Amazon Fine Food Reviews

248341248341B000ED7M2WA26F2Q0VTTEWB2Donna Doll2251232582400As always, great product.As with all the Bob's products I have purchased, this one is top notch. Hope they continue with their good quality.
248342248342B000ED7M2WA1YXY2JGDLO8XGBre4541308355200Good Price, Good FoodAmazon has a really great price for this stuff, much better than grocery stores in my area. The flax seed itself is also good, nutty, dense when ground up, pretty much just what flax seed it supposed to be. These little seeds are packed with fiber and omega fats, which are very good for the heart and body overall. It's also easilly worked into my daily eating, ground up flax seeds can be used in just about anyhting, cereal, smoothies, pancakes, salads, or even just by itself. Bob's brand is probably the best one I've tried, they're consistant in size, color, texture, and taste; I'd recommend this brand over the others I've tried.
248344248344B000ED7M2WA20H8QDJLLS9NIMiss Kitty6831326931200Just okayAfter seeing all of the great reviews I was a little dissapointed. Maybe I am just finicky, but I expected the seeds to look whole and glossy like the ones I purchase at the grocery store. These seemed to be a blend of good quality mixed with dried up disintegrated seeds. The smell was just a little off too. I ended up giving them to a coworker as I was just not that excited about eating them.
248345248345B000ED7M2WA4I1UEZ4YDG54bindoo1141320105600heathy seedI have been eating these seeds more than ten years. I use coffee grinder to grind them as needed and store in my refregerator. I mixed two spoons of ground flaxseeds with one spoon soy lecithin granuels in my cereal(oatmeal) every morning. It gives me so much energy for entire day work. People always comments me that I look 10 to 12 years younger than my age(50). I always tell them eat more oatmeal,flaxseed and soy lecithin everyday regularly. You will see the difference yourself. It is always cheaper and fresh product to buy from amazon.
248346248346B000ED7M2WA10C4O0Q0TWXOLNancy Rector "Author of A Painful Truth - The...3451316044800FLAX.... good for what ails ya!One of the top nutritious foods out there I grind 1 TB at a time for my smoothies but it can be put in anything, though best not to head it to get the live nutrient benefit. Has to be ground up for the body to absorb it and you need to grind as you go (I use a tiny electric coffee grinder which I also reviewed). If you grind ahead of time it looses nutrients the longer its exposed to air.

Nancy Rector
Author of "A Painful Truth - The Entrapment of America's Sick"
(How Being Ill Got Me Arrested)
248347248347B000ED7M2WA1OVV9HUTNT976Annette3451237507200Good ValueI dont have a lot of choices in my small town so this was actually cheaper then going in to get it at a chain store.
248348248348B000ED7M2WA163X9BJ4G2WLHJ. Morgan3451232064000Great source of Omega-3'sI love using this flaxseed sprinkled on salads, blended up in shakes, and even ground and added to homemade bread. It's a little nutty tasting and adds great texture to foods.
248349248349B000ED7M2WA1K2WS7DJ0X2DJD. Johnson "amateur health nut"3451221264000Great for your healthIf you had to place one grain in your smoothie or cereal for health you should consider flaxseed. Bob's Red Mill sells the flaxseed I favor due to price and quality.

With the fiber and various omega oils contained in flaxseed you can't go wrong!
248350248350B000ED7M2WA19GEA33OK8HOJeden "eden"91331200787200Organic means straight from the field...Found the item filled with inedible gritty stuff. Took alot of time to sift through to remove impurities. Would not buy again.
248351248351B000ED7M2WA19XMHRB3G4DIRjavajunki "javajunki"2351254960000Delicious-Nutritious & Affordable SuperFood - High in Omega 3Flaxseed is one of my all time favorite superfoods for many reasons. First, the flavor is perfect....enhances but never overwhelmvs other foods. Next, flaxseed is really nutritious and is one of the highest sources of the all important Omega 3 fatty acids but without the Mercury associated with high intake of fish products.

It is important to use organic raw flaxseed...don't pollute your body woth toxins or pesticides in order to add something healthy. To use flaxseed you can add whole or grind to add to bread...provides a very nice flavor that does not overwhelm. It's one of the standard items we use in our whole grain seed/nut breakfast bread. You can also add to rice/other grains for a pilaf, toss in with salad or even soup, mix into hot breakfast cereal like fresh buckwheat or kamut.

Super source of omega 3 plus other nutrients. Very affordable, stores well. Tastes great. Check out my other reviews for many more superfoods, kitchen accessories etc to help you eat great without the high cost!
248352248352B000ED7M2WAW2FTZ50DK54BAlbert C. Worrell "ACW"0051346889600AlCI always buy the seed and then grind them in small quantities that way I am always eating fresh ground mill. The product is excellent and is very good on cereal. The price as compared to buying it in a store is much cheaper through Amazon. I highly recommend this product.
248353248353B000ED7M2WAYWLGJPC5O7AQJeff M00513445568002 - 3 spoonfuls a day replaces fiber and fish oil tabletsI throw 2 or 3 tablespoons of Bob's Red Mill Organic Whole Flaxseed into my oatmeal every morning. If I don't eat oatmeal, I'll just power it down with water. This flaxseed tastes nutty, so that is no problem. You might want to check your teeth before going out, however. You will definitely ready for morning poops and this is a healthier alternative to fish oil. It has the same anti-inflammatory properties, without the "oil".
248354248354B000ED7M2WA22RUXS9RIEUGSJ. F. MORRIS0051342310400Best price found so far on quality flax seedsUse this in my morning smoothie, and the quality is great. I decided to use Amazon's auto order for the first time, and that lowered the price a bit more. This seems to me to be a quality flax seed, and I haven't found a better price anywhere. Good product.
248355248355B000ED7M2WA2JPKBKRTAVVPUfisi-wewe0051341964800Cannot go wrongAwesome nutty taste. full of nutrients. The new packaging is nice. You can never go wrong with Bob................ Best grains. Hands down
248356248356B000ED7M2WA39GH9FSSHMGAFJosieC0051324512000Best flaxseedThis is such a convenient way to purchase good quality flaxseed. I coarsely grind enough for several weeks in my coffee grinder and store it in the refrigerator. It is so much better than the ground flaxseed powder that you find in the grocery stores. I have confidence in the organic product because it is produced by Bob's Red Mill. Thanks, Amazon, for having a selection of healthy foods.
248357248357B000ED7M2WA2DE3UXI0C6RY9K. Takaki3511331596800Too many grainy impuritiesThere are too many grainy impurities. Avoid this product if you were planning on grinding your own flax seeds for drinking in shakes.
248358248358B000ED7M2WAXKI8Z89OJS30Me1251257292800Raw Flaxseed or Golden Falxseed?Haven't ordered yet.Want to know which one is best your you.. Have read that 'raw flaxseed' is better than 'golden flaxseed..Any advice on this..Thanks..Me
248359248359B000ED7M2WA2AOURZDWSJBAUSpirit "Happy Princess"3651238457600Great Deal!Great deal!

Recipe: Mix 1 part Raw Sunflower Seeds; 1 Part Flax Seeds; and 1 Part Sesame Seeds. Add 1-2 Tablespoons to your food each day. (Add to a smoothie, sprinkle over desserts or cereal, etc.)
Use daily and constipation will no longer be a problem.
248360248360B001SAY7PUA3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis0021305763200Sylvia, I love ya babe, BUT.......This is the WORST Louisiana style hot sauce I've ever had. And I thought Trappey's was bad!

Thin, watery, and totally without flavor. I have never thrown away a bottle of hot sauce before
in my life, but today I 86'd this stuff, without remorse.

Sylvia's is a great product line, I got no complaints about anything else. Its all quality stuff,
except for this jazz. I repeat, just grab a bottle of Crystal if you want a good flavorful New
Orleans style sauce, and its cheap. 2 Pods
248361248361B003CU5UXCA1DEOL4ZN25QNDMomof30041344470400Old TrustyI grew up eating this pasta sauce and I have to say it's still my favorite. Not so much for me anymore but for my 3 kids. They don't like to see any tomato chunks in their sauce so this works for them. Fast, easy dinner every time. It would be 5 stars if the jars weren't so big. I don't mind the 3 pack but once you open one jar, you have to use it fairly quickly. A 5 pack of smaller jars would be better.
248362248362B00182M00MAXFEIUOIU50FUS. McMahon0051344211200ExceptionalThis French Feta is wonderful. The French version is so much tastier and creamier than the Greek or grocery brands. The only problem was that they only sell it in bulk now.
248363248363B0051R0UHAA1ALOZMKQUTHKXFalcon Design0051329264000Fantastic Hot CinnamonAs the title says this is a Fantastic Hot Cinnamon flavor. It is the hottest cinnamon I've found. And I love hot; cinnamon, ginger, and peppers. Unfortunately I have not received all of the bottles of flavor I've ordered. Last year I ordered 2 bottles I never received. Earlier this month I ordered another 2 bottles and the notification I got said it would arrive between the 10th and the 15th. Today is the 15th and I have not gotten my order yet...

Update, my shipment was just dropped off, a day later.
248364248364B000OCOE7EA218W9NLBQV05IAngel G0051187481600A delicious gourmet treatSimply delicious, firm and tasty milk chocolate mix with a nutty flavor and coffee beans, what a combination
248365248365B000OCOE7EA2S1S2D1EY83HIJennifer Anderson "food nerd"0051181001600At last--a breakfast candy bar!mmmm. Coffee and caramel and almonds. How can you go wrong? There are crunchy little nubbins of coffee beans and cocoa nibs, but it's not quite as intense on the "I'm eating coffee beans" feeling as when you're eating those whole chocolate-covered coffee beans. Mocha Buzz actually tastes really good with a cup of coffee. Now that's breakfast.
248366248366B001FCMIFCA22P6G48XBYJQ2LCroi0051328400000Mint Builders barsThis is a great protien bar, I love the mint flavor and the texture is really good too. They were shipped quickly and have already ordered more.
248367248367B00473UTVGAB094YABX21WQJ. Gregg1251309996800softasilkI never made a home made cake before thought I would give it a try so I bought this flour. well for my first cake ever it turned out great was all eaten up in one day. now I was told I had to make 1 or two a week. WHAT ?
will be buying more a lot more great value well worth the money.
248368248368B00473UTVGA1OD3TSZ2C3SW0Amy Yao "yaowsers"1251304121600Opinion of a bakerThis is a great deal for cake flour (plus I buy enough so I get free shipping and there's no tax!)! I use this in cakes and cupcakes. Comes out great every time. I highly recommend buying this if you bake a lot!
248369248369B00473UTVGA3UCN2RGY7O6S1Joanne "Gotta Eat, Gotta Cook"2431303084800BleachedI didn't realize til after I bought this that cake flour comes in bleached and unbleached varieties, not giving it a thought. They say bleached flour rises higher, but I can't attest to that. In an Italian bread book I made a recipe that called for cake flour or AP flour; at the time I didn't have cake flour, so I used AP flour and the product was lovely. When I got this cake flour and did the recipe again, it was substandard and I made a note NOT to use cake flour for that recipe again. I don't know if all cake flours would have produced the same result, but, I am leary all the same. All I know is that if a flour is bleached, that means it contains chemicals I'd rather not have. The box states that this flour is already pre-sifted. The box also states that the contents may contain egg and milk ingredients which means I cannot use this for my toddler grandchild who is allergic to both of those things. I will try another brand and compare.
248370248370B0029NIYLSA3HL7LO1BVEI3FBuddy0051350086400Great product.Great product. Buddy likes all the Cesar flavors but the gourmet filets are his favorite. He licks the bowl clean!

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