Amazon Fine Food Reviews

248052248052B004J0LRJUA1YL3D9VNA6XVRKatelyn0021330214400False descriptionI bought these because the description says they have red tips. If I knew these were nothing more exciting than the Marvel superhero candy sticks you can buy at Walmart for $2, I definitely would not have wasted my money on these. Fix the description.
248053248053B0022N8FEGA3HXLJRBKDH1NCAnnie A0051325289600Oh so virital flavoringsWe love flavored coffees but the price is just to high so I bought orange flavor, hazelnut flavor, cherry flavor, caramel flavor, and chocolate flavor powers, to make my own and they work very well. we can flavor by the cup or the pot and we are very happy with them.

With some experimentation we fond all but the chocolate dissolve in cold. So we can and do use it in ice coffee, and we can now make our own flavored water with out having to pay the overly high price.
248054248054B0048IC0PIA137C9LFKPIN52JDP "J D P"1121341273600BEWARE OF BROKEN GLASS!!!This ginger is a very high quality, however, it is not packaged in Australia and California as they claim. It is a product of China. If you order this, you can expect to receive several broken jars, and a dripping, sticky mess. Amazon cannot take the time to label this item as glass or fragile, so the postal service it going to handle it as if it were a box of books. The packing material was 3 air pack bags, they were so tightly packed inside the outer container they were all popped. And the inner container was filled with a sticky mess of broken jars and tiny glass shards. Only 9 of mine arrived intact and the outer container was such a sticky mess I had to put it inside a plastic garbage bag to put it in my vehicle.
248055248055B0047HDOSCA7C7QG6O3ZHXDA. C. Smith "A.C.Smith"0051337990400Dog loves this food!!My dog cant have chicken and she loves this beef flavor. You can see the veggies in it and it doesn't smell bad.
248056248056B0047HDOSCA1V6KMWCGVOFQJdgerman0051310428800dogloverMy dogs love this canned dog food. I feel good about feeding it to them with the real green beans, peas and carrots.
248057248057B001HTP4I6A3HEY6YGBB1CBQAmy Starr1251329264000Delicious!I researched many chai tea products before deciding on this one and knew it was a good choice the moment I tasted it. It's perfect for making chai tea latte with my espresso machine, and I chose it over all the others because it was low in calories and sugar, had 0 fat, and all my favorite spices. You can make it as strong or as subtle as you want. Personally, I like the ratio of 3 ounces Chai to 5 ounces frothed milk.
248058248058B001HTP4I6ACEJ3M1WKWFSJElyse Sutherland1251327795200drink it nowThis chai is delicious. Everything I wanted and more. I mix it with Earth Balance organic soy milk and I can't believe that such an amazing creamy treat has less than 80 calories and not a single ingredient I object to. I bet the chai and soy milk would taste great blended with some berries for a smoothie!
248059248059B001EO67YYANRSYD7NJEYWSA. Park101051248998400Great DealI bought this on sale and it was a fantastic deal. I've been trying to work more flax seed into our diet, mostly it's been the brown flax seed. I liked this because it doesn't make the food darker looking. Usually the brown seeds are cheaper, but with the sale these seeds were a bargain. I understand there isn't a difference with the health benefits. We bought a cheap coffee grinder and will grind seeds to then add to oatmeal, bread products, and even cookies. When I make pancakes with Bisquick I toss in a little ground flax. Really, if it has flour in it we add ground flax. I know some people leave the seeds whole, but I read that your body gets more nutrients from the seed when they're ground, and freshly ground is the best.
248060248060B001EO67YYA3G87XW9ZCQR2QDebbie9951295049600Great Product! Great Value!I have used gold flax for years and love the health benefits. Do some study for yourself on the anti-oxidant, anti-cancer benefits. I also love the taste of gold flax which is slightly higher in Omega 3 than brown flax. I eat it in a health shake, granola bars, banana nut muffins, sprinkled on cereal, in brownies and cookies.T his pack of 4-26oz. is =6.5 pounds and a great value.
248061248061B001EO67YYAH2NESW0EWSONJohn9951279238400Fresh and it's a great price!This is a great choice of flax. It comes in plastic jars for easy storage. It is also 100% soy free. I found that some flax seed companies manufacture their flax seed in facilities where soy is also packaged.
248062248062B001EO67YYA3NM9XG7Q2LYWNS. Lawson1151292976000cannot beat this valuei absolutely love this set i ordered it and have been taking 2 tbsp everyday and im not even halfway through my first jar almost 2 months later!!! great value
248063248063B001EO67YYA1BYHJMZLEQ1UXVictor Garcia0051347580800What happened to Chia seeds?I started using flax seeds for all it's benefits already listed here in the reviews. I'm on the borderline of hypertension, and the flax seeds had helped me get my blood pressure down! What a great price too. Later on I learned of the benefits of Chia seeds. Chia basically beats the flax seed in pretty much all categories, so I ordered myself a 5lb bag of chia for $30. I wasn't sure what 5lbs was going to look like in chia seeds, but it was HUGE. I was really excited to start using the chia seeds, but I was still stuck with so many jars of these flax seeds. I gave some away and finished what I had left over.
Let me say that chia seeds are awesome. They are supposedly superior to flax seeds in every way, and I find them easier to clean out of my dishes than ground flax.
So here I am on Amazon looking for more chia seeds when to my surprise the prices for chia shoot out of the roof!!!! My same 5lb bag that I bought in February 2012 for $30, are now (September 2012) $120!!!!!! All types of packages in all weights, the prices have gone way up. I also notice that many sellers are "out of stock". What a bust.....
So now i'm going back to flax seeds. Flax seeds are what begun my health changes and I truly believe that they are just as good as chia. However given the choice I would definitely buy the chia. Just not at those insane prices..... I will be checking every couple of weeks to see what happens with the price of chia.

Flax seed vs. Chia seed. My unprofessional comparison

Flax pros
- extremely healthy
- extremely affordable
- whole seeds NEED to be ground for full benefits
- i found the ground flax needs just a little scrubbing to be cleaned off dishes

Chia pros
- supposedly superior to flax seeds in all categories
- don't need to be gound
- cleans up is easy, just rinse
- went from extremely affordable to extremely expensive!! (compared to flax)

In conclusion Flax and Chia seeds are both amazing. Seed vs. seed though I would choose Chia.
248064248064B001EO67YYA1DQQLTTM1Q24Tlouis derubbo0041341532800flaxseedthe flaxseed was exactly what I was looking for. Your info on the type of seed expressed that it was not ground. Which was the type I needed.
248065248065B001EO67YYA2M8A75MIEU0BLAZ fishing gal0051320105600GREAT value on flax seedAs a regular user of flax seed, I was happy to find this bargain here on Amazon. It's fresh and delicious, and the price is perfect. Yummmmm!
248066248066B001EO67YYA3NLXO3TZ4KFZGGail R. Cnudde0051320105600Premium Gold Whole Flax SeedI have been buying brown flax seed for several years but because this was a very good price I thought I would try it.
The taste is not as nutty as the brown but still good. It does grind a lot finer then the brown which is so much better because all the seeds get ground.I will buy this again.
248067248067B001EO67YYA16SLDSYOKXXT9Toledo Bend Catfisher0051315440000Outstanding ProductFlax seeds are an excelient source of fiber. I use it in bread I bake and it blends well with hot breakfast cereal and cool salads. It add a nutty crunch to everything.
248068248068B001EO67YYA3IUKRM3KBP78WL. Morgan0041309132800Lots of flax!!Didn't realize I was ordering 4 large containers of flaxseed...prob better for business orders I guess. I just gave some away. I love flax and it's health benefits. Careful though dieters...there are some calories in these.
248069248069B001E5E0HOAU7GRMVQEZT1FSir Readsalot "Johnson"6651295136000Excellent Dried PlumsI was buying these at my local health store for almost $5 a bag. I had not looked for food on Amazon until recently and found the same dried plums for $3 a bag.

I have been through 3 bags so far and I will be ordering more soon as they are the same product I was getting for more money.

If you have not had any "Made in Nature" products I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys real dried fruits.
This are tree ripened so there is a variation in each fruit. I love that about this particular maker: the diversity of the fruit. It is what real dried fruit should taste like.
I would also suggest this makers dried figs.
One word: excellent.
These are the best darned dried plums I have ever had.
Buy them now and thank me later.
248070248070B001E5E0HOA2YFCHH9PR70FEJ. Calhoun5551272758400A plum of a dealOtherwise known as prunes, dried plums are one of the very best foods there are, for anti-oxidant value. These are very tasty, and you don't have to worry about any undesirable or even unintentioned bad things being in there. Even my wife, who is a junk food junkie if there ever was one, likes them! Having 6 bags mean they stay fresh (vs. using 16 Oz. box). There is no down side here. Even as a very severe diabetic, I have no problem with them.
248041248041B001E5E0H4A3FIEDNY9KV977sky goddess "sky"2251248220800TOTALLY AWESOME!!!So far I've had the MOJITO and PINA COLADA in a bag. They're awesome!! So easy to make, so delicious to drink!!! They travel really well too!
248042248042B001E5E0H4A1XGAVI3FXA84WMish2251184544000Awesome Stuff!I've been buying these for years. They are not only delicious but perfect for a cookout, picnic, tailgate etc. They travel well to parties and make no mess. I also buy the Margarita bags...they're great frozen! I rave about them to everyone and they're always a hit at a party!
248043248043B001E5E0H4A1JTCR88BGIN4HC. Cole1151288569600Yum!!Freezes solid- don't leave it in the freezer. Stays well in the refer, though. Very minty, not too acidic. I love it!
248044248044B001E5E0H4A3VTTVK3C1PAR4L. Snyder1151276041600delicious!!!this is a great product!!! i LOVE mojitos, but they are hard to come by since fresh mint isnt a usual item to stock at bars, homes, etc. bottled mixes will do, but i cant help but notice they dont taste homemade. so, sadly, i go without.

i just had my first (large) glass of this mojito slushy and couldnt be happier with the flavor! the blend is perfect: tart, sweet, and minty. the slushy consistency helps give it an effervescent quality.

making it is the simplest thing. 'add rum to this line. add optional flavored liquor to this line. add warm water, shake, then finish adding more water to this line. freeze 6 hours.' i actually made it two days ago, but after letting it thaw while i was taking a bath, it was a happy, happy pick me up.

i plan to always keep some of the bags in stock at my place, which i may or may not share with visitors. .. . this is something i can indulge in and not feel the least bit selfish!!!! (if theyve never had something, they dont know what they are missing, right?!)
248045248045B001E5E0H4A3MDKB8FJ5YQNNLinda0051348963200Yum!This mix is absolutely yummy! It's a very refreshing summer drink. It's really easy to mix. We carried it dry to the UK in our luggage when we went to visit family for our family to try. We bought the rum in duty free and mixed it up when we got there. It was a hit! Great summer drink.
248046248046B001E5E0H4A1V25ZMEI7A395ATL_sweett380051315094400Drank up the WHOLE bag yesterday with hubby!I'm not a big fan of mojitos because I don't like the leaves floating in my drink. However, this was delicious! There was mint in the drink. However it was chopped into tiny pieces. My husband ran across this at Sam's Club as part of some promotion/road show. (3 for $20). We tried the Mojito mix yesterday which was so good. Hubby even added a bit of strawberry daiquiri mix to create strawberry mojitos. At an outdoor concert yesterday, this was the perfect cool treat and very portable. I was surprised by the taste. Very happy overall with the quality of the product. HOwever unsure if I would pay $20+ for 1 bag. May have to run back to Sam's to see if they are still offering the promotion to get a few more. Very tasty!!
248047248047B001E5E0H4A3RCRHAHZTX4WCDonald L. Casto0051305417600Convenient, great tasting, effective and adaptable - A winner!Although I spent two decades in the bar business, I retired to other work before the "Mojito" became trendy . . .and to this day, I have never had a "Mohito" prepared like they do on TV. I tend more toward a simpler form of imbibing . . .red wine or a good Irish Whiskey on the rocks. This all began to unravel a few months ago when my ex-fiance and I went to a friend/relatives Christening. The ceremony took place in a spectacular Greek Orthodox cathedral. It was at the reception a little later that I the child's grandfather brought out his home made Grappa . . .

I found that drinking Grappa straight is a character building experience . . .somewhat like Tequilla shots-but with smoother and more tasteful aspect. I began shopping for Grappa noticed that Grappa was readily available. I began trying different brands with pleasing results. The ex-fiance had less success. She bought a bottle that tasted a little "off" . . .and I suggested we might try mixing it with something to make it more palatable. Mojitos came to mind . . .and Amazon provided me with the opportunity to try Lt. Blender's Mojito in a Bag. The experiment was a success . . .no Grappa was lost or wasted, and the ex and I may have invented the "Grappajito".

The "in a bag" concept was new, and more than a little strange to me. My years in the bar business had made me wary of all the "convenience cocktails/mixes" . . .and I had always made a point to make my mixes (Bloody Mary, Margarita, etc) from scratch batch recipes. I was skeptical, but had no previous taste experience to bias me . . .and the "bag" worked wonderfully on all levels. The mixing was relatively easy and provided several options to the conventional "slushy" bag Mojito. Since we were already well past the constraints of conventionality with our Grappa, we opted to mix and serve on the rocks rather than wait for the freezer. It tasted great and did wonders for the "off" Grappa. I plan to use the rest of the "bags" during a trip with friends to a concert in Southern California next week . . .and I am hoping that the "Grappajito" takes off from there. I cannot speak for the rest of the Lt. Blender's line, but the "Mojito in a Bag" is a winner!
248048248048B00099XQ08A1E1TX2SS7D6T0sunshine32151151347235200Convenience PurchaseI ordered this strickly for convenience. As the winter approaches, I like to have my kitchen stocked because when it is dangerous weather, I want to just come straight home. I ordered this as a easy because it will last a while, I don't use it every day or even every week but I know I have my easy items when needed.
248049248049B00099XQ08A2E1240Z6FRVT9Jessica1141333843200is it SO WRONGok so these arent good for you, but they make a nice filling snack when youre in a hurry and im bored so i thought id review them. try not to think too much about whats in them, just try to eat them quickly and your stomach will feel satisfied. if you;re me, which you probably aren't. i don't live on them but theyre a staple, and this is a good price for a whole case. thank you i think i will go have a can of them now. <3
248050248050B00099XQ08A22W9913SUC44Fnahkbin0041336003200What more could I say.What more can I say. I like the product or I would not have ordered it! LOL I now have a stock that will last for a while. Product not available here in Thailand.
248051248051B004J0LRJUA359RWF3Y25HS0Sarah0051332374400Excellent nostalgiaI bought these as a prop for a 1920's themed party. They made a great party favor/prop and quite a few people asked where I had gotten them as they had not seen candy cigarettes in many years.

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