inspiring. I really wasn't sure about a coffee with the word "pumpkin" in it. I couldn't imagine a pumpkin flavored coffee as being good at all, but the name is somewhat misleading too. There is no pumpkin flavor, it simply has similar spices to a pumpkin pie.

It's a smooth instant coffee, consistent with what we expect from Maxwell House's International coffees line. The spices are very noticeable, yet not overbearing, and the blend is highly satisfactory as well, without being overpowered by any particular spice.

Spiced coffees can be tricky, and this one is very good as a dessert coffee. I enjoy it after an evening meal most of all. It's also more of a stand alone coffee rather than one to be served alongside dessert or anything else.
248025248025B004T3QMD8A1E45C97JEF57HEdward Alexander Gerster "miamibooks"0041321574400A nice change of pace.So Fall is the time for all the cliches we see advertising autumn leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and pumpkins everywhere. How appropriate a time to try this new blend... and I must say, I love the flavor of pumpkin, so I was genuinely looking forward to this. Be warned, it does say pumpkin spice Latte, so when the cup produces a foam, it was designed to do that. Flavor is good, not great, but it is creamy, sweet and smells heavenly so not too much to complain about. Very little coffee flavor, but a nice cup of fall flavor.
248026248026B004T3QMD8A38ON1MOZNBCGERichard Wagoner0041321574400Nice Treat but not perfectThis is a nice treat on occasion, with good flavor when you make it right. However, to make it right you need to use a lot more than the suggested amount (about 1-1/2 to 2 times as much as directed), and it doesn't really have a pumpkin flavor as much as a kind of generic "holiday spice" flavor. On the other hand, I like it better than some coffeehouse pumpkin spice lattes so perhaps that is being a little unfair.

The suggestion made by others to use milk instead of water is a good one. Gives it a richer flavor with more of a latte froth to it. Of course you'll pay for it with the extra calories, but again, probably better than many coffeehouses. Just consider it a treat rather than an everyday drink and you should be OK.
248027248027B004T3QMD8AQLL2R1PPR46Xgrumpyrainbow0031321488000DecentThis is okay. You have to use more than is actually called for to get a good flavor and the ingredient list isn't anything to rave about, but in a pinch it's okay. My main issue is the taste isn't worthy the high calories in the least. The coffee flavor is also pretty nonexistent.
248028248028B004T3QMD8A2MMDKNIM4ONRTA. Rottger "busy mommy"0051321488000yum!delicious creamy, nutmegy, cinnamon, pumkin goodness. This is perfect for a cold evening by the fire or a delightful mid afternoon pick me up. Whatever time of day you drink it, you will love it! It is also a limited editioon flavor so grab it while you can...perfect for holiday gatherings when you have a variety of beverages to make available to your it!!!
248029248029B004T3QMD8A1U7YAYZCG6ELLD. Everts0051321488000Wonderful!I really enjoy the flavor of this drink and its really easy to make.
It reminds me of eating pumpkin pie.

I tend to use more than they tell you to use in order to get the sweetness I desire but is really preference.
I also use milk instead of water. It makes it creamier and that is the way I like it.

I haven't purchased any of these in a long time and I was surprised to learn they are in plastic now instead of tins like they used to be. I guess I shouldn't have been. In any event, its probably cleaner anyways.

If the name Pumpkin Spice makes you think you might like it then I would say that you will because it tastes very near to what I was thinking it would taste like and I love it.

Also fits the season perfectly.
248030248030B004T3QMD8AH9MUK2Z52V6NM. McQueen0051321488000Smooth taste! (but no pumpkin flavor)I gave this product 5 stars because it is easy to prepare and it tastes good--very smooth and creamy with a hint of ginger and/or nutmeg spice. I thought it would taste like pumpkin but I couldn't taste any pumpkin in it at all. Since I thought it tasted good even without pumpkin flavor, I gave it the full 5 stars. In addition to using it as a stand-alone drink, I've also added a teaspoon or so to my regular coffee to give it a little more pizazz. One thing I found interesting was that this product came in a plastic container instead of the traditional metal one I've come to know and love. It seems a little more flimsy now. Anyway, this does not affect the flavor, just a packaging change that I noticed. If you like GFI's other instant coffee drinks, give this one a try. I think you'll like it too!
248031248031B004T3QMD8A13NM1PES9OXVNAngela D. Mitchell "Paranoid PR"0041321488000Wonderful Holiday Beverage (Especially for Pumpkin Fans)Okay, first off, full disclosure: I am a pumpkin fanatic. I love the taste of pumpkin when the holidays roll around, from pumpkin cookies, to pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, and (yes) even pumpkin ale.

So I might be a little biased.

However, I have to say that I really loved the Maxwell House International Pumpkin Spice Latte. It mixes up with a slightly frothy, slightly creamy consistency when drunk hot, and the flavors are rich and pumpkin-y, with some nice accents of cloves and cinnamon and other appropriate notes.

I also mixed it up as an iced latte, by mixing a little very hot water from the tap with a few spoonfuls of the coffee, mixing thoroughly and vigorously til dissolved, and then adding milk and giving one last stir. I then added ice, and it was just as delicious iced as it is hot.

Pumpkin Spice Latte is ultimately really yummy, and the perfect holiday treat for a cold day. It's basically like a cup full of hot pumpkin pie in coffee form. Which is a good thing for us pumpkin fans -- so if you're one of them, you'll probably really enjoy this coffee. I loved it so much I was sorely tempted to buy the case of six, since I know it's limited to the holidays.

Cheers and happy holidays!
248032248032B004T3QMD8AAUUKWXDKP3UXEric Mays "Bizarro Author of "Naked Metam...0031321488000Great, but too sweetI absolutely love coffee! And instant saves a ton of trouble and angst. So, as opposed to other coffee afficianados, I'm not a snob who has a disdain for instant coffee. In fact, I like it. The trouble here is that the instant coffee is way too sweet. Nearly four servings of sugar in the entire miniscule serving. So, you get your joe, but you also get a helping of way too much sugar.
248033248033B004T3QMD8A29C0Z6BY8HB9HMom of three0031321488000Needs more flavor!!I've had pumpkin spice latte's from Starbucks, and I buy pumpkin flavored coffee and creamer, so I really thought I would like this. It does make a nice foam layer on the top, and it is ok flavored, but just ok. I would've liked it to be sweeter and have a little more flavor. I made it with the 4tsp's as stated on the box, but I had to add more because, I thought it was too watery tasting. I tried adding more of the mix and I even tried adding sugar, but every time it just comes up bland.
248034248034B004T3QMD8A3CMW1N1WOYZT6April M. Steenburgh "fireun"0031321488000Tasty, needs alterations in preparationA little weak if made as directed, I always found myself adding just under double the recommended amount. Definitely tastier made with milk- makes it a rich drink more akin to a coffee house latte than something instant prepared at home. I have enjoyed the Maxwell House instant French Vanilla flavor, and I will most likely purchase this one again as well.
248035248035B006BXUVTAA2C2PB8W6H0O7HGeorge Merriam0021348099200A Big Clump!I ordered a case of these pretzels and they came in a timely manner. I ordered peanut butter cheese crackers which came at the same time. They were not damaged in any way BUT the the coating on the pretzels had melted during the trip and each individual 100 calorie pack was fused together in one big mess. They tasted fine though and my grandkids didn
248036248036B00474C2RYAEEL5948ANEICFoodie0051349222400My FavoriteI just tried this over the weekend and it was incredible. This simplicity of the preparation and the complexity of the flavors really make Grandma Maud's an excellent buy. I would definitely recommend this mix for anyone who loves slightly spicy southern food. Trying another variation soon, hope it's just as good :)
248037248037B0007WAU24A3E7NBJ3O8GCY0Rosie2251312588800Locatelli cheeseWe have been eating Locatelli Pecorino Romano cheese for over 40 years and were glad to find it on Amazon as we cannot find it here in Alaska. It has a lot of flavor and snap to it, not like anything grated and prepackaged from the stores! The store stuff usually taste's like cardboard, but Locatelli is just wonderful!
248038248038B0007WAU24AN07MK3A7LSP3amrcrg1151322956800Great cheeseThis is our favorite type of cheese for grating. The product was received quickly and the taste was wonderful. I ordered in October and need to reorder and will buy again from this vendor - great cheese and great store.
248039248039B0007WAU24A2YOWIJTS2Z0U5J. Duffie1151320969600After a long searchYears ago I had a wonderful Italian meal in Boston. I was told at the time that the distinct flavor was due to the Locatelli cheese. I carried a piece of paper with the name for many years but could never find in Calif. or on the internet. Imagine my surprise when I ran into and purchased said cheese from Amazon. The supplier who sent it, did a great job of packing and was prompt in delivery. It is a very nice cheese.
248040248040B001E5E0H4A2QPUCUFWD96RRTara2251259280000delicious!Mmmmmmmmmm, yummy. That's what I say. And all my friends I've shared it with. The mint is great, and you can tell there are natural ingredients.
248011248011B004T3QMD8A23E9ZPS2RQZS0S. Robbins "talking to a tortoise"0051321920000You know it's Fall when Pumpkin Spice latte appearsI cheer every year, even if it is still 102 degrees and I see that Starbucks is offering pumpkin spice latte. The only thing I don't cheer about is the price for this addictive habit. Now, I can make a pumpkin spice latte that ALMOST tastes like the ones a barrista makes and I don't have to leave a tip! This flavored coffee has very good flavors, especially of nutmeg but cinnamon and cloves are in there too. Like all these coffees, using really hot water and stirring for at least a minute, makes a better cup and prevents the bottom of the cup residue. This is a light coffee, not a strong robust one so don't think it is going to wake you up in the morning if you did something the night before you shouldn't have! But it is very nice mid-day or evening treat and won't keep you awake unless you are sensitive to small amounts of caffeine. You don't really want to serve it with dessert because it is too much like dessert itself but some vanilla flavored cookies go nicely with it.

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