Amazon Fine Food Reviews

248191248191B001NJGA7YAC2HLBQX0BFTFCons0051291766400Good Tasting Coconut Waterthis is my favorite flavor out of all the coconut water choices. This is so much healthier than most of the other sport drinks. We love it. With free shipping, it was a better deal to get a case of this from Amazon instead of my local grocer.
248192248192B001NJGA7YA5V84HNAWKRLXMarci0041285545600RefreshingCoco water has been a great discovery. It's refreshing to drink and it's quite flavorful. My whole family enjoys it. Our favorites are Coco water with pineapple and Coco water with mango & peach.
248194248194B001NJGA7YA2JJO0DNB4QV0OCharlie Blackwood0051249344000Just can't get enough...Delicious, perfect. An all-natural fruit drink with fewer calories than a comparable non-diet beverage. The flavor is addictive -- just the right level of sweetness, real fruit flavor (great if you really like peaches and/or mangos), and a light feel. Would give this product 10 stars if possible. Plus these new 17-ounce containers have the great added bonus of a recloseable twist-cap.
248195248195B001NJGA7YA3C202B4E5WZR4Cici0141326758400Expiration date is cutting it close.I am happy with the product. I received it quickly. My only concern is the expiration date is only a few months away. I will most likely drink all of the cartons before they expire, but when I go in the grocery store and the expiration dates are a months later I have to wonder if that is why the amazon prices are so much cheaper.
248196248196B001NJGA7YA3JICU5082SHKUMichael0111314835200ONLY RECEIVED 10 BOXES / 12I signed up for the reoccuring monthly shipment of the 17 oz. Vita Coco (both the Peach Mango and Pineapple flavors). I am very happy with the product itself - however, I only received 10 boxes out of the advertised 12. I would beware about buying the reoccuring shipments as you might not get everything you ordered.

I am not able to return the product and am trying to find out how to report this to Amazon in the correct way. Buyer Beware.
248197248197B001NJGA7YAXYDMSXPFUHC6Sammie "Sam"0151276128000LOCO FOR VITA COCO!I'm seriously addicted to this stuff. Its definitely one of my drinks. Its so much healthier for you than soda and has less than half the amount of sugar of sports drinks like Gatorade. I didn't even realize there was a peach & mango flavor, I'm going to go and look for it when I go to the store today!
248198248198B001NJGA7YAS1GR7GQUZR8Camazonshopper1311247443200Quality problem, Unknown sedimentsWe just had 4 cases of these from amazon and these are NOT the same as 11.2 oz ones. There are numerous brown specks or particles floating in the drink if you look it closely under the light. We didn't discover this until we realized that the drink did something funny to our stomachs afterwards. The constitution is much murkier than previous 11.2 oz packages and doesn't taste the same. We think this has a different processing procedure than the 11.2 oz packages. Maybe it has to do with the factory filtration system or even a serious quality control problem. As with all other food imports, very few are actually sample tested by FSIS/DOA for safety or against the ingredients listed by the manufacturer. Any feedback to us from other reviewers is encouraged. We'd like to know what these brownish particles are and why they are there. If you find it exactly the same as 11.2 oz ones, let other readers know too. For now, we'd suggest you go test one in a local supermarket and see if it's to your liking and compare these with 11.2 oz ones.
248199248199B000GGFZU8A2CODRUZTK7SKANapolian "Spunky"1151260662400Great GumI love this gum and cannot find it in stores. Great seller fast shipment!!!!
248200248200B000GGFZU8A1HL1KWZZONX7VR. Stern0051273968000Best gum!I could not find this product anywhere and was so happy Amazon had it! I'm addicted to this gum!
248201248201B000GGFZU8A1DHSM1LHGYG2WCarolyn G. Sachan "Collinator"0051191196800LOVE IT, but...It's my FAVORITE gum, but I can't find it ANYWHERE. The one place that did have it (Walgreens) sold out of it and didn't restock. It's been that off and on since I first discovered the gum...sometimes I can find it, sometimes I can't. This is the longest period of time when I can't find it.
248202248202B003MWCXHQAWSCOWZWDZ851Jackie6751284595200stopped the barfing himalayanAfter about 6 months of cleaning up cat barf, lots of trips to the vet, changing litter 3 times and food about 8 times, I finally tried Science Diet Mature cat Hairball dry food for my 12 year-old Himalayans. They had always eaten SD Sensitive Stomach, but my male big boy started throwing more than just hairballs...yellowish thin stuff that required lots of scrubbing on the carpets.

This stuff really works! I read lots of cat food labels and reviews before I tried this, but nothing worked and I was getting suggestions that I should put my precious Sherman down.

Now he is happy and healthy again. I don't know how this food works, but it surely did for my cat.

Thank you, Science Diet!
248203248203B003MWCXHQA11E4NXBYVXOCS57Chevy1131310688000Great Product - Not a Bargain at this PriceWe've used this cat food for years... LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Since I like to order from Amazon, I decided to give this supplier a shot. I was not paying attention, and it cost me. I paid the same amount for a 7 lb. bag from this supplier that I would for nearly twice that amount at Next time, I'll stick with PetSmart. I ended up paying about $1.50 per pound too much. Good thing my kitties are worth it!
248204248204B003MWCXHQA3TVZM3ZIXG8YWchristopher hayes111611291420800Filler food is empty, leaves your cat always needing moreThis review will make me sound really stupid, but whatever. I don't really care as long as people find out what's real and can avoid my mistakes.

I got my wonderful little sweet Bella Bean when she was a few days shy of three years old. She had been bounced around from house to house and eating whatever was cheap. I have had cats around me my entire life, for about twenty-five years now. My mother always just fed them whatever, the kinds of food you buy in the supermarket - Friskies, Nine Lives, Kit & Kaboodle, stuff like that. And our cats were always fine, at least in terms of their eating habits. They would eat in the morning, stop when they were done, come back, and eat some more when they got hungry.

My housemate at the time was working for Hill's and assured me that this was the best food ever made, so great, so on and so forth. I now know that she is an utter buffoon, but I initially trusted her judgment, which is so unfortunate because she doesn't think. She also had plenty of coupons for free or deeply discounted bags, which made it a much more attractive choice.

I first tried feeding the little Bean an unmeasured amount of Science Diet in a bowl, but that didn't work, as she would devour it in one sitting. So then I took to measuring it, and she did the same thing. Then I started parsing it out to twice a day. That didn't work either, because she would start going crazy in the middle of the day, running around, intentionally destroying things, deliberately spilling her water, crying, etc., until she got more food. So then I split it into three servings. Same thing. Then it got to be four servings. That was a little better, but it was too much maintenance and unrealistic to be around every day to feed her four times. So then it went back to three. All the while, I was trying to reduce the amount of food I was feeding her to less than 3/4 of a cup because she was a little chubby. Reducing was hell. She became even more hungry, but I figured she would get used to it. Not really.

For over a year, she would wake me up every morning looking for food in a serious way, knocking things off my desk, ripping up any paper she could find, scratching at the door and committing general acts of mischief. As soon as she got food, she was back to her sweet self, but only for three or four hours.

We thought she was bored, we thought she was a little nutty, and maybe even had a kitty eating disorder. She always wanted food. It was kind of funny but in the end it was just sad.

A few weeks back, we took her to a new (good, non-money factory) vet for her second checkup since I've had her. I talked with him about her being always hungry. He asked what she ate, and I told him the adult indoor Science Diet. Without saying as much, he basically told me that this food is garbage and I should look for something else. He said cat food should have a protein followed by a carbohydrate as the first two ingredients. Science Diet does, in a very loose, by-product kind of way - ground up slaughterhouse leftovers and corn dust. Then they put a bunch of vitamins in it to make it "healthy," instead of just using good ingredients from the beginning. Not that I care about spending money on the Bean, but this food is way too expensive for what it is.

So we began transitioning her onto Wellness indoor formula about two weeks ago. She is still eating 50 percent Science Diet with 50 percent Wellness (you really shouldn't just give a cat different food one day out of the blue) but SHE NEVER FREAKS OUT ANYMORE. It's amazing. And it's 100 percent because she is eating real food now, along with that sawdust and chicken hearts I still regrettable have to feed her. We have her down to eating twice a day, only 1/3 cup in TOTAL. She was eating three times a day, 5/8 of a cup in total. Now she eats some in the morning, walks away, eats some more a few hours later, and then looks for dinner about twelve hours after her initial feeding. No more knocking things over, no more trashing Dad's papers on the desk, no more howling, no more deliberately spilled water on the floor. It's incredible.

I feel so bad that I was doing this to her for so long. We really thought she was just being dramatic or whatever. But no, she was genuinely hungry because she wasn't eating any real food.

Do your cat a favor - buy her or him so food made with real ingredients, things you would eat - Wellness, Halo, Innova, Evo, whatever. Figure it out for yourself, but please don't feed your cat this. It's garbage.
248205248205B003MWCXHQA1TGAAWCAUZPDPDReviews0051336780800Great productI was very pleased that my elderly cat liked this food. He is a VERY picky eater. It also is healthy for him. He has kidney problems, and this food is one of the healthier foods for his condition.
248206248206B003MWCXHQAZ9JNOR41QWUNEdward Laporte0051334534400Very Good Cat Food...I have been using this particular cat food for over ten years. I have NEVER observed one of my cats (2) throw-up a hairball, nor have I ever seen a hairball in the house anywhere. This catfood works...
248207248207B004J6R38IA3FKQV7AUH481WAmber0021348012800Not the best taste for fruit snackI purchased these fruit snacks to give them a chance at curbing my sweet tooth. These fruit snacks leave a very strong aftertaste in your mouth. I tried the Fruit Grove Nuggets which left me with an overwhelming flavor of banana. Next I tried the Orchard Sours, I love sour candy, and hoped this would taste better. This flavor left me with a strong taste of lemon rind in my mouth. Lastly I tried the Berrilicious Nuggets hoping I didn't waste all my money on these. The Berrilicious left me with the flavor of blueberry as an aftertaste. This wasn't so bad compared to the others. I will eat the Berrilicious, but not the others. I, personally, will not buy these again.
248208248208B003N0JJ2YAU08A97Y00BVDK3351284249600Addictive!I first found these during a whimsical trip to a little neighborhood popcorn and candy store and bought a box. They were so good that I *had* to get more and instead of paying the obscene prices the candy store was charging, decided to google for them instead....and of course, found them at Amazon.

The item listing correctly says "vanilla", the product description section is incorrect - these are NOT chocolate. I've only tried the vanilla ones, and that's what I was looking for, so until they showed up, I was a little apprehensive due to the incorrect description.

They come in a shrink wrapped carton of 20 packages and each package, although sold by weight, contains about 20 tiny cookies filled with vanilla cream. Not cream like Oreos....liquid cream in just the right amount so as to not overpower the crunch of the cookie. Nom nom nom.
248209248209B003N0JJ2YA34MBKIR1FBKP7JCueto0051309651200great price!These are and will always be delicious! they are hard to find and was pleased to find it on amazon at a great price! best price found anywhere. my kids love the chocolate but the vanilla were even a better deal and of course also delicious! give it a try, you won't regret it!
248210248210B0047YVKFYA2HZ0XAW3DHEP0Lynn Davis2251328832000got a favoriteI have always loved lemon, have recipes for all kinds of lemon curd and similar things, but when I became too damaged to cook a while ago, I ordered this lemon curd, and it's wonderful! I'm better now, but I'll be stocking this lemon curd from now on! On waffles, on cheesecake, injected into my cream puffs, eaten out of the jar...great!
248211248211B0047YVKFYA2GKOKRMPQ9FZKristin's Great Finds0021343174400No lemon flavor at all.I bought this wanting something comparable to the Curdelious brand I bought in Lancaster County, PA or the Tiptree brand found here on Amazon. Based on the previous review, I thought it would be something worthwhile to try this brand too. After one taste, I have thrown out the bottle and plan to donate the remaining 2 sold in this multi-pack to charity. It has no flavor at all. Not worth the price. Save your money and go with the Tiptree brand.
248212248212B000IKEQDYAI916D0MKIORRDLK0051333411200They like it!Both my kitties - one on a renal diet and the other not - love this food (I supplement the 'healthy' kitty with regular food). Thank goodness because some of the renal foods my one cat wouldn't touch. The only problem is that so many places are sold out of this and it takes a while to receive. So order early!
248213248213B007YBDNUMAL1TS2KBSFCI5Nathan Smith0051351036800seasoning saltThis seasoning salt can be used on various meats with a sensational favor. I would recommend this highly. Not sold everywhere. Two Thumbs Up...
248214248214B0056GKZ30A2HB2T5E7J1BGNold enough to know2221326931200Nutritious but blahThe nutrition in this cereal is undoubtedly good but the taste is pretty non existent. It might have been ok when fresh but after being packaged in a plastic pouch it was a mushy mess that was almost inedible. And expensive. Do yourself a favor, save your money and cook some quinoa at home if you want this type of cereal.
248215248215B0056GKZ30A1OSC96C8K009Htmd12200041334188800great for travelI've bought this product twice. The second time I could tell that the company updated the packaging and recipe. I like that it isn't too sweet and has a very light flavor. I also bought the Orange Cranberry and love that one a LOT. This has become an easy product to bring to the office those mornings I'm running late or when I travel and know I won't have healthy options.
248216248216B008ADQXSMA1OZR24QC5G5NYdarby140021347926400Pina Colada best coldThis matcha smells like Hawaii in tea form! I've only been there once and have missed it ever since. I'm sitting here in 60 degree weather drinking matcha that will take me to a warmer place.
My first impression of this matcha was heaven! I opened up the pouch, preparing it for the tin that will keep in the yummy goodness. The small size fits perfect in the tin with a little wiggle room...enough to be able to get the measuring spoon in. I could not wait to dig in to this matcha. If I had a piece of pineapple in the fridge I would have paired this matcha with it. I think that next time I will try preparing this iced and be sure to have some pineapple on hand!
I always make sure to warm up my bowl and chasen under a bit under water, sitting in the bowl. My matcha does not cool down as fast when warming the bowl. All items ready...bowl, chasen, matcha, water and my sifter! I didn't forget it this time. I think I might need to get a matcha preparation bag so that all my tools are handy. I tend to get excited and forget a key item.
First I mixed 2 oz of water with 1 perfect teaspoon of matcha. Once that was properly mixed I added a teeny bit of sugar and 5 oz of water. I added a bit less water this time as I wanted the matcha to be thicker.
The smell of this matcha once mixed with water takes on different notes...almost a chemical smell. I did get notes of coconut and a touch of pineapple but it's almost a fake smell now like an airfreshener. I'm surprised that the smell would change from the powdered form to when water was added. The quality of the matcha is very good, I think it's the flavoring that is throwing it off.
I'm just so sad that this flavor will not make my keep cupboard. My plan for the rest of Pina Colada is to mix it first as a latte, then try it over ice. I might try cold brewing it in the fridge, but I'm not sure you can do that with matcha. If all else fails, I will add it to my health food drink which is a vanilla base. I'm hoping that maybe it'll be perfect one of these ways so I can add it to the keep cupboard!
To try Pina Colada Matcha from Red Leaf Tea visit here:
248217248217B008ADQXSMA3J6TE3SKSYBUIDaisy Chubb (Ash-Lee)0041344470400Like a tropical vacation in matcha formPina Coladas are my favourite tropical boozy drink! Okay I'll also drink them without booze, but that kick of rum keeps me happy. Haha! I love the creamy texture of ice cold, slushy coconut milk with the tang and sweetness of fresh pineapple! A drizzle of grenadine and I'm taken to my happy place. To be fair, I haven't had a pina colada quite like the ones in Cuba. That was my only hot resort holiday, so it has lots of good memories and good drinks.

I was hoping to recreate that deliciousness by making a slushy, creamy, matcha smoothie with this matcha! To be fair, that was the best result, after trying this hot and as an iced latte - slush was the way to go!

My Pina Colada Matcha slush might have been better, but I used waaay too much matcha by accident, so it was a bit too strong in the flavouring department. I just crushed some ice with agave and milk to make the slush, so as the ice melted it did become more palatable. I really think the trick for this one is to make sure to use around 170 degree water (that tempers the bitterness) and use a little less matcha powder that you would usually. With other flavours, I could go crazy and dump 3 tablespoons into a cup and it was palatable (and energizing!), but less is more with this particular blend!

When I'm out of this tea, I think I will order some coconut and pineapple separately and do some blending of my own! I still have total faith in Red Leaf Tea - they hook me up with delicious matcha, and I can't wait to try more flavours!
248218248218B001E0WFP8A1HUW3IZS3D23LAmber Conner0031256601600works niceThis product works nice. When you drink the tea, you can actually feel the effects of it. It warms up your body inside immediately. It does actually work but you have to stick with it to maintain.
248219248219B00474ELW8A39B4FQDYEGEPPpbrchicken4421320019200Blend? Caveat emptorThis coffee is pretty good, but Hawaiian law states requires distributors to include a "100% Kona Coffee" seal if it's really Kona coffee. Otherwise, it's probably only about about 10% Kona coffee, cut with 90% other cheaper beans. See: [...]
248220248220B00474ELW8A2EOXNG452VGFDVeronicat0051341187200Best Tasting CoffeeI love the aroma of these coffee beans. I think they make the very best pot of coffee. The flavor is full bodied but not bitter. The 3 pack insures that I never run out of my favorite coffee.

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