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248281248281B0002R5Q1YAN5BTD8H23ZOOPhoebeD1151299801600Nostalgia candyI bought this for my husband because he loves candy (not chocolate) and he definitely loved it. It does have some candy that isn't his favorite, but it is good to have a variety. I know there are some negative comments about the quantity, but I thought it was perfectly reasonable for the cost. I will definitely buy again.
248282248282B0002R5Q1YADP8ROI8NMNL2Russell G. Moore5751263686400Terrific Gift IdeaI bought this for my wife on our nineteenth anniversary (please don't tell her I told you that). It arrived well ahead of schedule giving me time to unbox it, hide it and prepare it for the big day. When she opened the box, she spend a good while reliving the summmer days from her youth enjoying these authentic treats.

The candy is authentic, brand name, quality goods. The quantity is great. No cheap imitations or ridiculous knock-off as I've seen on other candy basket websites. This gift is a winner. It'll make you a hero and your gift comes later.
248283248283B0002R5Q1YA16TYJSYEPQG2AAmy Troyna "amy-chan"71051239840000great gift ideaI ordered this for a friend of mine, who's my age, thinking that she might enjoy reliving a bit of our childhood. She absolutely loved it; it brought back so many fond memories of growing up. It's a great idea for a unique birthday gift, especially if your recipient is hard to buy for.
248284248284B0002R5Q1YA27IPA5O37JTTEA. Castro71051187827200Great gift!My boyfriend had a sweet tooth when growing up and this candy took him back to his childhood. The candies were fresh and the service really fast!!
248285248285B0002R5Q1YA2MP6FERCPZS91Jeaunice Bailey111651168905600Wonderful Gift idea!!I purchased this as a gift for my Son-in-Law..He loved it! The candy was not old or disgusting as another review stated. Wonderful product.
248286248286B0002R5Q1YA2UTLJJWNBL4YSA. G. Corwin446651145318400Retro Candy baskets make a unique gift for any sure to bring back the memoriesHave you ever been walking and heard a song on the radio and remembered something you thought long forgotten? Have you ever smelled something cooking that reminded you of growing up? Have you ever seen something that is so symbolic that you are transported back in mind? Our five senses are the strongest triggers of memory that we as humans possess, and this Retro Candy basket from the 1980's takes full advantage of that to make a perfect gift for the person who has every gadget, trinket, and item they ever needed.

The 80s were the era of Atomic Fireballs, BitOHoney, Mamba, Nerds, Lik-m-aid Fun Dip, Bottlecaps, Wonka Pixy Stix, Bubble Gum Cigs, Candy Cigs, Apple Heads, Lemon Heads (small & large), Charms Blow Pops, Saf-T-Pops Lollipops, Sweetarts, Now & Laters Assorted Classic, Fun Gum Wax, Pop Rocks, Zotz Sour Fizz, Runts, Slo Pokes, Zours, Jolly Ranchers, Slap Stick, Grape Heads, Jaw Busters (small & large) and Tootsie Midgees. The only thing really missing from this basket is Big League Chew. According to the seller, some items may be substituted as they run out, but really, candy is candy, and there is enough in here for you and your friends, basically everything the kid in you still desires. And while the candy types may be 26 years old, the actual candy is fresh, sweet, and pure goodness just like you remember.

Be warned however, there is enough sugar to make a rhino hyper and your dentist wealthy, so consume in moderation. You aren't 10 anymore. If you buy this for someone else, you will be highly tempted to devour the entire basket or slyly sneak out a few select choices. There are several other sets in this product line, each with their own unique line-up, my favorite being the 70's box. Enjoy!
248287248287B0002R5Q1YA308BH7LRT50CDSarah Swift4651202860800Excellent!I bought these for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day, and I was a little nervous about it since I read these reviews first. Rest assured, the gift was perfect and he loved it! The shipping was prompt and the candies were apparently very tasty.
248288248288B0002R5Q1YA1ULESMTKJ02RLFaith P0041350864000Good candy, we were happyI was happy with this purchase...all the candy mentioned was included (gift box is not at all durable though as the handle broke pulling it out of the box)
248289248289B0002R5Q1YA3N5XNDRDX7QB7SDH "Shamus"0051331856000Nostalgia in a box.This item was purchased as a gift for my sister. As children of the 80's, we enjoyed our fair share of odd candies and surprisingly a majority of them were in this box. It was a lot of fun to reminisce about our childhood as she dug through the box and pulled out the candy. Overall, it is a really good buy between the 18-25$ range but I wouldn't have paid the 33$ asking price.
248290248290B0002R5Q1YA2ZN5VEVILFHX4florida grandma "grandmax5"0041331769600grandmasx5I was looking for something that a whole family could enjoy as a gift and something they wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves. My brother's family actually has a candy drawer in the house so I hesitated momentarily. My cousin's family is one with 3 generations living in the same house, again a momentary hesitation.
I went ahead with the purchase because it is often hard to find some of the candies in this gift box. I never saw the contents, or the amount of each type of candy so all I have to go on is the comments I received about this gift.
From one family they ranged from, "where did you get this- we want more" through "loved the nerds and pop rocks". Not too bad for ages ranging from 46 to 11 years.
The other family actually put dibs on various pieces within the box. They wanted to each have a favorite piece nightly. The pecking order went from oldest to youngest. The candy necklace and various "penny candy" pieces were relished. They enjoyed it tremendously.
For those of you who are hesitant because it seems like a alot of money for candy that is not readily available at the stores so how popular could it be? The laughter,giggling and story telling about who wanted what and why that I heard has me convinced it was well worth the money.
248291248291B0002R5Q1YA1VXR43QMNJ89Dtim kotschwar0051302048000She loved this candy basket!Bought this basket as a 30th birthday present for a friend who was born in 1981. She absolutely loved it! Remembered most all of the candy and talked and talked about where she was and what she was doing when she ate the various products. Big hit.
248292248292B0002R5Q1YA1PQFXRFICM3TMAmy L. Hester0051297814400Great Gift IdeaI ordered this on a Friday and received on Monday. It came nicely packaged and was so much fun to open and look thru all of the different candy's from the past. Yes, some are not necessarily from the 80's but they are still candy's from childhood. I thought there was alot of candy and the variety was good.

I will purchase this in the future as a gift idea. What a fun gift to open and share with a group!!
248293248293B0002R5Q1YA16HXQ7WHOKO24Peter J. Desimone0051271894400great gifti got this for my sister who was born in 1981. she loved the candy that was in the box. it put a big smile on her face. i would recommend this product.
248294248294B0002R5Q1YA25K09MWLAQW6ICassie Westbrooke0051270944000FantasticI received this gift box as a gift and completely overlooked all the other candy in my house. I am going through a total eighties phase right now and this retro candy was perfect. I don't know what else to say except that I love this candy gift box.
248295248295B0002R5Q1YA23778BY7QV4Z6nick112blue1211333584000No stars if I could!!!$30 for 3lbs of candy. LMAO! This is so not worth $30. A 5lbs. bag of almost the same selection of candy runs 9.99. What makes this a $30??? A card board box with 80's printed on the front? Such a joke.
248296248296B0002R5Q1YA3L6QAL6O9Z7ILCindy Mata1241299628800Happy HusbandThis was my husband's Valentine's Day gift and he loved it! He couldn't believe that most of the candies in there were from his childhood he even showed it off to his friends.

I think I made his month with this gift.
248297248297B0002R5Q1YA19O32C5P2173Bkerryleigh1241288915200Great product & service!This product arrived in about a week, and was exactly as described. I am not sure if all the candy is exactly what I remember from the 80s. Then again it is a gift, and not from the era I would have grown up with, so I'm not exactly an authority! ;) I think it is a bit expensive for the quantity of candy, but if you need a gift for someone who has everything or you have no idea what to buy for, I think it is perfect. And I would buy these again.
248298248298B0002R5Q1YADUT2OASFQWKRKay S. Wilmoth "love reading"1251273363200BirthdayMy daughter and her children loved this. Only thing wrong is I should have purchased the 70s box. Great gift.
248299248299B0002R5Q1YA20PKO4YZQCUEPKaren Garcia "Karri"12512473568001980's CandyWe used the candy as party favors for a retro 80's party. They were a big hit and brought back a lot of childhood memories.
248300248300B0002R5Q1YA1JTARY9ZZ2HCZGinger1241231804800Nostalgic CandyIf you're an 80's child you will totally appreciate this candy as a gag gift and we all enjoyed it!Only thing i suggest is repackaging and filling is not very nice...
248301248301B0002R5Q1YA3QWFZTTENIOVPLacey L. Cook "Lacey"254124493760080's candyThe candy selection was great. I always like the gum cigs and was happy to see them in this box. There was some candy I had forgotten about, so all in all a great purchase.
248302248302B0002R5Q1YA1ZLZPR9KT174DMDB23821421321833600BrokenBdayFirst, I was upset because I did not get an e-mail letting me know my package was delivered. Keep in mind, I live in FL and in a townhouse, so it was not left on my doorstep, but in my mailbox. Had I not checked to see the arrival time (which was supposedly tomorrow), I would not have not known it was delivered today. My candy would have sat in 80* degree humidity until I got home from work tomorrow. Then I opened the box and the handle to the present was already broken. Not that it's a big deal, but now I have to go buy a basket or bag to put it in and make it pretty again. I was very excited because my brother grew up in the 80's and this is his birthday present. Thought it was a very cool idea, but I ended up being pretty disappointed. I haven't even looked through the candy yet but I could tell you, for $30+ shipping, I was expecting a lot more... hopefully my brother will like it after I fix it up.
248303248303B0002R5Q1YA2OR0NLUCJAEPRCheryl L. Herndon "shortysmom"0331267228800great giftThis was a good gift to send to my son & daughter in law for their birthdays!
248304248304B0002R5Q1YAOTWJS0AJHHWYAllseller Com "Corban_Kids"4214011141948800WHats the difference?All the box's seem to have the same items? Only a few differences, and they say they have the right to substitute? All the pictures are the same 1960 box, Whats going on here?
248305248305B0002R5Q1YAYFRMAYV4RZ6VTammy Marshall78831275955200Grammer1980's is grammatically incorrect. It should be 1980s. No apostrophe. The only time you would use that is if you are shortening it by decade i.e. '50s, '60s, '70s. It may sound trivial but seriously I can't buy the candy because of it.
248306248306B000HZWZGUA1D0U9DX04SMPElaurence20011333497600cranberry teaDescribing this material as "cranberry tea" seems unfortunate. It is merely bitter black tea with a few shreds of something not definable. Perhaps I should have realized from the picture that it would have no cranberry flavor or scent and ordered the cranberry-apple instead. I will return it to the company and they can compost it, because that is its only value. Laurence
248307248307B000ED7M2WA2RLOCANTPCCU2S. Tran "fashionjunkie"414151181088000Superfood!This is great stuff! I did research on the benefits of flaxseed and with some reservations, decided to give flaxseed a try. I am beyond thrilled I gave it a try. I have been grinding it and mixing it in my protein shakes. Not only is it filling (very high in fiber and protein), but it tastes great! In addition to thickening my shakes, it gives them a nutty flavor. And the best part is I am no longer constipated! I am looking forward to broadening my use of flaxseed. Those looking to improve their health and diet must give flaxseed a try. Remember to keep it refrigerated for its nature is sensitive to rancidity.
248308248308B000ED7M2WA1ZINDKSO9V709Gail E aka the Stitch 'n Frog202051209427200Bob's Red Mill Flax Seed - Excellent buyUntil recently a local health & nutrition store carried Bob's Red Mill products, no one else has it. I was thrilled to find it on Amazon, and even happier when I saw the price. It is much less expensive to order through Amazon, and even fresher than buying in a store.

All of Bob's Red Mill products are of high quality and very fresh. An excellent company to buy organic products from!
248309248309B000ED7M2WA3NLXO3TZ4KFZGGail R. Cnudde101051172016000Bob' Red Mill flaxseedThis is the second time I have ordered this product. It came well packaged and all I had to do is put it in the freezer. The price is good and so is the flaxseed.
248310248310B000ED7M2WA1YP5WLIHGG136Techthusiast "n00b"121351260403200I'm obsessedI'm hooked on this stuff!

I keep some ground in the fridge alongside the whole seed... dump it on any kind of cereal for a fiber/omega infusion.

I've added it to so many recipes, from banana bread to mac n'cheese, you'd think I was nuts!

As it turns out, I find the addition to be mild/complementary enough that you can get away adding flax to so many things.
Salad or cereal are obvious choices but it is a pleasant mellow addition to pasta sauces, mac n'cheese, cookie recipes, you name it.

And it works!

My buddy didn't believe me until he added it to his morning oats... he had been having some intestinal issues, let's just say, and now he's as regular as an atomic clock haha.

Sort of showing off, I took a handful of seed and popped 'em in my mouth, and started munching away. I thought I might regret it but they were great! Easily satisfy any craving for a nutty snack and there's something satisfying about grinding the seed in your mouth... I know, I can be extreme. But these are just so PLEASANT.

And you get a whole lot for cheap... try Prime and Subscribe and Save (you can always cancel) and you get a lot for a little.

I was going to give some away as gifts but they kind of make you want to horde them.

Easiest fiber infusion ever.

Have fun.

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