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248131248131B001E5E0HYA9LF7Y3FTYARAminnie0051306540800Golden delicious figsThis is a marvellous product. Such good mouth feel. Chewy, sweet and delicious.

Why waste words? Highly recommend this product.
248132248132B001E5E0HYA21Y3PAVFPOLB5MelvinB0051293494400Figgy Pudding was GREAT!We were inspired to make Figgy Pudding after Christmas caroling with our Church. The song, "We wish you a Merry Christmas" has two verses that talk about Figgy Pudding - so off to a search engine, and what do you know we had to order figs - none found in the local stores. The figs were great, packed very nicely. The only drawback was the whitish patches on the figs. We did some research and found that this is VERY normal. I would order again and again.
248133248133B001E5E0HYA3D764FC31VTLAErzsike0051291161600Great taste and great source of fiberI love these figs. They were not dried out as some figs on the market and had a great taste. Conveniently packaged where you can grab and go, even have it as snack in the car without making a mess.
248134248134B000JCR520A1Q8RKN3R8UVQTMatthew Asnip "bibliophile"4451218931200Good Bacon!We first had this from our neighbourhood specialty grocery. My wife mocks me but even with shipping the five pound package via Amazon is cheaper. And the bacon is some of the best you will ever have. Well worth it, in our opinion.
248135248135B000JCR520A2JE8VWBWNTB4Kathleen Lane "mngopher"3351223596800BaconApplewood Smoked Bacon - Thin Sliced, Family (5 lbs.)

This is about the best bacon I have ever tasted. It is also very uniform. You have just the right amount of fat on the pieces and they don't vary much. The taste is spectacular.
Was sipped fast too.
248136248136B000JCR520A3BUXAP09ETIYYC. A. Lambert4641190592000Delicious!This bacon is the gold standard! My husband says it is the best he has ever eaten. I will buy this for gifts during the holidays.
248137248137B000JCR520A2DB0YAA80A15PF. Greer "Fixed Bayonet"0051327017600Note to Self: Do not eat a Pound YourselfThis bacon is smokey, tender, and very lean. It cooks evenly and goes well with burgers, on BLTs, or solo. I sat down and consumed almost an entire pound once. It is that good. I paid for it later however as it make me sick.

One problem is that after eating this quality bacon, any other bacon will not taste right. But I guess that is the price to pay for flavor.
248138248138B000JCR520A3B1L7DRYP9PTRV. Gordon0031309824000Smoky BaconThis bacon was really good and smoky. It was not great, though. I would shop around before ordering again.
248139248139B000XAW34IA1CF3SIGVZDD84Bente Videbaek "devourer of books"2351217289600Good heatIt's hard to get good chile in stores--WAY too mild. These guys, though!
I ordered twice by mistake, thought 'so what!' and expected 2 shipments. Nice guy called and asked if I would like 1 shipment for half the postage.
And when it came, OH BOY! This is excellent stuff!
248140248140B003NP2426A300VR2CZGZUFQBeautifulMichigan1151294963200Yummers!Three little dogs in my household -- and all three love these little morsels. They like the carob flavor too, but they really love both the yogurt and sweet potato varieties. These are great as rewards or any time you want to give your best friend a yummy treat.
248141248141B000FDN6WGA1UHXUDBEYEQ1KTerrwyn "Terrwyn"6651179705600These are Great!These thin breadsticks are uniquely packaged. When you open the box there is a sealed cellophane bag inside. Inside the cellophane bag are six or seven sealed individual serving sized bags of breadsticks (there are 7 or 8 thin breadsticks in each serving). These are fresh and crispy. They go great with cheese, dips, soup or whatever you like. I highly recommend them!
248142248142B000FDN6WGASVBHPXR96LE9R. Gwynn4451259020800Best Breadsticks Available AnywhereThese are everything the typical broom-handle-thick American breadsticks are not: thin, tasty and just so stylishly Italian. You can find these at Prego and other upscale Italian restaurants. But just as bad currency drives out good, those big fat sticks have muscled their way onto grocery shelves, and driven off these delicate treasures. That's how I came to order here. Plan ahead and you'll be ready the next time you need just the right thing to accompany that delicious Alessi Thin Breadsticks, 3-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)pasta or salad.
248143248143B000FDN6WGA246ZP3RI3RZ6ET. Kopchak "oceannie"2251254355200Alessi Thin BreadsticksI ordered the Alessi breadsticks because they are recommended on the HCG diet. I got a dozen boxes and have shared them with friends who are on the diet, too. They taste good and give you that satisfying crunch.
248144248144B000FDN6WGA3IHKGT1W8H1PISarah "londoninpink"1151274659200perfect for snackingI bought these in an attempt to have a more Mediterranean-esque diet. Simply put, I love these and so do all the people I've given bags to. The flavor is divine and the packaging is perfect. I ordered the case, which has 12 of the green boxes you see. Inside each box is 6 or so individually wrapped packages of several grissini breadsticks (approximately 7.) They're perfect for snacking, they are actually good for you, low in calories, have a bit of fiber and protein. All in all, a very good purchase.
248145248145B000FDN6WGA2E9RZL0TMU87XC. Walter "LoveCandie"0051347148800Hard to findThese breadsticka taste great with Nutella. I looked all over & could find them nowhere but here
248146248146B000FDN6WGAM1Y8SV8GIXU3helen0051341532800hum good...they disappear !!!I already new the product...I am from Italy and I use to buy it over there so I was delighted when it came available here...I can't have enough in the house especially now that is summer time and my grandchildren come to visit often...they just disappear !!!
248147248147B000FDN6WGA96ASASUOV3X3mac0051337558400good stuffthis item works great for the diet I am on , i get 3 a day and works well with a meal.
248148248148B000FDN6WGA3SK32OZ6NO2ITT. Finkle "Living casual..."0051301011200Great snacks!I bought these for the HCG diet. One stick contains 12.5 calories. These are excellent and two will help feel full if you drink a bottled water with them. They're great with a salad or pasta even if you're not on a diet. Much better than melba toast!
248149248149B000FDN6WGAX4LTWFJHKTEAJ. Richter "jrichter1"0021295222400good taste but poor quality controlWhen these are properly baked they are very good. But 1/3 to 1/2 of the sticks were over cooked to the point where I threw them away.
248150248150B000FDN6WGA1GYEGLX3P2Y7PShala Kerrigan0051264809600Lovely, thin and elegantThese are what a bread stick should be. They are light, crispy and very thin, like pencils or straws in diameter. They come packaged in plastic serving pouches in the box so the whole box won't go stale if you are just having a few with a salad or soup.
I got them after seeing a recipe for Pocky like candies that The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl posted in her blog. They made a great base for the chocolate coating and there weren't many broken in the box I got. I think they would be lovely served in bud vases at a dinner party to go with soup as well.
I can't wait to try the garlic.Without the chocolate of course.
248151248151B000FDN6WGA31ZRS5O0XJB23me carolyn "themiddleone"0051261699200Italian FoodsReally good product. Purchased to accompany Italian Style Winter Soup....yummy!!! Find the soup recipe at [...].
248152248152B000FDN6WGA2DGJ1UBWCJ9RGlaurie1221285200000BreadcrumbsI was very disappointed when I received these. The box was crushed on one end and there was no packing inside the box to keep the box containing the breadsticks from moving around. As a result, some boxes contain not much better than bread crumbs. I wanted to use these for gifts at Christmas presented with a decorated container to set them in and homemade spaghetti sauce and salad dressing.

I would not purchase these this way again unless you want to use them for breading.
248153248153B0030C5ELKA1UTR74JWXKGJFK. Frank "happy camper"3351311379200Very happy!We live in a rural area, where we are unable to buy the only dog food (Evo Herring and Salmon) my allergic-to-everything-in-most-dry-dog-foods-dogs can eat. We had been ordering their food through another wholesale supplier, but despite being on auto-ship, did not receive their last two food orders b/c they were out of stock. Panicked, I turned to Amazon, and ordered from J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies Inc. Not only was the price much cheaper than what I had been paying for their food (by $20), they got it to my door within four days (and I had been thinking that since it was ground shipping, I wouldn't see it until late next week, meaning my dogs would have been eating rice and potatoes, respectively). Thank you so much, J-B Wholesalers :)

Per the product itself: This particular formula of Evo has been working out very well for my dogs, and we have tried ALL of the grain free dog food on the market over the past four years. My dogs have serious allergies to almost everything, and different things, too, which means it's hard to find a food both can eat. I appreciate that this formula uses peas as the carbohydrate source, since one of my dogs is allergic to rice and the other to potatoes; I also appreciate that this formula has neither flaxseed oil nor chicken fat, as both dogs are allergic to flaxseed, and one dog was getting pre-bloat symptoms from other allergy formulas that contain chicken fat, despite restricting activity for hours before and after eating and slowing down his intake :-) He hasn't had any symptoms since we switched to Evo, and both dogs LOVE this food. Granted, Labs will eat any food, but this one seems to be their favorite.
248154248154B0030C5ELKA1P02FVX8QJOESForsakenPhantasm3351299542400A food that works for all of my dogs!Between my three small pooches, I've been on a constant quest to satisfy the following criteria:

-Cat food-sized kibble for my boy who inhales all food
-Formula my picky girls will actually eat (instead of hiding behind their bowls for above-mentioned inhaler of food)
-Recipe that includes little to no red meat (they love it, but more than a little makes them constipated)
-Recipe that is also 100% grain-free, including rye, barley, oat, rice, etc. (my male dog developed a severe skin allergy) and poultry-free (same reason)

I started with the red meat formula simply because the fish was sold out at my local dog food store, which they absolutely loved, and was concerned they wouldn't want to go to fish from red meat (which they prefer), but all three of my dogs absolutely love this! Before our food issues became a problem, I was rotating between other organic and holistic foods, including Castor and Pollux, Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild and Orijen, which probably made the transition to this food easy (although I always gradually change foods over several days), and my dogs, after several months, have also not had any change for the worse in coat condition or overall health. It's also worth mentioning that my dogs have toned up a bit since switching to EVO, with the same exercise routine and the same eating schedule (one raw meal a day, two dry). So, for those of you with problem eaters like mine, I hope this review helps!
248155248155B0030C5ELKAQRRR9VKGO7N8Church2251282262400Wonderful ServiceI ordered this food and it arrived in my house within just a couple of days. It was priced at 1/3 of the amount at other places. The price has now gone up (drastically), but it is still a great food and it was delivered with expediency. Great job!
248156248156B0030C5ELKA18V316U2HXALEJ. Hallan "Shamrock"1151300492800Great food for digestion and health!I am a bit wary of using products put out by Naturapet since their buyout by P&G, however, my sensitive PWD girl is doing well on this food. On many of the holistic (grain inclusive) formulas, she has gas, loose and smelly stool and poor haircoat.
She eats half Evo Herring formula and half ground raw meaty bones with organ meats and is looking wonderful. ANd finally yard scooping is much easier and less messy than before!
I'll keep this one in our rotation!
248157248157B0030C5ELKA39UI5YBDSTDTHHugo Reyes0051347321600Fantastic foodThere have been many reviews and unsubstantiated rumors where customers are afraid that P&G is going to change the formula for EVO. I have looked on the packaging and have not noticed a change. I also have not noticed any change with my dog. I wanted to make sure my American Staffy got some Omega 3's for her skin. Let me tell you that prior to feeding her EVO, she would break out underneath her belly with red rashes from allergies. She would also have alot of dander eminate from her black coat of fur.
She has had neither in the past year I started feeding her EVO. This product has been nothing short of amazing. She is pretty good in going to the bathroom regularly and it has not changed. She handles the protein pretty well. I highly recommend this dog to anyone who wants a very good dog food.
248158248158B0030C5ELKA6VHNSCIUB2YFCindy0051335052800YummyWell the dogs think so. The only thing is I thought they were big bites and turned out they are small bites. Other then that great product, and super service .....their two day delivery is true..ordered and it arrived on a Saturday...thanks for the great service
248159248159B000VA5WA2A33K20V4DNLVRFS. Weiss "shwony"2251250812800A great "outdoor" cookieThese cookies are great on a hike, camping trip, etc. Full of fiber, not too sweet and very filling. The chocolate chips are delicious. Tho' the cookies are soft, the oats give enough body to stand up to dunking in coffee, etc.

I found the manufacturers website by accident and tried their sample pack of 4. Two packs each of the original and two of the raisin. Like 'em both equally, but ordered the 12 pack in the original from Amazon. They arrived tightly packed, none were broken.
248160248160B000VA5WA2A3RQ18SJ36QFBUSam Shepowsky0041289347200Montana Monster TasteThis is a great tasting cookie. Highly recommended for oatmeal cookie lovers.
This is not a rich cookie, so you can eat a lot of them at once. Even before dinner.
These cookies are good heated or at room temp.
Recommended for holidays, parties, refreshments.

Amazon seriously needs to get the oatmeal raisin version of this cookie in stock immediately!!!

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