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248221248221B00474ELW8A2MJZ94BIZ7OJ3D. Zuskin "Poquoson"0011340755200This is a 10% blend! Says so on the bag but you must display and zoom to see and read. Shame on Amazon!This is a 10% blend! Says so on the bag (gourmet blend and that is a 10% Kona bean blend)but you must display and zoom to see and read. Shame on Amazon! Just reading the Amazon page there is nothing that says blend and that is deceptive. There is a law in Hawaii against practice like this.
248222248222B00474ELW8AVKO3G8PTGD8NA. Anderson "Jesus Loving Nerd"0021334275200Not what I expected....Got a very good deal on this at Marshalls in my area; exp 03/2013. However flavor is not sweet at all, very acidic and tangy. Not what a true Kona should be.
248223248223B00474ELW8A29XNAL8N5O5XVEdward Hunter0051323129600Excellent buy !One of the finest coffees I've ever drank. Full of flavor with smoothe creamy finish. This coffee dares you to only have 1 cup.
It is truly an American treasure.
248224248224B008ADQZLCAA9K0JDDMFNEDRachel C. Eichen0041348531200A good chilled matchaThere are so many fruit flavors and I couldn't pick one, so I went with this blend of tropical fruits called "Tropical Matcha". When I first got a whiff of the matcha it smelled very fruity, almost candy sweet.

I put 1/4 teaspoon in a water bottle a shook it up to give myself a nice fruity drink. The flavor is very light on this one. It tastes a lot like a fruit punch of some sort. It's hard to specifically point out one type of fruit over another. If you're a fan of punches, I'd definitely give this a try. Since I was having a hard time detecting the flavor, I added another 1/4 teaspoon of matcha. The flavor was a little stronger, but I didn't really get that overly strong matcha taste, which is good. I bet tossing some sweetener in here would bring out the fruit taste even more.
248225248225B001UJNVB0A34KQ9ZVWFNHLUA. Moses2251280361600the best Oatmeal to Go flavor!I absolutely LOVE these breakfast bars. High in fiber and fortified with many vitamins, "Banana Bread" is the only flavor that's really yummy. Unfortunately, no stores in my area carry this flavor anymore. I was prepared to pay an arm and a leg to buy them online, but right now (July 2010) the only purchase option here at Amazon is twice the price for the product that I am accustomed to paying AND the shipping is an ARM AND A LEG at 11 dollars. Come on, guys, you can do SO much better. :-(
248226248226B001UJNVB0A3M3CXC2I4JW9Tdab12310051319760000WonderfulSell me more! These things are the perfect breakfast. No, they are just perfect. Better price then the local grocery store and better selection.
248227248227B001UJNVB0A23TRE9JVEERRYWaynette S Bridges0051309651200Oatmeal to goHappy to be able to find my breakfast food at after spending time going from store to store searching for it. Buying a month supply of breakfast save me time, money, and gas; and, I know that it is an excellent breakfast item, good for me.
Oatmeal to Go Breakfast Bars, Banana Bread, 3-Box Value-Pack
248228248228B001UJNVB0A2XNOB1T796Y6BChibiNeko "Sooo many books, so little time!"0041278806400Not my favorite, but still tastes goodI love banana bread. Love it. When I saw that the Oatmeal to Go bars came in this flavor, I immediately snapped it up off of the shelves- after all, they make for a great easy breakfast to carry in my car or purse. (It's also nice & fast to feed to sluggish nieces when they are running late.)

I might be too overly harsh towards this, but while it did taste yummy I didn't really see where it reminded me of actual banana bread. It tastes similar to it, but not similar enough & like I said- that might just be me being overly picky. The texture of it is nice & it does fill the stomach nicely. Plus it's lower in calories & healthier than grabbing a bag of Cheez-its from the company vending machine (got to love working nights when everything is closed) & eating that as a breakfast.

Will I buy this again? Yep. Like I said, this had a good flavor to it & I enjoyed eating it. I just can't get past it not tasting more like fresh banana bread.
248229248229B004M15QM0AIQDUKFB4X38MVonMalcolm1151317427200The Peaches And Apples Compliment Each OtherI like all of the different kinds of Indian Summer Applesauce, but this one is my favorite: the Peaches and Apples just go together perfectly. My only complaint is the shape of the bottle, its large ridges make it a pain to get a lot of the applesauce out!
248230248230B004M15QM0A2WU8EBDIW2CUTBuckeye Mom0051347148800Chunky Peach......Delish!I first purchased this product at a farm market in Michigan in July and had to have more. Thanks for saving me.....I love this stuff!
248231248231B004M15QM0A31N6KB160O508Fran W.0041333756800Pretty good stuffThis is a nice blend of peaches and applesauce. But I prefer the one with cherries and applesauce. This is still very nice tasting and the peaches are small sized and soft but not mushy.
248232248232B002C23QNWA1N2NG5FTVX7ZXD. M. Smith "just me"0031298246400Buyer beware of ingredientsMy dog is a finicky eater and in the stores when I bought the packets that come 4 flavors to a box, my dog loved the chicken and the turkey but none of the other flavors so buying just one box full of the flavor he liked seemed perfect. However, I had not fully read the ingredients before making the purchase. The good part is that it is all meat with no grains and my dog seems to have an allergy to many things which makes him finicky. BUT it has onion powder and garlic powder. Now these may make it taste better and the dog seems to enjoy but it also causes damage to his already weakened liver. Had I read the ingredients fully before even as finicky eater I would not have purchased because I know onion in any form is very dangerous to little dogs. Garlic not much better but worse for one with weakened liver already. So after having a package or two of his favs, he got sicker and has gastritis terrible.. had to go to vet and is still recovering so won't be using the rest of the packages.

Read full ingredients before giving anything to your little guy and be sure he's able to digest these products.

Now I just buy ground turkey and ground chicken, or whole, cook it up myself and give it to my little guy making certain there is nothing in the food that can cause him severe illness.
248233248233B000Z91SZWAVOQS3DXI3K0JEvika0041239062400YummyThis tea tastes like hot cocoa. Very pleasant experience. Good substitute for dessert any night of the week.
248234248234B001FA1LMAA1ZH9LWMX5UCFJK. Stuckey "kateling"1151265760000Very tastyI eat oatmeal almost every morning in the fall and winter, this is by far my favorite variety pack. I stock up when it is on sale because I can go through a box a week. The variety pack is nice because it keeps it from getting monotonous. Peaches and cream is the tastiest and nothing beats hot oatmeal after shoveling snow or walking the dog.
248235248235B001FA1LMAA3P8ZDHC7XSKSERavenskya "Princess of Horror"1151246233600We should own stock in this companyOur house goes through at LEAST 2 full boxes of these individually wrapped bowls of Oatmeal per week. My stepsons wolf through 2-4 packs per morning, though they will consume any oatmeal put before them... they fight over the fruit and cream so we tend to stick to boxes of that.

Often they mix and match, dumping a packed of bananas and cream in with a packet of strawberries and cream. I don't mind, two growing little boys can eat as much oatmeal as they want in our house. You couldn't ask for them to eat a more healthy snack. The other thing that is nice is that my 7 year old can make his own. So on Saturday mornings when he's up before the rooster crows, he can come down and make his own oatmeal while he waits for everyone else to get up.

For the adults, Oatmeal still tastes great, and requires a lot less work then I remember my mom going through when I was little. It's excellent for your health and can actually lower your cholesterol.
248236248236B001FA1LMAA3E8GQ8HN0L2VBS. Salwa6911259193600What a disappointment!!!!!!!!!!!!What a disappointment!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bought peaches and strawberries flavor in my grocery store because they were on sale. I noticed they were the most expensive ones there so I figured that must be the best there is. How wrong was I. First thing that hit me was how sweet they were. I could barely finish eating. Then I looked at the label and found far too many artificial ingredients. But that's not all. I noticed that peaches and strawberries are strangely similar in taste and shape. After reading a label I found out that they do not even put real strawberries and peaches in the oatmeal. Can you believe that? The most expensive oatmeal on the market and no real fruit. What they do is they put artificially flavored apples in there. Company with such experience in oatmeal making can't afford to give its customers REAL FRUIT? What a shame. I will never buy any of their products. Never!. Oh just to compare what there is available on the market please visit Traders Joe. I found blueberry flavor with REAL blueberries, cranberry with REAL cranberries. So it is possible to make a great product you just have to make an effort QUAKER and stop fooling your customers.
248237248237B001FA1LMAA13WBUX01Q4D35A. Beckstedt0041298332800Great alternative to the same flavors over and over againThis assortment is a great alternative to the same flavors over and over again. I do find that they arent as filling as others but I think that has to do with the "cream" aspect. I gave all the peaches away as I don't like peach but everything else is delicious. I was also pleased to see that there are not many more calories in these as the regular flavors
248238248238B001FA1LMAATBUENQQVMO0JK. Kasten0051251676800So Good!The original oatmeal flavor variety! This was a great deal!!

248239248239B001FA1LMAA153D7X10JNII1Walton Howes "Wally"0051242432000Quaker OatmealI have been eating Quaker Oatmeal for most of my 82 years and have never tired of it. My cholesterol nurse even pointed out that it would lower my cholesterol a bit.
248240248240B001FA1LMAA2DEASVNI2RHUXJames G. Land "Traveling Band of Misfits"0341226016000Good made with milkMy little girl loves Quaker oatmeal and I love how easy it is to make. Here is how I make it: 1. open package into microwaveable glass or ceramic bowl. 2. Pour milk over mix. I can eyeball it now, but it's just a tiny bit more than what is recommended on the package instructions. 3. stir well. 4. microwave for one minute on high power (ten). 5. stir. 6. microwave on medium high (seven) power for one minute (depends on your microwave, you work it out). 7. stir. 8. repeat step six. 7. Stir, pour onto flat plate to allow to cool down more quickly.

If I see that it's too thick after step 6, I add a little milk. If it doesn't stick to the spoon at least a little by the end of step 6, you used too much milk. Usually we like cinnamon sprinkled on top.
248241248241B003X0WNAEA17MPXYF4X85F6Some Guy In Oregon1121338336000ExtraBland NOT "ExtraBold"I was very dissappointed in the taste. It is rather bland, weak brew and not bold at all. To have started with such a great bean and ended up with such a weak taste is a real shame. Especially with 72 of them to deal with now.

Finally, they say you only need one pod, because they made them too big. Talk about making virtue of necessity. You can only fit one pod in the two pod attachment. The best you can do is to use the two pod attachment and brew one 4 oz cup at a time. Then put in another pod and brew the 2nd 4 oz.
248242248242B000UVY2DKA3GMMLLZ8J8KVKG.C.3351199145600Hot! Hot! Hot! ... feel so good!!!This tiny exotic pepper promises to give you the heat that makes your tongue start to dance!

If you like spicy, but neither tabasco or cayenne statisfy your need, then definetly give a try on the BIRDEYE!

I only order once from the seller- super fast shipping and A+ on package.
248243248243B0037B5VJOAM54IIJJVLW0CJonathan D. Smith0051330992000Good price and tastes fineHard to not like this its coffee and we seem to go through a lot of it. We'll order more next time.
248244248244B0037B5VJOA2DEC496E58BRGFrank R. Dierker "Charmayne S. Dierker"0051300924800Another of these great coffees from Amazon.comMy husband had me check with again and again to be certain we could purchase this particular "flavor" because he had enjoyed it away from home. We will continue to make these purchases. The variety of coffees available now make the coffee extra special.
248245248245B0037B5VJOA2LG2EV6ZUEFS0Rhea "eppsy"0051290988800The most delightful flavor in the whole world!This coffee with the pecan roasted flavor is refreshing, delightful, and the mornings when I am without it are very, very sad! It's smooth to the last drop. It's the only coffee that I have tasted in years that's soothing and helps the sun rise early and starts the day out gracefully.
248246248246B002HTQO5MA2AI6G3CKR0OU4Karl Nilsen0021326672000It must be mislabeledFirst off, I should thank the generous people at Tabasco for including a free jar of their salsa with my purchase of 1/2 gallon of Chipotle Tabasco sauce. But, after the first taste of their salsa, my first thought was, "There must be some mistake." There is now way this sauce is what Tabasco considers "Hot" salsa. If you think I am hardcore pepperhead, I'm not. To exaggerate a little, I've had marinara sauce that is as spicy as this salsa. And not only is this sauce so mildly spiced, it is surprisingly sweet. I say surprisingly because, how could a company that has established it's name based on their tangy (vinegary) hot sauce make such a sweet salsa. I will admit this salsa doesn't rank among the worst tasting salsa's I have tried (in the mild category, where it belongs,) but when I first pulled this jar out of the package I couldn't help but get my hopes up in all regards. But, then again, maybe that is the reason I received this as a free gift, perhaps my initial thoughts were true.
248247248247B00437CBWGA1XYMR9ZVKQLQSAmira Belkin "makeup addict"1151301875200PerfectJust as u all know it. Cheerios are delish. The litle boxes make a great snack. Although, I found them at our Target as well. If I would have known just would have bought them at the store....a lot more convenient and same price but no big deal.
248248248248B00437CBWGA329U9VZ7EH9SHOnlineShopperFan1151297900800Convenient, fresh, great tasting!I really enjoy these cups of cereal when I am running out the door. I don't have to leave a bowl in my car, I can just toss this when I am done with it. The cereal was fresh and great tasting, and at this price it is not bad. You may spend about a dollar more here than in the store but the convenience of having it delivered to your door is worth it.
248249248249B00437CBWGAABL2R58N7FPFLeslie0051347148800Extremely Fast DeliveryThese were cheaper than my local grocery store. These cereal bowls are perfect for students on the go - especially college students. The bowl is just the right size, add milk and off you go!!! No clean up required. Would certainly do business again!!
248250248250B00437CBWGA3ODKNXD86RZCIphilyodaddy0051342828800Best aroundAlright, I'll preface by saying this is a review solely of the product of Honey Nut Cheerios (rather than the packaging and pricing of this item), and what a delicious product it is. I honestly prefer the 3-pack of full size boxes. I think you get more bang for your buck. You GOTTA get the bang for your buck. I get them every 3 months and the price has always been between 6.50 and 8.50. This is a tremendous bargain. One of these boxes at Duane Reade costs $4.99+. I would probably get it delivered more than once every 3 months if I ate breakfast more.

This is by far my favorite cereal, and while I may sound like a child, I'm 27. Since you're curious, the other members of the Cereal Rushmore are:
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Frosted Flakes
Corn Pops
Honorable Mention: Lucky Charms

Boom, done.

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