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248071248071B001E5E0HOA3HNMSAD3GP11BP. Gordon7851246406400Healthy and DeliciousThis is the first time I've tried these organic plums and they are the perfect healthy snack to keep by my computer at work. They're moist and flavorful, and we don't have to worry about chemicals or sulfur because they're organic. My 6 year old daughter loves them too and I'm happy to see her getting more fiber in her diet. We like to cut them into pieces and top salads and cereals with them or eat them alone. I highly recommend them.
248072248072B001E5E0HOA12Z43CZ1O15D5Rachel3351306800000Great prunes... I mean plums!Purchased Made in Nature prunes and really like them. They are not messy, sticky, and oily like Newman's Own. They do take more chewing as they are drier, but that can be solved by soaking for a few minutes to re-hydrate them a bit. Overall, they are my new favorite, although slightly higher priced than other brands.
248073248073B001E5E0HOA1YF6LMDNUTM4SL. Tesler3331284249600Tasty in oatmealI have only tried one bag of these organic prunes.

They taste best to me in home-cooked oatmeal. I add a couple to the pot before or during the 5-minute simmer. Boiling brings out the flavor and softens them up.

Because they are dry to the touch, they don't make my fingers sticky like Newman's Own Organics California Prunes, Pitted, 12-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6). But they cost more per ounce than Newman's and their flavor when dry is not nearly as intense.
248074248074B001E5E0HOA3N3QCLCY9AUSSRonald Fisher5651258588800good tasteMy wife and I have been eating these for over a year and really like them. We slightly prefer them to Newman's Own, but of course that's personal taste.
248075248075B001E5E0HOAFKALC34URYEYJennifer5651238976000YumDelicious and nutritious. I've eaten through 3 of the 6 bags and have no complaints so far. Fantastic product.
248076248076B001E5E0HOA29RS33N281XNJTwain Mark "Jon"2221334534400gone badI'd never buy these again. We purchased these Nov 22nd, 2011 and the date on the bags say Best Before Oct 18, 2012. For the past several months whenever I open a new bag, half the contents have gone bad. They are covered with what looks like fungus or something and we end up throwing it all out(not knowing what it is). It's too bad because early Okay bags tasted fine. Perhaps it's because they are unsulfured, I don't know. They have been stored just like other dried fruits we buy, in a Pantry. Either the Best By date is wrong or something is wrong with the processing of the dried plums.
248077248077B001E5E0HOA3G3QUF116C6RUgeorgehd "georgehd"2231281398400Good solution for irregularity butI ordered these prunes as well as some from Newman's Own to use when I travel. I like prunes as they keep me regular and they do not make me gassy like some other fiber products. While these are good, I prefer the ones from Newman's Own. These are drier and not as tasty. I find that I like these particular prunes better if I heat them with water and add a little orange juice. But then they are not suitable for travel. Newman's Own are moist and travel well as they are in a resealable pack.
I note another review had the opposite opinion so your best bet is to try both and make a choice.
248078248078B001E5E0HOAW3NV64R98GRHD. G. Crowchild "Deborah G Crowchild"1121319846400Hard and tough to Chew !Dried plums are supposed to be moist and succulent, not so these. The word that comes to mind is RUGGED !
248079248079B001E5E0HOA23N5GILA6AX04S. R. Schnur "srschnur"1141309651200Better than SunsweetAt the same time the name "prune" turned into the name "dried plum" the product got soft and gooey instead of firm and chewy. The texture of the changed product is more like spoiled fruit.

I have been searching for something that more closely resembles the prunes I used to love. These come the closest so far. They are still a little softer and more moist than the prunes of yore, but at least I don't find them disgusting.
248080248080B001E5E0HOAL0I8X5J1KBDBY.T.1151270425600Great!It is so difficult to find organic unsulfured dried fruits. Thank you to the company for the efforts! Great product!
248081248081B001E5E0HOA1WVM25ZPNU32AD. Gardner0051349395200DeliciousI eat six of these prunes a day, and have gone through over 40 bags at this point. These prunes are consistently sweet and delicious and they keep me regular. I tried Newman's Own, but I prefer these. I've only encountered fragments of a pit once. I highly recommend.
248082248082B001E5E0HOA3QFPTDBMQH8S3Anne Foster Angelou0051337126400Excellent PlumsThis brand is excellent and the plums are delicious and moist. We will only eat organic produce. This is our first order from Amazon because of the great price.
248083248083B001E5E0HOAXJIQN24JAWZDLisa Marano0021334534400poor taste and qualityI have ordered made in nature products before. However, these plums have a very peculiar taste. In addition there was a partial pit in one of them. I would not order these again.
248084248084B001E5E0HOA1EISW8ZITLG1GKeyman0011329523200MoldI opened one pack after the other all in the same day hoping to find at least one pack of edible prunes. To my dismay all of them had a white/gray moldy substance on most of the prunes. I did not dare try them because I know they are not supposed to look like that; they are supposed to be clean and shiny. I cannot return them now because I am overseas. $24 down the drain. Next time I will get them from Wal-Mart, at least there I can return them immediately.
248085248085B002UQJ8KKA32C08K6VRSJR4Sarah Heartburn1151294272000Love this juiceThis is my absolute favorite juice box and love this flavor. It's portable and stays well in an ice chest since the water doesn't seep into it like the cardboard juice boxes.
248086248086B002UQJ8KKA1SHE8N62B6WH8The Satan "The name hurts people."0051320796800Reviewing the PRODUCT SHOWNAs I read through what others had said, it seems to me that they reviewed the WRONG product or they bought this particular one but received the WRONG one, for which, they need to review the company selling it to them. As they were not reviewing the one in the picture.

This stuff is good. I like the Fruit punch and the Berry the best. Grape is good and so is the apple.
I see the price per ounce, while buying it from a store and it is comparable to the other 100% juice brands. However, this comes with a pouch so I have no dish to wash.
I drink this all the time at my job and it is convenient for wherever I go.

The taste is really good and the ingredients are perfect!

I don't buy the Spenda(Chem Processed sugar) or high fructose corn syrup. I try to buy it natural or in sugar form, just try to keep it little though.
248087248087B002UQJ8KKA17726SLS6D5RRCarolyn0131297728000NOT 100% juice as statedThis was not 100% juice, but rather the juice punch with 25% less sugar. It was still a good price, though. Cheaper than Wal-Mart.
248088248088B002UQJ8KKA1Y9NQEEY43K6Knixmahn0211299888000not 100% juiceProduct says "Capri Sun Juice 100% Juice, Fruit Punch, 10-Count, 6-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 4)" The stuff I got was 10%
248089248089B00585GGZUA20SV89930P7XXGoldie1151320105600My Macaw thank youGoldie my Macaw loves Macadamia nuts, but buying them at the store was breaking the bank, we purchased a year supply for one low price. Thank you!!
248090248090B00585GGZUA20498NRQR2Q68erin2351326067200Delicous!Excellent taste, quality, and price. I was very impressed as they tasted just like the ones I bought in Hawaii!!
248091248091B00585GGZUA2HFIWRT0DP106TigerEyes0051335571200Whole, fresh, and deliciousThese nuts arrived from Bayside Candy well packaged, with fast delivery. The nuts themselves were fresh and in great least 95% of them were whole. Delighted with the purchase and this company.
248092248092B000N4K7MOA10023OS6MZUC6Wilton Dubois0041274313600Cajun SeasoningThis is a good cajun seasoning, but it was not hot at all.
Not like most Cajun food.
I added some cayene pepper to mine and that made it great.
248093248093B000N4K7MOA3DCUIPM9VW818Mrs. Patti H. Minardi "PMShadow"0051219536000Great Product!Received product on time as promised in excellent condition. Product is a delight to use in my gourmet dishes
248094248094B000RYPITWA22490YILZCCTQWade A. Alderson "Avid Reader"0011347926400WAY Too SaltyI use to work in a restaurant and we made stuff like this all the time. It's not rocket science and it was only because I am lazy that I bought them. I have orders these products two times the last time over 2 years ago, thinking the first time it was pretty good, not as good as fresh at the restaurant but good in a pinch. But this last batch is really salty. I checked and the old bottle has salt listed as last on three of the spices batches and none at all on the 4th, this bottle has salt listed as the first ingredient on all but one. And the FDA has ingredients listed in order of amount, so there is WAY TOO MUCH SALT in all but three of the spice mixes. We only added a pinch of salt at the restaurant and making it at home I do the same. I will not be buying this product again, instead I will just make huge batches in advance and then use them until I need to do it again.
248095248095B000RYPITWA1HV9C6W5RTNSBPattieCraft0051341619200Fabulous!! Excellent purchase!!We usually purchase this via one of the local school drives; we love it!! However, the school drives are only once a year and we needed to find this product. As always, we search Amazon first!! Found it!! It is twice the size of the ones purchased via the school drive and 1/3 less in price. Get yourself some great olive oil and some hot garlic bread (or any bread) and indulge in a tongue slapping, enjoyable eat!!!
248096248096B000RYPITWA33NIZJ5PYN5OYereader0051333411200Luv these seasoningsThese seasongs taste great on everything, esp salads, breads & vegs.... I have been using them for over 5 years but having trouble finding them within 20 miles so decided to shop online
248097248097B000RYPITWA1K9S042LW3O0Msatur0051331424000Nice productI do not know how many times I have bought this. Perfect for parties and gatherings. I have bought it already at least 5 times and a perfect present for relatives!
248098248098B001TK9YAMA33AQPJYH7UUXRDesert Gypsy "A Brooklyn Girl Out West"1251329350400good *and* cheap!It's not very often that the words good and cheap go well together but for me these Nutty bars are an exception. The coating is a thin "chocolate-y" flavor, meaning no one is going to accuse this confection of being *enrobed* in high dollar chocolate BUT it does taste like a reasonable facsimile of decent milk chocolate. The wafer layers taste like those old fashioned large waffle cookies, the kind with the peanut butter filling in them. The peanut-y filling part tastes more like a Nutter Butter type flavor (sweet, creamy) rather than a Peanut Butter cup flavor (heavier roasted peanut). The flavors are really well balanced so no one element of the bar takes over the other.

Generous packaging with two sticks per cellophane package - to be honest I don't know if a two-pack constitutes a "serving" since I always eat both sticks anyway.

I can always find these at local big box and grocery stores so it's good to compare prices on these; if having these shipped, watch temps in summer - these melt *really* easily*. A good excuse to freeze them though - they are great that way too!

Very pleased with this product and happy to recommend.
248099248099B0008DJDK2A23VDMTUBSA979Amber McManus0051335225600Great!Exactly what I was looking for. They were just the right size for my Green Velvet cupcakes and there were ALOT of them in the bag..
248100248100B001Q9EGGSA2RSJOPBRBTN83C. Garretson0051242345600Only treat my dog will eat!My fussy, older JRT mix won't eat hard biscuit type treats and I don't like giving him those "fake" bacon snax, I found these and bought a pack, thinking he won't like this either. I was happily surprised that he loves them and they're good for him, too. He gets to chew for awhile and I know they're a better treat choice for him.

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